Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who's this "We?"

I've said this once before, but, a few outspoken liberals I've known were like sports fans that refer to their team as "we."it's always "we" have the right to make people do this, "we" have the authority to regulate that. As if the person is part of the ruling elite simply by rooting for its politicians.

Just like the sports fan says "we" as he sits on his couching watching the team, the liberal voter says "we" while being controlled by the ruling class. - "Van," commenting at Vox Popoli

The ruling class, the elite....those who are at the top of the metaphorical pyramid, maintain and consolidate their power through the primary tactic of divide and conquer. The most effective way to divide and conquer we the sheeple, is to manipulate our thoughts and behaviors by appealing to collectivist ideology we've all been programmed with by our society's educational system and mass-media-driven culture.

Who's the King? The Owners of the World's Central Banking Systems

The idea of WE is to make you forgo taking care of ME. In the above diagram (H/T Alte), the Freemen, Villeins, Cottagers and Slaves all have self-conceptions of their place in this infernal hierarchy, and how they differ from the other strata...and most never give it a second thought that while their may be some substantial differences, we are all still serfs, either locked into indentured servitude to the usury cartel, or we are enslaved by perpetual dependency on the Nobility's social engineering programs for the redistribution of resources from one Serf strata to another.

In my view, WE need to break away from this collectivist mode of thinking. It is the only way to counter the divide and conquer tactics THEY are using on us.

The first step in countering the divide and conquer by appealing to collectivist thinking is to stop using WE arguments during any discussion or debate.

"Well, WE did enslave black Africans by taking them from their homes and forcing them to work in the cotton fields!"

"After all, WE did take the land away from the Native Americans!"

"WE saved the French from the Germans in World War 2!"

"WE won the Superbowl!!!!!"
"WE get the leaders WE deserve since WE vote!"

WE did no such things.

Just because you have been indoctrinated to identify yourself along lines of Nationality, Gender, Ethnicity or any other means of differentiation, doesn't mean your responsible for the actions of those who may share those same similarities.

But by making you accept collective responsibility, THEY make WE much more easily divided and conquered, because we become concerned with the US versus THEM amongst the various collectives within the serf strata of the pyramid...all the while carrying on in oblivion to the machinations of the upper tier.

Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, welfare dependent minorities, tax paying entrepreneurs, small business owners, indebted college graduates who are unemployed food stamp recipients still living in Mommy's basement...the differences between these various collectives in socio-economic behavior can be stark in terms of basic morality, behavior and world views. The squabbling, finger-pointing and scapegoating between such seemingly disparate factions are inevitable. But we are all more alike than most care or dare to realize.

The terms of our servitude may differ, but WE who are amongst the Serf classes are all enslaved in one way or another

Of course, this post is not a screed against any and all forms of collectivist thinking. How apropos that as I was writing this post, I took a break and surfed the blogosphere and read the latest over at Sunshine Mary's: Creating a Tribal Culture, in which she gives us a long awaited update on Joseph of Jackson, a man who was excommunicated from his local Temple of Churchianity for daring to teach young men the concepts of game - focused on simply approaching and developing rapport with young women in there church.

JoJ's update is simply inspirational! Read this comment on that thread to see what became of JoJ and his quest to bring Godly Game to goodly Christian young men.

I have always maintained that any movement that arose from the MAndrosphere would be destined for failure. It would be co-opted and marginalized the moment it coalesced into some centrally controlled entity - just like both the Tea Party and Occupy movements were. As I've written many times before,

"This is why their can be no "movement." There is only recognizing TRUTH and using that to guide your own personal life decisions."

The MAndrosphere will never succeed as a political movement. Instead, as Rob Fedder's points out, it will achieve it's most profound effect as a manifestation of fourth generation guerrilla warfare waged on teh Interwebz.

Now, of course, I am not advocating doing anything violent, but rather taking the concept of decentralization found in Fourth Generation Warfare and adapting it to the internet. There is no "leader" of MGTOW to attack or discredit. We are all leaders of our own movement, and if one of us is removed, there are more nameless people to take his place. 

What JoJ has done, is something similar, but instead of working alone, he's recruited young men and formed a tribe with a common objective based on the truth he discovered from both the MAndrosphere and the PUA camp he actually attended. Armed with this knowledge and skills honed through much practice, they've begun there own counter-offensive to seize their Church back from the grips of Feminist Churchianity and restore it to it's proper, Biblical-ordained Patriarchal order.

As JoJ emailed to SSM:

To begin, I need to cover human beings as a group first.
To that end, I would state that mankind is tribal by nature. We break off into small groups for protection and unless you have been raised in an environment that is centralized, people generally prefer remaining tribal. It’s all over our subconscious likes and dislikes if you know what to look for. To anyone who lives in America and enjoys the Andy Griffith Show, you are witnessing a yearning for a tribal society. One in which you know everyone, and everyone knows you. Where your specific gifts are genuinely unique because there aren’t enough people for your gifts to go to waste.

Excellent observation! This yearning to belong to a tribe is precisely the innate need the social engineers of our Brave New World Order have played off of in using their collectivist arguments hold sway in the minds of masses. The thing is, they want us all to identify with one of the tribes for which they control the narrative.

This is why they've effected the long march to tear our closest familial and communal bonds asunder with their feminism, liberalism and collectivism programming, why they've subverted our churches and our that we do not identify with localized tribes with close familial bonds and commonly held interests. Instead, they want us to identify with larger "super""Republican" or "Democrat", "Liberal" or "Conservative."

What JoJ has done, is create the kind of "WE" in-group we should not hesitate to embrace. This is the only real sort of "movement" that WE will ever have in effectively seeking to refuse and resist the agenda of population control THEY have for us all.


Young Hunter said...

The benefit of having so many decentralized leaders that is hard to quantify is the effect each has in their own environment. Not all will, but many can spread their message face to face as well.

Anonymous said...

Game is Groupthink too. I'd wager that guy who's busily trying to convert Christians to his Game Cult will be just as hard on any of his own followers who don't tow the Roissyite Party Line.

Just ask anybody on the Manosphere who dares question Game, and they'll tell you just how respectful of independent thought the Gamecocks really are.

Red said...

"Game is Groupthink too. I'd wager that guy who's busily trying to convert Christians to his Game Cult will be just as hard on any of his own followers who don't tow the Roissyite Party Line.

Just ask anybody on the Manosphere who dares question Game, and they'll tell you just how respectful of independent thought the Gamecocks really are."

Lots of people have questioned game. Problem with arguing about it is the actual human evidence is quite in it's favor. Most arguments against is generally based on religious/ideological arguments that quickly identify the person making the argument as not a member of the tribe.

Rational discussion can only occur between members of the same tribe. Anything else is a battle between tribes. With that in mind, it's not surprising that outsiders won't be listened to.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of something my brother told me while he was still alive. He would always laugh and poke fun of people who cheered on sports teams, and then go roaring out into the streets after a victory cheering WE WON WE WON.

I was one of those people until he smacked me in the back of the head one day and said:

"You didn't win shit. Those hockey players out there on the ice won. No one else. They don't know you exist. They don't care. You played no part. Would you be saying YOU lost if the team lost, or would you be bitching how THEY fucked up. Grow up, stop being a damn lemming and pretending that you had any capacity to affect the outcome of the game."

Paraphrased from memory. But i think it fits eloquently within your post.

He was MGTOW before it had a name.

Aurini said...

Ain't it funny - all those labels you mentioned, if you go back fifty, a hundred years ago, were "positive" in nature - EG men had their club, women had theirs, and we worked together.

Even race - here in Canada the Indians and the Whites were recognized as different, but relation were largely positive. Nowadays? Hatred simmers on both sides.

Almost as if - almost as if the Marxists are master manipulators of language, turning good into evil, dancing into fighting, and alliance into exploitation.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I realize that Game has become a religion, and that questioning it is tantamount to heresy in many circles. That's why a reversion back to the barbarous days of tribalism are so dangerous.

But how could it be otherwise? Once people convince themselves that men are irrevocably bound to an 'archetype' it's short stretch to master-race archetypes and infallible religion archetypes.

Elspeth said...


Anonymous said...

Here is the probable future of Joey of Jackson and his theology:

Of course, all the femRA airheads are swooning over Joseph---much the same as their 'sisters' did for other schismatics like David Koresh.

"It is fair to say that the cult leader is the supreme Prime Alpha active in the West today. From the most humble beginnings, he often rises to true Beach Master status, fathering more children and enjoying more sex than most senior politicians and celebrities (and certainly most conventional Beta PUAs)."

Unknown said...

"Game is Groupthink too"


Anonymous said...

Bob Wallace:
"My self-imposed new Matrix."

And it's natural that that whole bit about 'tribal vs. national thinking' would spring from the same source. Tribalism is exactly what the Radfems, Cultural Marxists, and Multiculturalists desire---even though it sounds like a superficially libertarian concept. To revert to the tribe is to revert back to the herd: away from civilization and around a narrowly-defined and easily controlled subgroup.

Notice that it's all the leftist collectivists who HATE the concept of 'nations' or 'nationalism'. A Nation is less a geopolitical entity than an ideological concept. This is why multicultural experiments like the USSR (or the older Austro-Hungarian Empire) failed, while nationalism arose quickly upon their demise.

ICG said...

Yes, let's compare JoJ to Koresh. That sounds about right for a sub-60 IQ type who has been brainwashed by the MSM. Nothing like the ol' false analogy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the MSM hasn't said anything about St. Joey. Like most of these Gametards, he seems to suffer from delusions of grandeur; storming out of his own church and setting himself up like a new messiah. And with a gaggle of female groupies, he thinks he's well on the way as 'God's Chosen.'

This type of egomania is fairly typical of the whole breed. Recently some other nobody ran a call for pastors nationwide to repent---as if 99% of Christians even know or care who he is or what he says. Not surprisingly, he's a hardcore Gamer too.

Joseph of Jackson said...


I love how you don't know me or what I do on a day to day basis, but you honestly believe that I want to be a messiah. There is one Messiah, Jesus Christ. I claim no authority above scripture or place myself anywhere near his level. Your straw man is empty so try again.

I'm going to explain this once. I didn't actually want to post what was written. Mary thought it would help others get motivated to try something/anything.

Secondly, if you actually read anything I wrote, you would know that game wasn't our primary goal. Understanding social dynamics was the catch. It was only a tactic though to get them to spend more time in their bibles. Which I wrote in the post you didn't read.

As for game, it works. It's not an end all be all or a religion. It's a skill. Nothing more.

Lastly, I'm a virgin and unmarried. Sex outside of marriage is unacceptable for Christians, and I will only ever be married to one woman when the time comes.

With all this in mind, your rather poor attempts at slander are false on their face and if you could come up with a real argument against me, then I would love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to come up with 'real arguments' the Old and New Testaments have already done so.

If you think that your 'tribal thinking' is sanctioned by Mosaic Law, read that it was Moses and Joshua who united the Tribes into a Nation---that's exactly the word used in Greek. When the Jews practiced 'Game' (i.e. followed the gynocentric religions of the surrounding nations) and reverted back to tribalism, they met disaster. The Book of Judges is a history of what happened to them.

As for Game itself---not only does it NOT work, it doesn't exist anywhere outside of discredited theories. And it's not reconcilable with Christianity either. Christ was a divine archetype---not an 'alpha' or a 'beta' and he called men to imitate Himself, not pigeonhole everyone into archetypes. And certainly the NT doesn't excuse female behavior on the grounds of 'hypergamy' or anything else.

Christ wrote that 'no man can serve two masters.' You chose to abandon Christianity and follow Roissyism. And if you don't claim to be a messiah NOW, that's exactly where things are trending: because Roissy, Roosh, Dalrock, and others are practically so regarded by all their followers. If your goal is further theological research, you have to abandon Game or abandon Christianity, because you can't have both.

Joseph of Jackson said...

Your sir are blind. Best wishes to you.

jere said...

A handful of brave souls risked torture and fire to liberate others.
They were pacifists, believers in equality of all before God.
This their story,
and of those who came to love them,
and of those who ruthlessly hunted them. These courageous teachers called themselves "Brethren".