Friday, April 3, 2015

The Synergy of Symbiosis

I think I've come around to my final paradigm shift. A meaningful distillation of knowledge and experience gained in over a decade of studies here at the fringes of the vast, nearly infinite library of knowledge and information at the University of the Autodidact's Cyberspace Campus.

All this time studying a wide array of topics to arrive at a synthesized, easily discerned and simple, axiomatic concept for analyzing existence and finding a meaningful, fulfilling life under the oppressive regime of our Brave New World Order. It really is a simple concept, but once you have your eyes opened to it, all the pieces fall into place and the seeming complexities of our modern way of life are no longer so enigmatic.

I see things so clearly and simply now. 

This new found Rosetta Stone for understanding how to best live life, is to understand the basic observation of the observers and studiers of wild life in the natural state in the natural environment, and use it as a template in understanding how it applies to our human existence. This paradigm I'm speaking of, is simply recognizing the dynamics of parasitic relationships versus that of symbiosis.

All human relationships fall into one form or the other, on all planes and in all dimensions of our existence as a species on this planet. In all facets of our mortal existence - physically, spiritually, and mentally - we are in an either/or state of existence. We are a social mammalian species that thrives and grows when we form relationships based on symbiosis. Any relationship based on parasitism inevitably results in a decline into barbarism, savagery, incivility, vulgarity and depravity when we engage in parasitic thoughts and behaviors.

You want to find what's best in life? Find the sorts of people who act in ways that are symbiotic, and then give of yourself to them....for being symbiotic people, they will naturally give back, and this giving of both parties creates a synergy that energizes and causes positive growth and development in all parties involved.

Recognize those who are parasitic, and remove them from your life as much as possible. Those for whom you give of yourself, your time, your energy and your resources, and they just take, consume and never give back. You cannot fix a parasite by feeding them. At best, you can only cut them off and show them the errors of their ways, and leave it up to them to decide whether they want to give a symbiotic existence a try.

True friendships, camaraderie, fulfilling marriages, and happy families can only be achieved through symbiotic participants contributing to the synergy that feeds all who are a part of the symbiotic relationship.

Finding symbiotic people and forging relationships with them is the key to living a life worth living. When you think about it, this is what the essence of a happy marriage, relationship or family is based on. Everyone gives unto each other and all grow together from feeding off of the positive synergy it creates. Rather then feeding off of and at the expense of another, the synergy of the symbiotic relationship contributes to each member's growth and allows all involved to thrive.

All the "-ISMS" of the world today are nothing more than personal, political, economic and spiritual forms of promulgating parasitISM. In some shape or form or another, they all promote a form of feeding off of another's life force and giving nothing positive or beneficial in return.

FeminISM is simply the ideology of discouraging women from becoming symbiotic givers of life, creators of growth and beauty that results form the synergy that exists in the evolution of a happy family. FeminISM is based on the damning of this wellspring of synergistic beauty at it's source. It is the corruption of the possibility of a happy hearth and home. It encourages women to be parasitic self-servers, feeding off of her spouse and family with the idea of "personal fulfillment" resulting in nothing more than becoming bloated and repulsive as she feeds her greed at the expense of her host family. Frivolous divorce is simply the act of using the force of State to allow the parasitic feminist to stay firmly attached to her host for as long as possible.

ConsumerISM is the macro-economic system of parasitism, writ large. This is why the commercialISM of the mass media sells lies, vulgarity, depravity and perversity as desirable, "cool" and "current." It's all a long con to disconnect we the sheeple from symbiotic relationships between each other and encourage us all to become atomized, indivualized parasites, self-centered and selfish. The more people who become parasitic in their thoughts, actions and behaviors, the less likely society at large will be capable of recognizing and throwing off the parasitic system that feeds off us all.

Civilization itself, is the result of symbiotic people thriving in symbiotic families to create symbiotic communities that end up creating symbiotic cultures and societies. When one studies the cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations with the difference between symbiosis and parsitiISM in mind, it all becomes rather clear. The symbiotic community grows the greatest expressions of culture in it's art, music and literature that stand the test of time and inspire and enlighten fellow humans across generations. On the other hand, when parasitISM gains entry into a symbiotic culture, and begins to feed, it always degrades, coarsens and causes the eventual decline and collapse of what was once a great symbiotic society.

It's actually a very simple concept if you look at the results they produce. Symbiosis grows beauty, parasitism results in depravity, cultural entropy and civilizational decline.

Let us recall The Argument for Patriarchy as an example of this principle:

It would be entirely fitting to re-caption these with "Art Made by Symbiotic Culture" and "Degradation of Culture by ParasitISM." For which "art" exhibit would you like to take your little children to see for their development of aesthetic tastes and cultural education and refinement?

All forms of parasitism are revolting, disgusting, repugnant and nausea-inducing upon discovery. The tick, the leech, the flea, the mosquito, the lamprey....all cause a visceral disgust when viewed by most normal folks who discover these vile creatures in the process of feeding off of their host.

Human relationships are no different. The problem is we are now surrounded by a parasitic culture set up and purposely designed to feed off of us all. To keep the feeding going, the system itself promotes parasitism as our personal paradigm. Symbiosis amongst the sheeple is discouraged at every turn, for symbiotic communities that grow in strength and health, may develop the awareness to recognize parastISM's influence and behavior, and actively work to excise and destroy it's manifestations to maintain it's health.

We are either thriving from symbiotic growth or we are trapped in parasitic entropy and decay. Learn to discern this in every aspect of your life, and you will find the key to thriving from synergy that can only come from symbiosis.

The genesis of this post came about as I was reading Jesus Christ's sermon on the mount a few months ago. It got me thinking about the overall message that he was preaching and it gave me a new found clarity on what the meaning of life is and how to best live in this fallen, degraded world.

I've had this post in my draft cue for months now, and have been saving it for this weekend in which we celebrate his redemption of humanity through his sacrifice and resurrection. Even more than Christ Mass, I believe we would all do well to reflect upon Jesus and his Gospel as the reason for the season...for He is risen.

As we enjoy the chocolate bunnies and watching the little ones joyously hunt for eggs and enjoy a carefree time of families and friends coming together in fellowship and celebration this Sunday, I know I will continue to reflect upon the message of Christ as I have been for months now. I now know for certain what FAITH is, for he came to teach us the Truth, so as to set us all free. In my estimation, he was basically preaching the gospel of symbiotic living through loving, repentance, forgiveness, charity, goodwill, and striving for enlightenment by cultivating uplifting attitudes and thought processes, and to excise hatred, revenge and the darkness of wickedness from our hearts and minds.

To listen to what he taught is our only path to salvation.

Ho'ala Iesu Christo!


Bobo said...

Awesome truth.
Well said.


TGP said...

Peace to you and your family from Central Missouri.

Tom said...

My wife studied lichens as an undergraduate. She always talked about how their symbiotic relationship was such a great example for how to live.

Your post does a great job of fleshing out the details of that idea she raised a long time ago. Thank you for the great thoughts and well crafted words.

Mack Schuylkill said...

Great post Hawaii.

rycamor said...

Amen, brother.

He is risen.

Anonymous said...

Another inspiring post. Nature embodies our most needed answers.

Thank you for your thoughts to keep us going.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Keoni. Thought-provoking.

One housekeeping point: Enervate means weaken. Perhaps you meant energize?

Keoni Galt said...

As always, Anonymous, thanks for the free editing!

Porphyry said...

"See those unrelenting buzzards want your life, and as sure as you have eyes they've got no right… and if the old guard still defend they've got nothing left on which you depend"

ElectricAngel said...

I had come to a similar conclusion. You used a word in your post, and I wonder if you can discuss this idea?

We live in a world of entropy. One version of this is the economist's "TANSTAAFL." It is, in some sense, a restatement of the first law of thermodynamics; the second law gives us entropy.

Except: if I give you my dollar for your grass-fed beef jerky in free exchange, we are BOTH better off, as each valued the other person's item more than his own. It strikes me that there are a whole range of things that fall under the category of social capital that also fit this. Love is one; so is power. Used to proper ends, they grow, not diminish. Used to improper ends, they decrease.

If, for example, I use power to make you weaker, violating the trust with which God gave it to me, then my power will increase, but that will be more than offset by the overall decline in power. Thus, human relations can either obey physical entropy, or get past it by leaving both parties better off. I think this is the central idea, stated differently, that you mentioned, Keoni.

Brian said...

Chewed on this a lot since you posted it. Nothing about modern society is symbiotic. At all. However, a parasite needs a healthy host or it too shall perish. Feminism, central banking, big gov't etc. flourished in the 20th century because the host was robustly healthy. But now the parasite has taken its toll and the host is dying, and with it the parasite will perish too. I do not believe TPTB have the foresight to understand.

Anonymous said...


The final paradigm shift comes at Death.

This was an excellent article, though. The most important thing in these times is to avoid the herd and all the toxicity it brings with it. A healthy social environment is just as necessary as healthy foods.

Unknown said...

In symbiosis both benefit. Win-win. In parasitism, one wins and one loses. Robert Axelrod suggested this in his "Evolution of Cooperation."

Comment Monster said...

Be careful. When I was younger, I had lots of "paradigm shifts." Thank God that has mostly stopped. Your paradigm shift is an "us" vs "them" shift. (symbiotes vs. parasites). It's really hard and really important to distinguish good from evil.

A paradigm shift initially brings blinding clarity, but after a while the clarity will tarnish as your sorting criteria break down.

New Jack said...

The spearhead is gone, would you happen to know why Price took it down? It was my introduction into the sphere over four years ago. Love your work Mr Galt.

Keoni Galt said...

Price got married and has a newborn son. He moved out of Seattle to a more rural location and wrote about not having much $$$, and could no longer afford hosting fees.

Sad to see The Spearhead go, but I bet he'll be back with a new project sometime in the future.

Pique Dan said...

Thank You,
It is hard to find good info these days.
Now its easy to separate people based on if they are parasitic or symbiotic.
Things like love, loyalty,feeling of embarrassment before lying ...
They make people and our relation with them a symbiotic one.
The parasites never change and it is best to leave them alone.
Now that I know this and also about the disgusting tactics of the media I can live my life one step above.
Great article.

Shaun F said...

This was a really good post, thank you. I'm glad to see you recognize the parasitical design component of society.