Thursday, August 2, 2018

Does Not Register in My Conscious Mind

We interrupt my irregularly re-scheduled deprogramming to bring you this important message impromptu blog posting.

I played some music while I was at work the other day that I haven't listened to in well over a decade, including the debut Suicidal Tendencies album.

The lyrics to the song "Subliminal" reminded me of a short video I once saw somewhere on teh Interwebz.

Flashing pictures on my screen
shown too quickly to be seen
does not register in my conscious mind
propaganda of another kind
they're fucking with me subliminally
they're fucking with me subliminally


Watching tv, i start to cry
for no reason, i don't know why
could it be from messages on my tv
which i'm getting subliminally?
they're fucking with me subliminally
they're fucking with me subliminally

Mind control the easiest way
sponsored by the C.I.A.
it's a weapon you cannot see
it's propaganda subliminally
they're fucking with me subliminally
they're fucking with me subliminally

Dusting off my atrophied Google-fu skills, I went searching through the lunatic fringes of the fever swamps of cyberspace that I haven't visited in awhile, and found it again. Lo and behold, it's actually been stored at

Most mass media television programming and movies are heavily coded with all sorts of messages, political agendas and propaganda. This short clip examines some of the sexual imagery in advertising and children's television programming.

Most of the imagery and messages in this clip were from advertisements, shows and movies from well over a decade or two ago. Suicidal Tendencies was singing about this 35 years ago.

Given the advances in technology since then, we can undoubtedly guess that the subliminal content of our mass media's Regularly Scheduled Programming has gotten more sophisticated, more insidious, more deviant and more influential then ever before.

If you want to free yourself and take your subconscious mind back from the undue influence of the people who are creating such content, your going to have to turn off your tell-a-visions and stop going to the feelies at the theaters of our brave new world order. While you are still subjecting your brain to their programming, you will never know if your thoughts and ideas are truly your own.

We now resume my irregularly re-scheduled deprogramming.