Saturday, January 26, 2013

Have A Cigar

Welcome to the Machine

As I've unplugged from the mainstream mass media years ago, I now find myself only hearing about the latest current events from the commentary and amateur reporting of the pajama's brigade on the fringes of teh Interwebz.

For instance, I didn't watch a single second of news footage about the Sandy Hook false flag even - not even YouTube vids.

I didn't listen to a single Clear Channel or NPR pundit's take on the matter, nor did I read a single mainstream mass media publications "reportage" either. Not any magazines, nor any newspaper, nor their affiliated websites.

I already know what the story was about as soon as I saw the blogosphere's reaction to the mass media narrative and account of the event.

THEY are coming for teh gunz of WeTheSheeple.

Likewise, after I logged on to Dalrock's this morning to indulge my daily readings with my coffee, I now see The US war machine has decided that teh Womynz can now have equal opportunity to participate in combat operations in war zones, just like teh Menz.

I also see Mr. Price's first reaction to this is to call for equality in Selective Service Registration. Excellent rhetoric for metaphorically hanging of the feminist by their own petard. And of course, the commentary all throughout the MAndrosphere is either concerned with shadenfraude - "Let the bitches find out what we men have always known: WAR IS HELL!"; or with the idea that the only reason we did not have women forced by law to register with SS, was due to the former prohibition of women in combat. Now that this no longer applies, it's time to sign up all teh Gurlz for the draft, too!

I say the answer for SS "selective service" is the same one we need for SS "socialist security" - end it, don't mend it! But I digress.

The most amusing reactions to me, come from the folks who express shock and outrage at the new policy, and the effect it will have on the combat effectiveness of our troops. Especially the military and former military members reacting to this news. The frame seems to be the following: That the Military Brass is simply STOOOPID and naive at worst, or simply gummed up by all the red tape of an immense, bureaucratcic organization at best.

"Don't they realize they are screwing up the US military's chance at VICTORY!?!?!?"

Meh.. It's the exact same play from the social engineer's playbook they've been using on Marriage.

Don't you know that allowing teh Gayz to marry would DESTROY this sacred institution? Pay no attention to how Divorce and Family Courts have already destroyed Heteroz's all about teh Gayz!!!!

Make no mistake about it. The politicians of our "civilian controlled military" are not corrupting the military solely for the sake of the feminist movement.

That is not the name of this game.

"Let me tell you the name of the game boy...they call it riding the gravy train!"

We must remember that ever since 2+3=911 day (2 Jets + 3 Towers = NWO), the military industrial complex has been on permanent expansion mode.

Not only is War Big Business, it is THE BIGGEST Big Business in the world.

We are not stationed and fighting all over the globe to "WIN" any war, let alone a War on an Adjective.

We are not fighting to win. We are fighting to keep the gravy train rolling...and it's one hell of a giant gravy train. To WIN brings this lucrative gravy train to a halt.

That is the last thing those giving the orders to the guy in the conductor's booth of the Gravy Train want.

This is why so many things are done to stifle, hamper and hinder the supposedly stated mission of our "global force for good!" While Dalrock is certainly correct in his assessment of feminist and elite motives for emasculating the military to socially engineer the culture and society at large, most people fail to ask the right questions as they rage at the supposed madness and insanity of a war machine hampering itself with such social engineering lunacy.

That is because most are still operating under the mistaken assumption that the military is fighting to win the war and "defend the nation."

THEY learned the lessons of Vietnam well.

Vietnam was just a dry run to refine the techniques for leveraging deliberately instigated military quagmires to realize economies of scale and perpetually expand the mass market for industrial war manufacturing.

THEY have now expanded it's application to "hot spots" all over the Globe.

$$$$ Chaaa-ching!! $$$$ 

In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning...

REMEMBER: If there's a ribbon campaign for it, rest assured THEY are profiting from it in any and every which way possible.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Debt Slavery Inc.

Gone our the days of outright, in your face, open and unashamed slavery. We no longer live in a society where humans are bought and sold like cattle at open markets. We no longer live with the spectacle of an overlord freely and openly punishing and killing their slaves with physical brutality.

In the USSA Inc., we have the 13th amendment.

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

THEY have taken note of J.W. von Geothe's observation on the institution of slavery and adjusted their strategies.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." 

 The current form of slavery we all get to enjoy in today's Brave New World Order, is Voluntary Servitude. As Benjamin Franklin once noted: "If you are in debt, you are a slave to that debt."

I good analogy for understanding this system would be to visualize a 3 tiered pyramid. THEY, our 21st century Overlords, reside at the top of the structure.

THEY are the Bankers.

The Owners of the Federal Reserve System.

Banksters, all identified by the following designation: TOO BIG TO FAIL.

The next two tiers are composed of two different forms of slavery. The Usury Serfs aka the working class, and the larger base of this infernal pyramid, the Dependency Herds.

If, at the end of the fiscal tax year, if you file your returns and receive a refund that is equal to or greater than the income tax with held from your pay throughout the year than you have avoided the Usury Enslavement System run by the IRS for that year. But as a worker making income in the private sector, you're probably still enslaved in some other shape or form...namely by having a mortgage, business loan, student loan, auto loans, outstanding credit card debt etc.

If you avoided the enslavement of the IRS Usury Enslavement, THEY still most likely own a pound of your flesh via the Federal Reserve Fiat-Usury Cartel.

The members of this cartel are easily recognized. ANY Bank or credit union, both National and local, that has the FDIC assurance posted on it's premises is a cartel member.

This is the ultimate truth of our banking system in the USSA Inc. All these cartel members have the power to create debt on the books (aka fiat currency + fractional reserve banking) to profit off of the usury of 21st century serfdom.

This is the genius of the top tier of the pyramid system. If they don't get their pound of flesh from we the sheeple via the IRS tax collection, they still have us working to pay off the usurious interest to their cartel members.

And just who owns the Federal Reserve System? Corporate mass media, mainstream economists and Academia would have us believe the Fed is a "quasi-Governmental" agency. Nope. The Federal Reserve is a private, Zero Liability Corporation (another way to describe "Too Big to Fail").

It's stock is owned by the member banks...the Fiat-Usury Cartel we call "teh Banking System."

They admit as much at the Fed's own website:

The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system, are organized much like private corporations--possibly leading to some confusion about "ownership." For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company.

It may be "different" than owning stock in a private company, nevertheless the truth is right there for all to see.

Member banks own the stocks of the Federal Reserve System. Any Bank with that FDIC sign displayed on the establishment is in fact a stock owner.

Note the re-frame of the Federal Reserve's website description of who owns this evil institution. The question is "WHO OWNS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS" not "Is the ownership stock of the Federal Reserve different from regular private company stock?"

The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.

Whatever qualifiers or restrictions THEY claim make Federal Reserve stock "different" matters not. The member banks don't care about making profit off of the stock. No, this stock is simply a certificate of membership into their exclusive cartel. Mere profits from stock ownership is not the game THEY are playing here.

The cartel member is then empowered to "create" debt to loan out to anyone who volunteers to sign up for their Usury enslavement scheme.

Many folks are under the impression that our current system is one of socialist redistribution of tax money. Not so. Everyone knows the Federal Government has been running on a budget deficit for years.

 Every single thing the Federal Government has decided to fund since the Federal Reserve was instituted, has been paid for by the Fiat Debt-Usury Creation system. The Fed "sells" T-bills and other "monetary instruments" on the international market of Central Bank owned Governments to "create" the cash it then supplies the Government to run all of it's programs, organizations and bureaucracies.

Every single dollar created this way bears interest owed to the Federal Reserve System and the Central Banks around the globe that hold the T-bills for future redemption.

Put simply, we owe the Bankers interest on the "money" they create to pay for everything the Federal Government funds in it's annual budget, you know, the annual budget that is nearly always in the red.

Think of it like this. Our entire society is set up like a household, in which we have $100,000 a year income, but we spend 1,000,000 a year via credit cards and loans to maintain the lifestyle we've become accustomed to.

What else do you call a system in which you can never pay off your debts, you can only borrow more and more to keep running your household, forever paying off "servicing this debt?"

This is hidden slavery at it's finest. Goethe was right. The average person paying interest to Fiat Usury Cartel members and/or paying taxes to the IRS, is a Debt Slave.

Anyone who pays taxes, is paying them to service the debt to the Federal Reserve System. Thus, we are enslaved to the Bankers...but see, we have a "democracy" and we all vote for representation. Therefore this future debt enslavement is VOLUNTARY.

Aren't you glad the 13th amendment outlawed involuntary servitude?

Oh wait....don't tell that to a divorced parent forced to pay child support after a no fault divorce...but I digress.

It's important remember another thing about this system: the taxes you as a Usury Serf pay, are not simply transferred  to the entitlements paid out to the dependent class. How can that be when every single year the Government spends far more to fund everything way above and beyond what it collects from the Usury Serfs in taxation?

In other words, the Federal Reserve SELLS the promise of the future work and production of we the sheeple, the Usury Serfs of USSA Inc. It sells the future production of the Usury Serf class to China and other country's Central Banks who buy US T-Bills, as well as the T-bills the Fed itself holds.

The sheeple in the Dependent Herds have numerous brands on them to identify which entitlement program THEY at the top of the Pyramid use to administer their dependence.

Here are a few of the brands they have burned into them so you can identify the type of sheeple inhabiting your proximity in the 21st century Goblal Feedlot:


In other words, any person who is  dependent on  receiving entitlement benefits, or has a job with a salary and benefits, or who exists by grants or some other form of Federal Government spending program, all belong to the Dependent Herds.*

In this sense, all of the Departments (Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security etc.) at the Federal level that are filled with bureaucrats, lobbyists & appointees, so-called "Czars," their staff, etc.; and yes all members of every branch of the military services.

All of these people get their money to sustain their lifestyles that they become accustomed to from the same source as the single mother head of household on the WIC and EBT programs - the institutions at the top of the pyramid. And as previously noted, that money is created as the promises of payment on future production of the Usury Serf class.

Oh, and let us not forget that when it comes to disbursing some of these entitlement programs, the Federal Government also pays the Banksters to administer the infrastructure and network for the EBT program.

As the debt ceiling keeps getting raised and raised every year by the Donkeys and Pachyderms in Congress with the rubber stamp of the Executive Branch, the Usury Serf class gets squeezed harder and harder to service the interest on the debts created to fund the Government and it's entitlement programs.

We are approaching an economic death spiral, which will likely end in the complete destruction of the Usury serf class - aka "the Great American Middle Class."

Hello my fellow debt slave in our Brave New World Order.

Shall we get back to work now? After all, we have all this debt that needs servicing!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh Say, Can You See?

Unplug from the matrix. Take the red pill. Climb out of Plato's cave.

All great allegories in the quest for understanding the world we inhabit, and grist for the MAndrosphere mill.

But I was recently reminded of an old movie that I like even more. As Dalrock recently noted:

"This may be why I prefer the They Live! glasses metaphor to the matrix red pill one. Even prior to coming to the manosphere much of this was visible to me and yet the people next to me simply couldn’t see it."

"They Live!" sounded vaguely familiar. Anonymous Reader than posted the vid of the 5 minute+ brawl. It started coming back to me. Then I consulted the great Googoliath. Ooooh yeah....THAT movie!

Back when I first saw it while I was attending my local Institute of Brave New World Order Indoctrination and Operant Conditioning, I 'couldn't see it' either.

Oh, but I do see it now.

I'm thinking my current view of the world was in part shaped by the images and theme John Carpenter put into the "kickass sci fi horror flick with Rowdy Roddy Piper!" my buddies and I went to go see on a school night at the local cinema. Predictive programming from 1988.

Before recalling this movie thanks to Dalrock's comment, I already had this "sunglasses of truth" view of the world in my mind's eye. 

It's certainly relevant to the perspective I tried to describe in explaining how I view a typical Fast Food Value Meal. Most see it as food. Junk food...but food nonetheless.

All I see is FEED.

Every time I drive thru town and see all the Fast Food outlet signs, I see festering neon distractions, advertising their gross national product: BIG AG SHEEPLE FEED.

Most Popular FEED brands

When I turn my gaze to the line of cars waiting to que up to the menu board of the drive thru to order their feed, I see members of the sheeple herd, hungrily waiting for their turn at the Global Feedlot's trough.

Dalrock is right...this movie is a far better allegory to our current reality than Teh Matrix. Hell, it's not even an allegory, it's exposing the bare truth of our 21st Century existence as serfs and indentured servants to the Fiat Usury Cartel Inc.

One of Googoliath's search results was this political commentary written in 2008, just prior to the election of Obama's first term:

They reveal a world hidden beneath the visible reality. Billboards advertising exotic vacation destinations are exposed as subterfuge for Orwellian slogans: Obey. Conform. Consume. Marry and Reproduce. No Independent Thought. Paper currency bears the slogan, “This is Your God.” But most terrifying of all, members of the upper class, with their coiffed hairstyles and $1,000.00 suits, are revealed to be horrible, bug-eyed aliens. These aliens have infiltrated law enforcement and the highest tiers of government.

So far, so good. These was the hidden messages John Carpenter showed us the mass media programming in the emerging Brave New World Order of the 20th century. The mechanism is still in place, and many of the same messages are still being transmitted, some have been updated for the 21st Century PROGRAMMING.  

Marry and Reproduce has been replaced with Divorce and Abort and Safe Sex.

Put on your glasses, than look around at all the mass media narratives that saturate our environment, on our LCD flat Screen Tell-A-Visions, on our Mobile Affirmation Devices, on billboards, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, flyers, posters, T-shirts and broadcast over the airwaves.

SEX. Think Green. Change.World Peace. SEX. Overpopulation. The Environment. God is Dead. SEX. Democracy. Vote. Diversity. Borrow Money. Spend. Support the Troops. SEX. War on Terror. Equality. Alternative Energy. Don't Smoke. SEX. Recycle. Get Your Flu Shots. See Something, Say Something. Freedom isn't Free. SEX.

If you've put on the sunglasses, you'll see it too. Those are all the messages from both the left and the right of our so-called Two-party Participatory Democracy...which would be better described as Divide and Conquer Theater. 

Too bad the movie reviewer took off the sunglasses when he watched the campaign imagery of Obama on teh Tell-A-Vision...
Despite my wordy punditry, my purpose here is merely to suggest that everyone forget about watching the election eve news coverage. Tuesday, after you vote, go out and rent They Live. If you’re an Obama supporter, you’ll have a great time. If you’re a McCain supporter... Well, it’s still a great movie.


This guy could put on the sunglasses and see the aliens standing beneath the sign of the Pachyderm, but he never bothered to look over at the alien doppleganger under the sign of the Jackass.

The second guy on the comment thread of the Obama voter's review made a prescient quip:

Watch They Live! after four years of Obama and I think you'll have an even greater appreciation of this fine film.

Yup. If McCain would have won, the greater appreciation of the fine film would be just the same. THEY have taken over both political parties, voting for one or the other is just voting for your preferred flavor of enslavement.

THEY have infiltrated, subverted and subjugated We the People, and have turned us into WE teh Sheeple.

THEY have their subliminal messages and symbology infused into nearly every message, icon, sign, commercial, "public service announcement," ad copy, newspaper and magazine covers, bill boards, and TV and radio broadcasts. John Carpenter warned us over 2 decades ago.

"They have created a repressive society, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated."

THEY seek to destroy our homes and our relationships. THEY seek to cause dysfunction amongst Husbands and Wives, Parents and Children, Siblings and Neighbors. THEY want the masses unhappy, discontented and devoid of higher purpose, so that we seek to fill that unhappy emptiness in the false pursuit of materialistic consumerism, so that we sell our selves into slavery to buy what THEY are selling.

THEY appear on our Tell-A-Vision screens for our REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.

"I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum ... and I'm all out of bubble gum".

They Live. Most of us are still asleep...but thanks to teh interwebz, many are starting to wake up.

 "The venom of snakes is under their lips. Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses. And in their paths, nothing but ruin and misery. And the fear of God is not before their eyes! They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders. They have recruited the rich and powerful, and they have blinded us to the truth! And our human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed? Because outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us from birth to death are our owners. Our owners -- they have us. They control us. They are our masters. Wake up. They're all about you, all around you!".

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Technocratic Conditioning by Electronic Leash


Dispatch from the Palm-Zombie Apocalypse

Everywhere I look outside my home I see people busy on their high tech devices, while driving, while walking, while shopping, while in groups of friends, while in restaurants, while waiting in doctor offices and hospitals, while sitting in toilets – everywhere. While connected electronically, they are inattentive to and disconnected in physical reality.

Pavlov conditioned his dogs to respond unconsciously to his stimulus.

Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg et al, have taken Pavlov's experiment with canines, and applied the bell conditioning principle to mass marketed and mass produced, hand-held technological gadgetry, plugging humanity perpetually into teh interwebz.

Devious geniuses, these technocratic slavers.

They are the transumanist Borg that have assimilated WeTheSheeple into the Great Virtual Disconnection.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that half of the study participants reported checking their email once an hour, while some individuals check up to 30 to 40 times an hour. An AOL study revealed that 59 percent of PDA users check every single time an email arrives and 83 percent check email every day on vacation.”

A 2010 survey found that 61 percent of Americans (even higher among young people) say they are addicted to the Internet. Another survey reported that "addicted" was the word most commonly used by people to describe their relationship to technology. One study found that people had a harder time resisting the allure of social media than they did for sex, sleep, cigarettes, and alcohol.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project found that 44 percent of cellphone owners had slept with their phone next to their bed. Worse, 67 percent had experienced “phantom rings,” checking their phone even when it was not ringing or vibrating.

 Take a moment and pause in the mad rush of hectic life as techno-gadget junky debt serfs in our Brave New World Order, and put down the iPad, turn off the iPhone, quit retweeing your tmblr pics and log off DeFacedBook. Take a moment of uninterrupted, electronic free contemplation, and really think about this:

Have you recently experienced "phantom rings?"

In other words, when the bell rings, do you drool?

I see people as trapped in a pathological relationship with time-sucking technology, where they serve technology more than technology serves them. I call this technology servitude. Richard Fernandez, an executive coach at Google acknowledged that “we can be swept away by our technologies.” Welcome to virtual living. To break the grand digital delusion people must consider how lives long ago could be terrific without all the technology regalia pushed today.

What is a healthy use of technology devices? That is the crucial question. Who is really in charge of my life? That is what people need to ask themselves if they are to have any chance of breaking up delusions about their use of technology. When they can live happily without using so much technology for a day or a week, then they can regain control and personal freedom and become the master of technology. Discover what there is to enjoy in life that is free of technology.

I can understand passing the time on your Mobile Affirmation Device, surfing teh interwebz while your doing things like standing in line for half of the day at the DMV or stuck riding on public transport with no companion to converse with...

...but how about in the middle of a concert, a play or movie at the cinema? A wedding...or funeral...during the ceremony or service? Or how about in the midst of a gathering or party of close family and friends? At the extended family, Christmas dinner table?Or mid-sentence in a personal, face-to-face conversation of some important matter?

As to globalization of technology servitude: Is this worldwide progress what is best for humanity? Is downloaded global dehumanization being sucked up?

Technology is supposed to enhance our lives...not take it over.

More importantly, realize we are being infiltrated, recorded, data warehoused, tagged, flagged and surveilled like no other society in human history. The technocratic tyranny is here, and the hand held gadgetry is one of their most effective tools in achieving their colonization of our mind, body and spirit.. Think about whether or not you use technology more than it uses you.

I can honestly say that as much as I fight it and rail against it, I'm an addict like anyone else. I recently attended a funeral, and found myself checking my pocket for the phantom vibrations of my phone in silent mode, despite deliberately leaving it in the car to avoid the potential distractions during a serious and personally grievous occasion. In the midst of mourning, the conditioned response reminds me I've taken off the electronic leash, and am mentally agitated by it. And I don't even have a "smart" phone.

All our base are belong to them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Last Ride

"Everything that starts has an end. For me, today, I told my team that this will be my last ride."

 The NFL Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, announced he plans on retiring at the end of the season today. After telling his teammates, coaches and organization, he held a press conference at the Raven's facilities to talk about his decision and why he made it. Here are some choice excerpts from that conference today...excerpts that will quickly become obvious why I think they make for a great blog posting in this fringe sector of teh interewebz.... you can see the video of the press conference here.

"Everything that starts has an end. It’s just life."

When Lewis suffered a triceps injury against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 14, doctors told him it would be season-ending. That meant perhaps career-ending considering Lewis is 37 years old.

Lewis immediately called Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome.

“I’m not going out like this. I’m not walking out on my boys like that,” he told him.

So Lewis was put on the injured reserve – designated to return list. And from that point on, he underwent intense rehabilitation just to have a chance to step back on the field and play with his teammates again.

Lewis called it the craziest 12 weeks of training in his life.

“Pain was really the last thing that was on my mind,” he said. “I just thought about getting through it.”

But the injury also made Lewis further realize something else.

It crystalized the importance of being a father first.

During his time at home rehabilitating, Lewis got a chance to watch his oldest son, Ray Lewis III, play football during his senior year at Lake Mary Prep in Florida, and his younger son go through his freshman year.

Lewis was there for the entire 11-1 season.

He would fly back from rehabilitation to meet his son every weekend.

For that reason, he called his injury “bittersweet.”

Had he not been injured, Lewis would have missed his son’s season.

“I could never say I would do it any differently because of what I had the opportunity to do, and that’s to see my babies go out,” Lewis said.

 The decision to prioritize family hits home with Lewis, who didn’t have a father throughout his childhood. His father wasn’t there the day Lewis was born, and the linebacker spent much of his youth angry with him and trying to erase him from his life.

“Me being who I am and not having a father myself, that damaged me a lot,” Lewis said. “I didn’t want my kids to relive that.”

"My children have made the ultimate sacrifice for their father for 17 years. I don't want to see them do that no more. I've done what I wanted to do in this business, and now it's my turn to give them something back."

"I knew I couldn't split my time anymore. When God calls, he calls. And he's calling. More importantly, he calls me to be a father. It's OK to be Daddy. Yes, this chapter is closing, but the chapter that's opening is overwhelming. That's what excites me the most."
Lewis made a promise to Ray Lewis III that he would be there for him if he got a full scholarship to play football. Last March, Lewis III accepted a full ride to the University of Miami – just like his father – with his dad sitting in the room when he signed the papers.
Now Lewis intends to keep that promise.