Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inoculations for Fear-Driven Conformity

I've recently researched the topic of the vaccination schedule for all Medical-Healthcare franchise outlets of USA Inc., and found out some interesting things, such as the following:

After the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed that protected vaccine manufacturers against lawsuits, the number of vaccines for infants has been dramatically expanded:

In contrast, many of the vaccines on the USA schedule are not included on the vaccine schedules for other developed countries.

Is this merely a coincidence or a *gasp* conspiracy? Not to worry, I donned the appropriate head gear before I soldiered on with my research.

While I of course read up on a number of anti-vaccination articles and sites, I did spend some time looking at the pro-vaxx sites. With my tin-foil protected cranium allowing me to ruminate on topics that are not officially approved, I concluded that some of these sites are certainly created by pro-vaxx shills that tweet and fete the following kinds of memes on blogs and NSA-sponsered / DHS-approved data harvesting apps social media sites for financial remuneration.

Sure thing, boss. I'll get on those TPS reports right away...


Of course. Big Pharma almost certainly have Interwebz shill operations to co-opt the "denialism" movement. It's safe to assume, like many other mass-media promoted, corporate-driven agendas in our Brave New World Order, that astroturfing manufactured-opposition to caricaturize and slander the honest skeptics who dare to question the officially sanctioned narrative, is a long-practiced tactic and a standard operating procedure. It's all a part of how THEY use the Delphi technique to manufacture consensus amongst the sheeple herds in our globalized societal feedlot.

Besides, the majority shareholders and executive board members behind the decisions for producing our regularly scheduled programming on what to think and how to act, most assuredly already do profit from both sides of the equation of this memes false either/or proposition.

First, THEY get you to pay the $2 for your kid's injection of thimerosal and viruses cultivated with aborted fetal cells, and assuming your kid is one of the lucky majority that doesn't experience autism or sudden death, you will still end up paying well over $2000 when you and your kid's follow their health and lifestyle advice and eats the recommended diet that inevitably always requires a stint with hospitalization and treatment by our feedlot's healthcare management system.

It's all a part of the same Beast.

This one reminds me of the old maxim: "Never argue with an idiot. They'll just drag you down to their level, than beat you with experience." Surely they can do better than this. The Jon Stewart Daily Show styled-snarky non-sequitur rhetoric  is sooo 00's.

Let's see how they make an argument in the name of science:

This is actually just another false equivalence comparison, but much more cleverly devised and designed to convince the average sheeple that the High Priests of our Scientific Industrial Complex have got it all figured out.

I don't fall for it, because I've already done some research into the topic of mercury ingestion and it's effects on the human body. For the record, when it comes to human ingestion of mercury, I'm all for it (at least when it comes to eating methylmercury found in most pelagic ocean fish).
Like all other propaganda of our Brave New World Order, the most effective lies are the ones based on some truths. The bio-accumulation of mercury is highly toxic to the human body. Methyl or Ethyl mercury in a high enough dosage will definitely screw you up and possibly kill you. But the real problem here is this: vaccinations are designed as a one-size-fits-all treatment for the masses of sheeple. Everyone gets the same proscribed dosage without regards to any other factors for any individual kid being sized up and prepped for injection. In in the previous link to my blog post regarding the ingestion of mercury from eating fish, I cited the following report, Dietary and tissue selenium in relation to methylmercury toxicity:

This study finds that measuring methylmercury exposure is not sufficient to provide accurate and precise information regarding potential risks unless selenium intakes are factored into the evaluation. Blood Hg:Se {methylmercury : selenium} ratios appear to provide more interpretable and physiologically meaningful indications of risks from methylmercury exposure than blood mercury alone. Consideration of mercury–selenium relationships in diet and tissues of exposed individuals will clarify risk:benefit relationships associated with fish consumption.

Methyl- or Ethyl- mercury, I suspect the issue remains the same when it comes to the human bodies ability to handle vaccinations. Every kid who gets vaccinated according the current, insane vaccination levels recommended by the various entities of our centralized authoritarian Federal Government agencies, has different diets, lifestyles, nutrition and differing stages of their immune systems development.

This is precisely why thousands of kids will get the exact same vaccinations at the same scheduled times, and only a few of them will experience the worst effects of vaccinations-gone-wrong like autism or SIDS. Of course, the fact that most kids don't experience immediate problems with vaccination, is then used to declare that their is no conclusive proof that vaccinations cause autism or SIDS.
Sorry all you pro-vaxx shills and dupes of the Statist quo. I remain unconvinced. Forcing me to endanger my children in the name of herd immunity is just not a good enough rationale for me. I've had the chicken pox. I've had influenza. I've had pertussis. I managed to survive, and in none of those cases did I require hospitalization. Why should I be giving my kids multiple injections at a single clinic visit to prevent possibly getting these ailments? Autism would be far more debilitating and life altering then contracting any of these. I'd rather not take my chances.

That being said, I am not entirely opposed to vaccinations per say. I think Vox recommendations here are far more sensible, and pretty close to the schedule I followed myself for my own offspring:

Anyhow, in my opinion, no vaccinations need be given until the child is walking. Then the tetanus vaccine is a good idea since tetanus can't be treated. Polio is probably the next concern, given its seriousness, and should be addressed some time before the child is likely to come into regular contact with large quantities of people.  If you're homeschooling, this probably means sometime between the ages of three and five.

Due to the potential risk of blindness and the way immigrants and travelers have been spreading it around so freely, measles is probably a good idea around the age of school, so sometime between five and seven. I would recommend a measles-specific vaccine and not MMR; mumps and rubella are much less serious diseases and the rubella vaccine is, as far as I can tell, completely worthless.

While I concur with Vox, I would still ask for the vaccination inserts from your pediatrician in advance of the scheduled vaccination so you can do your own due diligence in researching just what the hell is in those injections the system wants to shoot into we the sheeple.

Before I knew better, I let my own kid get the MMR vaccine at the two year check up appointment. So far, no negative results, but I have since done more research on this topic, and if I could do it all over again, I'd definitely take Vox's advice and ask for a single measles-specific vaccine.

Not withstanding the health risks of vaccines for children, I also have to add in conclusion that I also oppose many current vaccines simply because I am staunchly opposed to the barbaric practice of In Utero infanticide, and after finding out that the MMR vaccine (among many others) are manufactured with murdered baby fetal cells...well, my opinion of the Medical-Healthcare-Pharmaceutical complex in our Brave New World Order has sunk even lower than I originally thought possible.