Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Requiem For A Shoe Salesman

One of the originals of the MAndrosphere has gone on to The Great Gig in the Sky.

My favorite Canuck from Canuckistan has announced the passing away of his blogging career with a final post that contains a cornucopia of links to some of his best works throughout the past 9 years. I've read all of those articles, several times each.

Rob was THE MAN of the manosphere, long before anyone called it such a thing.

He was the guy that first inspired me to begin blogging here.

He gave me my first shout out and has been one of the most influential bloggers to ever wield the keyboard against the feminazi hordes, and has certainly cast his shadow across the growing expanses of these fringes of teh Interwebz.

Don't miss his last words at No Ma'am.

Rest in Peace, Rob Fedders. You will most certainly be missed.

But please sir, as your departed blogger-soul wanders off into the ethereal wasteland of teh interwebz afterlife....I implore you to please remember THIS passionate exhortation you once wrote:

Of course, not all people will want to keep blogging forever. If you no longer feel the motivation, that's fine. It is a thankless job and the pay sucks. But please, oh please, don't delete your blog! Not only does it remove from the internet a significant body of work that others might find and read, whether old or not, but it also removes all of those links in the articles, in the comments, and on the sidebar, which support those of us who still are blogging.

Most guys who quit blogging have not lost the faith in the message, they simply are fed-up with blogging. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW) and moving on - in fact, it is one of the natural conclusions of MGTOW. But please, if you've found a path to enlightenment through MGTOW and the manosphere which resulted in you starting up a blog, leave your work up so that others may find it, and so that the links in your blog may direct others towards those who are still actively blogging about it.    

 A hui hou, Rob.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Red Pill Bookshelf

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Seems like over half the Manosphere is made up of men who think that discovering Game and using it to understand how women think, what they are attracted to, and how to get laid is the sum totality of what the "RED PILL" represents.

Contrary to one of my earlier posts stated belief, that Game is the Red Pill, I've come to the conclusion that Game is only one aspect of the search for the truth. The "MATRIX" is in fact an entire system created to enslave us all while making us believe that we are "free." The Matrix IS our Brave New World Order.

The raison d'être of the Matrix, is in fact total population control. Not just how many people mate and reproduce, but how we think, act and behave as one part of the collective entity called humanity.

Unplugging from the Matrix requires far more than simply deprogramming the socially engineered programs to indoctrinate we the sheeple in dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors regarding sex, gender and procreation. Other areas of deprogramming cover banking, money (debt), diet, exercise, the system of education and understanding the true structure of "society."

Gaining an understanding of the big picture of our Brave New World Order has never been easier than the current epoch of the free flow of information now made available via teh Interwebz. Better yet, just about every resource you need to grasp this big picture is available for free by downloading and reading these 10 books:

1984 - by George Orwell

Brave New World
- by Aldous Huxley

Rules For Radicals (pdf)
- by Saul Alinsky

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
- by Charlotte Iserbyt

The Underground History of American Education
- by John Taylor Gatto

The Garbage Generation
- by Dr. Daniel Amneus

The Case for Father Custody (pdf)
- By Dr. Daniel Amneus

Nutrition and  Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects
- by Dr. Weston A. Price

The Creature From Jekyll Island (pdf)
- by G. Edward Griffin

The Protocols of the Banksters of Rothschild
- by Lucifer's Sycophants

Of all the books listed, this last is the most controversial. It's been called a forgery, a fraud, a blood libel and nothing more than a screed of anti-semitism propagated by racists and hatemongers. Due to it's extremely controversial and inflammatory nature, it is also the only book I'm going to have to write a disclaimer and explanation for on this post. I am not an Anti-Semite (I hate all races equally...misanthropy FTW!).

I anticipate sometime in the near future that anyone linking to, quoting or downloading the Protocols may be itself considered a thought crime or an exercise in criminalized hate speech, so I say read it now while you still can. You don't have to accept it, endorse it or advocate for it to simply read it.

I suggest one should simply read the text in it's entirety with an open and impartial eye to understand what it is describing and advocating, and you will quickly realize that the Protocols are really just a blueprint for how the elite 1%'s have been dividing and conquering we the sheeple for generations now. Trying to lay the blame for this on an entire class of people - aka teh Joooooos! - is a complete red herring. As I wrote about over a year ago in the comment threads for my post, The Tyranny of Usury:

I do not cite the PEOZ to "prove" the "Jews" are responsible or liable or guilty of anything.

Seriously, some of my best friends are Jews. LOL

However, Jews like the Rothschilds have certainly used the perception of Jews as the most unjustly persecuted people in world history as a cover.

And if you actually read the POEZ, you quickly understand that it's really not about promoting anti-semitism, but rather understanding the mindset of the ruling elite.

Substitute the word "Gyoim" with "Sheeple" and you see precisely how we, the Proletariat of the Brave New World Order are just "cattle" to the elite powerbrokers and oppressors of all humanity.

The race/ethnicity of the authors of the Protocols is immaterial. Your neighborhood Jewish person is most assuredly not "in on the Conspiracy." Most Jewish folks are just as much victims, dupes and/or useful idiots of the Protocols designs for Global Government as any other class or race of we the sheeple in our Brave New World Order. Remember: We are ALL Zionists now!

There's a reason why I listed The Creature From Jekyll Island second to last on this list, just prior to the Protocols.If anyone wants to really look at who's behind the implementation of the Protocols, simply look at the names of those involved in The Creature From Jekyll Island. You want to point the finger at those responsible, you'll find no better target to apportion the blame on then those men who conspired to enslave the world with their debt-based Central Banking plans.

Protocol 20:

What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is - an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty - treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts with wealthy foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these coppers for its own needs without the additional interest.

Now were these preceding paragraphs really sourced from a forgery? Does it matter? They sure seem to accurately account for the current state of all Western Nation's that have Central Banks in charge of their monetary policies. For this reason alone, a serious, contemplative reading of the Protocols is necessary to understanding the reality of the world we all live in.

I've read most of these books I've listed at least twice, and some of them several times over. Taken in sum total consideration, it becomes apparent that this system we call "society," was deliberately designed to make us go mad:

The social engineers that have shaped our society and our culture have a full, working knowledge of our human natures, our desires, our biological imperatives, and our instinctive proclivities...and they have deliberately and deviously gone about subverting, distorting and contorting those needs, wants and desires to create a script for which we unknowingly and unwittingly follow...immersing ourselves into lives of artificial constructs that deliberately go against our natural state of equilibrium.

If you ever feel like you're going crazy in a world gone mad, that is precisely your cognitive dissonance of your natural instincts clashing with the unnatural script you are trying to follow to achieve "success" and "happiness." This purposely instilled discombobulation was designed to leave you confused, tired, overworked, and in ill health, unable to contemplate their devious machinations to subtly and covertly control your life.

To put it in even simpler terms - to render you easily manipulated, our Brave New World Order's social engineers have deliberately scrambled our understanding of gender relationship roles, familial roles, dietary nutrition and health, understanding of finance and economics, and a proper understanding of education.

These 10 books I listed come together to present us all with a clear picture of our current reality. Our countries are in decline, the economy is tanking, and the foundation of civilization - the nuclear family - is being torn apart.

In addition to these 10 free e-books I've linked here, another good source of red pill knowledge would be the compiled list of required reading by the manosphere's most infamous commenter THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN.

All men should begin immediately by reading the following books which the central bankers and their fellow churchians hate, fear, and detest:

1. Homer’s Iliad
2. Homer’s Odyssey
3. Exodus & Ecclesiastes & The Psalms
4. Virgil’s Aeneid
5. Socrates’ Apology
6. The Book of Matthew & Jefferson’s Bible
7. Plato’s Repulic
8. Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic
9. Aristotle’s Poetics
10. Dante’s Inferno
11. The Declaration of Independence
12. The Constitution
13. John Milton’s Paradise Lost
14. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
15. Newton’s Principia
16. Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Theory of Moral Sentiments
17. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden
18. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (& all of his work)
19. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
20. Ludwig von Mises’ A Theory of Money and Credit
21. F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom
22. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick
23. Einstein’s The Meaning of Relativity
24. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth
25. Ron Paul’s Revolution & End the Fed

The list of free e-books I provide here are important in understanding how and why we are, where we are today. GBFM's list represents the canon of Western literature, and is important in understanding, rediscovering and preserving the ideals that has been lost, subverted and obscured by all the social engineering through public education and mass media indoctrination we've all been subjected to.

I've read most of GBFM's list, but there are a few I've yet to get to (4, 6, 8 15 & 24). Anybody have any further suggestions to add to either list?

Let's all get on with our red pill readings!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's Wrong With Equal Custody?

What's wrong with equal child custody in the case of divorce? I've answered this question before:

Fighting for 50/50 custody default is NOT a desirable result to fight for. If this is what a Men's Rights Movement decides to fight for, good luck with that gentlemen. You are merely fighting for the right to dictate the terms of your enslavement.

What does a 50/50 default custody truly represent? A three-way parenting model. The Ex-Husband, the Ex-Wife and THE STATE being the final arbiter and decision maker in child raising decisions.

In other words, we'll call it 50/50 default custody, but what it will be in practice is 25/25/50 custody. 25% for Mom, 25% for Dad, and 50% THE STATE.

Recently, Bill Price asked the same question, but this time from a slightly different angle: What’s wrong with men having equal custody so they can avoid child support?

I said that people will often accuse men of wanting custody so they don’t have to pay child support, but instead of saying “that’s not true,” I said “so what if it is?”

Most fathers really do love their children, so it’s an unfair accusation and a low blow in most cases, but not wanting to pay child support is indeed a motivating factor in custody battles. Likewise, receiving child support motivates women quite a bit, and has been found to contribute directly to likelihood of divorce. Money matters.

But think about this: if taking care of one’s child and being an involved father is a good thing, then isn’t it good that men would rather take care of their kids than cut a check every month? Is there anything wrong with them preferring parenting over being an ATM?

I absolutely agree with this re-frame of the mainstream narrative of our mass media driven society. The standard trope is that Men who want to avoid paying child support are deadbeats and one of the lowest forms of sub-human in our Brave New World Order.

Bill makes a very good point that is always ignored whenever that meme is repeated.

"Only if the mother has a problem with it, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with the current system of mother custody combined with state enforced child support. If anyone cares to know why fatherlessness became endemic in the black population, and now the Hispanic and white working class, it’s just this refusal to allow men to act on this incentive to raise their kids. If the state were truly interested in reducing fatherlessness, fathers would be allowed to avoid child support by taking care of their kids half the time. If parents don’t want their kids, then fine — have them pay CS. Otherwise, let them do their part and raise their own kids."
Ah, within the preceding quote lies the answer to Mr. Price rhetorical question: "If the state were truly interested in reducing fatherlessness."

I would venture to say that not only is the state truly not interested in reducing Fatherlessness, it is in fact interested in increasing it.

I expound on this further in my latest post at The Spearhead, Here's What's Wrong With Equal Custody.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fast Food and Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Have you been tuning in to your tell-a-vision for your regularly scheduled programming?

Tell-A-Vision and public schools are, bar none, the Socialist rapists of America and her people. They are, in fact, one and the same entity. Tell-A-Vision is the adult and youth re-engineer, and the public schools are the youth and now toddler re-engineers - teaching us exactly how to be anything and everything but free people.

The Palm Zombie Apocalypse is just another manifestation of the real plague spreading throughout the land - Screen Addiction:

Today’s American has fallen victim to reality manipulation through all forms of screen entertainments – from tell-a-vision to computer game addictions. The “science” of visual manipulation is hard core science, and why American people are, in fact, addicted to “screens.” Between the flashing lights, colors, and sound combinations, American people are now literally addicted to computer and tell-a-vision devices. Silence in homes has become virtually impossible to bear, and both children and adults find themselves “virtual slaves” to the electronics in their possession. This addiction was not by accident. This was “science” created to pacify and capture the attention of entire nations so that a new breed of government and governors could take control unnoticed. It worked, and “it” is called mind control.

Modern mind control-based programming is largely based on getting subjects to ignore logic and default to conditioned responses. It works in perfect symmetry with the mass indoctrination of the public schooling system as well.

While the examples of this are legion, for this post, I'm going to focus on one particular aspect of it - Sheeple Feed Programming - aka the Federal Government-Subsidized School Lunch PROGRAM.

It's been over 20 years since I bought and consumed a lunch from the cafeteria from my local BNWO indoctrination facility public school. Over two decades of time have done little to dim the memories of the horrors of the tastes, smells and textures of the mass produced feed they used to serve us. While googling up images of present day school lunches to use for this post, I see that nothing substantial has changed since then.

"Cheeseburger and Fries"

Save the Rice Krispy treat dessert, this looks exactly like the sort of meal that got served on a frequent basis at my schools. Except, of course, this food was a "healthier" alternative to the typical fast food meal - the fries are pre-cooked and re-warmed in the cafeteria ovens to make baked fries, instead of deep fried and had almost no salt on them. The milk was "2% low Fat" and the cheeseburger was a re-warmed patty of dubious content (most assuredly a blend of beef and textured vegetable protein), and the cheese was always a slab of generic American cheese that was always cold and never melted.

Here was another common school lunch served up by the State of Hawaii's Department of Education:

"Chicken Nuggets"

Baked Chicken Nuggets with Baked Tater Tots. The fruit was typically canned fruit in lightly sweetened syrup rather than an actual fresh apple, but otherwise, yeah, this looks like the same fare I was served over two decades ago.

Then we have the stuff that resembled a large, 1 inch thick hunk of bread that had the texture of a kitchen cleaning sponge, topped with a thin layer of melted cheese and watery, bland tomato sauce. This is what they called "Pizza." Years before I tried a "low-carb" diet, I used to go "Atkins" with this particular meal, and eat only the cheese and tomato sauce topping, than throw the hunk of sponge-bread like a frisbee at my friends during recess.

Looks like sponge-bread pizza is still a school lunch staple.

Well....we never had chocolate milk back in my day. But the canned corn and canned fruit cocktail was common side dishes.

Then we had the school lunch "tacos," which was one of my favorite meals they used to feed us.

The shells where always soft, even though they were supposed to be "crunchy," the lettuce was always brown and wilted, it came with two or three pieces of diced tomato, and the cheese was the same "American" cheese they used for the cheeseburgers, just sliced into smaller pieces. Our lunches came with two tacos and two packets of "hot sauce." It was never enough to truly satisfy the hunger of a growing boy. On taco day, I would typically order a "double lunch" that came on a larger, silver tray that held four of these "tacos" instead of the standard two.

I remember well how we kids used to always talk about how crappy our school lunches was the longest running joke amongst all  us kids, from Kindergarten all the way to High School graduation. We KNEW they were feeding us crap, but for most of us, we had no choice. It was either eat the State subsidized slop, or starve.

But it was only much later as an adult, when I became truly aware of the difference between real food and corporate, mass-produced, Big Ag Feed that is ubiquitous in our Brave New World Order, that I finally connected the dots between the slop they used to serve us in our school cafeteria's and what the intentions of serving such substandard fare are really for.

Under the guise of serving "healthy" meals, what they were really doing was getting us kids used to eating sub-standard tasting crap in comparison to their fast food counterparts served in the fast food and restaurant chains that now do business in nearly every community, town, shopping mall, suburb and city, from sea to shining sea.

Baked fries and tater tots were cold in the center, had no salt, were often rubbery, and would often get stuck in the back of your throat as you tried to choke 'em down. From a flavor and texture stand point, every kid forced to eat such crap ends up thinking the deep-fried-in-rancid-vegetable-oil and heavily salted feed their parents would occasionally buy from McD's, Jack-in-the-Crack, Booger King, Taco Hell et al, tasted like gourmet manna from heaven.

After years of cold, unsalted "baked fries" at school, this fast fried garbage tastes positively gourmet.

Same goes for the baked chicken nuggets, and the baked "fried" chicken.

Public school lunches were nothing more then FEED-training to ensure a regular, steady supply of enthusiastic fast food consumers.

Without even checking, I'll say with near certainty that all the food supplied to the nation's public school cafeteria's are all sourced from the same Big Agricultural corporations taking federal subsidies to supply the schools with meat, vegetables, grains and fruits from their feedlots and mono-crop fields...the same sources used to make the same products for the fast food and convenience food industries. Instead of deep frying and using salt and spices, just "bake" and don't add salt to the school lunch counterparts. Given the choice between this bland, tasteless crap or starvation, most of us choked it down - if we didn't use it as ammunition for a food fight.  Now those were the REAL quality memories of lunch in school! But I digress....

In hindsight, it seems quite obvious to me now -- take public school kids, and feed them this tasteless crap. Then they go home and turn on their electronic babysitter and watch commercial after commercial of fast food advertisements that depict value meals that look a million times more appetizing and tasteful then the last meal they ate at school, and the programming gets reinforced. Then the kids  graduate from school, enter the "real world" and become independent consumers who make their own choices on their daily meals, and they start to feed themselves with "REAL" fast food!

Hell, that's what I did with my first summer job as a teen. I used to spend over half my paycheck from my first part time job on fast food. I distinctly remember that summer ending, and having to return to school and school lunches, how disgruntled I was to have to go back to school lunches instead of the McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Arby's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut meals I ate on a daily basis that summer.

Public schools are the training grounds in preparing we the sheeple for life in our corporate-consumer society. The tell-a-vision is the endless reinforcement tool in keeping us firmly ensconced in this mindset so that we continue to CONSUME what THEY are selling us. 

In hindsight, I now realize I learned quite a lot of behaviors from my time in my public schooling system, and my attitudes, beliefs and tastes for FEED was just one of them.

I am forever indebted to teh Interwebz for giving me the knowledge and resources to deprogram from those conditioned responses I had inculcated into me by my public schooling curriculum and reinforced by the hours of wasted time in front of the Tell-A-Vision.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who's this "We?"

I've said this once before, but, a few outspoken liberals I've known were like sports fans that refer to their team as "we."it's always "we" have the right to make people do this, "we" have the authority to regulate that. As if the person is part of the ruling elite simply by rooting for its politicians.

Just like the sports fan says "we" as he sits on his couching watching the team, the liberal voter says "we" while being controlled by the ruling class. - "Van," commenting at Vox Popoli

The ruling class, the elite....those who are at the top of the metaphorical pyramid, maintain and consolidate their power through the primary tactic of divide and conquer. The most effective way to divide and conquer we the sheeple, is to manipulate our thoughts and behaviors by appealing to collectivist ideology we've all been programmed with by our society's educational system and mass-media-driven culture.

Who's the King? The Owners of the World's Central Banking Systems

The idea of WE is to make you forgo taking care of ME. In the above diagram (H/T Alte), the Freemen, Villeins, Cottagers and Slaves all have self-conceptions of their place in this infernal hierarchy, and how they differ from the other strata...and most never give it a second thought that while their may be some substantial differences, we are all still serfs, either locked into indentured servitude to the usury cartel, or we are enslaved by perpetual dependency on the Nobility's social engineering programs for the redistribution of resources from one Serf strata to another.

In my view, WE need to break away from this collectivist mode of thinking. It is the only way to counter the divide and conquer tactics THEY are using on us.

The first step in countering the divide and conquer by appealing to collectivist thinking is to stop using WE arguments during any discussion or debate.

"Well, WE did enslave black Africans by taking them from their homes and forcing them to work in the cotton fields!"

"After all, WE did take the land away from the Native Americans!"

"WE saved the French from the Germans in World War 2!"

"WE won the Superbowl!!!!!"
"WE get the leaders WE deserve since WE vote!"

WE did no such things.

Just because you have been indoctrinated to identify yourself along lines of Nationality, Gender, Ethnicity or any other means of differentiation, doesn't mean your responsible for the actions of those who may share those same similarities.

But by making you accept collective responsibility, THEY make WE much more easily divided and conquered, because we become concerned with the US versus THEM amongst the various collectives within the serf strata of the pyramid...all the while carrying on in oblivion to the machinations of the upper tier.

Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, welfare dependent minorities, tax paying entrepreneurs, small business owners, indebted college graduates who are unemployed food stamp recipients still living in Mommy's basement...the differences between these various collectives in socio-economic behavior can be stark in terms of basic morality, behavior and world views. The squabbling, finger-pointing and scapegoating between such seemingly disparate factions are inevitable. But we are all more alike than most care or dare to realize.

The terms of our servitude may differ, but WE who are amongst the Serf classes are all enslaved in one way or another

Of course, this post is not a screed against any and all forms of collectivist thinking. How apropos that as I was writing this post, I took a break and surfed the blogosphere and read the latest over at Sunshine Mary's: Creating a Tribal Culture, in which she gives us a long awaited update on Joseph of Jackson, a man who was excommunicated from his local Temple of Churchianity for daring to teach young men the concepts of game - focused on simply approaching and developing rapport with young women in there church.

JoJ's update is simply inspirational! Read this comment on that thread to see what became of JoJ and his quest to bring Godly Game to goodly Christian young men.

I have always maintained that any movement that arose from the MAndrosphere would be destined for failure. It would be co-opted and marginalized the moment it coalesced into some centrally controlled entity - just like both the Tea Party and Occupy movements were. As I've written many times before,

"This is why their can be no "movement." There is only recognizing TRUTH and using that to guide your own personal life decisions."

The MAndrosphere will never succeed as a political movement. Instead, as Rob Fedder's points out, it will achieve it's most profound effect as a manifestation of fourth generation guerrilla warfare waged on teh Interwebz.

Now, of course, I am not advocating doing anything violent, but rather taking the concept of decentralization found in Fourth Generation Warfare and adapting it to the internet. There is no "leader" of MGTOW to attack or discredit. We are all leaders of our own movement, and if one of us is removed, there are more nameless people to take his place. 

What JoJ has done, is something similar, but instead of working alone, he's recruited young men and formed a tribe with a common objective based on the truth he discovered from both the MAndrosphere and the PUA camp he actually attended. Armed with this knowledge and skills honed through much practice, they've begun there own counter-offensive to seize their Church back from the grips of Feminist Churchianity and restore it to it's proper, Biblical-ordained Patriarchal order.

As JoJ emailed to SSM:

To begin, I need to cover human beings as a group first.
To that end, I would state that mankind is tribal by nature. We break off into small groups for protection and unless you have been raised in an environment that is centralized, people generally prefer remaining tribal. It’s all over our subconscious likes and dislikes if you know what to look for. To anyone who lives in America and enjoys the Andy Griffith Show, you are witnessing a yearning for a tribal society. One in which you know everyone, and everyone knows you. Where your specific gifts are genuinely unique because there aren’t enough people for your gifts to go to waste.

Excellent observation! This yearning to belong to a tribe is precisely the innate need the social engineers of our Brave New World Order have played off of in using their collectivist arguments hold sway in the minds of masses. The thing is, they want us all to identify with one of the tribes for which they control the narrative.

This is why they've effected the long march to tear our closest familial and communal bonds asunder with their feminism, liberalism and collectivism programming, why they've subverted our churches and our that we do not identify with localized tribes with close familial bonds and commonly held interests. Instead, they want us to identify with larger "super""Republican" or "Democrat", "Liberal" or "Conservative."

What JoJ has done, is create the kind of "WE" in-group we should not hesitate to embrace. This is the only real sort of "movement" that WE will ever have in effectively seeking to refuse and resist the agenda of population control THEY have for us all.