Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Predictive Programming in Pop Culture: Christ Mass Edition

Peace on Earth? Can it Be?

On September 11, 1977, Bing Crosby recorded his last Christ mass Show Special for the tell-a-vision, which featured a guest appearance by David Bowie, in which they essentially sang two very different songs at the same time. This performance has since been considered a "classic" holiday season performance, receiving world mass media broadcasting and even some recent recreations of this highly feted event.

I used to like it a lot myself....that is before I had my eyes opened to the reality of how Pop culture in our Brave New World Order is a key weapon for the social engineers who create We the Sheeple's regularly scheduled programming. Last Christ mass season, I downloaded an audio of this song from YouTube, along with a number of other Christ mass songs I waxed nostalgic for from my youth. I listened to it a few times during the season as a part of my Christ Mass playlist with nary a thought, often singing along with it while participating in the various traditions my family and I perpetuate in celebrating the birth of the Savior of our fallen world.

This year I put the same playlist on again while we decorated our Christmas tree. When this performance came on again, I couldn't help but notice a few things about it that I previously did not pay attention to. I realized with near certainty that this performance by Crosby and Bowie on September 11, 1977, is the perfect representation of THE WAR ON CHRIST MASS and a Christian-based society that has been waged in pop culture and society in the past three decades by the controllers of our mass media.

The opening dialogue between the two followed by the performance of The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth is emblematic, symbolic, subversive, and both covert and overt, all at the same time. It perfectly represents the transition from a formerly Christian Nation to our current dystopian, Post-Christian nation.

From the scripted opening dialogue:

Crosby: Tell me, do ever listen to any of the older fellas?
Bowie: Oh yeah,, um, John Lennon! And the other one...Harry Nilsson.
Crosby: go back that far, huh?
Bowie: Yeah, I'm not as young as I look.
Crosby: Heh heh, none of us does these days...

One month later, Bing Crosby passed away, before this now famous and popular duet was ever aired on tell-a-vision. While this dialogue between the two is considered ironically humorous, I have come to believe those who wrote those lines where following a particular theme of their own...

The performance itself demonstrates this theme I allude to. It starts with both the old, revered crooner of decades prior -- most famous for singing songs considered mainstream standards performed and enjoyed by multiple generations of Americans steeped in the traditions and ethos of a Christian-based society -- and a pop rock star famous for his androgynous stage persona, singing in unison.

At first, "Ziggy Stardust" starts singing in concert with the old timer....harmoniously blending in with the classic crooner in pitch and volume. But as soon as the first verse is sung, the "new age" pop star starts singing counterpoint to the old classic Christ mass song with a brand new song that had literally been penned a few hours earlier on that day, September 11, 1977.

The original plan had been for Bowie and Crosby to sing just "Little Drummer Boy." But "David came in and said: 'I hate this song. Is there something else I could sing?' " Fraser said. "We didn't know quite what to do."

Fraser, Kohan and Grossman left the set and found a piano in the studios' basement. In about 75 minutes, they wrote "Peace on Earth," an original tune, and worked out an arrangement that weaved together the two songs. Bowie and Crosby nailed the performance with less than an hour of rehearsal.

As Bowie sings the new song penned by the three musical directors of the program just hours before, he overpowers Crosby's voice, relegating his lines almost incoherent, with a few legible pa ram pam pam pams standing out in between the pauses to Bowie's lines.

(Come, they told me, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
Peace on Earth, can it be?
(A newborn King to see, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
Years from now, perhaps we'll see

(Our finest gifts we bring, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
See the day of glory
(See the fine King, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam, ra-pam-pam-pam)
See the day when men of good will
Live in peace, live in peace again

(So newborn king, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
Peace on Earth
Can it be?

(Can we come?)

So far it sure seems like this new song penned by Fraser, Kohan and Grossman seems to fit in with the typical themes of traditional Christ mass music... "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men!" and all that.

But then Crosby raises his volume and joins in harmonic unison with Bowie to emphasize the newly written bridge that weaves the new and the old, the classic and the modern, into a single synthesized ideal expressed in totalitarian joviality:


This is the part that jarred my consciousness and awoke me from mindlessly enjoying the performance as I had done last season while decorating my "holiday tree."  What kind of PEACE ON EARTH are they both singing that EVERY child MUST be MADE aware of, and MADE to care for? It was then that I realized that whoever wrote them had a much different agenda than simply adding new lyrics to a song supposedly commemorating the birth of baby Jesus.

That's when I decided to do a little research on line and consult with Googliath to find the back story behind this coming together of old and new, classic and modern pop culture icons to perform what TV Guide listed as " of the 25 most memorable musical moments of 20th-century television."

Only after finding the Washington Post article I previously linked to, did I discover that Bowie's counterpoint was written by the shows producers and musical directors that same day the performance was rehearsed and recorded. 

These three composers of Bowie's parts have quite the history in both Hollywood and the New York Broadway musical scene, and have all made their marks as composers in mainstream mass media American pop culture in the years since this performance. Needless to say, it was only a few clicks on their Wiki pages to discover that two of the three composers are most decidedly not Christian. It is then that I realized that these lyrics are not written in the spirit of celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace celebrated by Christian tradition.

No, this was a counterpoint based on a much different ideal of world peace....the kind of peace discussed by The Vigilant Citizen blog that I had read a couple of years ago, analyzing Madonna's brazen 2012 Pagan Occultist performance during the halftime of the Superbowl:

Madonna’s halftime show ends in a dramatic yet very significant matter:

At the end of her performance, the floor opens underneath Madonna’s feet and she falls into oblivion. As Madonna is swept in what appears to be the “Underworld," Madonna sings: “I hear you call my name, And it feels like home”. This is another inversion of conventional religious symbolism as “home” should be in the heavens.

In Madonna’s case, she obviously didn’t go in that direction. The show ends with a message no one can disagree with.

The words “World Peace” appear on the stage, a PR-friendly slogan used by those pushing for a New World Order, lead by a one world government.

Is it this DAY OF GLORY Bowie sings about in the first verse? The same glory advocated by the brazen, pagan pop idol Jezebel and proponent of Kabbalah, in her 13 minute sermon on the biggest tell-a-vision stage in the world?
Is this what the composers of Bowie's lines pray for in the second verse of the Crosby-Bowie duet?

(Little baby, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
I pray my wish will come true
(I see the child, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
For my child and your child too

(I'll take my trumpet, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
He'll see the day of glory
(I'll play my best for Him, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam, ra-pam-pam-pam)
See the day when men of good will
Live in peace, live in peace again

(And he smiled at me, pa-ram-pam-pam-pam)
Peace on Earth
(Me and my drum)
Can it be?

Let us recall the kind of World Peace described in history's most authentic forgery"Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders—frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts—who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives."

The current post-Christian West has been effected by decades of regularly scheduled programming that promoted incremental gradualism in expunging any and every expression of Christianity from the culture at large, and replacing it with a much different, alien one.

The voice of cultural and religious dissent started as understated and muted, with only hints here and there manifesting in the mass media driven pop culture. These subversive influences first appeared to sing in harmony with the older traditions of Western Civilization's religious foundation and culture. But after awhile, after conditioning the masses with gradual and incremental exposure, THEY eventually took front stage and center, and overpowered the voices of tradition and morality, drowning it out with it's own modern and progressive lines of shibboleths and inverted ethos.

After some time being overpowered and dominated by this new force, the former voice of tradition and morality changes course and now joins in enthusiastically with it's own corruption and degradation...joining in with the modern and progressive demands that every child must be made aware and made to care.

Can it be?

In hindsight of my own short lifetime, I can track this transition of gradualism as it happened steadily and inexorably over the past thirty-plus years.

In 1977, I was attending a private Christian pre-school in my neighborhood. I was a participant as one of the three wise men presenting frankensense to the baby Jesus in the live Nativity Scene pageant our pre-school put on for the parents. I have vague memories of the occasion, probably only recalled due to the reinforcement from the photos my mother took that day that I've seen many times since.

In 1987, I was a member of my public school's choir, caroling Christ mass songs at my town shopping center. We sang next to the shopping centers Nativity Scene display, and the majority of the songs were all Christian themed Christ mass songs celebrating the birth of Jesus. Come All Ye Faithful, Joy to the World, Silent Night, We Three Kings, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Away in the Manger etc.

One year later, a lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Jewish War Veterans that resulted in the removal of a large 65 foot high cross removed from Camp Smith, high atop the Ko'olau mountain range, overlooking the entire south side of the island of O'ahu.

I remember looking up at the Camp Smith cross whenever I was with my family driving anywhere on the south side of the island. It could be seen for miles all around.

I remember my parents being upset when they found out it was being removed due to the lawsuit.

Nine years later, On September 11, 1997, another Anti-Christian political action group in Hawaii filed a nearly identical lawsuit to have a large 62-ton steel cross that had been erected in 1962 on the Schofield Barracks Army Base to commemorate the war dead of our formerly Christian-nation during World War II. (As a footnote to history, Schofield Barracks was the first military installation attacked by the Japanese as they where flying on their way to Pearl Harbor on that day of infamy.)

One month later, citing a severe budget deficit and costs to fight the lawsuit as well as the costs necessary to maintain and display the Cross (it was lit up with large spotlights every night so that it could be seen from many miles away over the central plains of O'ahu island), the Army dismantled the cross.

I now consider November 1997 to be the official end of Hawaii as a member-state of a Christian nation.

In 2007, I was teaching music classes to children in Hawaii's Public Schooling system as a contract worker. In the middle of one of my classes in November, I was notified that the Vice Principal wanted to see me after class that day. I was told that I was not allowed to teach or perform the songs I had been teaching in preparation for the school's Winter Holiday Festival. No Christ Mass songs were allowed. I was allowed to continue with any Christ mass songs ONLY if they were to be performed solely in the Hawaiian language.  
Po La'i E was allowed, Silent Night was verboten.

We performed Rudolph that Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, and the sole Christ Mass song allowed because it was performed solely in the Hawaiian language.

There was no Nativity Scene allowed on public school property, though we did have holiday trees, reindeers, candy canes, holiday lights and all the other trappings of the secular celebrations of the merry mass consumerist bacchanalia of winter solstice festooning the cafeteria where we performed, but nary a reference to Christ mass or Baby Jesus.

Ah well, here we are in 2014, and the separation of Church and State is nearly complete. There will be No Nativity Scene in Washington D.C. This Year:

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene at Capital Hill this Christmas season.

This isn’t for any religious reason. They simply have not been  able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation’s Capital.

The search for a Virgin continues.

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Goading the Sheeple Stampede

When I got together with my extended family to give Thanks on the one day a year we are allowed to, by indulging in primal gluttony and partially-hydrogenated cheats (I eat stuffing and gravy with my turkey, despite the near certainty that the ingredients include GMO wheat flour and soybean oil margarine croutons,) the usual debates regarding religion and politics arose, and I left everyone at the table for conversation flummoxed with my contribution to the conversational bonding occasion.

The red kool aid drinkers and the blue kool aid drinkers of my family argued vociferously on the topic of race, riots and police actions in Ferguson, Missouri. Quality family time, I tell you!

Neither drunkards of the two-party kool aid charade could argue with my observation that when one watched the national news media's coverage of the event, it was readily observable that the tell-a-vision press was deliberately attempting to instigate our Brave New World Order's Post-Racial Amerikkkan Society's horizon event.

Those bastards crafting their deceptive narratives full of implied race-mongering, lies of omission and overt pandering to the emotions of the viewers are deliberately and purposely pushing for a nation-wide race war in the West.

THEY  want another episode of the Watts riots in the 60's and the L.A. riots over the King verdict in the 90's.

THEY want the underclasses to take their bait and engage in civil chaos and looting, provoking an armed response.

Nothing would please them more than to broadcast live images of crowd dispersion with tear gas and pepper spray, followed by a hail of rubber bullets and truncheon beat downs of bystanders caught up in the moment by riot-gear armored agents of the State. The more these events of unrest and violence occur, the more the elites in charge of this country have excuse to implement their agenda for creating a dystopian police state.

By expressing these ideas, I was told that I am "too conspiratorial" and "everything is not a conspiracy!"

What else can you call it, when you watch any of the national news broadcasts on the topic forearmed with the knowledge of the events that transpired thanks to the alternative media found on teh Interwebz?

I pointed out that the reporting from SeeBS national news broadcast, interviewing Michael Brown's parents emoting their sorrows at the loss of their son, while the tell-a-vision screen broadcast a peaceful photo of Brown looking happy, relaxed and completely non-threatening.

Why did such a nice looking young boy get himself shot by the police?

The implications of the news reporting on the SeeBS national broadcast was plainly obvious:

The officer was white, and we all know there is only one reason why white cops shoot black citizens...

There was absolutely zero reporting on the context of the incident itself or the events that lead up to the shooting. The only report was the teleprompter reading talking head stating something to the effect of "...witnesses stated that Micheal Brown had his hands raised when he was shot."
Michael Brown Remembered As A 'Gentle Giant'

No mention of the YouTube video viewed by millions of Brown throwing his considerable weight around with the convenience store clerk to rob the premises of some  tobacco products. Even the most liberal progressive blue kool aid drinker at my family's Thanksgiving meal couldn't deny they themselves were at least aware of the existence of that video.

I noted how the SeeBS news segment I had watched, closed with a statement by Brown's Father responding to the SeeBS tell-a-vision talking head's leading interview query: (I paraphrase from memory here:)

SeeBS Journalist: "He said he wouldn't do anything differently if he had do it all over again. What do you have to say to him?"

Father:  "Only you know why you woke up that day and decided to do what you were going to do!" 

It was an accusation of deliberate, premeditated murder with racism implied as the sole motive, in response to a quote taken out of context to make it appear like the white officer was an unapologetic murderer who gleefully shot an innocent black boy just for the fun of it.

Whatever happened that fateful day in Ferguson, one thing is for certain. The "News" was not intent on reporting the truth. They were engaged in forging a narrative and manufacturing consensus to promote a violent reaction amongst the citizenry.

THEY were doing everything within their power to utilize every conceivable propaganda trick to manufacture mass media consensus to goad and provoke all African-descended denizens of this nation into violent mobs of anarchy and eventual conflict with their communities' militarized police forces.

But my relatives who acknowledged my point about the deceptive and inflammatory reporting of SeeBS had a different explanation for what was going on...I forgot something important here: it just can't be a conspiracy...

No, they're pushing civil unrest and racial tension for ratings.

Even if that were the sole motivation for the mass media pushing a seemingly uniform narrative across all channels, the explanation proffered by the Conspiracy-deniers is that the media only engages in dishonest reporting simply to drive up advertising revenues.

Whether they are promoting racial unrest and a breakdown of civilized norms to keep us all divided, conquered and ultimately distracted so they can continue to implement their Brave New World Order police State, or if they simply doing it to get more ratings to get more profit, THEY are deliberately conspiring to promote lies, half-truths and propaganda to effect civil violence, unrest, rioting and looting.

We may disagree on the motives of the conspirators behind the creation of this "info-tainment" news reporting, but why does the idea that a CONSPIRACY automatically means one is mentally unbalanced and obsessed with UFO's, Reptile Aliens, Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and Chupacabra?

The brainwashing of the American masses via the "news" broadcasting is a refined and perfected feat of technocratic engineering. Their vision for us has been told and sold, and we are now ready for the next stage of our global evolution as a species.

The mental short circuiting of the average INCorporated-media-shaped-mind when it comes to the very concept of CONSPIRACY, is one of the most impressive feats of brainwashing ever accomplished by our regularly scheduled programming creators.

Friday, November 28, 2014

That Wapiti Just Got A Lot More Elusive

I just noticed one of my "must read" bloggers on my blogroll, The Elusive Wapiti, has closed up shop:

Readers, it is time to shutter this blog.  Nothing's going on, merely a decision to re-allocate my finite time more toward that which matters more--my family.

I wish everyone who made a habit of reading my humble articles all the best, and I'll keep the links bar at left up a few weeks so that those who use this site as an aggregator may make alternate arrangements.

May your skies always be blue, your weather fair, and may the Lord our God bless you and yours.


Bummer. I totally get the sentiment, but rather then closing up shop, I just blog intermittently, infrequently and only when I really have nothing better to do. But taking down all your posts? May I offer you the argument to perhaps convince you to at least restore your extensive archives?

Don't Delete Your Blogs
Of course, not all people will want to keep blogging forever. If you no longer feel the motivation, that's fine. It is a thankless job and the pay sucks. But please, oh please, don't delete your blog! Not only does it remove from the internet a significant body of work that others might find and read, whether old or not, but it also removes all of those links in the articles, in the comments, and on the sidebar, which support those of us who still are blogging. Most guys who quit blogging have not lost the faith in the message, they simply are fed-up with blogging. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW) and moving on - in fact, it is one of the natural conclusions of MGTOW. But please, if you've found a path to enlightenment through MGTOW and the manosphere which resulted in you starting up a blog, leave your work up so that others may find it, and so that the links in your blog may direct others towards those who are still actively blogging about it.    

You'll note that Rob Fedders certainly practiced what he preached. Please consider it, Brother! You were definitely one of the better bloggers out here on these fringes of teh Interwebz.

Fare thee well, EW. You will be missed.

A hui hou!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Genetically Modified Childhood

Yet again I was asked recently by someone I had not seen in a long time what my "secret" was for losing all that extra weight I used to carry around.

Used to be, anyone asked, I'd just say I did the "Paleo Diet" and if they were interested, I'd tell 'em to just check out But before I could even do that, the question was followed up with "You're not one of those caveman-paleo diet fanatics, are you?"

Okay. Hearing that from this particular person convinced me once and for all: the PALEO DIET has jumped the shark.

So I answered: "I'm not on a diet, I just don't eat GMO."

"That's all you had to do?"

"Yup. Thing is, once you start looking into just how much of the food we eat is sourced from GMO crops, you find yourself eating like a caveman."


While it does appear that the Paleo diet  has indeed been co-opted, subverted and marginalized in popular consciousness, I like to think that it went through a reformation once the most influential bloggers and writers of the Paleo blogosphere eventually rejected the idea that "low carb" and "zero carb" dieting is a key component to the praxeology.

It took years to get rid of the commonly accepted idea that carbohydrate consumption itself was the reason for the rising rates of obesity and sickness of the citizenry all across the bloated plains. Same goes for various versions that involve measuring the ratios of fats to protein in your primal meals. This is because when many of us who first discovered the "paleo diet" blogosphere found successful weight loss and improved health and vitality after adopting the proscriptions, it was only too easy to credit the "low carb-high fat" theory as to why this "diet" seemed to work miraculously.

But now that many of the luminaries of the Paleo blogposphere have moved on to studying the importance of gut bacteria, gut health and the role resistant starch and fermented pre and pro biotics plays in the immune system and over all health, a new angle on just how malevolent GMO crop feed is to human health emerges.

At this point in time, when one gains a true understanding of how our modern, industrialized corporate food production system works, I can now confidently attribute it to the consumption of all three categories, for the entire feed industry is based off of manufacturing products from carbohydrates, proteins and fats...all derived from GMO plant crops. It's the GMO itself and how it affects the gut bacteria of not just we the sheeple, but any living organism that ingests it on a regular basis.

Most folks who discover the "Paleo diet" after years of ill health and weight management issues.  For the early adopters, while the low-carb paradigm has since been proven fallacious, nevertheless it does prove effective, because limiting carbohydrate intake means largely limiting your intake of GMO sourced feed.

But for most people today, it takes a health condition or weight management problems to get them to look more closely at exactly what they are eating. But I see an even bigger problem that is going to manifest in an even worse outcome in the next decade or so with regards to kids being raised from birth on GMO feed products.

Sadly today, I note that many parents in society today are feeding their children a steady diet of GMO processed feed products like cereal, chips, crackers, cookies, cakes, pastries, and all sorts of snack foods designed to make the kids stop whining and crying about their hunger for a few minutes.

Most folks never make the connection between their children's behavior and the snacks and breakfast cereals they are feeding them, and if they do, they invariably blame the sugar content. Sugar most certainly does have an effect...but that is only part of the story.

For instance, while the following article focuses on the possible link between autism and GMO feed, I found an interesting angle on the topic with regards to behavior of test animals regularly eating GMO feed:

When Dr. Huber visited an ongoing research project utilizing rats, he said those animals fed non-GMO feed were “as passive as can be. You can take them out. You can put them on your lap. Treat them almost like a pet cat.” Not so with the rats eating genetically engineered food: “You can hardly catch the rats that have received the GMO feed for a month and a half to two months,” he said. “They go off by themselves. They’re irritated. Crawl up the cage. . . . [They] don’t get along with each other.”

Farmers are reporting the same thing with pigs raised on GMO corn. According to Dr. Huber, a farmer told him that “his pigs just seem to be always irritated. They can’t get along with the other pigs.” Veterinarian Don Skow described similar odd behavior in the pigs of his client. “They would get cannibalistic. They would consume each other—ear biting and tail biting.” And when put in nurseries after weaning, he says, some “would get a condition like Alzheimer’s. They would lose the ability to know where the feed was. A lot of them would die.” Although many of these odd behaviors had been dismissed as normal stress responses for confined animals, when farmers switched to non-GMO feed and the problems went away, the real cause became obvious.

Similar antisocial patterns that Huber described were observed by a Dutch college student more than a decade ago when comparing mice fed GMO or non-GMO soy and corn. He wrote, “The mice fed on GM food seemed less active while in their cages. The differences in activity between the two cages grew as the experiment progressed.” The differences were most striking when he moved the mice to weigh them: “The mice from the GM cage were noticeably more distressed by the occurrence than the other mice. Many were running round and round the basket, scrabbling desperately in the sawdust, and even frantically jumping up the sides, something I’d never seen before. They were clearly more nervous. . . . For me this was the most disconcerting evidence that GM food is not quite normal.”[2]

Dr. Irina Ermakova, PhD, a senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, reported to the European Congress of Psychiatry in March 2006 that male rats fed GM soy exhibited anxiety and aggression, while those fed non-GMO soy did not [3]. Ermakova reported the same behavior in GM soy-fed female rats and their offspring in her study published in Ecosinform. The animals “attacked and bit each other and the worker."[4]

I know parents who are at wits end with their children's behavior. From my point of view, they love their children, but don't really like to spend time with them because of their incorrigible behavior. And they often remark at the stark contrast with my own progeny who is calm, well behaved and easy to babysit. Mind you, my kid is not "perfect." But the differences are readily apparent enough for many folks to comment. And they always tell me that I'm "lucky." At this point, I say it with full confidence that luck has nothing to do with it. 

Family who knew me as a kid are especially amazed at my offspring's demeanor, attitude and behavior, given how much of a little ADD/ADHD/ODD hell raiser troublemaker I was. My wife likes to take credit for her genes being the primary factor there, and there may be something to that. But I've seen it one too many times now, how little kids attitudes and behavior changes for the worse, sometimes in mere minutes after eating or drinking GMO-based junk feed.

When I try to suggest that maybe parents should feed their kids nutritious, home-cooked food instead of eating processed feed, they all say the same thing - there's no time for that. Everyone has got to fight traffic jams to get to school and work, so it's coffee for the adults, and breakfast cereal and snack foods while riding in the car. Then the kids get their GMO-based feed from their school vending machines, nearby convenience stores and the cafeterias. By the time working parents and school kids are home in the evening, everyone is too tired to cook, so they eat fast food or restaurant take out. It's no exaggeration to say that for many folks in our Brave New World Order, when it comes to their diet, it's all GMO, all the time.

Having read the product labels and researched the brands of much of the "kid snacks" many parents are feeding their kids (not to mention the regularity of eating fast food meals,) everything they eat is inevitably sourced from one of these 6 major corporate feed brands, who are also the primary backers for funding the opposition to several mandatory GMO-labeling initiatives that got voted on earlier this month in the mid-term elections of several States. They spent millions to fund propaganda to prevent them from having to label their GMO feed accordingly. 

Here are 6 huge conglomerates aiming to ruin your right to know what is in your food. 
1. Pepsi-Co (Including Frito-Lay and Doritos)

This behemoth has hardly been touched by consumer frustration with GMOs, even it is just as guilty as many other companies when it comes to food secrets. This is also the company who had to settle a $9 million class-action lawsuit over Naked Juice false advertising – claiming the products were ‘all natural’ and ‘100% juice’ when they are actually full of GMOs. Pepsi-Co was also revealed as one of the big spenders behind the anti-labeling campaigns illegally filtered through the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. The company topped the list with a $1,620,899 donation to keep you in the dark about GMOs.
2. Kellogg’s
This company is downright shady. Kellogg’s company recently paid $5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit for falsely labeling Kashi products as “All Natural” or “Nothing Artificial.” They have also contributed a total of $1.6 million to defeat GMO labeling initiatives. In a consumer lab test, it was also found that Kellogg’s uses 100% GMO corn in several of their breakfast cereals and other products. Kashi products even made it onto the Non-GMO project’s list of safe foods, but they aren’t safe at all
3. General Mills

GM says: “We don’t use genetically modified ingredients in original Cheerios. Our principal ingredient has always been whole grain oats – and there are no GMO oats. We use a small amount of corn starch in cooking, and just one gram of sugar per serving for taste. But our corn starch comes from non-GMO corn, and we use only non-GMO pure cane sugar.”

This is only in one type of cereal they sell, though. Only two percent of the company’s shareholders favor a complete GMO ban. GM’s CEO says, he “sees no reason within the United States to bar ingredients grown from biotech crops.”

4. Nestle/Gerber Co

This company puts GMOs in baby food. Need I say more? The company removed GMOs from baby formulas in South Africa after public pressure forced them to, but it continues to put them in American-sold versions. Formulas like Good Start and others contain GM soybean oil, GM soy lecithin, and GM maltodextrin, as well as corn syrup derived from GM crops. Along with Pepsi-Co and Coca-Cola, the company spent over $1 million to defeat GMO labeling in Washington, and more to defeat labeling in Oregon.

5. Hershey’s

Just how much will you like that chocolate bar after finding out that Hershey’s donated $800,000 to defeat California’s Prop 37 and Washington’s I-522, and another $500,000 to defeat this year’s initiatives in Oregon and Colorado? The company has only one organic brand—Dagoba. Time for a boycott? After all, there are hundreds of non-GMO fair-trade chocolate makers out there. Try some of these non-GMO sweets instead.

6. Coca-Cola

This soda empire has contributed more than $1.5 million to keep your teeth rotting from consuming their GMO-filled sodas. They also utilize high fructose corn syrup that is almost entirely GMO-corn derived. Here are other sodas that contain GMOs, too.

I know of kids for whom it seems their entire diet is based on the products of these corporate GMO feed conglomerates. While the article I posted urges a boycott of the products of these corporations, I urge parents to boycott these products for your kids health, your peace of mind, and your sanity in trying to simply raise them.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting My Fill of Sy-Fy, Science, & Mockery

"Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid people!"

Apparently my last piece got linked to by a bulletin board of Science and Sci-Fi fans who apparently spend a fair amount of time mocking those they consider stupid. I would like to respond to this guy specifically, but I don't want to register for their board and subject myself to their moderation policies just to try and comment there, so I'll do it here and let the chips fall where they may. The OP that linked to my The End Game of Immmigration post titled his thread: "Evil non-white hawaiian Christian fundie slams science."

Funny, I don't recall mentioning "science" or even mentioning the word at all in that post. So right off the bat, my would be Sy-Fy mocker already clues us in that we may be experiencing problems with reading comprehension. At least one guy pointed that out to the OP:
"Not seeing a mention of science in there, but it's a mmarvellous piece of satire. I'd quote from it but on phone."
Sarcasm and satire permeate my writing. I can't help it, there is much to be mocked of in our modern world. If the average reader doesn't get what I'm trying to say when I write a post like the one I made previously, then perhaps I need to dumb it down a bit so that I can no longer open myself up to the mockery of the likes that are offering such brilliant critiques like the following:  

He seems to believe that because he is (nominally at least) non-white, that entitles him to think that he can't BE racist and thus his call for a Hawaiian only "homeland" is perfectly acceptable. If I'm not reading the situation correctly, then fine. I thought non-whiteness didn't make you immune from mockery for using religiousness to justify your medieval political beliefs. 

You got me so wrong. It's not that I feel entitled to think I'm not racist because I'm (nominally at least)'s that I'm racist as hell. I'm also a misogynist, misandrist, xenophobe and overall curmudgeonly misanthrope to boot. These are my failings of character, but I am trying to work on it...I promise! Until I fix those personal failings, I will never achieve the true status of evil Christian fundie!

As for the "using religiousness to justify" my "medieval political beliefs..." The "political beliefs" against usury that I was espousing, pre-date the medieval period. It was precisely during the Medieval period that the Christian prohibition of usury was eliminated. It's been all downhill ever since.

Another scientific mockery maker weighs in with his own assessment:

"He goes on and on about usury, the antiquated religious term for interest with regard to loans..."

Usury is an antiquated term? Only to those who fail to consider the bigger picture of the role usury has played in corrupting humanity in all of recorded history.

...and has a "libertarian" in his name so this guy is either bonkers or is writing satire."

Close. I would say it's a little bit of both. Anyhow, after a little debate, the OP reconsiders his initial criticism:

"Perhaps I jumped the gun with the title. Usually these types of articles ARE written by the proverbial "cracker" this one is, in that respect, unusual."

He came so close to getting it....

"AS for the Usury argument, I agree with him (at first blush anyway) that fractional reserve banking is probably NOT the best thing to use as the centerpiece of your economy, it has its uses as a tool in the toolbox, but it shouldn't be the organizing prinicple of your society. (i.e. TBTF banks)"

Oh it's a tool alright. The question that went over you and your fellow scientific mockery squad's head is this: in whose toolbox is it, and just what are they using it for?

"OTOH, I do recognize that without interest, money i.e the fungible proxy for ones ability to think, work, create etc loses pretty much all meaning. For example, if I steal your life savings, keep it for 40 years then return it to you to the penny, have I commited a crime or not? Of course, i stole from you the opportunity to use that money for 40 years, plus the inflationary cost. hence, If I am going to give you something that represents a huge chunk of my life, I'd best get some value out of it!"

The minor mind of this evil blogger trembles in the face of such irrepressible logic. He forgot however his original denouncement of yours truly...I'm an evil Christian fundie! Stealing is a crime because stealing, like Usury, were both called sins by that Jesus guy back in the bad old days of evil fundie-ness.

Thank goodness your fellow compatriot with an avatar showing two men kissing (not that there's anything wrong with that...) has already figured me out:

"Really, I think it's absurd to have such a minor mind as this random blogger put in a place like SLAM." 

Clearly I'm over-matched and out-gunned in intellectual capacity to match wits with these geniuses of scientific mockery. Look at how I'm easily debunked here:

"AS for his arguments about an ethnic homeland for Hawaiians.... it seems to me that ethnic minorities of course have rights, to a point, otherwise we'd be arguing that hat Zimbabwe should still be called Rhodesia."

What argument did I make about an ethnic homeland for Hawaiians? Was it this part?

"Almost no modern Hawaiian today could ever seriously advocate the expulsion of the various races that have taken up permanent residence here. No present day Hawaiian is going to support kicking out their Japanese grandmother or Chinese uncle or Filipino cousin or their Caucasian spouse's family to reclaim Kingdom of Hawaii for the Hawaiians."

Or was it this part?

"It is my own view after considerable study and reflection, that resistance to the coming tyranny of the global elite will be lost if the resistance is based on any group of people trying to recapture the ideal of a heterogeneous, race-based culture that has already been miscegenated out of existence generations ago."

If these brilliant scientific minds intend to continue this devastating mockery, seems to me they need to work on understanding the actual writing of the minor minds they deign to belittle.

"He also sees the mixing of various peoples as "miscegenation" so we can be pretty sure he's against any kind of mixing whatsoever anyway."

What was that old saying about making an ASS out of U and ME? I guess the mere use of the word "miscegenation" is proof positive that I'm against any kind of mixing whatsoever.

 T H O U G H T C R I M E !!

Considering I can count 16 different ethnicities (10 of which are Anglo-Euro) in my own heritage, I must add self-loathing and constant suicidal ideation to my current list of character faults I need to work on, to better reach my goal of evil Christian fundie purity.

This genius then deigns to offer his own view of the evils of miscegenation and any ethnic group daring to even consider the idea of maintaining an ethnic homeland:

"Put in another way, if the Hawaiian people want to make sure Hawaii keeps the traditions alive, I think the solution is to have Hawaii use the state and local protections already in place to make that happen. Have festivals, teach kids, etc. Most democratic countries (by nature of democratic systems) already have such protections and have seen them used, at times, to keep local traditions alive. Though not an "ethnic homeland" it certainly does the same kind of job without all the repugnant baggage that comes with the concept."

Ah, so to believe that Germany should be the homeland of the Germans, that Italy should be the homeland of the Italians, that Japan should be the homeland of the Japanese, or Hawaii the homeland of the Hawaiians carries "repugnant baggage" and it would all better if we all just accepted our assimilation into the global borg of consumerist serfdom and be content to "carry on our traditions" by selling our cultural practices and artifacts at corporate sponsored festivals and educational initiatives for the kids?! Got it.

Praise Science for showing us the answers to cultural perpetuation are protected by Democratic Systems! Why didn't I think of that before? I stand corrected. Ah well. It's all much ado about nothing. The concept of an "ethnic homeland" is well on it's way to extinction....except for one little country in the Middle East with all the Nukes and enough political influence to send American military forces off to war anywhere they see fit....oh darn, I went and did it again. Now you can add "anti-semite" to the list of character failings I need to work on. I'll get to my character improvement efforts soon, I promise!

'I find it hilarious that he can rant at length about non-Hawaiians coming in and muddying up the Hawaiian race and culture, and then in the same breath argue that 'usury' and globalization are bad because they're un-Christian.'

I find it hilarious that these scientific-minded geniuses all interpreted my previous post as a rant. I do the rant thing pretty frequently here, but I wouldn't count that last post as one of 'em. I guess I failed to get to the point across with any semblance of clarity, causing a lot of misinterpretation and confusion amongst the Scientific mockery squad. Let me try to make it easy here. Yes guys, I am certainly bonkers, for you see, I am a Truth Seeker, seeking truth in a world gone mad. I call it as I see it, after much reading, reflection and contemplation. I read all sorts of things to add to the big picture I've constructed in my mind to make sense of this world I was born into.

To the average citizen who has been inured with our mass media's regularly scheduled programming and educational system's indoctrination and behavioral conditioning, the things I write about here certainly appear to be the ravings of a lunatic who needs to be fitted with a straight jacket and left to rot in a padded room somewhere. Indeed, as one of these sciency mockers stated:

"That said, looking at this blog is probably the deepest I've delved down the loony rabbit hole in a while."

Finally! Someone gets it!

For the rest struggling to keep up with the writings of a minor mind such as mine, let me take this opportunity to simplify the point I was trying to get at in that last post: in every corner of the so-called "First world" nations of what was once considered Western Civilization, every single government is actively engaged in the importing of millions of foreigners from completely different cultures and religious backgrounds to inter-mingle with the present populations, which in turn effects miscegenation by enforced proximity of ethnic diversity over the course of generations.

Whenever any of the original residents of any particular race, culture and heritage dare object, they are immediately denounced as racists, ostracized and reviled by the mass media outlets that are following the orders of those who are behind this enforced mass miscegenation program. And the deluge of foreigners continues unabated and unopposed. The goal is to establish a One World government, with the subjects of this global order loyal to no country, nation-state nor ethnic identity nor shared cultural heritage.

The only approved religion will be Orthodox Scientific Consensus-Approved Atheism, observed with strict adherence by the masses of miscegenated serfs, obedient and incapable of forming groups of resistance along no commonly shared bonds or cultural heritage. The only common bond will be to the newly emerging, globalized and homogenized culture of corporate consumerism, dependent on Wal Marts and McDonalds outlets in every corner of the globe for their daily needs, with CocaCola and handheld iSurveillance technology for all.

My observations of mass miscegenation of the multitudes of immigrants to Hawaii already bear out the perfect example of the desired results of the coming Brave New World Order. Hawaii is forever lost to the Hawaiians as an ethnic homeland. The rest of the world is following suit. Hawaii was the proving ground for a program that has now gone global, to do away with Nation States, Cultural pride, and distinctly unique and different societies of humankind. After all, if everyone were a melange of mixed race mutts, then the chimera of EQUALITY will finally have been achieved.

PS - The most ironic thing of this whole debacle? Check out the "quote of the week" that appeared on the top page of the OP mocking me: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant, American historian (1885-1981)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The End Game of Immigration

The World's "First" Multicultural Society? Not quite...

And as he stood there in the late afternoon, in the heart of Honolulu, watching the varied people of the island go past, he had a faint glimmer of the ultimate brotherhood in which the world must one day live: Koreans went by in amity with Japanese whom in their homeland they hated, while Japanese accepted Chinese, and Filipinos accepted both, a thing unheard of in the Phillipines. A Negro passed by and many handsome Hawaiians whose blood was mixed with that of China or Portugal or Puerto Rico. It was a strange, new breed of men Congressman Carter saw, and grudgingly an idea came to him: "Maybe they've got something. Maybe I wasted my time living in the big houses of the white people. Maybe this is the pattern of the future." 
- From the book "Hawaii" by James Michener

Michener's historical-fiction novel, Hawaii, was published in 1959, the same year Hawaii officially became the 50th franchise of USA Inc. It is fitting that Michener ended his epic with an ode to the emergence of the new "golden man" of Hawaii's 20th century melting pot of mass miscegenation and Americanization, since that year marked the fruition of over a century of effort by the business and military interests who worked ceaselessly to overthrow Hawaii's monarchy and status as a sovereign, independent nation.

As a young college student working on a Bachelor's degree at the University of Hawaii, I was a Hawaiian history buff that took as many Hawaiian Studies courses as I could to fulfill my elective requirements. To those familiar with the literature, you will recognize the most prominent names of the authoritative books of Hawaiian history that I have collected and studied over the years - Malo, Kamakau, Fornander, Elbert, Mahoe, Pukui, and Desha, amongst others. The collection of books formed the bulk of my studies as an eager student of the Hawaiian Studies program at the UH. I was primarily focused on the study Hawaiian cultural practices (like marriage customs), religion and history of the people of antiquity. I was inspired to discover the roots of the native part of my indigenous heritage and learn of the practices, beliefs and worldview of a culture that is on the edge of extinction in our modern age.

But the literature focused on Hawaiian antiquity was only part of the coursework of the Hawaiian studies program. A large portion of the curriculum also included study of Hawaii's transition to the modern day, and the history of the Hawaiian monarchy and the upheaval of culture and religious beliefs and eventual overthrow of the Monarchy and eventual induction as the 50th State of USA Inc.

At the time, I was not very interested in this aspect of the Hawaiian Studies coursework, for at that time in my life, I was also a patriotic Americanized neo-con warmonger, imbibing the right wing kool aid to wash down the MMPCP I was taking on a daily basis. At that time, I thought the Republican party and the conservative outlets of the mass media were my friend and ally, while the left wing Democrats and left-wing mainstream media where my enemy. Now I know better.

With my worldview under the influence of such intoxicating substances, I viewed my angry Hawaiian Studies professors as the equivalent manifestations of the left-wing, socialist-progressive minority grievance-mongers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Much of the class lectures and discussions were focused on anti-Americanism and urging we Hawaiian Studies students to become $ocial justice warriors. Many of the lectures and discussions were also infused with the progressive, left-wing, regularly scheduled programming of our Brave New World Order - feminism, environmentalism, collectivism and socialism.

In hindsight, I now realize exactly why Hawaiian Studies was thoroughly infused with the Cultural Marxist's regularly scheduled's one of the integral features of any and every school and course of study at any State University in USA Inc., since the mass-media and public education curriculum-driven cultural revolution of the 1960's.

While I could understand my professor's anger and desire to de-colonize Hawaii from the imperial American occupation, I also thought that it was unrealistic fantasy and a waste of time and energy to follow the path of the angry Hawaiian Sovereignty Activists so many of my fellow Hawaiian Studies students took.

Besides, several of my Hawaiian ancestors of the 20th century served with honor in the US military, and fought for our country and came home as proud American veterans who did their part to fight for "Freedum, Duhmockrusee and teh 'Murican way!"

It was for their sake that I was often deeply offended by the anti-American diatribes my Hawaiian Studies professors frequently voiced in my classes, though I held my tongue and never spoke up about my oppositional attitude. I was their to learn about my cultural heritage of my ancestors before Western contact, not concern myself with modern political activism.

While a student working on my Bachelor's degree and indulging in as many elective Hawaiian Studies classes as I could to satisfy my elective requirements, I intently studied Hawaiian history of antiquity while only dedicating minimal effort and attention to the 18th and 19th century Hawaiian history, which was the period of vast cultural change and social upheaval and eventual assimilation into the modern zeitgeist of pan-globalization.

Now that I've got my Master's Degree in Politically Incorrect History and Political Science of Globalized Conspiracy from the University of the Autodidact, I have since begun a review of my Hawaiian History books focused on that period of immense cultural change and upheaval...this time with a much different perspective than my formerly brainwashed youth. Many things that were a big mystery when I first read the histories have now been laid bare for me, and I now see these things from a much more lucid and clearer perspective.

As I've come to accept the idea that the conspiracy to effect a Brave New World Order of globalized tyranny of Orwellian proportions is factual and imminent, I've also been able to analyze the playbook THEY have been using for centuries to achieve their satanic goals of global domination. First and foremost, THEY gain their power by gaining control of the government with their primary weapon of usury.

Once their influence is gained by usury, THEY always implement their next move of their social engineering playbook - forced miscegenation to change the cultural zeitgeist of the nation they enslaved with usury, to effect a new ethos of globalized ethnic and cultural homogenization - aka the "pattern of the future" Michener referenced back in 1959.

The subtitle to the TIME magazine cover at the top of this post states - "How Immigrants Are Shaping the World's First Multicultural Society" couldn't be more wrong. Long before the invasion of the impoverished peasantry from Central and South America to the Northern Latitudes of USA Inc. occurred, the Kingdom of Hawaii had already long undergone the exact same process. THEY, the financiers of the sugar plantation owners, where behind the influence on the Hawaiian monarchy beholden to them by usurious debt, to import boatloads of immigrants from all over the world to work for indentured serf wages in the sugar cane fields all over the islands.

The color of the skin of these miscegenation operations are contextual...based solely on the nation-state targeted for assimilation into the Brave New World Order Borg. At the moment, THEY seek to dilute the white skin majority of Western Civilization here in the 21st century. But in 19th century Hawaii, the situation was the exact opposite. THEY sought to inundate Hawaii with a panoply of different races and cultures so as to dilute the Native Hawaiian brownskin stock, in order to cement the disenfranchisement of the native Polynesian of his rightful inheritance to the land.

In short, THEY want the teeming masses of humanity to interbreed over consecutive generations to create a mishmash-melange of ethnic people without a solid cultural identity or national pride in a nation-state homeland. 

Who are THEY that I refer to? Why the same THEY we recognize today - the banksters. The "elite." The "owners of society." As I noted earlier, I have begun reviewing my collection of Hawaiian history, with a particular focus on the transition of the Kingdom of Hawaii to the modern state of colonized incorporation into our Brave New World Order.

The same tools used to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom were the same tools that have been used to overthrow the Sovereignty of all the monarchies and other assorted forms of native sovereign governments of the world in the last several centuries - debt enslavement of the government and (by extension the populace at large) through usury that results in the eventual usurpation of power, followed by enforced immigration of different cultures to break up the cultural uniformity of the populace, so that they cannot base an effective resistance to this usurpation of power around National pride and heterogeneous cultural ties that normally bind a community together.

Take a look at any modern day mass gathering of blood-descended Hawaiians and you will see exactly what I'm talking about. The brownskin Polynesian genes have been thoroughly diluted and most Hawaiians have been miscegenated into a melange of indistinguishable ethnic identity. Look at this recent photo from the Kamehameha Schools Song contest -- as every single student has some trace of Hawaiian blood, as it is a requirement for enrollment in that school -- but the pure Hawaiian genetic type has been overwhelmed by the mass migrations and subsequent miscegenation over multiple generations. 

These are the 21st century Hawaiians...some brown, some displaying the "negroid" features of the Polynesian genotype...but most of it has been diluted with a mixture of Oriental, Caucasian and Hispanic genes. If we played "Where's Waldo" with this photo, in which Waldo represented the 100% pure blood Hawaiian, chances are most likely Waldo can't be found in this picture at all.

Not many 21st century Hawaiians that look like this are commonly seen anymore:

House of Kamehameha - 1853

In the 21st century, the Native Hawaiian race has been miscegenated to the brink of extinction. We are now almost completely assimilated into the globalized matrix of the Brave New World Order, and our colonization and subjugation is nearly complete. Mass miscegenation is the end result of the racial and cultural divide and conquer tactics THEY first use when they gain control of the government of any nation throughout history. Almost no modern Hawaiian today could ever seriously advocate the expulsion of the various races that have taken up permanent residence here.

No present day Hawaiian is going to support kicking out their Japanese grandmother or Chinese uncle or Filipino cousin or their Caucasian spouse's family to reclaim Kingdom of Hawaii for the Hawaiians. Thus, multi-generational miscegenation ensures entrenched loyalty to the new system THEY adminster, for which all the various imported races are now dependent on to exist in our present reality.

What THEY have done to Hawaii, they are now doing to the rest of the West.

Many bloggers of these politically incorrect fringes of teh Interwebz have touted the equation championed by the so-called 'race realists' of "neo-reaction" and "the dark enlightenment": diversity + proximity = war. That's simply the short view of the Cultural Marxist's use of multi-cult diversity and proximity as a social engineering tool to divide and conquer.

While enforced proximity serves the divide part of the equation in the short term, as long as the proximity is enforced over the span of multiple generations, the equation turns out quite differently: diversity + proximity = miscegenation and cultural homogenization.

This homogenized culture is no longer defined by race or ethnicity, but by the shared experiences and values of the mixed society that emerges from the blending of cultural traditions and customs by forced proximity over time.

This is the story of Hawaii, and it mirrors the story of the "white race" of America too. The history of American immigration is a history of every type of "white" immigrating from the old world and miscegenating freely in the new world.

In the 21st century, we casually refer to "white race" and the "white majority" or in $JW parlance "white privilege" or "white hegemony." But 16th and 17th century immigrants to America certainly didn't look at it that way. English, French, German, Spanish, Poles, Scots, Irish, Italians, Russians, et al all came in successive waves of migration, with each newcoming group of whiteskins getting the "nigger" treatment by the previous whiteskin migrants.

There was no 'white' solidarity and racial consciousness until several generations of Anglo-Euro-Celtic-Nordic-Aryan-Russo-Mediterranean whiteskins mixed and miscegenated into a melange of paleface uniformity, consolidated and unified by social conflict from proximity with "the others" of red, black, yellow and brown-skinned peoples.

But in another generation or two, these race-based conflicts are going to be a long distant memory, as all the various races mix, mingle and miscegenate. Soon enough we will all be nothing but a mass of intermixed peoples united under the tyranny of a global elite that are largely united by a specific religious ethos...the literal religion of Anti-Christ.

For everything THEY have done, is driven by the desire to overthrow any culture and society, whether they be composed of brown, black, red, yellow or white skinned people, that is based on the foundational teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? For sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again.  - Luke 6:34

I've come to the conclusion that distilled down to it's essence, USURY is the anti-thesis of the Gospel of Jesus. It is the wellspring of all the rest of the evils of modernism. It is the root cause of the subversion of Christianity and the evolution of what many are now recognizing as "Churchianity." It is the means for gaining control and implementing their agenda, which includes mass importation of non-native migrants to effect mass miscegenation.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

THEY have created a global wide system of usury to enslave the masses. To maintain this anti-Christ system of usurious control, THEY are seeking the mass miscegenation of all races, resulting in a globalized society, dispossessed of any sense of heterogeneous heritage or identity, nor any loyalty to a nation-state, but simply subjects to the homogenized culture of secularized mass media consumerism and globalized citizenship, enslaved to the worldwide system of indentured servitude and utterly beholden to this system of total population control.

It is my own view after considerable study and reflection, that resistance to the coming tyranny of the global elite will be lost if the resistance is based on any group of people trying to recapture the ideal of a heterogeneous, race-based culture that has already been miscegenated out of existence generations ago.

THEY are the heirs to the heresy and blasephemy of the ideology of the Pharisees who condemned and crucified the Messiah, for they are not interested in the Kingdom of Heaven, but in usurping the sovereignty and God-given rights of all of mankind, so as to establish their Kingdom of oppression and control here on earth.

The only possible victory in the face of this pervasive, ubiquitous system of Anti-Christ that now spans the entire modern world, is finding our way to the eternal salvation promised by Jesus Christ. For it is His gospel of forgiveness, repentance, atonement and salvation that stands in direct contrast to the ethos of hatred, revenge, envy and greed that THEY are ultimately enslaved to, even as they continually work to enslave us all.

Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - John 8:31-32

By their fruits, ye shall know them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Remember Thou Art Mortal

Within the last year or so, I've taken two hiatuses from blogging here, one for three weeks and one for well over a month.

This past month, I was on a forced hiatus. My ISP had technical difficulties that involved a 24-7 work crew since the end of September, working to resolve the connectivity issues, giving me and everyone else in my vicinity that retained their services, access to teh Interwebz.

At first, I was apoplectic at the loss of my convenient connection to the world wide web at my domicile. In both instances of my past hiatuses, while I eschewed blogging, I was still plugged in and still reading on a daily basis.

But having no access to teh 'webz at home for almost a month has been quite the kick of cold turkey delerious tremens withdrawal mindfunks. At first, I spent hours compulsively trying to troubleshoot my computer, my network settings, my modem - broadband connection hardware and software, thinking the problem was on my end.

Then I called tech support for my digital corporate access provider in both India and the Phillipines, whereby I discovered my locally sourced portal to teh Interwebz had a total hardware meltdown and had to do a complete rebuild, and that they were so sorry I was experiencing these difficulties, but many thanks for my continued patronage of their services...they would certainly give me as much credit as they were allowed to without consulting upper management at their globally outsourced call center to compensate for any inconveniences I was experiencing due to the loss of service.

After that initial first few days of frustration, I changed my mindset and approached this drastic change of my daily routine (web browsing with my first two cups of coffee every morning), and embraced the opportunity of truly unplugged living.

I began reading actual dead-tree and ink books again. I also got busy taking on an exponential number of projects I've had on the back burner for years now. I truly did not realize how much of a time-suck reading, blogging, commenting and surfing teh Interwebz has taken out of my life until I was forced to log out for so long with no choice, and throw my effort into doing things I had previously constantly and consistently put off. Seeing my handiwork and effort producing concrete results has been rather satisfying, and illuminating as to the amount of time I've been spending in the past decade or so, logged on, plugged in and zombied out in a virtual world of reading and virtual socializing with a panoply of anonymous personalities in cyberspace.

More than a few times I contemplated closing my current ISP account and going with another service provider to regain immediate access to teh Interwebz.

But as time went on, and I found myself immersing myself in productive pursuits and I decided to turn my forced disconnection into a vacation from the dependence on virtual world immersion and just wait until the portal was repaired and my service restored.

After all, my friendly representatives and corporate customer service agents in India and the Phillipines had credited my account, so it's not like I was paying for a service I wasn't getting.

Then I got the call.

Another friend I'd known for years had passed away.

So young. So talented and full of promise. He helped me out more than a few times in the past, and I in turn helped him. He was a good man and we had shared good times. RIP Johnny.

Ruminating on his passing and our shared time together gave me quite the dose of morose contemplation. Being unable to connect to the 'net also brought a bit more clarity to my thought process.

Life is short. Much too short to waste so many hours upon hours staring at a computer screen, reading forums, blogs, news, watching youtube videos and indulging in other online distractions.

I think it's high time I emphasize getting back to cherishing and cultivating the personal, real life relationships with friends and family and all the other folks worth knowing and having involvement with, in the good ole IRL.

Time to get back to developing my talents and skills in my chosen pursuits and artistic expressions.

Time to keep doing what my sudden, unplanned vacation from internet connectivity inspired.

DO instead of reading or viewing ABOUT doing. Vicarious immersion and virtual affirmations are pleasurable pursuits...but learning knowledge in the virtual world and applying it to better your life in the real world does have a diminishing rate of return.

After awhile, your telling yourself that red pill immersion is a way of life and that one needs the constant reinforcement of logging on and reading and writing in the 'sphere of the politically incorrect zeitgeist of these fringes of the Interwebz to maintain the gains received from finding the ugly truth in a world of beautiful lies...but in the harsh light of stark reality, it really is nothing more than an excuse to continue spending time frittered away in front of the glowing screen.

My forced disconnect was the wake up call I needed.

My years spent on the 'net have been rewarding, illuminating, educational, inspirational and inspiring. They've also been indulgent, compulsive, wasteful and frivolous as well. From here on out, I will be consciously and deliberately striving to limit the worst aspects of my interwebz addiction and severely curtail my online time spent displacing productive and intrinsically rewarding behavior.

I regularly deride the palm zombies in my own mind every time I observe the pandemic of automatons compulsively peering incessantly at their smart phones everywhere I go in today's Brave New World Order... but am I really that much better off, spending four consecutive hours on my day off, sitting at my desktop PC reading thirty different blogs, forums, news articles and viewing a cornucopia of YouTube videos?

After all, If I had lived in the time before Al Gore invented the internet, spending as much time in a library reading in isolation and silence, lost in the ethereal clouds of infinite contemplation and would undoubtedly have a similar impact on my real world life productivity and interpersonal relationships, as it does sitting here constantly plugged into cyberspace, reading or banging away at my keyboard incessantly, instead of actually living a life worth living.

I'm pretty sure I won't be on my own deathbed, wishing I had spent more time online.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

...And $ocial Justice For All

Justice is lost...justice is raped...justice is DONE

Survey after survey shows that the median age of TV watchers is north of 40. For off-air viewers it is close to 50, cable TV is a bit lower, something like 43 or so. Millenials often don't even own a TV, they view video on their computer or on a flatscreen display driven by a computer. This fragments the market for infotainment something fierce. - A Paradigm is More Than 20 Cents

While it's good to see the influence of the Tell-A-Vision as the primary programming tool of the elites is losing some of it's efficacy on the younger generations, it simply means the ideological battleground has shifted into new terrain. The new battlegrounds are twitter, instagram, facebook...aka the social media frontiers of teh Interwebz. From the view of the so-called "Social Justice Warriors" aka progressive change agents and useful idiots for the cultural Marxist Borg, what better place to wage a war of social justice then in the social media?

These Social Justice Warriors, aka SJW's, as Roosh points out, have become one of the most lucrative markets for corporations to make money off of exploiting their progressive brainwashing:

Haven’t you noticed what’s happening in the media and on the internet? Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system. Sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Policy Mic, Medium, Huffington Post, and Gawker are raking in money hand over fist providing content which either acts as soothing soma for your modern progessive or emotional outrage at something that conflicts with their worldview. Providing content targeted at liberals, social justice warriors, and white knights who believe in mythical fantasies is now a huge profit-generating industry.

Of course it's all tied in. It's not like the editors and publishers of all this $ocial Justice content need to micro-manage the journalists, bloggers, reporters, interviewers and writers to make sure they all adhere to the progressive party line. The University system has already taken care of indoctrinating several generations of students, and we have now reached a critical mass of brainwashed progressives in enough positions of media influence to ensure that the $ocial Justice narrative is our society's primary paradigm. With so many sheeple now in with the program, it's time for the managers of our proverbial feedlot of a society to cash in.

The site Buzzfeed is the physical manifestation of progressivism transmutated into gigantic piles of cash. So is xoJane, Jezebel, any woman’s site, and even sites that were formerly the domain of men, like Cracked, Forbes, and College Humor. More sites are veering left simply because that’s where the cash is. It’s not hard to see why: the modern West has become more liberal than at any other time in history while bored citizens are wired with tablets, smartphones, and computers that need a replenishing flow of content that can be laced with advertising to enrich the media owners. Even better for those owners is the fact that we still haven’t hit a peak at much content can be consumed by your typical consumer zombie, because I’m sure you’ve noticed how all those blogs are huge even though they write about identical topics.

Maybe progressivism in the past really was about social change and equality, but the owners of these sites don’t care about anything that doesn’t give them money.

But just because $ocial Media is the new front of the profitable culture war, that doesn't mean the passive viewership of regularly scheduled programming on the tell-a-vision has lost all of it's usefulness to our Brave New World Order's social engineers. THEY continue to work ceaselessly around the clock to manufacture consensus and control the narrative of globalized conventional wisdom.

Out in these fringes of teh Interwebz, most recognize that Tell-A-Vision programming has basically become one big commercial broadcast to market to the consumer-driven vagina. Professional Sports represents the last bastion of male virtue. It is the last space in which athletic competition as proxy for war that appeals to the intrinsic males aggression and drive for victory through violence, is still recognized and celebrated to some degree.
It allows men to vicariously experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat from the comforts of home. Of course, I am one of those who has previously excoriated young men to find real, meaningful ways of satiating the male desire to engage in positive outlets for aggression and violence, instead of solely experiencing it as a passive spectator parked on the couch in front of the boob-tube.

But I make no blanket condemnations of sports fans en mass, after all, I am one myself. As a long time NFL football fan and former MMA enthusiast (more on this later,) I certainly appreciate the entertainment value of viewing the most compelling spectacles of the 21st century bread-and-circuses offerings, despite long realizing the role the NFL has played in programming we the sheeple in all sorts of ways and means, both overt and covert.

For example, as a former MMPCP addict -- a Limbaugh-listening, Dubya-voting, FAUXNews-viewing Repbli-neo-con -- who proudly registered to vote for my enslavement as soon as I turned 18, I still remember getting patriotic-feely goosebumps as Whitney Houston's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner hit it's climactic, firework-punctuated conclusion at the Tampa Bay stadium before the Superbowl in 1991.
"...and the land of the F R E E E E E E E..."

USA Inc. had just invaded Iraq, and by God, I, like most other Gen X mass media consumers, was bound and determined to fix the societal mistakes of the Vietnam War era we had all seen depicted in countless movies and tell-a-vision programs - we were gonna SUPPORT THE TROOPS regardless of the righteousness or morality of any particular war.

The NFL's regularly scheduled programming has long been concerned with promoting the military-industrial-complex and statist obeisance for the feedlot inhabitants citizenry. But ever since our induction into the globalized Brave New World Order on the day we will never forget, the NFL has also played an integral role in the gradual implementation of the authoritarian police state.

"The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seeks to enslave us."

Support for the military and patriotic statism is certainly the NFL's longest running, overt programming that we the long time viewers and consumers have been subjected to. But it seems like the politically-correct agenda of the $ocial Justice Whores has really taken increased precedence in the last five years or so. Every single topic being promulgated in our modern age by the $JW's useful idiots and change agents has taken front and center, as the daily topics du jour in the National Sports media.

Most obvious has been the complete surrender of the teams uniform integrity during the month of October towards the cause of radiating women's breasts to support one of the most profitable niche markets of the medical-healthcare-insurance industrial complex. Perhaps it's success in promoting the mammography industry has emboldened the social engineers in charge of NFL programming to kick it up a few notches.

As the mass media programming agenda continues to escalate it's descent down the gradualist slippery slope of hope and change, we are now inundated with every politically correct topic, meme and shibboleth that furthers the Brave New World Order's agenda for population control.

In light of the dramatic Ray Rice vs. Janay TKO video footage, Adrian Peterson's Southern-style discipline for his unruly son being equated to child abuse, and the arrests of several other high profile players for "domestic violence" issues, the mandate for more change is here, and $JW's premiere stooge and puppet, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not letting the opportunity of  the current crisis go to waste.

No sirree...Goodell in a letter sent to all 32 franchises, our $JW Commissioner announces that he is now appointing four $JW feminazi's to some newly created positions in the NFL Administration to " the league is taking domestic violence and sexual assault matters seriously..."

Anna Isaacson, the NFL's vice president of community affairs and philanthropy, will now be in an expanded role as vice president of social responsibility. 

An NFL Vice President of "Social Responsibility?"

 The letter continues:

The league also has retained as senior advisors Lisa Friel, the former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney's Office; NO MORE co-founder Jane Randel; and Rita Smith, the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

I think I see ultimately what this is all about now..

Friel, Randel and Smith will work closely with me, Anna Isaacson, Deana Garner, and others in our organization on the development and implementation of the league's policies, resources and outreach on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Friel's emphasis will be on the evaluation process of incidents of alleged domestic violence and sexual assault. She will advise me and our staff on disciplinary matters involving violations of law or of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Initially, Randel and Smith will focus on:
  1. Overseeing the development and implementation of the NFL's domestic violence/sexual assault (DV/SA) workplace policy;
  2. Building on existing training curricula and education programs for all personnel, including players and non-players;
  3. Disseminating and executing completed training programs for all 32 teams, including executives, coaches, players and staff;
  4. Identifying and managing DV/SA resources to enhance current services such as NFL Life Line and the NFL's Employee Assistance Programs for league and club employees and their families;
  5. Identifying and disseminating information to employees and families regarding resources outside of the NFL and clubs, including local advocacy and support organizations in each NFL community.
Other leading experts, including Kim Gandy, president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence; former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey; Esta Soler, founder of Futures Without Violence; and Kim Wells of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, are working with us to provide guidance on DV/SA education and policy, conduct our policy review, and identify state and local organizations throughout the country that can serve as resources for your clubs and your personnel.

Ahh, it looks like we now see the real agenda here: lucrative NFL make-work careers created for all the Liberal Arts and Women's Studies $JW Degree graduates from the nation's institutions of higher learning $JW indoctrination mills!

It's now just a matter of time before all NFL players and everyone else employed by the league, are soon going to be forced to attend workshops and conferences where they will be subjected to power point presentations, skits, videos and tearful testimonials of Women's Studies graduates and interns, all as a part of this new program for "sensitivity training" and "social responsibility."

I'm sure this will undoubtedly improve the quality of the game.


While it garners most of the national sports media attention, the NFL competition itself is still compelling enough for me to endure the $JW programming and still tune in to the games. While I used to watch all the pre and post game shows for analysis and replays on ESPN and the NFL Network, I no longer watch any of it. I DVR games, then begin watching them later so I can fast forward all the commercials, interviews, "special interest features" and heart-rending interviews by faux-sympathetic female journalists asking players how they F E E E E L about something.

I just can't take that crap anymore.

But I still watch the Games, and the highlights of the other games I missed, because I still find the sport itself to be compelling entertainment worth enduring the whatever $JW commercialism I can't avoid.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Fighting Championships complete embrace of the $JW-Feminazi narrative has almost completely killed my enjoyment and passion for watching mixed martial arts. I have been watching the UFC since UFC 1. I was an avid fan of PRIDE fighting championships, and have closely followed the re-emergence of the UFC into mainstream acceptance in the early 00's, and on towards their eventual growth into the globally embraced phenomena it is today.

As the UFC soared in popularity, smaller organizations also were able to cash in nominally on the rise in mixed martial arts popularity, and a few organizations also embraced women fighting MMA as well. The MMA press began to ask the UFC if they would ever have a women's division like the smaller, rival shows were putting on.

 In 2011, UFC President Dana White vowed: "Women will never fight in the UFC." 


In 2014: "The best decision I ever made was to bring Women in."
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:

In an interview regarding the 20th season of the UFC's reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, with it's first time ever, all-female fighter cast, Dana expresses his his new found enthusiasm for women fighting in the Octagon: "I’m so sold on women fighting. Years ago, this whole thing started, and look at how much it’s evolved. I look at somebody like Ronda Rousey, and she is so empowering to women and to little girls."
I’m so sold on women fighting. Years ago, this whole thing started, and look at how much it’s evolved. I look at somebody like Ronda Rousey, and she is so empowering to women and to little girls. - See more at:


There's an $JW buzz word. It also gives us a clue as to why Dana White changed his mind. Perhaps like the NFL, the UFC has also been $ocially Justiced into compliance. Or maybe he just figured out the same point Roosh did: "Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system."