Friday, April 4, 2014


I resisted as long as I possibly could... but the inevitable has come to pass.

I have succumbed to the virus, and i am now another casualty in the global pandemic that has afflicted nearly all of mankind, laying waste to social cohesion and traditional norms of what used to be known of as standards of congeniality in a civilized, "polite society."

I am sitting in my local outlet of corporatist fair trade coffee drinks to connect to teh Interwebz via free wi fi to make the first ever Hawaiian libertarian post via iPhone.

Lulz... now I understand the epidemic of auto correct denunciations and "this damn phone" lamentations found in nearly every comment thread and forum throughout the 'sphere.

I never intended to ever find myself in this particular situation, but then I never counted on a friend offering me one of these hypnotic hand held devices for free, since he recently upgraded to the latest release from the worlds foremost monger of  Mobile Affirmation Devices.

So now I sit here amongst my fellow palm zombies, sipping java and staring intently down at my little glowing touchscreen, ignoring real people to communicate with virtual people logged on and dropped out all over the rest of the planet.

I don't know how this is going to affect my constant battle with  virtual addiction to teh Interwebz, but one thing is for certain... I need to figure out how to turn on Pidgin mode for Siri!