Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Remember the Reason for the $ea$on

The holiday season is upon us, and it is time to heed the calls for worship and make our pilgrimages to our local multi-national corporate big box retailers temples of Mammon, so as to pay our tithes and do what one of the most important Gods of our brave new world order demands of we the sheeple as proper tribute to His reign of supremacy over all the land.

No longer content to wait for the clock to strike midnight on our national day of Thanks, many have begun a new tradition of worshiping Him by forsaking the traditional dinner of fowl gluttony and familial fellowship dysfunction, and instead are now getting a full days head start on the rites of blessed acquisition and accumulation! 

Many folks mistakenly decry the loss of faith and the rampant secularization of society. These people are mad with delusion!

How do they fail to notice the ubiquitous displays of devoted faith and zeal for fervent worship during one of the holiest High Days of our blessed calendar of the Common Era?


We haven't seen such widespread devotion to Him and His word since the heydays of the Falwell, Baker and Swaggart Tell-a-Vision Ministries!

The apparent renewed fervor in Him is downright inspirational!

Some of our most zealous worshipers compete with animalistic ferocity amongst each other, to demonstrate their personal acts of devotion and piety for our blessed deity of conspicuous consumption! Behold the depths of their conviction!

While the acts of accumulation and acquisition are widespread and pleasing unto Him, He is especially pleased with the atonement attained from the offerings of blood sacrifices during these sacred services!

Not all expressions of worship will be confined to the sacraments of accumulation and consumption of Chinese-made fair-trade devotionals at our community temples in the coming days of sacred celebrations of the most high.

Many of our nation's temples will also be offering tempting deals on our congregation's most important accessories for self-worship, the handheld mobile affirmation devices that provides 24-7 dispensation and conveniently accessible absolution in carrying out the rites most sacred to Him...all from the comforts of your own hand, wherever you may be!

The climax to our seasonal celebrations gives us greater opportunities for proselytizing the faith with a fervent evangelical zeal, unmatched by previous generations who were unfortunately blinded by the ignorant and profane idolatry of anachronistic monotheism and stultifying tradition!

Take heart as the ranks of the faithful will undoubtedly swell as the multitudes are brought into the ever increasing fold of worship in His name!

Despite the best efforts of the clergy and priesthoods of our nation's dominant denomination, there still remains much work to be done in spreading His message! Their still exists way too many apostates, heretics and blasphemers doing their hardest to suppress and ban His sacred traditions and ritual observances and turn even those most steadfast in the faith from our nation's foundations of consensus-affirmed doctrine!

Beware the nefarious designs of the deceivers attempting to lead us all astray!

Such blasphemies must not go unchallenged! Gird your loins and strike those who would lead our latter day saints astray with such pernicious lies and deceit!

Stand fast in the face of this determined opposition trying to make us fall away from our faith, for we are all called to serve Him with all our hearts, minds and souls! If we hold strong, and it is His will,  it is certain that this scourge of apostates and their damnable heresies will be cleansed from our lands!

Stay strong my brothers and sisters, keep the faith and I'll see you all in line this Thursday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Who Owns "The Red Pill?"

Rollo writes in his latest post entitled The Purple Pill:

"While I am humbled to be accounted as one of the Red Pill’s prominent writers I will never lay claim to having created it. The Red Pill in its truest sense belongs to the collective that has contributed to it as a whole. It belongs to the men who’ve fostered it, who’ve risked their livelihoods and families apart from it to make other men aware; it belongs to those who understand that its objectivity is what’s kept it open and honest, discussable and debatable...

...I believe that in the coming years there will be a concerted effort to claim authorship and definition rights to the “Red Pill”, and it’s important for anyone identifying as being Red Pill aware to acknowledge that what we’re a part of is a collective experience. We are, we become, the developments of a totality of men’s experiences across the world. Beware of any man or woman attempting to lay claims of ownership of the Red Pill. Beware of anyone defining this awareness, distorting these truths, to accommodate their narratives."

I agree with Rollo, but it's not something that's going to happen in the near future, it's already happened, and it will happen again as this allegory continues to spread and will eventually attain mainstream awareness. Soon we will be most likely seeing and hearing references to The Red PillTM on Late Night TV show monologues and referenced on celebutard tweets.

So for the record, here's my perspective on the history of this particular meme.

There are not many folks left that where there in the beginning stages of the MAndrosphere who are still going at it on a regular basis. And of those who are still going, most have moved on to capitalizing off of the success of their online blogging efforts and now have ulterior motives to continue their blogging.

Of course, I must disclaim here, that this is not a criticism of any of these folks who have done so, as we are all citizens of our Brave New World Order's Babylon System and we must all pay our tithes to Mammon to survive...but I still note that the moment any blogger crosses over into blogging for revenues, the motives and objectives for their participation in these fever swamps of the politically incorrect fringes of teh Interwebs become intrinsically altered.

But in the early days, for most of us that threw our hat into the ring and proffered our own views and perspectives for the emerging MAndrosphere (which Novaseeker accurately described as a clearing house of ideas), there was no other motive than to seek the truth and to wage a counter-revolutionary 4th generation war against the emerging recognition of the long march through our common culture. It was in this embryonic state of existence that the Red Pill meme arose.

In 2009, the early stages of the "manosphere" started in the "Roissysphere" which was primarily the comment sections of the now defunct Roissy in D.C. blog, Matt Forney's (writing as Ferdinand Bardamu) In Mala Fide and Bill Price's The Spearhead.

It was in these comment sections that I came across several commenters that drew analogies between the Matrix movie allegory and our current state of society. Intrigued by the idea, I consulted Googliath for articles on "the Matrix" and came across the following: The Media is the Matrix.

Up to that point, I was what I considered myself an MRA blogger, but I had begun reading "game" forums  and other PUA blogs that were at that time a completely separate blogosphere from the Men's Rights sphere. At that time, I considered the PUA blogosphere an interesting sidetrack on the main topic of our culture's gender dysfunction and the divorce industrial complex that was my primary blogging focus.

After reading up on the Matrix allegory, I wrote my own blogpost Game is the Red Pill and shortly there after, it went viral. Six years, hundreds of blog posts and millions of page views later, and that post is still my number one linked to and most read post here.

Go ahead and look, you will not find a manosphere-associated blog post using The Red PillTM metaphor dated anytime before I made that post. After that initial success of that post, I decided to run with the theme a bit more and did a series on my blog called Red Pill Realities Dispelling Blue Pill Delusions. Prior to my first few posts of that series, no one else was blogging about The Red PillTM at that time.

A short while later though, and the idea caught fire and a whole host of formerly non-monetary bloggers saw an opportunity to capitalize on an idea and turn their blogging hobby into a money-making venture. At one point there were a large number of blogs that had The Red PillTM imagery or incorporated the words into their blog titles, screen names and avatars. Many saw the rising tide and quickly maneuvered to take their place and surf the zeitgeist for maximum gain.

From 2010 to 2012, everyone in these fringes of teh Interwebz was hip to The Red PillTM. Then it seemed to hit a saturation point, and many of these same folks dropped the imagery and themes from their blogs, and a few sought to denounce and disassociate themselves from it (once they realized maximum gain from using it, of course). Yet the idea persevered and survived the initial gold-rush.We now have subreddits, twitter hashtags and even some feminist who is purportedly producing a movie about The Red PillTM and it;'s association with the men's rights "movement" on teh Interwebz.

I have only one reason for pointing this out...because if there was anyone who has an even partial claim to "owning" this meme that has now gone into common parlance out in these fringes of teh Interwebz, that would be me. But I won't, because that would be taking credit for ideas and insights I gained from reading many others and just doing my best to pay it forward using an allegory I found very useful in seeking to understand our modern dystopian existence.

I took an idea from a blog post from a lady who noticed how the emergence of mass media and the tell-a-vision allowed corporate entities to construct an artificial reality to take over our collective minds, and I synthesized it with my own understandings gleaned from reading a host of other free thinkers and truth seekers on the topics of game, feminism, pick up, etc., and put it together to come to a hypothesis that understanding the theories behind game served as a doorway to understanding just how much we have all been lied to by our controlled culture and society. I had no idea it would go viral like it did.

I certainly didn't plant the seed, but I helped to water it, and was amazed as anyone else when it sprouted and grew wild like it did.

No, the only thing I will claim is to being one of the original members of La Resistance who played his part in helping to wage the counter-revolution by helping the now ubiquitous meme go viral. I was only a contributor to the collective experience that Rollo rightly credits for the ascendancy of this allegory into popular, near-mainstream consciousness.

While Lorie Kramer, the original authoress of The Media is the Matrix post (who as far as I can tell,  has nothing to do with the MAndrosphere past or present), doled out her prescription at the end of her post on what we can do about the situation once we realize that we do in fact live in THE MATRIX. Her advice turns out to be remarkably prescient when you consider where we are today and how the The Red PillTM has become our present day, allegorical paradigm.

As she wrote in 2009: 

How can doing that make a difference? There is only one way to circumvent the media matrix. We have to start talking to EACH OTHER. Sure, we're not going to be able to reach thousands that way, but we will reach some. We need to check things out with each other to make sure we both have the same information, and that it is accurate. We have to not be afraid to voice our concerns and opinions to our friends and family. And yes, there will be those that won't listen. And yes, there will be those who will say you are nuts, or an idiot, and that you don't know what you are talking about. However, if you do your own research, you check out what you are being told, and from what source you are receiving the information, YOU will be empowered by those truths. Those that listen may then be empowered to get information that is crucial to handle what is happening around them. Or, they say you are nuts, or an idiot, and that you don't know what you are talking about. But YOU know different, and in the end, that's all that matters.

That is exactly what he have today....a large (and continually increasing), worldwide community of like-minded folks who started talking to each other over teh Interwebz. We who as Rollo states "...fostered it, who’ve risked their livelihoods and families apart from it to make other men aware," are all owners of this thing we call The Red PillTM.

Don't ever let anyone else try to $ell you otherwise.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The American Dream: 21st Century Serfdom

From the SpearheadFiles

Originally Published on July 24, 2010

Go to school.

Get good grades.

Go to college.

Get a career.

Buy a nice car.

Buy a big house.

Go on many luxury vacations.

It can all be yours for the taking…just sign your name on the dotted line at every step of the way, and you too can have your very own version of the American Dream.

This is supposedly the keys to happiness and success and achieving “a better standard of living than our parents.”

It’s a grand lie, designed to get the average person to pursue this dream so as to enslave themselves into the system…a benign, subversive system of hidden serfdom.

Welcome to debt slavery.

And who are our Feudal Overlords?

The bankers.

And how do they exactly trap us into forced servitude for their profit?

The twin tools of Fractional Reserve Banking and Fiat Currency.

Wanna start a business?

Take out a business start up loan!

How do you pay for the overhead of running your business? Here’s a business credit account!

Wanna buy a house?

Here’s a 30 year mortgage…and don’t forget your mortgage insurance plan, so in case you are injured or laid off, you won’t have to make your payments for up to one whole year! (Gee, you bankers are just SO generous!).

Wanna get an education?

Here’s a student loan that will take you 20 years to pay off after you’ve graduated and still can’t find a job during the current recession.

Understand that our modern economy is based not on MONEY…but on DEBT. An obligation to promise to paying the bankers – WHO DID NOTHING MORE THAN TYPE A NUMBER INTO A COMPUTER IN THEIR BANK LEDGER SHEET PROGRAM AND – VOILA! – you too can sign up for 21st century serfdom to achieve the “American Dream!”

But don’t look at the Bankers in your local neighborhood bank as your Feudal overlord…he’s just a mid-level overseer of the Lord’s vast estates.

See, his bank, in turn, has to borrow a fraction of their funds from the central banking system so that they can turn around and obligate YOU in your pursuit of the “American Dream.”

Does this sound outlandish or confusing to you?

Let’s analyze this in as simplified terms possible:

Fiat currency = money backed by nothing more than the value it has printed on it. Because it is not backed by a substantial commodity, it is in essence an agreed upon fiction…in which parties exchanging fiat currency for goods or services agree to the value of that currency. Now, because fiat currency is only worth what the issuing institution says it is, there is absolutely NO check on that institution arbitrarily printing up more of it whenever they feel like it. In essence, fiat currency allows unlimited “printing” power.

However, most people think that the Federal Reserve prints the nations money supply and distributes the currency to the banks to circulate throughout the economy. What the Fed prints and distributes is but a fraction of the so-called “money” supply. (More like the “credit enslavement ratio.”)

Fractional reserve lending means a bank need only hold approximately 10% of money in an account at any time. So if you deposit $100 into an account, the bank need only hold $10 in reserve and lend out $90. This doesn’t sound so bad, right? Except that’s not how they do it. The bank takes your $100 and puts it on their assets side of their ledger. They now have 10% of a $1000 reserve requirement. So now they can turn around and get your fellow debt slave to sign up for a used car loan of $1000. In this way, $900 of fiat currency is “created” by the click of a banker’s mouse and your signature on the loan forms dotted line.

Ahhh, but it doesn’t end their either. See, the bank calculates it’s “reserve” by including all promissory notes, all credit accounts as “assets” which allows them to “create” even more fiat currency at the click of a mouse.
That $1000 loan ( which originally came from that first $100 deposit) has paperwork in which the loan taker is obligated to repay at interest over a set period of time. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say that at the end of the terms of agreement, after adding up the interest and the principal, the debtor will have ended up paying back $1500.

Before the $1000 debtor even issues a single payment, the bank now has $1500 promissory note…which they than account for as a $1500 asset…which is 10% of a $15,000 reserve level.
Along comes Joe Blow the entrepreneur, who wants to start an internet porn business. He needs 15 grand to start up, so he goes and gets a loan from the same bank.

After signing his name on the dotted line, he now has a loan that when all is said and done, will gain the bank $20,000…which of course, is now a bank “asset” that is now a 10% reserve level for $200,000.
Here comes the next guy, and he wants to buy a house for $200,000…so he signs up for a 30 year mortgage….

Are you starting to get the picture about how fiat currency and fractional reserve lending actually work? From an initial $100 of actual cash from a bank depositor, a bank was able to leverage a 6-month $1500 debt obligation from one worker; a 5-year, 20,000 start-up debt obligation from a wannabe Larry Flynt; and a 30 year, $200,000 obligation from would-be homeowner. What started out as $100 of cold, hard cash from a single depositor, turned into $235,000 of owed debt servitude over the course of many years by three other people.

This is precisely why the credit card companies (i.e. the huge, National Banks) are so eager to sign everyone up for credit cards, and they really don’t care if you max them out and are unable to pay them back. Your $20,000 credit card bill, while it exists on their ledgers as current and not in default (it takes you not making any payments for months on end before it becomes “default”), that $20,000 figure is a potential $200,000 reserve loan to some other would-be debt serf.

All of these people, pursuing some aspect of the American Dream, obligated to the bankers who did nothing more than click a mouse and get the unknowing serfs to sign their name on the dotted line. Oh, and note what happens when a home "owner” serf defaults on his home loan, and the bank forecloses. They’ve now turned their fictionally created “fiat currency” into a tangible, real asset – the seized home.

In this way, our Feudal overlords send fiat currency downwards, while the real wealth moves upwards to them – the class of people who have the power to “create” money.

Now some caveats here – this is a very very simplified explanation for how fractional reserve lending and fiat currency have ensnared the vast majority of the country into unwitting, financial serfdom. Of course there are many variations, and all sorts of complicating factors…but the general overview is a fairly accurate summation of the system’s basic function.

This is precisely why inflation has occurred, devaluing the US Dollar exponentially ever since the Federal Reserve system was instituted in 1913. 1929% inflation since 1913. {This was the percentage when this post was originally published at The Spearhead in 2010. As of 2015, it now stands at 2275%!} As money continually gets “created” by these corrupt banking practices, it puts more and more “money” into circulation, devaluing the purchasing power over time.

99% of us in America are in some way, shape or form, a serf for the bankers, because they have the power to “create” money out of thin air…by creating a debt obligation for which you must labor to pay off over the course of your working life.

And all these bankers did was click on the mouse and get you to sign on the dotted line.

With fiat currency working in tandem with fractional reserve lending, and we now have the means of ensuring that almost ALL business endeavors, all personal consumption choices, and almost all manners of subsistence are essentially done via debt to the bankers.

Remember the old saying…”He who has the gold, makes the rules?”

The new one is “He who prints the fractional-reserve, fiat currency enslaves the fools!”

Now get back to work! You owe it to our Feudal Overlords!


Notable Commentary from the Original Post

July 24, 2010 at 12:00

Well said Hawaiian Libertarian. This was spelled out in Carroll Quigleys books in the early 60′s (The anglo-american establishment). As long as the bankers are in charge we will remain Slaves.

Paul Elam July 24, 2010 at 12:12

Exceptional and well articulated. I wish that more of these articles were in mainstream, but I fear the same forces that prevent Welmer from being featured in the NY Times are at play here.

You are writing against the people who own the system that is enslaving everyone.

The Contrarian Expatriate July 24, 2010 at 12:21

True indeed. I talked about the same issue in my last video. Unfortunately, the forces of retail consumption are too powerful to convince Americans to save.

US dollars are not the worst way to save so long a smattering of gold, silver and other currencies are in the mix.

Epoche* July 24, 2010 at 13:01

here is a line about slavery/serfdom from a conservative theorist Dr Kenneth Minogue:

"It is this element of dehumanization that has produced what I am calling “the servile mind.” The charge of servility or slavishness is a serious one. It emerges from the Classical view that slaves lacked the capacity for self-movement and had to be animated by the superior class of masters. They were creatures of impulse and passion rather than of reason. Aristotle thought that some people were “natural slaves.” In our democratic world, by contrast, we recognize at least some element of the “master” (which means, of course, self-managing autonomy) in everyone.

Indeed, in our entirely justified hatred of slavery, we sometimes think that the passion for freedom is a constitutive drive of all human beings. Such a judgment can hardly survive the most elementary inspection of history. The experience of both traditional societies and totalitarian states in the twentieth century suggests that many people are, in most circumstances, happy to sink themselves in some collective enterprise that guides their lives and guarantees them security. It is the emergence of freedom rather than the extent of servility that needs explanation."

Epoche* July 24, 2010 at 13:06

It is ironic that you mention serfdom, medieval serfs didnt pay as much taxes as a man does under a modern welfare state. (Not to mention men paying child support). If we are to believe numerous various writers it was understood that men under serfdom would pay a maximum of 30 percent of the agricultural product to the lord or they would kill the lord. Even the vassal knew of the law of diminishing returns and the importance of not “eating the seed corn”. Many ancient lessons have been unlearned.

JohnJ July 24, 2010 at 14:22

It’s worth remembering that the Federal Reserve was created by the federal government in 1913, and they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the government’s backing. The problem is worse than bankers; it’s government-owned bankers.

James July 24, 2010 at 14:49

That’s why it’s called the ‘American Dream ™’;
Because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.