Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TellAVision: The Big Picture

I did not expect the response I got from my initial and then follow up post about the TV program, The Big Bang Theory. Both those posts are still getting regular hits and unusual amount of comments (for this blog, anything more than 10-15 comments is unusual).

I was surprised to find out how many manosphere regulars were very familiar/regular viewers of The Big Bang Theory. As I wrote earlier, there are so many aspects I could have covered regarding all the themes and subtexts conveyed subversively in the show -- like Commenter Carpe Oro points out, "I watch it with my wife and personally get a chuckle out of how PC it is regarding science and the typical "well ALL smart people know this is the TRUTH about how the world works" jive they sell.

The main point is that TBBT is simply one example of the entire purpose of TellAVision Programming as a social engineering tool.

As commenter Ubermind wrote: "There is no need to see more evil in BBT than in every common TV soap opera that has been around for ages."

Right. It's almost ALL evil. Nearly on every channel, on almost every show, you can find aspects of behavior, attitudes and ideas that promote human relationship dysfunction in some way or another.

Ubermind also commented:

"I would be cautious to call it a conspiracy (because it is bad to see conspiracy in everything even trough there is a conspiracy) it is just how the TV series need to operate to continue earning money."

I'll throw caution to the wind and just say it outright - TellAVision Programming is certainly one, big, giant conspiracy.

It is one of the most effective means of propagandizing We the Sheeple ever devised.

When you become a regular viewer of a program, you begin to subconsciously feel like you're personally involved with the characters on screen. The tone of their voice, their facial expressions....the regular exposure of constant viewing tricks your mind into thinking you actually KNOW the people on screen. Regular viewing simulates the familiarity that comes with interpersonal friendship with people in real life. This is how it "grows" on you...and how it influences you on a subconscious level.

I grew to "like" the characters on The Big Bang Theory. I looked forward to watching new episodes in the same way I look forward to attending an upcoming party in which I'll see all of my friends and acquaintances. This influence is precisely how social engineering to change attitudes and behavior is effected in our society.

As a Gen X-er, I can remember a time when curse words, nudity and gratuitous violence were verboten on network TV. Crudity, cruelty and familial dysfunction were not a regular feature of the old shows of the 80's. There were an abundance of positive, masculine characters, and women were not portrayed as super-empowered, ass-kicking, know-it-alls. All of these changes were gradually phased into TellAVision Programming over the course of decades.

I remember when it was SHOCKING that a TV sitcom had a single, mild curse word like BITCH was used, or a brief flash of nudity was shown...all my friends and I were talking about it in the schoolyard the next day like it was a major event that had occurred. And it was. Every initial instance added to the continual, gradual and incremental decline in standards and morality of society at large amongst we the sheeple.

What is the "grand conspiracy" here?

One need not concern themselves with trying to connect TellAVision Programming with NWO Agenda, Global Governance, the Illuminati, Reptilian Aliens, UFO's or the Federal Reserve to understand why I call it a "conspiracy."

Simple corporate-driven profit motive will do.

Our reality is that we do not live in a Capitalist, nor Socialist society...but a Corporatist one. Everything in the "First" world is shaped, manipulated and controlled by Corporations. Nameless, faceless, inhuman entities that treat us all nothing more than CONSUMERS and HUMAN RESOURCES who's sole purpose is to generate revenue streams to profit shareholders.

If there's one thing corporate marketing researchers know about human motivation, is that people who are unhappy and have no real meaningful direction in their lives are desperate to try and find that meaning...they are much more easily influenced into trying to "BUY" happiness by consuming products and services.

This, of course, never really works. Consuming products and services may give temporary happiness, but it will always dissipate and cause a person to try and buy even more happiness. Following the path of consumerism will consume you...which is exactly what THEY want us all to do.

This is why relationship dysfunction is an INTEGRAL part of TellAVision script writing. Emasculate men, pedestalize and masculinize women. Feature humorous dialog based on cruelty and put downs. Friends and lovers regularly insult each other...relationships never last, break ups, divorces...all of it is normalized by TellAVision Programming, to subversively influence the viewer to internalize such attitudes and behavior, and translate it into disconnected dysfunction in our personal lives.

The unhappiness modeled on screen turns into the unhappiness in your head which than transforms into the unhappiness manifest in your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues at work.

Unhappiness and fear are the most profitable mindsets for corporate marketing departments to capitalize on in trying to sell you something...sell you anything and everything.

It's overriding message is that we are all unhappy, life is shit, all people are crude, selfish and narcissistic animals....but you can be happy if you BUY something.

As I write this, the lyrics to one of my favorite Tool songs, Hooker With A Penis, echo in my mind:

All you read and wear
or see and hear on TV
is a product, begging for your
...so, shut up and BUY!!!!


Kill your TV.


Cúchulainn said...

Pretty much any male character on TV, especially in sitcoms, has to have some weakness. There can be strong women, but no strong men.

black said...

And people act genuinely surprised when we tell them we don't have cable...

HalibetLector said...

Are there TV shows that buck this trend? I'm particularly taken with Mad Men and Titus, both of which have unusually strong male characters (for tv).

I'm also curious about your take on novels, both modern and "old".

Anonymous said...

Has anybody here ever watched "The Middle"? The male father character seems to be somewhat normal. The female character is the ditz. She seems to be modeled somewhat on I Love Lucy.


MarkyMark said...

The reality show, Swamp People on The History Channel, is good. It shows men doing manly stuff like shooting alligators, fixing their boats, training their sons to follow in their footsteps, etc. But yeah, the vast majority of TV programming is SHIT-end of story...

Anonymous said...

About Mad Men, read this: http://whiskeys-place.blogspot.com.au/2009/08/mad-men-most-feminine-and-revealing.html

The characters are Supernatural are surprisingly masculine. And there are no butt kicking females either.

I was watching Firefly the other day and realised that this show was not typical Whedon feminist propaganda. In fact, Whedon, an avowed mangina and feminist, has a tendency to create manly characters and themes despite himself. Its almost as if reality seeps into his work because subconsciously he knows his feminist views are bullshit.
But to Firely: Mal (The Captain and a former soldier) has a strong sense of honour, is fatherly towards his crew, continually calls the prostitute a whore and derides her profession, and overall comes across as very conservative.
Whedon also creates a female character (Kaylee, the ships mechanic) who is competent, yet feminine, very nice, and not the least bitchy. She makes a mockery of the bitchy you go grrl types who like to strut their independence whilst working in a government job
Finally, the show is very libertarian. The whole plot is about a band of people trying to be as free from government control as possible.
The show was more popular than many not cancelled shows and I wonder whether this was because it was putting the wrong ideas into people's heads, and worst of all, they were coming from an outspoken male feminist.

Anonymous said...

Firefly is the best show ever. It has its feminized moments and one episode in particular is heavy on male-bashing, but I still stay it is the best show ever, hands down, bar none.

Johnycomelately said...

I can remember being reprimanded by a teacher for frivolously saying, "My God".

Not knowing that it was taboo to use the name of God in vain I began to take notice of its use in television.

Initially it was never used (early 80s) then slowly very gradually it was taking hold until today it goes by without even being noticed.

This was my first observation of social change affected by television.

. said...

I really despise shows like Criminal Minds, who in every third show, attribute a serial killer's motivations to being sexually impotent.

Then the commercials every ten minutes blare on with Erectile Dysfunction commercials boldly declaring that 40% of men over 40 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Buy some Viagra! Buy some Cialis!

Gee! As if you are not bombarded with reasons to hate and distrust men after watching that crapola!

I also dislike the way that they make the show "Bones." First off, a female genius that thinks rationally is such a human anomally, they might as well have gone to the circus and found a bearded lady.

But after establishing the woman as the only rational, intelligent person on the show, she goes into feminist inspired anthropological dogma which is politically correct, and the plebes, of course, attribute it to her genius and believe it is true - it's kinda like getting your medical advice from the show "E.R."

The Fine Art of TV Repair

papabear said...


. said...

And HEY!

What was up with this recent criticism of "Married with Children"?

I mean, come on!

How can you argue with this kind of logic?

this kind of logic?

At the very least, you can say they lightheartedly took shots at BOTH sides of the debate, and certainly didn't pander-ass to the F.A.N.G.'s (Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys).

(Who googles that name?)

That was some REAL tell-a-vision!

So was Archie Bunker.

Keoni Galt said...


Rob, I've seen every single episode of MWC, most more than several times each.

I love that show.

But it really was the first show to go over the top with insults and cruelty amongst and between family members.

Pirran said...

I think TBBT are fully aware of the cynical exploitation of the Penny character, even going so far as to openly expose it in "The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition" episode in Season 2.

Here, Penny has a rival, (but slightly more successful and even more manipulative) blonde bimbo actress move in upstairs and the nerds all flock to her. Penny is seen to be envious and distraught to the point of engaging in a cat-fight with her rival after which (of course) she wins her nerdy acolytes back.

The fact that the writers can so openly expose the motivations of Penny as Queen Bee protagonist and arch manipulator and yet still celebrate it season after season exposes contemporary TV mores completely. You don't need to hide it anymore. Men are witless cyphers to be berated and abused; humiliated and controlled. It is your duty as the female lead. They deserve it....

An Unmarried Man said...

It's in their best interest not to keep up unhappy, per se. I would think seriously unhappy people don't tend to be the kind of consumer the corporate masters what. Too unreliable and unpredictable. Rather, it's in their best interest to keep us vaguely dissatisfied. We must be led to believe that happiness and self-fulfillment is only an arm stretch away. We must not be happy with anything and constantly strive for more because we are sheep. Strive for better. And when we get the better, we'll still be dissatisfied. This is what keeps them wealthy.

Anonymous said...

How come complementarian loners post requires a password. ive seen several red pill posters with this. Is it self censorship or spmething else?

Keoni Galt said...

Maybe it's an April Fool's thing 7man is posting...I dunno.

dannyfrom504 said...

anyone remember, "night court" GOD did i love that show.

swamp people is my show (as i'm sure no one is going to ask me why) as WAS "sons of guns" until they started focusing on stephanie and her dude in every show and the characters seemed to get a bit too full of themselves. it's funny how i CAN'T get rid of net-work television, i can only ignore it.

notice how 90% of the shows or movies coming out have some sort of strong/empowered feamle character. they don't try to be subtle now.

since hunting season is over, i've been DVR'ing a TON of deer/turkey/hog hunting shows.

Revolution Vaporizer said...

We must not be satisfied with anything and regularly make the effort for more because we are lambs. Have better. And when we get the better, we'll still be disappointed. This is what keeps them rich.

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