Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mo'olelo 'auana

Mo'olelo 'auana translated into English literally means "the New Narrative." In other words, "the latest word." As Hawaiians did not have writing until Western contact, oral traditions were the primary means of transmitting knowledge and cultural practices. Mo'olelo is essentially story telling to exchange knowledge. It's what I've named my blogroll, as I really like Google's automatic blogroll that shows the most recent postings of everyone on on it.

In fact, the automatic blogroll feature is probably the primary reason why I never switched over to wordpress like so many other bloggers have.

But I recently ran into a problem with my Blogroll app. I tried to update it by adding a few new blogs to it, it continued to crash repeatedly. I couldn't update it at all. I suspect I've had far too many links on it from defunct blogs, and too many rss feeds from nowhere kept crashing the app whenever I attempted an update.

Since I've been working 6 days a week now, as many of you have noticed, my blogging has been very sparse. Too tired, too little free time. So I just let it go until today. It took me almost two hours, but I had to re-create my blogroll from scratch. If you were previously on my blogroll and are no longer on it, that means I hate you and I hope you die....j/k.

Seriously, if you're blog is no longer on my blogroll, I assure you it was not my intention to take you off, but simply an oversight....or you haven't updated your blog in such a long time, I simply did not add you to the new blogroll to streamline the app and hopefully avoid this problem again. If I left you off, and you'd like to be added to my blogroll, please leave your url in the comments. If you are one of those who has a blog, but have not updated it in a long time and I did not include it in the update, but you will one day resume blogging, I have no problem adding you back on to the blogroll, just give me a shout out here and I'll put you back ASAP.

Finally, I'd also like to add that if you are on my blogroll, I put you there simply because you have written something once that I found worth my time to click on and read. Just because I link to your blog does not mean I endorse or agree with anything and everything you have to write about...I merely enjoy reading things from a wide variety of perspectives. I'm married, and I have a child, yet I link to anti-marriage blogs, and PUA blogs who advocate promiscuous lifestyles. I'm mostly apathetic and cynical about present day politics and no longer vote, but I still link to a few folks that still believe in participating in the system of bi-partisan democracy. I link to some "racist" (white nationalist) that is because I'm a Racial Equalist. That's because I hate all the races equally. :-) My only real guide for adding a blog is that you write something interesting and thought provoking.


Conan the Cimmerian said...

Feel free to keep me on, or not.
I am still linking others from mine.

My word verification is mudape. What is blogger doing with that as a word verify?

Keoni Galt said...

Of course you're still on it!

Fidel said...


I open your blog about 8 times a day, not only for your articles, but because I seem to have much the same taste in blogs as you.
I find it easiest to click from your blogroll.

Thanks for making it easy for me

Anonymous said...

What that man said. You've got the best set of blogs all rolled up in that roll. I came here from The Spearhead years ago, but now I go to The Spearhead and others from here.

Thanks for the effort in maintaining it. It is appreciated.

Aurini said...

One doesn't get ahead in the cut-throat world of internet blogging (serious business!) without a bit of self-whoring.

Not sure if you've seen my blog before, but if you like it I'd be honoured to appear on your blog roll. You've got a good thing going here.

Keoni Galt said...

Aurini, I added you when I did the update. Been reading your place for awhile now. I like your blog and the writing you've done for IMF!

AJ said...

Yes, you are my default jumping off point to the manosphere and beyond. Thanks.

Bronan the Barbarian! said...

Thanks again for the linkage dude.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble with accessing blogspot blogs?

I keep getting a redirect to sign into my google acount (dont have nor want one) when I try to access the wingnut musings (aka fourth checkraise).

Also, all blogspot pages redirect me to where i cant see the comments, but .com/ncr redirects me back to proper site.

Anyone know wtf google is upto or what know of more suspect stuff happening?

Anonymous said...

Seems fourth checkraise is now invite only. Anyone know what happened? Is Ilkka in trouble again? And how does one get onto the invite list?