Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hawaii First State to Put Gun Owners in National FBI Database

So it looks like the classic "pass a bill and sign it on the weekend so it goes down the memory hole by Monday..." tactic just got employed by T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You), here in Hawaii.

While the Democrats in congress grabbed all the headlines with their staged 60's college hippie style sit in at the Capitol, Hawaii's leftist stooge Governor just signed away all of the previously confidential personal information of Hawaii's law abiding gun owners to begin filling up the FBI's national gun owners database:

Hawaii Becomes First State to Put Gun Owners in FBI Database

Hawaii Governor David Ige signed the bill Thursday, which allows police to enroll firearms applicants and individuals who are registering their firearms into “Rap Back,” a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that monitors criminal activities by people under investigation or in positions of trust, Reuters reported.
The law takes effect immediately. “Rap Back” allows Hawaii police to be notified when a Hawaii firearm owner is arrested anywhere in the U.S. In addition, the law allows Hawaii police to evaluate whether a firearm owner should continue owning a gun after being arrested.

This move comes after a sit-in by Democrats to support gun control measures that would keep people on the no-fly list from buying a gun.

I just read this bill. What it really looks like to me, is an amendment to Hawaii's original Firearms acquisition and registration legislation to provide gun owners personal data to the FBI. When they first passed the original State gun registration laws, it was stated that all information pertaining to registration would be strictly confidential and only appropriate State Law Enforcement Agencies would be able to access it and usually only under court order.

This new law now requires Hawaii to cross check  input citizen's registration information into a brand new National FBI criminal databases before allowing a person to legally register their firearm here in the State of Hawaii.

Up til now, we've always had a State run background check that used the NICBCS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The amendment to this requirement crosses out the NICBCS, and mandates background checks using new FBI database system:

The police department shall perform an inquiry on the applicant using the Criminal Justice Information System and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service query therein, National Crime Information Center, National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and pursuant to section 846-2.1 before any determination to register a firearm is made.

Hawaii has always been one of the States the liberal/leftist/progressives have targeted for new legislation T.H.E.Y. eventually want to take nationwide. We have a solid constituency of liberal Democrats that run the State and can be counted on to pass anything the progressive left wants to do. For instance, back in the 90's, Hawaii was the first place they tried to get Same Sex Marriage passed (it failed dramatically as a referendum vote. As liberal as Hawaii is, in the 90's, gay marriage was still largely considered a deviant lifestyle by most of us living here).

Here we are 20 years later and gay marriage is the law of the land in all 50 States....

We are also the first State to have Obamacare styled health care laws passed (even before RomneyCare). When Clinton first got elected in '92 and Hillary tried to spearhead the National health care initiative as the First Lady, she modeled her proposals after Hawaii's employer-provided HMO system.

Here we are almost 30 years later, and Nationalized health care is the law of the land in all 50 States....

Anyhow, the significance of this news appears to me to be this: before this legislation, The State of Hawaii was mandated to keep all Gun registrant info private and confidential, and only allowed to be accessed by court order. Under the old system, Hawaii could only run a check on the NICBCS and if your name popped up, they would deny you the right to register your gun and confiscate it from you.

Now all of Hawaii's gun registration info will be provided to the FBI for these new national Databases aka - the FBI is now creating a national database of all gun owning, law abiding citizens in such as  name, address, contact info, fingerprints, firearm make and model and serial no., etc.

Hawaii is the first, look for this to eventually spread to all 50 States. All of the blue left coast liberal run States will follow suit quickly, while the red right wing states may put up a token resistance.

I'm rather pessimistic about our centralized Federal Government in D.C. and the FBI and their motives here. It couldn't be more blatant. This is a major step towards total information awareness T.H.E.Y. have been working towards.

Mark my words, T.H.E.Y. want one centralized, nationalized database of ALL U.S. legal gun owners to rule them is the first step towards eventual nationwide gun banning and eventual confiscation. Hawaii is the first....guaranteed we won't be the last.

Let's see how much the pro-Second Amendment groups across the nation take heed to what just happened here this weekend out in the middle of the Pacific.

The war against the Second Amendment for the US has just escalated.

Females and the Programmed Fear of Firearms

Visual proof that Universal Suffrage + Democracy is an unmitigated disaster.

On teh Interwebz, out here on the fringes of the fever swamps of the Alt-Right, many women are self proclaimed gun fanatics and Second Amendment advocates. Unfortunately, in the real life, amongst my peer group and sphere of familial relations and close friends here in the predominantly blue (pill) State of Hawaii, most of the women I know are wholly beholden to the Brave New World Order propaganda regarding guns. An irrational, deliberately programmed fear that overrides all logic and reason. A play on their susceptibility to fear-driven hysteria.

I've had many a social occasion spent in earnest debate with these ladies - including my own Mother, Sisters, In-laws, Cousins, Aunts, and my friend's wives and girl friends...and no amount of logic can overcome the regularly scheduled programming of fear mongering for firearms most of the women in my life are blinded with.

Now, as I am one who has taken notes and learned about the difference between rhetoric and dialectic from an Award Winning Cruelty Artist, I do realize the futility in engaging with dialectic with women who are completely consumed with the fear of firearms and believe the only solution is MOAR GUN CONTROL.

Propganda designed to manipulate Maternal Fears to Disarm We the Sheeple 

Nevertheless, I still take the pains to engage with these ladies and attempt to walk them through a logical progression and/or Socratic questioning to elucidate why I am a staunch advocate of possessing firearms and upholding the spirit and letter of the law with regards to the Second Amendment. Believe me, I have zero intentions of actually attempting to change their minds. While it would be pleasantly surprising to actually get them to change their minds, I long ago reached the conclusion that it is nearly impossible.

No, my entreaties and debate points are aimed at a different target...the men in their lives who are usually in on the discussion as well.

The real problem, of course, is that most of the men who are married and/or living with these women let their irrational fear instilled by societal propaganda, keep them from arming themselves. Nor are all of these men I am referring to your typical AMC, totally pussy whipped, living in fear and utterly beholden to the tyranny of their women's hamsters. Some are, but not all. But even those men who are the nominal heads of their household and usually lead, don't really push the issue in the face of their woman's vehement opposition to having firearms in the house.

Most of the people I know and socialize with, recognize the increasingly unstable and turbulent times we live in. That the economy is in trouble, the institution of marriage and the family is under attack, and civilized society is on a steep decline into corruption and moral decay.

Most of the people I know, have some sense that "prepping" for potential natural disaster, societal collapse or widespread civil unrest is becoming increasingly necessary and prudent. The things I blogged about years ago, were some of the things I was also usually talking about casually in social situations (then and now), and these topics used to mark me as the sole tin foil hat wearing, conspiritard doomsayer amongst my family and friends. This is no longer so...not so much anyways. I'm sure I'm seen as still a bit paranoid...but more and more folks in my sphere of influence are coming around to my dystopian point of view. Of course, I don't find this satisfying at all. I would have rather been wrong about all this, but there's no going back once you earnestly seek the truth and you happen to find it.

Many of the things I used to advocate for that got sideways glances and eye rolls of dismissive contempt during previous conversations, are now taken seriously and discussed with grim enthusiasm by some of these same folks that wouldn't take any of these various topics I was interested in seriously a mere four years ago. I think eight years of Obammunism has taken it's toll on society and more and more people are slowly waking up to the grim reality of our current age.

Many of these men in my life have come around to my way of thinking regarding firearms....but their women are all vehement and absolutist in their fear of GUNS, and they let their unreasonable and emotional fears rule the roost. So I often instigate the debate in the appropriate social settings and engage with these women when their men are present.

While my dialectic falls on deaf ears with these women consumed with the programmed fear of firearms, it is their Men I am actually targeting with my words. I'm hoping to convince my Father, my brothers, my cousins, my uncles, my friends, acquaintances and colleagues to gird up their loins and take a stand and override their women's fear-driven edicts of WE WILL NOT HAVE GUNS IN THE HOUSE!

For in most of these cases, I love these women and their children. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother. I care for them and their families, and I dread the day that is not far off in which their husbands are the only thing between them and the ravening hordes of starving and desperate masses unprepared for the coming tribulations of a collapsed State.

"Why would you want your husband/boyfriend to have to try and protect you and your children with a baseball bat or a kitchen knife, when those who would most likely be threatening you and your family will have guns? There's only one way THAT scenario ends...."

Women never have a good, logical answer for this point. What I usually get is the maternal fear-based, culturally programmed, emotional response of feminine firearms hysteria.

"We have toddlers in the house, firearms are too dangerous with toddlers in the house. Even if we did have a gun for the unlikely event of civil unrest or a criminal invasion, what good would the gun be if it was locked away and unloaded? Because we will NOT have a loaded gun - or ANY gun - not locked away in a safe in the house as long as we have toddlers!!!! You mean to tell me YOU have a loaded gun not locked away around YOUR toddlers?"

This is usually followed by a look of fear and exasperation aimed at my wife (if she's present). She usually just shrugs and says nothing. She doesn't like that I have loaded guns in the house, but I didn't ask her. When the time comes that our home is under threat, it's not her job to get in the way and protect the family...that would be mine. I think most married women with children would be forced to agree with that. And since that's my job, I'm not letting her emotions and fear stop me from having the proper and necessary tools to get the job done as best as I can possibly do it. 

This is what I am trying to get through to the Men of these women in my life who are all blue-pilled and controlled by fear from the manufactured consensus of the media. You may fear your wife or girlfriend being upset that you have loaded firearms in the house...but what all family men should really fear, is what happens when someone with a gun invades your home and disposes of you quickly as you try to use a bat or a knife to protect your hearth and home. Since you brought a baseball bat to a gunfight, your women and your children are now at the mercy of an invader as you lay bleeding and dying on the floor.

At the age of three, as soon as they can steadily walk, I take my kids into the mountains with an assortment of firearms and set up targets and practice my marksmanship for about an hour or so. I make the child stand right next to me (with appropriate ear and eye protection, of course) to feel and observe the power and deadly capabilities of individual man's most important tools for defending his rights, his freedom and his family.

Even with ear protection, the experience of feeling the explosive vibration of gunfire sticks. I have zero fear of my offspring attempting to get a hold of my loaded guns and accidentally discharging it. They know exactly what guns are and how dangerous and destructive they can be. Most kids first exposure to firearms nowadays, are from watching tell-a-vision and the movies. The portrayal of firearms as tools of fictional heroes getting the bad guys has a much different effect on a child's views of firearms, than if their first impressions are formed from actually experiencing the reality of firearms and their sheer force and destructive capacity up close and personal.

My children have been taught from the moment they can walk, what exactly guns are and what they can do. Because of this, they won't even touch them...even when I try to get them to handle them when they are unloaded, as I try to teach them their first lessons on how to hold and aim them properly.

That is my own regularly scheduled programming for the children of my household with regards to firearms.

When they are old enough, they will learn the way of the gun.

When the time comes, anyone trying to invade my home will be faced with not just one armed man, but an armed and trained man with his armed and trained children as well.

We live in interesting times...and current trends seem to indicate even more interesting times are coming. Don't let your woman's hamster unduly influenced by mass media programming, emasculate you into a state of disarmed helplessness when you may only have seconds to act.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quiplinks X: Making America Inc. Great Again


I've been reading a lot of twitter feeds lately. I'm still tempted to sign up...but I know myself. I would get addicted to it and spend far more time on it than I should. So I occasionally do Quiplinks here instead.

Since I recently completed some long overdue maintenance to the blogroll, deleting all the dead links and adding a few new bloggers I discovered while surfing the fever swamps, I was thinking it would be a good time to do another Quiplinks post with all these new sources of wit and wisdom.  So here we go with the tenth edition of my favorite way to link to others, by having fun making my own hashtags that I would use if I did have a twitter account.

The Savage Lifestyle blogger and Return of Kings contributor Jack Ronin, offers his advice on one way we can help MAIncGA:


"There exists today many poisonous concepts that have degraded the western mind. Perhaps one of the most ugly and perfidious is the idea that it is somehow righteous, loving and virtuous to praise weakness in others and embody their cancerous ways of thinking and living. The only healthy response when the weak are praised is to savagely mock them."

Chateau Heartiste
regular commenter and brand new blogger WrongSideofHistory, appears quite adept at wielding  poetic shivs against the architects and change agents of America's decline. He makes a great point regarding diversity and it's effects on a formerly high trust society:


"Diversity founded on the premise of equality is full retard.Wildly unequal outcomes is the out-of-tune acoustic guitar always bringing down the Kumbaya session."

Free Northerner notices something else about Diversity:


"Why is it that diversity is only ever achieved by allowing those who don’t make things, unimportant people, and those aren’t involved in the activity equal say to to key players who actually create things?"

Relampigo Furioso, Return of Kings writer and blogger over at The New Modern Man, points out how fakebook and other social media apps amplify all the worst aspects of our modern era:


"Obviously, a nihilistic, materialistic culture of self-comparison and competitive consumption has been worsened by the need to constantly look good online."

"Bad" Billy Pratt over at Kill to Party notes that the filth and depravity of our current culture is part of a silent war, and it has a source. He notes: "In 2016 there is a silent war being waged for who gets to stand atop the stream as the king of the narrative. If Politics are downstream from culture, culture is downstream from Hollywood."

Ah yes, that bastion of propaganda and glamorization of cultural marxism, has spent the last half century helping to turn the American Dream into our current dystopian nightmare. He breaks down the biggest blockbuster movie of the 80's to make his case:


"Instead of the Hollywood movie being reflective of American culture, or existing as a morality tale to strengthen the existing culture, film makers decided to use their influence to guide the culture toward their own interests. This is the true nature of modern propaganda- it isn’t overt with guns and billboards demanding to OBEY, but rather an enthralling light show doling out hits of excitement and shame."

H/T to Deansdale for introducing me to Kill to Party. He also published a great post about the male suicide rate and how it relates to the feminists favorite boogeyman, the "Patriarchy":


"Strangely enough the patriarchy never shows up to help men in tough situations; their male privilege seems to malfunction right when they would need it the most. On the other hand women seem to be immune to most of the aforementioned problems because society is set up in a way that protects their innate privileges and grant them artificial new ones. "

Speaking of the Patriarchy, while most folks out in these fringes of the fever swamps of teh Interwebz recognize the destruction of Male headship was deliberately done by changing marriage and divorce laws to give women all of the power of Government to control the relationship and end it for cash and prizes at her whim, Artisinal Toad is making the case for Biblically sanctioned polygamy as God's original design to give Man dominion over his household. In making his case, he employs a clever analogy:


"What you really like to do is play fetch with the dog because that’s all about you and having your desires met.  Especially when your friends are around to see how the dog tries to please you.  That makes you feel really good.  But, it was too much of a chore to feed him and the dog is starving and doesn’t have the energy or the motivation to play fetch.  So you complain to all your friends about how horrible your dog is and you don’t understand it at all because the dog has such a wonderful home and such a loving master but he won’t fetch the damn ball when you want him to."

Needless to say, Artisanal Toad's use of the Bible to advocate for polygamy, employing prostitutes or banging a widow as all legitimate, non-sinful pursuits for Christian men, has not earned him any goodwill amongst the majority of the Christian MAndrosphere's commentariat, but I find his interpretations of the Bible make for a convincing case ...although I don't plan on bringing home another wife or visiting any of Honolulu's "Happy Ending" massage parlors any time soon.

That being said, I find AT's perspective and interpretations interesting and I think it jibes with Return of King's luminary Quintus Curtius' recent post.


"Any orthodoxy which demands that we prostrate our intellects unquestioningly before it, and deliberately seeks to suppress, shame, or marginalize competing views, is unworthy of our respect.  It should, on the contrary, be attacked that much more vigorously.  Experience has shown that coercion of opinion is a disastrous road for any society to take."

While the Trump campaign theme is to Make America Great Again, Roosh just wants to


"The problem we have today is that men shield themselves from all difficulty and even the experience of life. We now have 21-year-old male students crying on the shoulders of feminists in designated safe spaces on college campuses because they heard mere opinions they didn’t like. Those safe spaces, whether literal or metaphorical, prevents men from becoming masculine."

Another Return of Kings author, Larsen Halleck, who blogs at The Barbaric Gentlemen, had a recent epiphany regarding Feminists and femininity:


"I’ve realized something: feminists embody age-old stereotypes of females to an incredible, almost embarrassing, degree. Just to clarify: by “age old stereotypes of females”, I certainly don’t mean things like beautiful, graceful, nurturing, caring, loving, domestically skilled, gentle, and ‘down to Earth’, absolutely not. I’m referring to the flipside of that coin, the negative stereotypes of women..."
Dalrock points another aspect of feminism that contributes to those negative stereotypes:


"Perhaps the greatest disappointment for feminists is their failure to make men miserable by getting them to do traditionally female roles.  Feminists didn’t understand that their misery came from their own miserly hearts, not from the act of caring for others."

Black Poison Soul, the man with the crap colored glasses, has his own epiphany regarding women:


"Then you stop. You realize something, about all this shit. Good women? Bad women? Nah.

They're just women.

Being pissed off at them is like being pissed off at water for being wet."

Notes From A Red Pill Girl
relates an anecdote about the end results of a woman who follows the feminist STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN script:


"Committed to no man, but lover of many, they also found the party came to an abrupt end with age, and many of those who once ruled the social scene and were quite sought after, pampered, and spoiled by their admirers often ended up destitute, alone, and abandoned in the end."

Long time reader and commenter of Chateau Heartiste, PA (OG Roissy in D.C.), started his own blog.


"Folks, I didn’t create the world, I just describe it. For pretty lies, you’re free to look at Old Navy ads. For ugly lies, turn on your television."

Will S. over at Patriactionary also brings up an important question that perhaps may be the answer to breaking the stranglehold that BigPharma has over the practice of medicine:


"Living through a time of great social and/or political change can give one the opportunity to examine things generally left unexamined. Such can cause one, at least one given to introspection and reflection to perhaps an abnormal degree, the chance to see familiar things from a new angle, not previously considered."
The Primal Male breaks down the complex, multi-faceted entity seeking total control of humanity, and identifies it as the "System," which he states is just our civilization gone rogue...


"To understand its immense and complex identity, you must first understand that the System is a complete combination of multiple sub-systems that dominate every aspect of human existence. This includes centralized governments, the banking system, multi-national corporations, the media, the military-industrial complex, and so on. All systems, both visible and invisible, are part of its totality. It is beyond a single nation state, and as a global system, has its influence over nearly all the peoples around the world."

Matthew Peak who blogs at Western Woes, has his own thoughts about how the System and corporations have reduced human relationships down to nothing more than economic transactions:


"And thus we have the main issue behind the modern obsession over equality of the sexes. Men and women are measured by their ability to earn money for corporations and governments, under the guise of earning money for themselves."

The Erudite Knight is one of the few folks on my blog roll who is not on the Trump train and suspects the Trumpster is controlled opposition.


"Its going to get bad, and its the two sides played against each other where the man in the castle just watches the proles kill each other, all to ‘make america great again’.

And finally, to close this one out, here's a quip that comes not from a blog, but lyrics from the newest album by a band I had once considered DONE and incapable of making great metal music any longer...glad to find out I was wrong on that score.

"If you don't like where we're going, than you won't like what's coming next..."