Friday, April 22, 2016

GenX Vision 20/20

In 1995, teenagers and young adults in their twenties mostly dated exclusively. Boyfriend and Girlfriend designations meant they were exclusively dating each other and at the early stages of planning a future family life together.

In 2005, teenagers and young adults in their twenties practiced a mix of one night-stands, friends-with-benefits arrangements as well as the usual dating exclusively arrangements. Boyfriend or Girlfriend designations became more and more recognized and defined as the person you were living with, without getting married. Marriage and families are still considered a far off life stage for a person's thirties, the twenties are a time for fun and experimentation.

In 2015, teenagers and young adults swipe right on their tinder apps with their NSA monitoring devices smart phones to signal affirmative consent for a possible no-strings attached sexual encounter. Marriage and family? That's reserved for women in their late 30's who have finally gained the appropriate credentials and laid down the foundation for a solid career. This ensures that they are positioned to qualify for all of the usurious debt requirements to live a life of glorious consumption and materialistic acquisition before finally deciding to have their 1.4 children. Only problem is that while they are all ready to finally settle down, there are no good men available!

In 1995, paper bags were banned from grocery and drug stores. We were told that we needed to SAVE THE TREES and limit our consumption of paper products. Cheap plastic bags became the norm.

In 2005, most homes had a dedicated closet or drawer filled with used grocery store plastic bags. They were often used for a variety of useful purposes such as trashcan liners, one-time refuse cleanup, temporary carrying cases and a vital item for general clean up supplies.

In 2015, plastic bags are banned in many States and many more bans are being proposed in cities, towns and suburbs all across the country. Paper bags are once again the default grocery bag...unless one is an environmentally conscious global citizen that religiously brings their own reusable cloth bags whenever they go shopping.

In 1995, one could take a six-inch pocket knife onto an airplane. Airline employees had a sign with a posted ruler next to the check-in counter for which a passenger could open up the blade and measure to see if the blade was under the specified limit, before being allowed to board the aircraft.

In 2005,  Government unionized mouth-breathing morons where confiscating knitting needles and nail clippers from Grandmas, and then submitting them to full body cavity searches to ensure that they were no longer a potential terrorist threat for trying to board an airplane with such dangerous weaponry.

In 2015, airline passengers are given only two choices before they are allowed to board an airplane. Gate rape by unionized perverts and deviants, or submit to back-scatter radiation scanning so that the TSA workers have nude images of their passengers of choice, to trade amongst themselves and later ogle with impunity.

In 1995, teh Pr0n was still largely consumed via magazines, home rental videotapes, and seedy theaters and adult shops in scummy parts of town. To access it on teh Interwebz, you had to pay exorbitant monthly subscription fees for exclusive access to thousands of full sized pics, and wait for hours on end as your dial up modem laboriously downloaded a one minute video clip of a deviant sex act over the phone lines with pixelated images and unsynchronized sound lags. Most people still kept their consumption of teh pr0n and their masturbatory habits as a private, personal matter not discussed publicly.

In 2005, teh Pr0n is almost exclusively consumed via high speed internet connections to desktop PC's. It is also mostly free, file shared and accessed on large databases of every kind of deviant act or activity imaginable.

In 2015, teh Pr0n is largely downloaded to the average sheeple's smart phone anytime and anywhere, and it is ubiquitous. There is no longer any social shame or stigma attached to its consumption. People watch it in public places, and chronic masturbation is discussed openly as normalized behavior...even while young men in the prime of their lives are discovering that they have channeled their libido so frequently into pleasuring themselves to the downloadable digital deviancy, they actually changed their brains and are unable to actually sustain an erection when they get naked with a real life female.

In 1995, The Boy Scouts of America was one of the last bastions of male exclusive organizations that had regular activities which encouraged young men to work with older males who served as positive role models to emulate in becoming responsible, positive contributors to society. The Boy Scouts emphasized duty to God, Country, family and community. It was an organization that instilled a mindset in young men to always strive for self-sufficiency and self-reliance, and to always help other people at all times, to keep yourself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

In 2005, The Boy Scouts of America were designated a hate group and a lynch pin in supporting the hegemony of oppressive patriarchy. They were barred from using publicly funded facilities for their exclusionary meetings where older men taught younger boys an ideology of hatred, exclusion and social injustice.

In 2015, The Boy Scouts of America is a model institution of tolerance and inclusiveness. The unjust and exclusionary policies that used to discriminate against older males of varying sexual persuasions from sleeping in the same tents as the young men they were in charge of, has finally ended. Any person of any gender identity may now join the organization so long as they publicly identify with the gender identity of "Boy." In many ways, the changes to this organization merely reflect the glorious progressive changes that are becoming the hallmarks of our Brave New World Order.

In 1995, The Big Bang Theory was a contested hypothesis that our subverted and compromised indoctrination education  system presented to students as 'the best theory to explain the reality of our Universe.' Christian creationism was still widely accepted. The topic was still largely considered "still up for debate."

In 2005, The Big Bang Theory was PROVEN SCIENCE and anyone who did not believe so nor voice their support for, is considered an uneducated and ignorant bigot, brainwashed by the unreasonable mythos of religion to believe in fairy tales of the skyfairy-flying-spaghetti-monster.

In 2015, The Big Bang Theory was a hit situation comedy on prime time tell-a-vision, that provides influential regularly scheduled programming, based on a cast of characters composed of maladjusted and socially stunted scientists, role modeling dysfunctional relationships and arrested developmental behavior. And oh yeah, anyone who even questions the Big Bang as an unproven hypothesis is considered a conspiritard.

In 1995, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ was still a nationally recognized holiday. The season began on the Friday Morning immediately following Thanksgiving, when the Corporate retail industry beholden to crass consumerism, would offer the best deals of the year to buy shit we don't need with money we don't have. In the name of celebrating the birth of Jesus, we started off the season with the appropriate offerings for the worshipping of Mammon. All schools and institutions  had Christ Mass as an official holiday break on the calendar. The public school kids all learned, practiced and performed in Christmas pageants that featured Christ Mass music like Silent Night, Away in the Manger, O Little Star of Bethlehem, etc. Many shopping centers and towns put together choral performances and caroling events in suburban communities, all supporting Jesus-is-da-reason-for-da-season. The Nativity Scene was displayed in front of Churches, Government buildings, private homes, company parking lots, town centers and parks.

In 2005, in the name of tolerance and diversity for those of other religious beliefs and practises, all schools and institutions had "Winter Break" as the official designation on the calendar. The public school kids all learned and performed Holiday-themed music with no mention of the birth of Christ, such as White Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Let it Snow, etc. The Nativity Scene was displayed in front of only Churches, private homes, and shopping centers that were still pandering to Christian's seeking suitable outlets to pay their seasonal obeisance to Mammon. Celebrations officially kicked off at midnight on Thanksgiving, in which the first minute of Black Friday signaled the commencement of the Holy season for paying appropriate tithes to the Pagan Gods of yore.

In 2015, creches during Christmas season are few and far between, and certainly not found anywhere on public property. Only secular X-mas trees are allowed, and only in conjunction with the symbols and ornaments related to minority Christmas substitute holidays like Kwanzaahannukah. Vibrant diversity is the reason for the season, and it is now celebrated earlier than ever. The shopping festivities officially kick off before Thanksgiving dinner dishes are even cleared from the table and the leftovers put away.

In 1995, Keoni Galt was enrolled in his State Institution of Indoctrination and Brave New World Order programming. He was an avid listener to right wing talk radio, a registered Republican cuckservative neo-con voter who religiously read the daily propaganda fish wrappers and bird cage liners, as well as had subscriptions to numerous national "news" magazines. He vociferously supported the troops and supported all of the fiat wars on foreign shores to anyone who would dare question or oppose them. He naively and ignorantly considered himself well informed and a conscious citizen of the greatest Nation the world has ever seen.

In 2005, he was working as a desk jockey in a cubicle farm in downtown Honolulu, and lived in an All-American suburb complete with EBT eligible, multinational-big box retail outlets and fast food joints on almost every corner. He was caught up in pursuing a life of materialism, conspicuous consumption and a mindless follower of cultural programming to promote gluttonous eating. Although married, he and his wife had no thoughts of having children at that time. He also just discovered this thing called the blogosphere and began to study in earnest all of the topics and history he was never exposed to in all those years of institutionalized education indoctrination and mass media consumption.

By 2015, he now lives in an exclusive compound in the countryside with his home schooled family, no nearby neighbors, a flock of egg laying chickens, a vegetable and herb garden and a pack of hunting dogs. He watches no tell-a-vision and began to curtail his time spent online in order to pursue more fulfilling interests in teh real life. He may rarely blog infrequently from time to time, but will always eventually get around to posting something...because sometimes he just cannot ignore the muse that calls him to log on and write. The previous decade spent reading writing and participating in the blogosphere is almost solely responsible for the dramatic changes in his life, and for that, he will always be grateful.