Thursday, February 25, 2010

Red-pill Reflections On Blue-pill Delusions

As the old saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20...and after a bit of rumination and introspection, I think this axiom is certainly true. Inspired by the blogging of Alkibiades and Talleyrand and their frequent posts over at Seasons of Tumult and Discord regarding their "red-pill" based observations of interpersonal relationship dynamics in their day-to-day interactions, as well as recalling their experiences from their pasts, I too began to think a lot about my own experiences and of those of the people I've known.

Looking back to my own relationships, and those of relationships of friends and family for which I have an intimate knowledge of their particular dynamics, I now realize that I have a much clearer understanding of why people ended up doing the things they did; why they took certain tracks in life.

When I was a young man in my 20's, I self-identified as a socially-libertine conservative Republican - i.e. basically a small government, anti-liberal - Rush Limbaugh listening - FOXNews watching - Republican voting - pot smoker. I always supported the Libertarian Party platform and candidates...but I used to buy into the lie that I HAD to vote Republican to fight the liberal - socialist Democrats. (8 years of the Dubya-led GOP and his "compassionate conservatism" certainly cured me of that particular notion.)

Nevertheless, one of the ideas I used to accept without reservation was the idea that the two parent family was inviolable - that screwed up people only came from broken households with absentee parental guidance or abusive step-parents...which is of course the right-wing view as promoted by the likes of Rush and Bill O'Reilly et al. So I was always puzzled whenever I thought about a particular family that I knew of. The Father was a retired military man, the mother, an Asian he married while deployed overseas. They married, and moved to Hawaii, and had two children, a girl and a boy. They were both in my peer group and we all hung out amongst the same clique in High School and the first half of my 20's.

The girl was known as 'easy.' Not exactly considered a slut...but she was the penultimate serial monogamy-polyandrist. She dated almost every single guy amongst our social peer group. While she wouldn't have one night stands or cheat on a current boyfriend, it was widely known that all you had to do was ask her out and take her on a single date and you would be getting some until either she broke up with you or you broke it off with her. In a 10 year period (from 15-25 I lost contact with them after that - but eventually connected with her again through facebook.), I would say she "dated" probably 35+ guys. I would say it's not too outrageous to guess the pattern continued in the last decade since I last saw her. The reason why I write about her story is because she dated 3 of my closest friends for extended periods of time (3-6 months...for her, that was extensive.) I saw first hand the relationship arc she went through with each of my friends. Of course I had no understanding at all about the dynamics that played out at the time.

Her younger brother was a definite wild-child, who constantly got into trouble, and eventually dropped out of school. He and I used to hang out occasionally, and would often deal with each other in terms of acquiring our favored smokable herbs. I've spent a bit of time at their house just hanging out with the both of them and I used to wonder how both he and his sister turned out so wild when they had such a stern, disciplinarian-type drill Seargent type of a Father. I often sat there while he lectured one or both of them.

According to my "right-wing" belief system at the time, I thought these kids were some kind of weird anomaly. Two kids from an intact family home, both living wild and self-destructive (but-oh-so-fun) lifestyles.

Now, I do believe I know exactly why they turned out the way they did (and why I too got into so much trouble in my youth).

I now understand that the simple existence of a two parent household, while important, is certainly not the be all-end all of raising children to have successful families of their own and to becoming thoughtful, contributing members of society.

See, I now know that their can be worse situations than single mother households.

Just because parents are not divorced, doesn't really mean that a home can't be broken. Funny, how I used to think to myself about how these two were so screwed up...but I never made the association with my own situation, and why I too embraced a self-destructive lifestyle in my youth.

Looking back with "red-pill" induced clarity, I now understand exactly why these two kids took a path of dysfunction (as I similarly did). Their strict, harsh, disciplinarian father had zero authority in his home. And while the Father would get angry and go into tirades and try to mete out discipline for his children...their mother always intervened, interjected and undermined any sort of authority he tried to assert.

If he grounded them, she would give them permission to go out the minute he left the house.

If he tried to take away their things, she'd give it back to them.

If he cut off their allowance, she'd just give them the money when he wasn't looking.

She spoiled them rotten...and he knew it. And he never stood up to his wife's constant campaign to render his authority meaningless. She wore the proverbial pants.

He'd yell at them, and she'd jump right in and defend them, no matter what.

When the school called because the boy skipped school three days in a row, the father would start to yell at him, and his mother would immediately get in between them defend her son from the Father's wrath. Same thing when he got arrested for possession of cocaine and acid. When he got arrested for reckless endangerment for his crazy driving. No matter what, these kids had no consequences for their behavior...because their mother enabled them and the Father never stood up to her and called her on it. The mother had utter contempt for the Father. I now see this kind of home environment can be just as bad -- if not worse -- for children as a bitter divorce or abandoned by a deadbeat. It was much the same story I went through myself.

Gaining an understanding of this dynamic that they grew up in, I also now realize why the sister was such a serial monogamist - the very minute her boyfriends started "beta-izing," she'd lose all attraction for him, and either dump them, or begin to act so bitchy and aloof, he'd dump her. In essence, every new guy she began dating, was a potential male figure of authority that on a visceral, instinctual level, she needed to respect. As soon as she couldn't respect them anymore, it was over. She was essentially rejecting any male that became contemptible...unconsciously, she just couldn't bear to see herself fall into the same relationship dynamic as her parents.

Now, of course, thanks to facebook, I see that she's a single-mother career woman, turned cougar.

Her brother ended up in jail.

My own home life was a bit different, since religion played a prominent role in my own upbringing...but my mother's contempt for my Beta-provider Father certainly affected myself as well.

I don't think my Mother ever realized how destructive she was to my sibling's and my own personal development. The bitter contempt she expressed for my Father whenever he wasn't around. "YOUR FATHER" spit out in disgust was the daily epithet we heard from her as she complained about him on a regular basis. He could never do anything right. Ever. Oh, he sure tried his hardest. But my Father's church-based, white-night chivalry ideals combined with a supplicating, "what can I do to make you happy" demeanor drove my Mother's innate hypergamous instincts haywire.

The funny thing is that my grandfather was the complete opposite. He was certainly an old school 'player.' Until he died in his late 80's, my grandfather was the kind of man that could easily dominate any conversation in a room. He was a "natural." He also had multiple affairs on my Grandmother when they were dating (supposedly none after they married...but I wouldn't put it past the old goat). I think my Father was raised to be a supplicating Beta by my Grandmother constantly telling him to not be like his own father. She took him to a woman-pedestal-izing "Christian" church when he was a young boy and made sure he would not grow up to be a womanizer like his own Father.

My mother used to tell us that our Grandfather was a "terrible" man. That he was "abusive." What I now understand is that my Mother was observing how my Grandfather used to "neg" my Grandmother, and how he definitively "wore the pants." My Grandfather was a very dominant man and my Grandmother was certainly submissive to him. My mother couldn't stand going to their house for the holidays. It would drive her crazy to see my Grandfather say something like "Where's my dinner woman?!" and my Grandmother would quickly get to cooking in the kitchen.

In my mother's 1960's college indoctrinated mentality, my Grandfather was a chauvinist pig and my Grandmother, an oppressed slave catering to his every whim. It wasn't until I was a grown man and I saw my Grandparents die, that I began to understand that they truly loved each other. My Grandmother respected my Grandfather...and he truly loved her. I'll never forget standing at her hospital bedside, watching my Grandmother grasp my Grandfather's hand and telling him she loved him with all her heart and thanked him for a lifetime together. He was utterly heartbroken when she passed away. This was a complete and total shock to me. I had been brainwashed by my mother to believe that they had a sick, abusive relationship...that what they had was not "love."

Only now do I truly understand exactly who it is that has a sick, abusive relationship.

As a young teen, hearing a daily campaign of revulsion and contempt from my mother directed at my Father destroyed my own self-esteem and my own self-image. If your Father is such a piece of garbage, why than I must be one too. I used to hate my father with a passion...and that hatred also turned onto myself. When I looked in the mirror and saw that face that resembled my Father's, my mother's contempt for that similar face, had programmed me to develop a great deal of contempt for my own reflection in the mirror.

I now realize precisely why I myself embraced a self-destructive lifestyle as a teen and young adult. When it comes to hard drugs, and thrill seeking, reckless and suicidal behavior, I've been there and done that. I didn't care if I lived or died.

As I grew older and gained a real understanding of these things, I also went through a period of hatred for my mother. I've gotten over that now. I've gone through a pendulum of emotions and attitudes - from blaming my Father to blaming my Mother. I'm simply now past blame and recriminations. I've settled on simple acceptance. It is what it is, and I also realize that there are other people that have had far worse upbringings to deal with than what I went through. I now realize that my Mother is not totally to blame for her contempt of my Father...that my Father simply does not understand how his supplicating, "nice-guy" manner of dealing with my Mom is the very reason why she's such a bitchy nag to this very day.

But I thank God I have taken the "red-pill" and see such things clearly now. When my own children grow older, I think I have the knowledge to give them a much better home life than the one I grew up in.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Dysfunctional Society was Deliberately Designed That Way

An apropos variation of this blog-posting's title would be: Complete Population Control (It's not just about the birth rate.)

I, like many fellow Man-o-sphere bloggers, often refer to the Matrix red pill vs. blue pill allegory to describe the awakening or moment of awareness we undergo when we put aside the premises, assumptions and pretty lies of our mass media indoctrination that influences most people's understanding of what we mistakenly refer to as "conventional wisdom."

For many, they take the "red pill" concerning one specific area -- i.e. gender relations; the true nature of female sexuality; game; Marriage 1.0 vs. Marriage 2.0 etc. -- and upon gaining insight into a new paradigm, we open a little window of doubt into our formerly indoctrinated mental construct of the world. For some, that is all they are ever satisfied with. Many study the topics into extensive details,, continually deconstructing the pretty lies, taking them apart piece-by-piece, until they gain a full and comprehensive overview of that specific topics truths versus the misconceptions, illusions, delusions, memes and shibboleths of our BraveNewWorldOrder's propaganda-driven world view.

For others, like myself, gaining insights into one area of just how mass delusions are promulgated and accepted as the mainstream conventional wisdom begins a domino effect of cynical skepticism, bordering on paranoia. My initial quest in seeking to gain an understanding of how feminism corrupted marriage in this country has eventually lead me onto a path of studying and analyzing almost every aspect of life under our Brave New World Order. I began to question ALL conventional wisdom. From marriage laws, gender relations, dietary nutrition, education, science, money and finance, and politics. All of these areas that encompass all of our lives are literally influenced, directed...or more appropriately; HERDED by lies, propaganda, half-truths and disinformation. Himmler could only dream of the level of control over We the Sheeple's minds that today's social engineers exercise on the masses.

As far as I'm concerned, the lynch pin to gaining my understanding of the big picture came from combining all of the knowledge gleaned from years of blog reading with the insights provided by several seminal books that became available for free online - works that I would have never before walked into a bookstore and bought for myself. Books like those I've linked on my blogroll: The Underground History of America, The Deliberated Dumbing Down of America, The Garbage Generation, and most recently, Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time.

I believe the evidence is overwhelming. I've put the pieces of the puzzle to together in my own mind, and I'm convinced that the conspiracy is indeed true. But in trying to impart this understanding to other people who haven't already done their own research into it, I've found is next to impossible. The inculcated programming to disbelieve all "conspiracy theory" is one of the strongest implanted ideas to overcome.

I've been rebuked, insulted, marginalized, ignored and castigated in many debates I've engaged in over the last couple of years; both online and in "real" life.* Once people find out that my basic premise involves pointing to the manipulation of every aspect of our reality by a powerful cabal of elites, working to bring the world under one world-communitarian governance...and that there primary weapon IS mass mind seems to me that there is a deeply instilled mechanism that seems to kick in and causes most people to simply reject the entire argument. A reference to "conspiracy" has now come to mean Reptilian Satanists in UFO's to the average blue pill addict.

"C'mon man, you really believe that bullshit?!"

Mis-information and Dis-information is their most powerful means of maintaining their mass mind control. By subverting our societies churches, our educational system, our food supply, and most importantly our mass media, the social engineers behind all of this are actually the grand architects of our modern world. Why do we have a Government that is out of control and never seems to "fix" any of the problems they say they intend to? Why do we have a Government that endorses dietary guidelines and subsidized processed FEED that lead to an epidemic of degerative diseases amongst the populace? Why do we have a Government who's policies deliberately destroy the nuclear family structure that this nation was initially built upon? Why do we have a massive educational system that churns out a dumbed-down populace of sheeple easily mislead by tell-a-vision, news reporters and pseudo-scientists? These are all areas of our lives that are deeply dysfunctional if you live your life and formulate your behaviors based on the attitudes you've been TOLD to adopt by our culture. In short, we are a dysfunctional society, because the powers that be WANT IT THIS WAY.

When you unplug yourself from the matrix completely, in ALL facets of your life, you will finally see just how unbalanced, unnatural and corrupted our modern rat race of life within the matrix really is.

Once you take the red pill, there is no going back.

*I put "real" in quotes, in reference to the fact that red pill takers have a much different view of "real" life than your average blue pill swallower.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Married Man's Last Stand

I watched the Superbowl yesterday -- good game. Unlike the rest of the NFL football season, I also watched the commercials. Throughout the 17 week season of the NFL, the large corporations that sponsor the games typically show the same 20 or so commericals over and over again during NFL game broadcasts. Such repetitive exposure to commercialized propaganda used to drive me insane.

But I love watching the NFL so much, I considered a nuisance I had to endure to get my enjoyment out of the spectacle of the human chess match that is professional NFL Football.

But a couple of years ago, I switched to a satellite broadcast company for my TV, shutting off the cable and have enjoyed a level of control over the idiot box I previously didn't think possible....with a 100 hour Digital Video Recorder receiver box, I've discovered the joys of recording all the games I want to watch, and than hitting the "skip forward 30 second" button on my remote. So while watching an NFL game, I can literally watch a 3 and-a-half hour broadcast in almost half the time sans all the commercials.

I've gone this entire season without watching even a single commercial.

But, of course, we all know that the Superbowl commands such a large audience, that advertisers will often pull out all the stops to create commercials that are memorable and humorous. So I do have to say, some of the commercials I saw certainly lived up to their Superbowl billing (not that I'm going to start drinking Bud Light and eat Doritos...but some of their commercials were entertaining)!

And...of course, as many people have noted, like everything else on 21st century idiot box, tell-a-vision programming, there were a fair share of misandrist themes found in many commercials. Jay Hammers offered a quick synopsis with youtube links over at the Spearhead highlighting some of the more egregious offenders.

But one commercial really stood out for me...the Dodge Chargers "Man's Last Stand" commercial.

Here's the transcript of the narrative:

I will get up and walk the dog at 6:30am.
I will eat fruit as a part of my breakfast.
I will shave...I will clean the sink afterI shave.
I will be at work by 8 am...I will sit through 2 hour meetings.
I will say yes when you want me to say yes.
I will be quiet when you don't want to hear me say no.
I will take your call..I will listen to your opinion of my friends.
I will listen to your friends opinions of my friends.
I will be civil to your mother.
I will put the seat down...I will separate the recycling.
I will carry your lip balm.
I will watch your vampire TV shows with you.
I will take your socks off before getting into bed.
I will put my underwear in the basket...

And because I do this...I will drive the car, I want to drive.

My first thought was: "And because of this, you will be driving the car you want to drive...while struggling to put gas in the tank because you have to pay your court ordered alimony and child support payments because your now ex-wife couldn't stand being married to an utterly dominated, spineless, feminized little boy, begging Mommy's permission to do anything.

This is THE primary way in which the typical marriage is now portrayed by 21st century tell-a-vision. PUA game lingo refers to the average, plain guy who can't get laid as an Average Frustrated Chump, or: AFC...well tell-a-vision usually portrays the typical married man as an AMC.

I've gotten into my share of arguments over time with various folks in the Man-o-sphere regarding the topics of marriage..I don't intend to rehash them here. However, I will say, any man that is married or is getting married, you need to understand a basic truth here: any marriage that is modeled after the AMC template as promoted by our mass media culture, is one destined for failure and unhappiness.

Women are hypergamous. That means if she can rule you, she will not respect you. If she can't respect you, she certainly can't lust you. And if she can't lust you...

We all know how that ends up in our Brave New World Order's family court system.

Anyhow, I thought I'd give it a go to see how this commercial would be like if it were based on a Man who understands what HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD means:

You need to start getting up and walking the dog at're starting to look a little wouldn't want to turn into one of those people of walmart cows?!

You will add some fruit to my breakfast that you are cooking...but DON'T overcook the eggs.

I will shave...I will clean the sink after I shave as well as that clump of your hair out of the bathroom drain...because as the MAN, I realize that the nasty, dirty jobs are MY job around here...and while I do all the things you simply cannot bear to do, like haul the garbage, kill the rodents and insects and yes, clean hair clogs out of drains, you should be cooking me some food or washing the dishes and not complaining about how you "Do Everything Around Here!" Because you don't.

I will be at work by 8 am...I will sit through 2 hour meetings. Because I'm the provider, and I will endure whatever it takes to provide for this household.

I will NEVER say yes when you want me to say yes. If you don't like what I have to say, than make me a sandwich.

You will be quiet when I am doing something that has my interest and requires my concentration.

I will take your call...if I feel like it. If not, I'll call you back later.

I will listen to your opinion of my friends...I may or may not agree with you, but you will NOT choose my friends for me.

What was that your friends said about my friends? Don't they have better things to do than gossip about MY friends?

I will be civil to your mother...if she is civil to me. Respect is a two way street. I have no problem being a respectful person in kind.

Put the seat down yourself and quit your it really that big a deal for something that takes no time and almost no effort to put it up or down?

I will separate the recycling...after all, that's all bottles from my beer. I'll separate them and turn them in to the collection center, so I can take the refund and buy more beer. See...I got this recycling thing down pat.

Here...carry your own lip balm...isn't that why you carry a purse with everything but the kitchen sink in it in the first place? In fact, while your at it, here...put this in your purse until I need it.

Watch your vampire TV shows when I'm not around. Better yet, stop watching that garbage. Read a book.

I will wear whatever I want to wear before getting into bed...if you don't like it, you can always take the couch.

I will put my underwear in the basket when I'm good and ready to have my laundry done.

And because I do this...I will drive the car, I want to drive, while you can drive the mini-van I bought for you to take the kids to soccer practice.

Wouldn't it be great to see a commercial like that?

Monday, February 1, 2010

The System Was Designed to Make Us Go Mad

I spent this past weekend in a state of introspective contemplation, trying to grasp the enormity of all the issues and topics that I've spent the last several years reading, researching and blogging about. It has been like a continuous process of finding the metaphorical pieces of an enormous jigsaw puzzle, and as each piece fell into place, the picture finally begins to emerges in it's entirety.

The most prominent thought that emerged from my ruminations has been just how unnatural we live out our lives in this BraveNewWorldOrder. To use one of their indoctrination phrases...this is UNSUSTAINABLE.

I think one finds balance, peace of mind and an inner equilibrium when we live our existence in accordance with our natural state of being. This is why we now live in a carefully constructed, artificial reality shaped by endless repetitions of memes, disinformation and propaganda inculcated through mass media indoctrination and bureaucratic institutional brainwashing.

This subversion of our natural state of equilibrium is so complete, so encompassing, so pervasive...that once you grasp the enormity of just how many areas of your life they have affected, effected, conditioned, molded and steered, you can ONLY conclude that it has been done on purpose...with deliberate intent.

The social engineers that have shaped our society and our culture have a full, working knowledge of our human natures, our desires, our biological imperatives, and our instinctive proclivities...and they have deliberately and deviously gone about subverting, distorting and contorting those needs, wants and desires to create a script for which we unknowingly and unwittingly follow...immersing ourselves into lives of artificial constructs that deliberately go against our natural state of equilibrium.

If you ever feel like you're going crazy in a world gone mad, that is precisely your cognitive dissonance of your natural instincts clashing with the unnatural script you are trying to follow to achieve "success" and "happiness." This purposely instilled discombobulation was designed to leave you confused, tired, overworked, and in ill health, unable to contemplate their devious machinations to subtly and covertly control your life.

To put it in even simpler terms - to render you easily manipulated, our BraveNewWorldOrder's social engineers have deliberately scrambled our understanding of gender relationship roles, familial roles, dietary nutrition and health, understanding of finance and economics, and a proper understanding of education.

They've created a society for which the cultural inertia pushes us into debt slavery -- student loans to finance education to achieve certification to become an entry level human resource for a corporation so you can eventually qualify for a 30 year mortgage, multiple auto loans, and credit card debt to pursue materialistic consumerist satisfaction to try and derive meaning from your otherwise scripted and empty existence.

They've created a society for which cultural inertia pushes us into dysfunctional familial relationships mediated by an interloping State authority.

They've created a society for which we ignore all of these manifestations of population control by focusing on a mass media constructed fantasy to keep us all distracted and mind-numbingly complacent and ignorant.

They've created a society for which cultural inertia pushes us into bad dietary lifestyles, unhealthy addictions and a health care "system" that profits off of our misery and sickness.

In other words, they treat us like the sheeple that we are. We've been herded, branded, fattened, sheered and eventually led to slaughter...

There's only one way to refuse and resist:

Stop drinking the kool aid.

Stop taking the blue pill.

Unplug from the Matrix.

Seek out the truth, and find your peace.

But most of all, Hope for the best...

...while preparing for the worst.