Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quiplinks VI - The Apocalypse Cometh Edition

This edition of Quiplinks will feature the latest additions to my blogroll, starting with the most recent:

"There is no “American Dream”, there is no “Path to Prosperity”, there is only tax servitude and likely police beatings or death to those that resist." - Bill Powell from The Apocalypse Cometh

"I can go out on Friday and act like Tucker Max for the night, but trying to keep that up all weekend?  No thank you, sir.  I’ve got better shit to do." - Aurini from Stares at the World

"Because being an amateur historian I believe the point we have reached in time and the present state of Christianity in a warped sense eerily resembles the era just prior to reformation.

"As speculators, flippers and loose lending standards caused the housing bubble, so did feminists and loose moral standards cause The Spousing Bubble. " - Professor Mentu from The University of Man

"The answer is clear. The government needs to pass more laws to make men less happy until we finally have equality." - Booch Paradise

"Is your humble narrator battling a closet meth addiction?  Am I going to regale you with my tale of how I kicked crank? Nah, its worse.  It’s worse, much worse." - The Chef in Jeans

"One Reason we're Broke..." - Carnivore

"For a long time I’ve been critical of the feminist argument that the use of “he” as a generic pronoun for both genders is an example of male privilege." - The Damned Old Man

"Fuck, woman, life doesn’t have to be so difficult you know." - Grit Artisan

"I feel lethal, manic, on the verge of frenzy. I am foaming at the mouth. My nose is starting to bleed. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip." - G Manifesto

"Then they started wearing yoga pants in a place where I’m suiting up and I vomited on my penis and screamed to myself who does that." - VK's Empire of Dirt

"The path to oblivion lurks behind every step we take and each moment of any day." - Brett Stevens from

"...the fact that my profile (which indicates I’m a professional masturbator, who does drugs, seeks casual sex and lives with his parents) gets more attention than a relationship-seeking, professional who is being nice to girls, makes you wonder what fucked up mechanism is responsible for this." - Sofia from Sofiastry

"We understand concerns about teacher-student sex. But didn’t he do everything right here?" - Human-Stupidity

"Why do women drive men to hit them?" - Aaron from Aaron's Holy Mountain

"The path it took, started in MRA circles and then passed through, in order, the PUA sphere, the Traditionalist camp, then to women, and finally to feminists." - Factory from Hunting for Archetypes

"I always wanted to have a good answer to any inquiry. I always wanted to be able to do that what the others could not." - Michael Byc from The Lifestyle

"On second thought, the only way to restore moral sanity to the U.S would be to hand it a one-way ticket to economic abyss, so it looks like Barack Obama would be the best candidate after all." - The Alpha Anomaly

"What can we learn from this study? Simple: when your head starts achin', it's time to get naked." - DW from Incendiary Insight

Not all women are created equally and trust is earned over time. Do not squander your finite supply. - Peacemaker from Honest Introspection

"Looking back at my life, Game explains every interaction I've ever had with women." - Jean-Luc LeGame from Game Revelation


Carnivore said...


David said...

Thanks for the add, Keoni, always a pleasure reading your articles

Bill Powell said...

Thanks Keoni for the shout out. It's a bit premature since the site is still under construction but many great thanks.

Peacemaker said...

Thanks for the link, Keoni.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me. I dig your writing as well.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to click from your side bar to alcuin's blog and google is telling me to sign in. Has alcuin restricted his blog or is this googles doing? I am aussie and i am started suspect google of censoring us.

Keoni Galt said...

Anon, it's not just you....maybe the attention from the SPLC got Alcuin censored?