Saturday, December 7, 2019

Whackaloon Conspiritards Always Double-Down

It's like current year 2019, and like it's so frustrating to see so many people still believe all these crazy conspiracy theories on teh Interwebz.

Like all these lunatic anti-vaxxers and their raving lunacies trying to mislead everyone into not giving their infants life-saving and essential vaccines! Behold the frothing-at-the-mouth insanity:

How irresponsible!

@ 18:00 - "...and so what you guys don't realize is...THAT'S how corrupt the entire thing is!"

Like who in the hell does this conspiritard think she is, calling the greatest healthcare system in the history of mankind corrupt?! Who would listen to such lunacy?

@ 26:19 - "My biggest thing is that Western Medicine and Big Pharma - the biggest thing T.H.E.Y. have done, is taken the Mother's intuition and squandered it and smashed it. Every single mother out there -- and you saw that in that video (Vaxxed II) when they went to give those shots, their souls screamed NO NO NO NO NO!!! -- all of you guys are feeling that. And it's an attack from're seeing it on TV that breast feeding is really not that necessary, and you don't need to stay doesn't matter that your home with your doesn't matter what you feed - all of that is not true!" 

Thousands of babies are destined for sickness and death because of conspiritard's like her doubling-down and spreading fear amongst all the sheeple!

Same goes for all the imbeciles that watch our benevolent owners doing their best to protect us from the damaging rays of the evil sun and it's malevolent skin-cancer assault on humanity! I was at the beach last week and some fisherman were watching a high altitude jet lay a contrail across the entire southern skyline, and they were asking each other what the hell that jet was doing!?! What are T.H.E.Y. spraying? Their suspicious line of questioning made me weep in despair for humanities general stupidity....

Like, don't they know Geo-engineering is going to save us all?

Those idiots didn't understand that the nano-particle cloud streams that slowly dissipated into a graying cloud cover that drifted overhead is saving all us Hawaiian's in our dangerous tropical latitudes from skin cancer and the growing threat of Global CoolingGlobal Warming - Climate Change!!

For years, I would see our benevolent leadership's plan in action all over the US mainland whenever I traveled, and I kept wondering when they would finally bring their lifesaving program to my island home where we are all dying of mercury poisoning and skin cancer...then just a couple of months ago I saw my first jet laying down the life-giving contrails across the Hawaiian sky...HALLELUJAH, WE ARE GONNA BE SAVED!!!

I wish all these conspiritard's would fuckin' get a clue and learn get some higher education so they would's fuckin' science!

Unfortunately, chemtrailer conspiritards and whackaloon anti-vaxxers are only a small part of the problem we are all facing in present year 2019.

What really worries me is all this fear-mongering over the badly needed rollout of 5g technology across the country. Whackaloon conspirtards such as this guy and his so-called debunking efforts and citations to scientific research poses a direct threat to the advancement of vitally important technological progress!

Such fear-mongering propaganda as this must not be allowed to go unchallenged! The efforts of whackaloon conspiritards to promote such sensational memes and overwrought hyperbole might succeed in influencing enough people to oppose and hinder the development of this critical technology!

Never before have we been faced with the possibilities for downloading teh Pr0n to our phones at 666,666,666 megabytes per nanosecond while simultaneously allowing us lightning fast updates to our affirmation apps and virtue signalling posts to our social media newsfeeeeeds!!! We must all shut out the fear mongering luddites and crazies who would stand in the way of our brave new world order of technocratic nirvana!

It's up to our brilliant CEOs and progressive shareholders of Silicone Valley's elite information tech corporations to get more vigilant about protecting us all from being exposed to such dangerous ideas. It's time for our benevolent leaders to ramp up their efforts to shut down irresponsible and dangerous dialog between the extremist elements of the populace on teh Interwebz! Shadowbans, deplatformings, and memory-holing has never been more needed than now!

Otherwise, the extremists, the deplorables and the rest of the whackaloon conspiritards that are bitterly clinging to their guns, Bibles and food magic, might start to see things that aren't there and connect imaginary dots and make everyone jump to unfounded and spectacularly hysterical conclusions...

Everyone knows there's no aluminum in human brains! Even our most trusted fact checking site on teh Interwebz, Snopes,  says so!!!

It's not like the contrails are inundating our environment with nano-particles of it, nor are they a part of all the vaxxines and flooooshots our healthcare management specialists want to constantly inject into us... if these crazies keep doubling down on the irresponsible rhetoric, they may convince many people to avoid getting vital healthcare solutions that are oftentimes offered for FREE!!!!

Every time a person avoids taking advantage of the free shots available everywhere, the damage these whackaloon conspiritards inflict on society is exponentially magnified! This must be stopped! All this misformed disinformation being spread amongst the herd is hindering our progress! I mean, these raving lunatics take something innocuous like aluminum adjuvants that are injected directly into the bloodstream, and create all kind's of fantastic scenarios about what this does to the human body!

Ignore the rabid easy knowing government agencies like the dissenters for diseased controlz tell us about their healthcare management injectables at official sites found at a link like this: DubyaDubyaDubya(dot)cdc(dot)gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/adjuvants.html

Aluminum-containing adjuvants are vaccine ingredients that have been used in vaccines since the 1930s. Small amounts of aluminum are added to help the body build stronger immunity against the germ in the vaccine. Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in nature and is present in air, food, and water.

So there! It's a common metal, and it's been sprayed into  found in all of our air, food and water!

Nothing to see here, loonie tunes! All these whackaloon conspiritards that keep getting alarmed about the illuminati conspiracy theories...where do they get ideas like this? Where do all these fever dreams come from?

Next thing you know, they'll start putting forth ideas like 5g radiation towers, aluminum skies and adjuvant injections all providing the means for a doomsday kill switch that enables our oligarchical plutocrats the power to push a button and commence zapping all the aluminum that's been sprayed over and shot up into humanity for the past decade or more. It just doesn't make sense?! Who would believe such fantastical, deranged theories?!

But if you ask these crazies why anyone would do this, the more hysterical will almost immediately resort to the already debunked conspiracy theory that T.H.E.Y. want to achieve this ludicrous goal of maintaining 500000000 people in perpetual balance with nature! Only whackaloon conspiritards doubling down on the fever dreams of the lunatic fringes of teh Interwebz could come up with with sci-fi horror fiction doomsday scenarios such as this!

That so many people are starting to fall for such craziness is literally mind blowing...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the yearly flu scare with it's associated 'everyone should (must) get vaccinated' is nonsense. When I was a kid, the only time the flu hit the news was the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic. There wasn't any vaccine even available for it.

Now, in Africa, more children die from the polio vaccine than from picking up polio.

Anonymous said...

Drinking a a liter per day of silica rich mineral water such as Fiji (500ml morning and 500ml afternoon) has been demonstrated to remove aluminium from the body. See research by Chris Exley at Keele University. A beneficial side effect is improvement on cognitive testing for dementia patients.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

T.H.E.Y. told you to take your aluminium adjuvants in the arm like A Good Citizen of the Empire ...

But you didn't.

Then T.H.E.Y. told you to eat your white bread full of aluminium baking powder and toxic wheat oxidant by-products.

But you didn't.

T.H.E.Y. then gave you cheap fizzy drinks in aluminium cans with degradeable linings that are susceptible to weak acids over time, which you were supposed to Share and Enjoy.

But you didn't.

Since you appear to be some damned fool who won't take his medicine, T.H.E.Y. have to go all Stripey Cloud Weaving and shit just to make sure that aluminium makes the journey of the last mile.

And just to make sure all that aluminium lights up your nervous system like a Satanic Christmas Tree, T.H.E.Y. want you to sign up for 5G at such high frequencies that every home, perhaps every room, is going to have to have its own "cell tower" just to make it work ...

Oh, T.H.E.Y. didn't tell you about that?

Ask any ham radio operator or electrical engineer who actually knows his antenna theory and signal propagation theory what it actually means to use 20+ GHz frequencies, and he'll tell you that the only way this could work is that there can't be anything, even the walls of your home, that blocks that signal.

Because T.H.E.Y. know that you're addicted to the Glowing Orbz of the Interwebz, you'll agree to have a 5G super-microwave "customer presence equipment" box, or maybe a half dozen or more of these things, stuck inside your home just to keep those Glowing Interwebz Orbz flowing.

Once this happens, all T.H.E.Y. will have to do is to keep spraying that Aviation Grade Special Unscented Roll-On/Roll-Off Deodorant all over everyone and everything.

Any of you Insufflaters of Caulk out there who would like to say that this is crazy talk?

Just because I happen to be a Crackpot doesn't mean I'm crazy.

Besides, that's just what T.H.E.Y. want you to think.

Snatch back your brain, zombie, snatch it back and hold it.

Anonymous said...

500,000,000 doesn't sound so bad when you find yourself in some densely populated shit hole like Los Angeles stuck in round the clock daily traffic on interstate 101.

Mik said...

FYI your blog is being suppressed by Gaagle this week..

I know because I check it once a week (best blogroll links)
and I don't use bookmarks and just type "hawaiian libertarian" in search.

Normally your blog address autocompletes or shows up in the first few results.

But this week you have been hidden to the 2nd page of search results with no autocomplete.

Gaagle censors hard at work...

Anonymous said...

Mik is correct, could not find your blog via google search for the same reason. Duckduckgo does result in your site at the top under "Hawaiian Libertarian", I was afraid this site got shoahed.

Ksmith said...

Yes! I too struggled to find your blog when I searched google.

Anonymous said...

would like to reserve "Whackaloon Conspiritard # 13" patch.