Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quiplinks X: Making America Inc. Great Again


I've been reading a lot of twitter feeds lately. I'm still tempted to sign up...but I know myself. I would get addicted to it and spend far more time on it than I should. So I occasionally do Quiplinks here instead.

Since I recently completed some long overdue maintenance to the blogroll, deleting all the dead links and adding a few new bloggers I discovered while surfing the fever swamps, I was thinking it would be a good time to do another Quiplinks post with all these new sources of wit and wisdom.  So here we go with the tenth edition of my favorite way to link to others, by having fun making my own hashtags that I would use if I did have a twitter account.


The Savage Lifestyle blogger and Return of Kings contributor Jack Ronin, offers his advice on one way we can help MAIncGA:


"There exists today many poisonous concepts that have degraded the western mind. Perhaps one of the most ugly and perfidious is the idea that it is somehow righteous, loving and virtuous to praise weakness in others and embody their cancerous ways of thinking and living. The only healthy response when the weak are praised is to savagely mock them."

Chateau Heartiste
regular commenter and brand new blogger WrongSideofHistory, appears quite adept at wielding  poetic shivs against the architects and change agents of America's decline. He makes a great point regarding diversity and it's effects on a formerly high trust society:


"Diversity founded on the premise of equality is full retard.Wildly unequal outcomes is the out-of-tune acoustic guitar always bringing down the Kumbaya session."

Free Northerner notices something else about Diversity:


"Why is it that diversity is only ever achieved by allowing those who don’t make things, unimportant people, and those aren’t involved in the activity equal say to to key players who actually create things?"


Relampigo Furioso, Return of Kings writer and blogger over at The New Modern Man, points out how fakebook and other social media apps amplify all the worst aspects of our modern era:


"Obviously, a nihilistic, materialistic culture of self-comparison and competitive consumption has been worsened by the need to constantly look good online."

"Bad" Billy Pratt over at Kill to Party notes that the filth and depravity of our current culture is part of a silent war, and it has a source. He notes: "In 2016 there is a silent war being waged for who gets to stand atop the stream as the king of the narrative. If Politics are downstream from culture, culture is downstream from Hollywood."

Ah yes, that bastion of propaganda and glamorization of cultural marxism, has spent the last half century helping to turn the American Dream into our current dystopian nightmare. He breaks down the biggest blockbuster movie of the 80's to make his case:


"Instead of the Hollywood movie being reflective of American culture, or existing as a morality tale to strengthen the existing culture, film makers decided to use their influence to guide the culture toward their own interests. This is the true nature of modern propaganda- it isn’t overt with guns and billboards demanding to OBEY, but rather an enthralling light show doling out hits of excitement and shame."

H/T to Deansdale for introducing me to Kill to Party. He also published a great post about the male suicide rate and how it relates to the feminists favorite boogeyman, the "Patriarchy":


"Strangely enough the patriarchy never shows up to help men in tough situations; their male privilege seems to malfunction right when they would need it the most. On the other hand women seem to be immune to most of the aforementioned problems because society is set up in a way that protects their innate privileges and grant them artificial new ones. "

Speaking of the Patriarchy, while most folks out in these fringes of the fever swamps of teh Interwebz recognize the destruction of Male headship was deliberately done by changing marriage and divorce laws to give women all of the power of Government to control the relationship and end it for cash and prizes at her whim, Artisinal Toad is making the case for Biblically sanctioned polygamy as God's original design to give Man dominion over his household. In making his case, he employs a clever analogy:


"What you really like to do is play fetch with the dog because that’s all about you and having your desires met.  Especially when your friends are around to see how the dog tries to please you.  That makes you feel really good.  But, it was too much of a chore to feed him and the dog is starving and doesn’t have the energy or the motivation to play fetch.  So you complain to all your friends about how horrible your dog is and you don’t understand it at all because the dog has such a wonderful home and such a loving master but he won’t fetch the damn ball when you want him to."

Needless to say, Artisanal Toad's use of the Bible to advocate for polygamy, employing prostitutes or banging a widow as all legitimate, non-sinful pursuits for Christian men, has not earned him any goodwill amongst the majority of the Christian MAndrosphere's commentariat, but I find his interpretations of the Bible make for a convincing case ...although I don't plan on bringing home another wife or visiting any of Honolulu's "Happy Ending" massage parlors any time soon.

That being said, I find AT's perspective and interpretations interesting and I think it jibes with Return of King's luminary Quintus Curtius' recent post.


"Any orthodoxy which demands that we prostrate our intellects unquestioningly before it, and deliberately seeks to suppress, shame, or marginalize competing views, is unworthy of our respect.  It should, on the contrary, be attacked that much more vigorously.  Experience has shown that coercion of opinion is a disastrous road for any society to take."

While the Trump campaign theme is to Make America Great Again, Roosh just wants to


"The problem we have today is that men shield themselves from all difficulty and even the experience of life. We now have 21-year-old male students crying on the shoulders of feminists in designated safe spaces on college campuses because they heard mere opinions they didn’t like. Those safe spaces, whether literal or metaphorical, prevents men from becoming masculine."

Another Return of Kings author, Larsen Halleck, who blogs at The Barbaric Gentlemen, had a recent epiphany regarding Feminists and femininity:


"I’ve realized something: feminists embody age-old stereotypes of females to an incredible, almost embarrassing, degree. Just to clarify: by “age old stereotypes of females”, I certainly don’t mean things like beautiful, graceful, nurturing, caring, loving, domestically skilled, gentle, and ‘down to Earth’, absolutely not. I’m referring to the flipside of that coin, the negative stereotypes of women..."
Dalrock points another aspect of feminism that contributes to those negative stereotypes:


"Perhaps the greatest disappointment for feminists is their failure to make men miserable by getting them to do traditionally female roles.  Feminists didn’t understand that their misery came from their own miserly hearts, not from the act of caring for others."

Black Poison Soul, the man with the crap colored glasses, has his own epiphany regarding women:


"Then you stop. You realize something, about all this shit. Good women? Bad women? Nah.

They're just women.

Being pissed off at them is like being pissed off at water for being wet."

Notes From A Red Pill Girl
relates an anecdote about the end results of a woman who follows the feminist STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN script:


"Committed to no man, but lover of many, they also found the party came to an abrupt end with age, and many of those who once ruled the social scene and were quite sought after, pampered, and spoiled by their admirers often ended up destitute, alone, and abandoned in the end."

Long time reader and commenter of Chateau Heartiste, PA (OG Roissy in D.C.), started his own blog.


"Folks, I didn’t create the world, I just describe it. For pretty lies, you’re free to look at Old Navy ads. For ugly lies, turn on your television."

Will S. over at Patriactionary also brings up an important question that perhaps may be the answer to breaking the stranglehold that BigPharma has over the practice of medicine:


"Living through a time of great social and/or political change can give one the opportunity to examine things generally left unexamined. Such can cause one, at least one given to introspection and reflection to perhaps an abnormal degree, the chance to see familiar things from a new angle, not previously considered."

The Primal Male breaks down the complex, multi-faceted entity seeking total control of humanity, and identifies it as the "System," which he states is just our civilization gone rogue...


"To understand its immense and complex identity, you must first understand that the System is a complete combination of multiple sub-systems that dominate every aspect of human existence. This includes centralized governments, the banking system, multi-national corporations, the media, the military-industrial complex, and so on. All systems, both visible and invisible, are part of its totality. It is beyond a single nation state, and as a global system, has its influence over nearly all the peoples around the world."


Matthew Peak who blogs at Western Woes, has his own thoughts about how the System and corporations have reduced human relationships down to nothing more than economic transactions:


"And thus we have the main issue behind the modern obsession over equality of the sexes. Men and women are measured by their ability to earn money for corporations and governments, under the guise of earning money for themselves."


The Erudite Knight is one of the few folks on my blog roll who is not on the Trump train and suspects the Trumpster is controlled opposition.


"Its going to get bad, and its the two sides played against each other where the man in the castle just watches the proles kill each other, all to ‘make america great again’.


And finally, to close this one out, here's a quip that comes not from a blog, but lyrics from the newest album by a band I had once considered DONE and incapable of making great metal music any longer...glad to find out I was wrong on that score.

"If you don't like where we're going, than you won't like what's coming next..."



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Not For $ale

As I've written previously on several different posts, I've been deliberately limiting my time spent in the virtual world to focus more on the real world. Part of this decision is based on how time consuming it is for myself to compose a new blog post. Up until about two or three years ago, blogging came very easy to me. I saw, read or experienced something that struck my muse, I logged on and let the words flow from my fingertips. But things have definitely changed as I started to impose some rules for myself regarding this blog. These rules constrain the volume of my output, and they make each new post a lot more time consuming and painstaking to produce.

A lot of this time consuming effort is based on trying to avoid redundancy, and when you've been blogging as long as I have, my focus on trying to avoid rehashing old ideas already thoroughly expressed gets more and more difficult to adhere to. I'm aware that this kind of rule for myself puts my writing muse into a box that makes blogging much more difficult than it needs to be. Nevertheless, I don't forsee myself ever fully quitting this hobby compulsion.

Long time commenter and blogger of the MAndrosphere Xsplat (OG Roissy in DC) recently responded to a comment on a recent post of his that clarified this vague idea I've always had about why I don't forsee myself ever quitting this increasingly time consuming hobby:

Some writers feel compelled to write. I’ve known such personalities to occasionally declare that they are retiring from writing. When I hear that I call bullshit, because I can tell by their writing that writing is a compulsion for them also. I’ve been correct so far.

Writing is integral to my very being. It is how I think. As I’m walking around in the day, things that I see and do are held within the lens a discussion and potential blog post.

This is precisely how I think all the time now. In nearly everything I do, my mind is constantly seeing my experiences of life as blog fodder. I'm always thinking of how I would express or relate what I'm living in the moment as a theoretical blog post. This is both good and bad, I think.

Xsplat describes the good part here:

Without writing my thoughts would never get organized. Writing and clear thinking to me are inseparable. Can’t have one without the other.

And this is the key to why I write: clear thinking in and of itself is enjoyable to me. I get pleasure from organizing thoughts, and having creative insights. And that can’t be done in isolation; a guy needs dialogue to do that.

Exactly. While I am a rather voracious reader and have devoured books by the truckload that have played a definite role in my thinking process and present lifestyle, it is the writing and interacting with everyone else on teh Interwebz that has truly inspired the shape of my life and the way I live it today.

If I have a lot of insights, it’s because having insights is pleasurable to me. I do that as a habit because that’s what feeds my brain pleasure.

A lot of people simply are not built that way. They find thinking taxing, or boring, or I don’t know what. It’s not a source of pleasure. And when they do think, being logical and consistent is not a priority to them. Thinking for them might be more useful to rhetorically win an argument, even if it means resorting to slanderous lies, rather than being used to creatively puzzle together as much truth and knowledge as possible, for it’s own sake.

That is all this blogging thing has ever really been about for myself. Seeking truth in a world of lies. It was also this realization that Xsplat refers to as most people participate in blogging comboxes to rhetorically win an argument rather than an intellectually honest and relentless search for the Truth. This - in addition to the time required - is primarily why I no longer comment much at other blogs.

This difference in attitude to thinking has at times been a source of social isolation. I’d be all into talking about philosophy and the meanings of life, and I couldn’t find anyone else who gave a shit. I believe that my mental process itself is built to require me to write. It’s not something I put any effort into wanting to do. I’d never consider not doing it.

In this regard, I see Xsplat and a few other bloggers and commenters on teh Interwebz as kindred souls that feel the compulsion to write to clarify their own thought process and make sense of the complex and often times confusing world we all inhabit.

This is my primary motivation, which is why even though my blogging has been very infrequent as of late, I don't think I'll ever really walk away. But just looking at the turnover in the general blogosphere (not just in the MAndrosphere or the Dark Enlightenment, or NeoRX or the Paleo/Ancestral diet or any other niche blogosphere), makes me realize that most folks who participate in the great dialogue on teh Interwebz have many other differing motivations to participate, with the compulsion to write not being one of them. (This is certainly not a value judgement of anyone, just an observation that participants have varying motives.)

Another MAndrosphere OG who undoubtely also shares this compulsion to write, *** ****** who blogs over at Lust in the Age of Byrony, has noticed the same:

I look at my blog roll on my blog. So many blogs have come and gone. So much for MRA and so much for all of the blogosphere. Despite one blog title shift, my blog's been here throughout. Since the beginning, before MRA was a thing. Really, not long after PUA was a thing.

Above or beyond or whatever all that, this is here to document the heretical, the mania, the raw truth.....to be some tiny drop of truth in an ocean of lies out there. The truths we can't speak in the light of day, the truths we can only speak in anonymity.

I recently spent a few hours cleaning up my own blogroll by removing all of the links to now defunct and deleted blogs. I got rid of thirty-plus dead links that no longer link to any content whatsoever. Blogs come and blogs go. This is the nature of the beast, and not everyone is here to write because they feel the compulsion some of us have, this compulsion that Xsplat describes so well. But one thing I noted is that there are only two kinds of blogs that seem to last for longer than two or three years - those that have an obvious compulsion to write, and those that have monetized their blogging efforts and have developed a regular income stream while doing this "hobby" in the virtual world.

Even more rare, are the types who have achieved a synergy from combining both motivations into a blogging/book-selling juggernaut - folks like Vox Day, Roosh and Mike Cernovich are good examples of this. 

The rest of the lower-tiered blogs (in terms of popularity/notoriety, not quality of prose!) usually find what they need at the point in their life where participation in the blogosphere seemed to help them achieve a certain level of awareness and enlightenment, then they pull the plug and either delete or abandon and leave it posted for as long as their domain name and/or server space fees are paid up. This is also one of the biggest reasons why I've never left blogspot, despite my great distaste for Google and it's SJW tendencies. They offer the best price for domain name registration and server fees. You just can't beat $FREE.99 when you're engaging in a non-revenue generating hobby like this.

That being said, I'd be liar if I didn't admit that I have been tempted several times in the past by opportunities to monetize this blog. Back in the heyday of the MAndrosphere's underground "bubble" of rising popularity ( the era of 2010 - 2013, in which a groundswell of attention was garnered prior to gaining widespread  mainstream media attention,) when it seemed like new blogs where getting started and garnering immediate popularity in our corner of teh Interwebz, I received numerous offers to monetize this blog in various ways.

But my biggest reason for always rejecting these opportunities, is because of the anonymity *** ****** talks about. There is a freedom that comes with anonymity combined with uncompensated writing, and I've always been cognizant that doing this thing for the dollar would intrinsically change how and what I write about. For myself, it would mess with the purity of this exercise in practicing this compulsion hobby.

That all being said, I am also a guy who has always reserved the right to change my mind when I am presented with new, compelling information that runs contrary to my prior convictions. Perhaps someday, I'll have to have a $how of appreciation for all my regular readers of this blog, and offer a sign up drive for a subscription email newsletter for the amazing low price of $6.66 a month.

It will include a free "Game is the Red Pill" T-shirt and my booklet of officially certified Paleo Baby food recipes. Perhaps if you also hit up my tip jar, I'll send you my free Paleo Radiation Therapy guide at no extra cost (not including $9.99 shipping and handling fees). And for the most loyal subscribers and customers, I will also have a limited time offer for officially authenticated "Keoni Galt" autographed disposable air respirator kits for those of you living in Project Indigo Skyfold zones. But wait, there's more!

Act now, and I'll also throw in your choice of a "RESIST THE BRAVE NEW WORLD ORDER" hat, or exclusively for my female readers, a "I SURVIVED THE FEVER SWAMPS ON TEH INTERWEBZ" stitch-emblazoned on the rear of heavy duty, form fitting yoga pants, a $29.99 value....all these extra value-added products can be yours for FREE if you sign up today!

100% Usury Financing Available!

Don't worry folks, sometimes my sense of whacky humor gets the best of me and I try to get too clever by half....

I'll stick with my day job.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Counter-Intelligence Ops in the MindWar

We are in the midst of a multi-generational MindWar, and for most of us, our patterns of thoughts and behaviors are already conquered and occupied territory. So what exactly is this "MindWar?"

From MindWar: How Military PsyOps Plan to Control your Mind:

Sometime in late 1980, then-Col. Paul E. Vallely, the Commander of the 7th Psychological Operations Group, United States Army Reserve, Presidio of San Francisco, Ca., co-authored a discussion paper, which received wide and controversial attention within the U.S. military, particularly within the Special Operations community. The paper was titled "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory," and it presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people.

Perpetual psychological warfare even against the American people? I would say especially against the American people. And noting the identity of one of the co-authors of this MindWar protocol is rather illuminating:

The "MindWar" paper was disturbing, for reasons beyond its fascistic and occultist content. For one thing, Colonel Vallely's co-author was a PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader named Maj. Michael A. Aquino. Five years before the circulation of the MindWar paper, Special Forces Reserve officer Aquino had founded the Temple of Set, a Satanic organization which was the successor to Anton Szandor LeVay's Church of Satan. Aquino would soon be grabbing headlines, which persisted throughout the 1980s, as a leading suspect in a nationwide Satanic pedophile ring, that particularly targeted daycare centers on such military bases as Fort Bragg and the Presidio.

Furthermore, Vallely and Aquino's MindWar scheme is remarkably similar to the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program launched by the Donald Rumsfeld Pentagon, under the direction of Irangate figure Adm. John Poindexter. Ostensibly, the Total Information Awareness global propaganda and mega-data-mining plan was scrapped after a series of negative news stories, but Pentagon sources have reported that the program was merely "taken into a black box."

This article was written back in 2007, when the Total Information Awareness program was supposedly scrapped. That was then, this is now.

MindWar must be strategic in emphasis, with tactical applications playing a reinforcing, supplementary role. In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies, and neutrals alike across the globe—neither through primitive 'battlefield' leaflets and loudspeakers of PSYOP nor through the weak, imprecise, and narrow effort of psychotronics—but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth. These media are, of course the electronic media—television and radio.
State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.

Our minds, bodies, spirits and our very souls are under a constant barrage of strategic and tactical assaults by this new age weaponry of psychotronics that THEY are employing against us all. It is one of my self-assigned missions in life (and with this blog) to try and wake others up to this so that they can see the reality of the situation. We are in the midst of this MindWar, a war that most don't even realize is being -- and has been -- waged on us all for quite some time. I'm sick and tired of seeing all the people I know and love being poisoned physically, mentally and spiritually by those who wield these evil weapons of disinformation and deceit.

The following post is but one example of my own personal attempts at counterattacking this perpetual psychological warfare and it's devious weapons of deceit and corruption. The MindWar is being waged on us all, and it's up to each and every one of us who recognize that we really are under siege from a deliberate and purposeful enemy, to refuse and resist wherever and whenever possible.


I've known her since she was a little girl. My wife and I used to occasionally babysit her and her older sister when she was a toddler. I am an old friend of her family and I've watched her grow into a beautiful young woman who turned into a bride and now a young mother. Now she occasionally watches mine since she's a stay at home mother.

She now has her own toddler, and she's become quite the homemaker. I admire what she has become, for there was a time in her mid-teen years, that I thought she was going off the track and headed towards the usual Brave New World Order Jezebel script of sterile consumerist-credentialism chasing and bad-boy carousel riding.

Then she met her husband, who was a man with a plan, an entrepreneur, a hard worker and a natural born leader. She followed him, and supports him as a wife and stay-at-home mother, and she is now in my opinion, in a much better place, as she supports him in working towards his vision of self-employed freedom from the rat race of our modern Babylon system. He and I agree on much about our modern world. While I am not explicitly "red pill" in my conversations with him, we agree on much of the topics I write about regularly, here on this blog.

On occasion, I have reasons to drop by her place and will inevitably have some in-depth conversations with her. I am like an Uncle to her, and she trusts me totally, and she often asks me for advice. When it comes to her marriage and her husband, I long ago set boundaries on those conversations. I will not listen to complaints or criticism's of him, that is not my kuleana. At this point, she already knows how I will react to such gossip and she generally refrains from it when I am around. That being said, there have been a few occasions where she laments her lot in life as a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

I said she is a good woman, not perfect. She is just as susceptible to the whispers of discontent that our culture promulgates, like almost all other woman are in our present dystopian age. As I have some understanding about the female id, thanks to years of studying this thing we call "the red pill," I know she is simply being tempted by the curse of Eve and can't help but feel like she's missing out on what our regularly scheduled programming tells her she's giving up, by being a stay-at-home mom and dedicated wife to her husband. It is during conversations like these that I try my hand at "slipping the red pill into her drink," and I get to expound on the topic of opportunity costs for career moms.

I play the devil's advocate against this devilish society and it's cursed whispers of temptations for women to fall prey to envy, greed, ingratitude and manufactured discontent in the pursuit of HAVING IT ALL. I point out all of the benefits of her life are creating things for which money cannot buy. Despite all of our current society's zeitgeist being arrayed against her and her husband's current arrangement, the benefits of persevering against the conventional wisdom that is inspiring her occasional bouts of discontent, will pay off in the end. There are far more important things she is building up and creating, rather than being just another human resource for the corporate borg and an All-American debt serf.

When she complains about having to cook and clean all the time, I point out how healthy she and her family are. How most other children of her peerage are ill behaved, overweight and/or sickly, while her well-fed family is thriving. I tell her their is no way around it. Somebody has got to cook, and since her husband is the breadwinner, nourishing him and feeding him before he heads out to face the world and earn the means of their sustenance is an irreplaceable part of the effort for her family to succeed.

I often remind her of how cooking for family is one of the strongest bonds parents and grand parents create with their relations. As I've sat at the dinner table of her grandparents when she was young and shared the meals her Grandmother used to cook from scratch, I can bring up her favorite meals she used to enjoy and how they give her fond memories of her Grandmother who passed away years ago. When I point out to her that all of her efforts at daily cooking is now giving her own child the same fond memories and experiences she had, she can't help but smile and I can see the manufactured discontent that is the plague of our modern zeitgeist drain from her eyes.

When she is upset that she never has "time for herself" I tell her to look at her growing child and enjoy what she has, for all the other young mother's that work a 9-5, don't have time for themselves either. Their time is their bosses, their jobs and their corporate companies who dictate their life's hectic schedules. These working mom's miss out on their children's first steps, and all the other "firsts" that are part and parcel to the joys of watching them as they grow. Money can't buy the vicarious experiences of seeing the world through fresh, virgin eyes of your children's experiences. It is some of the best parts of parenthood, and she's there for every moment of it...while her friends are off at work and their children are stuck in daycare. When I say to her, "Why would you want to be anywhere else?" she concedes the point and brightens up a bit.

She often feels like she's losing out on a chance for education to "become somebody," I point out to her that most women her age, take on massive loans to attend college to attain credentials (a piece of paper!) that they will then have to pay for, for the rest of their working lives.

I point out that their children are being raised by minimum wage workers and they never really bond with their parents (at least not like how her own child is very close to her) because they spend most of their waking lives with people who are not family. Those women who dedicate themselves to education and career end up with disaffected and distant children, and result in families who are not close-knit and do the bare minimum to stay in touch once they reach adulthood and go out on their own.

I use a plethora of examples of people we know in common, who follow the typical Brave New World Order life scripts and now have broken homes, enstranged children and dysfunctional relationships. The glamor of credential-certified achievement and consumerist-driven careerism and all of the material amenities and technological luxuries and distractions that are a part of our present existence, are all false promises of illusory happiness. In the end, none of it matters if the pursuit of such things come at the cost of that which should be most precious to us - our families and close relationships with others.

My reminders to appreciate what she has and what she experiences different from all the other education and credential and career-driven peers her age, seems to lift her spirits and help her renew her appreciation for all that she does have. I point out that for the most part, what she feels like she's missing out on, are nothing more than deliberate delusions created by our societies ubiquitous propaganda to serve the benefits of others and not herself or her family.

She's smart enough to recognize the truth of my observations and commentary, and I literally got to see the pay off in real time recently, when I heard her in conversations with others in which she echoed my words, sentiments and observations.

I was in earshot of her and a group of her peers at a holiday event, and watched as her friends bragged about their careers and material acquisitions that their paychecks finance. When it was her turn to share her own perspective, it was with satisfaction and a bit of pride when I heard her relate many of the things I myself have pointed out to her in our past conversations, when she struggled with her momentary discontents. It is times like those for which I am eternally gratefully for all this time I've spent here on teh Interwebz. Not only has it made a difference in my own life, but also in the lives of those I care about.

This is but one example of how I seek to utilize the knowledge I gained in all these years out here on the fringes of the fever swamps. To not just survive, but thrive amongst the idiocracy of the sheeple herds created by our current dystopian era. To do so, one has to learn to recognize the lies and deceit designed to skew our lives and make us subconsciously follow the sheeple herding script of our mass media and institutionalized educational system.

Having the chance to take this knowledge and have a chance to pay it forward to benefit those people for whom I care about, and help to forge those symbiotic relationships that create true community, is how I get my profit from all this time spent online for the better part of the past decade.

The only way to gain ground and fight for victory in this 21st century MindWar, is by waging guerrilla operations of subversion and fight the manufactured narrative of our Brave New World Order, one mind at a time. Every chance I get to subvert the popular narrative and deliberately instilled discontent amongst the people I care about, is a chance to engage the enemy and wage this war of resistance. I shall never surrender.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

D3 > The Big C

Who Says There's No Cure?

She was the only black pup from my last litter born eight years ago. She's a veteran of the hunt and survived many encounters with the whirling ivories of Hawaiian wild boar. A couple of months ago, she began to noticeably slow down and tire out easily on the trail. Then, about a month and a half ago, the small bump appeared on her back, atop her spine, near her rear hips.

Within four days, it went from the size of a gumball to the size of a softball. She could no longer walk beyond a slow, painful gait and she whined constantly throughout the day as she tried to continuously scratch at the lump that was just out of her paw's reach.

I was contemplating taking her for one last walk out in the woods to put her out of her misery with a quick and near-painless pull of the trigger. I certainly was not going to take her to the Veterinarian and have her undergo surgery and chemo therapy (as some other dog owners I know have done...all to no avail. Their dog's died in agony, and quite expensively to boot.)

Before taking the permanent solution to her seemingly hopeless situation, I decided to throw a Hail Mary. After all, I've read extensively on the issues of Vitamin D in the past and how it's deficiency is related to the rise in cancers of all sorts amongst humanity in our Brave New World Order. If The Big C is correlated or causated by vitamin D deficiency amongst man, perhaps man's best friend would be in the same boat?

Granted, one of the issues of this pandemic of Vitamin D3 deficiency is largely due to the state of irrational solarphobia promoted by we the sheeple's media and healthcare management systems incessant demands that we slather on the sunscreen, avoid the mid-day sun and eat FEED that is deficient in the keystone Vitamin.

Out here at the frontlines in the War on The Big C

None of these are issues for her. She gets her mid-day sun bathing on a daily basis, and I feed my hunting dogs very well. Then again, perhaps her black coat is similar to humans of darker complexions who require far more sun exposure than light-skinned folks to get adequate vitamin D3?

Regardless of complexion, all need the D.

Despite having daily sun exposure, it was obvious she was afflicted with a metastasizing tumor that was going to kill her shortly. So I decided what the hell, it can't hurt to try. Merciful euthanasia was still an option if it failed to work. I began giving her two 5,000 i.u. liquid D3 gel caps a day before her feeding.

Within in four days, the lump had shrunk to half it's size.

One month later, it is completely gone, and she's back up to full speed and ready for the next time I go hunting. Despite all of the reading and research, and my own daily regiment of taking Vitamin D3 and sun bathing as much as my schedule and weather permits, I am still amazed at the turnaround.

This is just one anecdote from out here on the fringes of the fever swamps on teh Interwebz. You can find all the science you like to measure the verisimilitude of my story at places like the Vitamin D Council. Sure there must be some differences between canines and human beings, but as far as I'm concerned, all my confirmation biases have been affirmed. I'm a staunch believer in the primacy of vitamin D and both human and canine health. As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to wage my personal war on The Big C by loading up on the D3.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!