Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soluble Synergy

Mmmm...delicious globules of fatty FAT!

I've been studying, experimenting and evolving my attitudes and beliefs about diet for a long, long time now. Low carb this, paleo that, caloric restrictions or going vegan... focusing on the diet and lifestyle proscriptions in total, I believe they all miss the most important aspect of any diet: KNOW YOUR FATS.

Eating as much healthy fats in your diet as you can is the key to your health and well being. Fats lead to satiety, nutrient absorption and most importantly of all, protection.

The healthy fats will make you thrive. They will protect you from the worst effects of other junk food, alcohol consumption and other poisons you may ingest. The healthy fats protect your liver and give your body the best material to work with when it has to manufacture the hormones, neuro-transmitters, and other substances vital for healthy living. More specifically, the healthy fats give you the most overlooked class of nutrients: Fat Soluble Vitamins. Vitamins A, D, and K. And these vitamins work in synergy - in other words the combination of those vitamins are vital for your body to digest protein, absorb minerals and nutrients, build your bones and teeth, and support the good gut flora that is the foundation of your immune system. More specifically these are the fats you should be eating on a regular basis - especially if you're pregnant. 

Bone Marrow and Rendered Ruminant Fat - best if sourced from free range, pastured animals that have access to their natural diet and plenty of sunshine. The best way to get this is to make Bone Broth. There's a reason the old wives tales suggest chicken noodle soup for a cold. That's because before the days of canned soup full of additives and having all the fat removed, chicken noodle soup was made with the boiled carcass of roast chicken. All of the marrow, tendons, skin and cartilage would be rendered into the broth's liquid. The fat globules you see floating on the surface of the broth? That's the MAGIC.

Next time your sick, go buy some soup bones, or a whole chicken (from grass fed/free range animals would be optimal). Boil it with some sea salt and a bit of raw apple cider vinegar. That deliciously fatty broth is a rich source of vitamins and minerals rendered from the boiling of bones. If $$ or availability is really an issue, than forget it, it's better to make it with typical grocery store meat even if they were from a feedlot animal.

The fat, tendons, cartilage and marrow are still great medicine for whatever ails you. I recently caught a mild flu from some friends. They missed work for a whole week, and barley left their house, coughing, running noses, soar throats and fevers for five days straight.

As soon as I felt the symptoms, I went to a local Pho restaurant and ordered up a bowl of Vietnamese bone broth soup, in which they boil the shin bones of cow for over 24 hours to make the soup base. I ate the entire bowl, then ordered one for takeout to eat first thing the next day. My throat was mildly irritated, I had a slight cough, and a very low grade fever. It was completely gone in 24 hours. I truly believe a large part of my immune systems strength and why I was able to shake off the flu so quickly and with minimal effects was the immunity boosting effect of the bone broth's Fat soluble vitamins

Your gut bacteria is the engine of your immune system. Bone broth us rich in vitamins, minerals, collagen, can heal damaged guts and boost your immune system.

Butter and Dairy Foods from Grass Fed Ruminants - In most places in the USA, you can find KerryGold Irish butter from Ireland. It cost double what butter from US factory style dairy. It's worth every penny. Use this butter as one of your base cooking oils. It makes everything taste better. Better yet, put that butter on any and all your steamed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, brussel sprouts, squash, etc. Or sautee your veggies in it. That butter is rich in the fat soluble vitamins AND it also helps your digestive system absorb the nutrients from the foods your eating with it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Speaking of fats helping you absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients, this is where the idea of salad dressing came from. Except now most salad dressing people eat are commercially made, "low fat" and made with vegetable oil crap and have sweeteners and other garbage in the ingredients. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some good quality vinegar and you're also good to go. Everyone knows EVOO is good for  you....but most don't know that it's very susceptible to heat and you should never really cook with it. At best, add it to your stir fry or dish right at the end of your cooking so it's not heated up too much and for too long.

 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Other than rendered bone broth and grass fed cow butter...EVCO is the holy grail of cooking fats. From Coconut Oil for Optimum Health:

Coconut oil is the most saturated of all fats. Saturated fat has three subcategories: short chain, medium chain and long chain. Coconut oil contains approximately 65% medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Although recognized for its health benefits many centuries ago, it wasn’t until 40 years ago that modern medicine found the source to be MCFA. Remarkably, mother’s milk contains the same healing powers of coconut oil. [5]

The saturated medium chain lipid lauric acid, which comprises more than 50 percent of coconut oil, is the anti-bacterial, anti-viral fatty acid found in mother’s milk. [6] The body converts lauric acid into the fatty acid derivative monolaurin, which is the substance that protects adults as well as infants from viral, bacterial or protozoal infections. This was recognized and reported as early as 1966. [7]

Since the first half of the 19th century, infection has been implicated as a cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD). [8] Researchers have been studying what causes the changes in the arterial wall. Professors Russell Ross and John Glomset formulated a hypothesis in 1973 about what causes CVD, concluding that CVD occurs in response to localized injury to the lining of the artery wall, which has been brought about by a number of things including viruses. [9, 10] The injury, in turn causes inflammation/infection. The plaque that develops is a result of the body trying to heal itself. It has been very well established that pathogens play an integral role in cardiovascular disease.

What is interesting about the role of viruses that have been found to initiate cardiovascular disease is they can be inhibited by the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil. One could say that consuming coconut oil decreases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

And it's not just good for your heart...it's great for your liver, too.

Like Frost over at Freedom Twenty Five, I'm basically become a "paleolithic alcoholic." By eating nutrient dense foods and a lot of healthy saturated fats, I've found that my tolerance for alcohol has skyrocketed.

I HAVE to drink on an empty stomach to experience an alcoholic buzz. Which is precisely why I like to have a couple of high alcohol content, micro-brewed IPA's after a day of fasted exertion (aka my routine of blue collar work without a lunch break).

But increased tolerance is only one aspect of it. The other is this: I cannot remember the last time I had a hangover. Well, I can.....but that was a long time ago. I'm talking over 2 years. No lie. I can easily put down 9 drinks (typically 4-5 beers, 4 drams of whiskey or tequila) in an evening, and then wake up at the crack of dawn and immediately start doing something physically strenuous. No headache. No nausea or queasiness. Zero. As in I feel like I never even had a drink the night before.

I'm a veteran imbiber. I was a binge drinker throughout my entire youth. I've now settled into a routine of 3-4 drinks a night, 4-5 nights a week, with the sole purpose to attain a pleasant, moderate buzz. I never drink for the purpose of getting drunk anymore, but if I'm at a social event and I'm not bothering to keep track of how much I'm drinking, I find it scary at the amount I can drink now without getting absolutely trashed, and even more surprised at the lack of consequences I experience the following day.

Now, don't get me wrong. I've had more than my share of hangovers. I've had hangovers that lasted 3 days. I've said many a prayer at the altar of the porcelain god. But ever since "going paleo" going on 6 years now, I've noticed a great diminishing in the frequency and intensity of my hangovers. Part of that is also probably attributed to the fact that I only drink high quality alcohol - micro-brewed "living" beers, non-blended whiskey, 100% agave tequila's, etc., and I never imbibe sugary mixed drinks...but still, I've gotten hungover from the over consumption of even high quality alcoholic beverages.

But when I began cooking nearly every meal with coconut oil, it seems like I've developed a steel liver.

Thanks to this product, I now cook with coconut oil at almost every single meal.

With the disappearance of my hangovers, I began to suspect that the increase in coconut oil consumption was most likely the factor. So I googled and found some PubMed abstracts that confirmed my suspiscions.

Check out these excerpts from this PubMed abstract:

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the effects of saturated fatty acid (SFA) and unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) diets on ethanol pharmacokinetics.

METHODS: Sprague-Dawley male rats were fed modified AIN76 diets containing 10% coconut oil (SFA) or corn oil (UFA) for 120 days. A single dose (3 g/kg bw) of ethanol (13% solution) was orally administered using a gastric canula on day 30, 90, 105 and 120. Tail vein blood samples were collected at various intervals following ethanol dose and were analyzed for blood-ethanol concentration (BEC).

RESULTS: Compared to the UFA group (corn oil fed), the SFA group (coconut oil fed) exhibited significantly higher BEC, larger area under the curve, longer half-life of ethanol, and lower rates of ethanol elimination.

CONCLUSION: Dietary SFA protects liver from alcohol injury by retarding ethanol metabolism, and carnitine may be involved.

So my increased coconut oil consumption appears to be my alcoholism enabler.

Check out this PubMed Abstract too:

CONCLUSION: A diet enriched in saturated but not unsaturated fatty acids reversed alcoholic liver injury. 

 Coconut oil is the ultimate cooking oil, heart and liver protector and also a great natural skin protector and restorer from potential sun damage to your skin. Do you need anymore reasons to eat more saturated fat?

Here's the summaries of 10 more reasons you should eat plenty of saturated fats from the article I found while googling about coconut oil protecting the liver:

1. They lower Lp(a), a substance in the blood that is said to indicate proneness to heart disease.

2. They protect the liver from alcohol and other toxins like Tylenol (acetaminophen).

3. They ideally constitute at least 50 percent of our cell membranes, which gives our cells integrity.

4. They play a vital role in the health of our bones.

5. They enhance the immune system.

6. They are needed for proper utilization of essential fatty acids, like omega-3.

7. Stearic acid and palmitic acid, both saturated fats, are the preferred energy source of the heart.

8. They help protect us from harmful microorganisms.

9. They will help you lose body fat.

10. They are the best fats to cook with, including repeat frying.

In summation, I'll add an 11th reason: they simply taste better than regular fats that are a part of the industrialized, Standard American Diet. Butter tastes better than margarine. Boiled bone broth tastes better than "low-fat/low-sodium canned broth," and frying in coconut oil tastes a hell of a lot better than the typical rancid crap of most restaurant food fried in soybean, corn, canola or any other "vegetable" oil. 

Another aspect of understanding the benefits of healthy saturated fats is eating as best you can under a limited budget. I've seen many folks complain about the cost of eating pastured, grass fed meats as prohibitive and a reason why they just can't stick with the paleo/primal diet. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. If all you can afford is factory farmed meat, you can at least trim the fat and than cook it in some healthy fats to compensate for the nutritional inferiority of the feedlot meat! When my budget gets tight, that's exactly what I do...I buy the discount meat at the grocery store, trim the excess fat off it and then cook it in a combination of butter and coconut oil.

I buy grass fed meat and bones as much as possible. It's just not always possible. But when it comes to food choices at restaurants and eateries and cooking food for my family, the one thing I always pay most attention to is the kind of fats used in preparation. I may occasionally eat something not "paleo," following the 80/20 principle, but even then, when it comes to bad fats, it's more like 99/1 I avoid things like hydrogenated oils.

Once you accept the concept of how important saturated fats are to your diet and health (and how bad most of the unsaturated fats are), you also come to another important realization: yes, you CAN eat food that tastes great and is still good for you.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The One On the Right is On the Left

"Well, the one on the right was on the left
And the one in the middle was on the right
And the one on the left was in the middle
And the guy in the rear..." - The Man In Black

Return of Kings writer Tuthmosis, recently published a piece entitled: "Liberals" are not the Enemy.

For the most part, he's right, "Liberals" are not the "enemy." Most are simply the useful idiots of the ENEMY.

Same goes for most "Conservatives."

 Especially when you look at the various examples of dissension that tears apart any discussion all over teh Interwebz in any and every forum, discussion board and comment threads. As soon as the old left vs. right game gets going, minds close and truth gets obscured or marginalized and ignored.

DIVIDED into either Team Jackass or Team Pachyderm & CONQUERED and enslaved in mental confinement as bleating Sheeple.

The answer to all our problems will never be found by voting for neither any particular Jackass nor any particular Pachyderm.

Many people have tried to come up with a description or definition to this fringe sector of teh Interwebz...the MAndrosphere. Many argue that we need to "have a big tent" and strive to attain "mainstream exposure" to "finally have a real impact." We need to recruit Team Jackass members, fans and supporters as much as we need to recruit Team Pachyderm members, fans and supporters to our anti-feminist, anti-cultural misandry banner.

These folks mis-understand just what exactly the MAndrosphere is.

I think Novaseeker said it best in one of Dalrock's comment threads (I paraphrase from memory, I don't remember which thread, and I 'aint bothering to go looking for it...): "The Manosphere is a clearinghouse for TRUTH."

aka "The Red Pill."

Many people who find the MAndrosphere discover the topics covered to be eye opening, paradigm shifting and often times, world-view shattering. For some, it is indeed painful.

But hardest still, is for those who come around these parts, with what they think of as a fully developed political ideology based on choosing a side in our Two Party System. It becomes a part of your self-identity. How you define your personal political beliefs is connected to your sense of your personal morality and how you experience the world around you. It's really, really difficult to see the faults in "your team" and very easy to see the faults in the "other teams" ideologies. But even if you do happen to recognize some faults in "your team" the "other team" is always worse, so there!

This is essentially the basis of Tuthmosis argument. I know it, because I had the same perspective for years, just on the "other side of the aisle."

 That is the very essence of our "Two-Party System of Democracy."

"MY guy might be bad....but he's nowhere near as bad as YOUR guy!"

 I came to these fringes of teh Interwebz as a Team Pachyderm, FOXNews watching, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity listening, WSJ-NRO- reading, Neo-Conned "Conservative."

I had almost zero cognitive dissonance when I first began reading anti-feminist polemics, as anyone with two braincells knows, the Feminist vanguard is overtly "left." But it took me a long time to take step back and question my own beliefs and start to recognize that the years of Right Wing mass media brainwashing I'd consumed for years is just as complicit, just as responsible for the current zeitgeist of our Brave New World Order. I already knew the "left" is overtly feminist when I first found the "Red Pill."

But it took literally years of de-programming my mind to finally understand and recognize how the "right" has it's own significant role in covertly spreading and sustaining the ideology of feminism and the current state of cultural misandry.

I've finally come to the real "RED PILL" of modern Western Politics under Democracy:

MY guy is just as bad as YOUR guy, because THEY are not really OURS.

After reading Tuthmosis peice, I felt tempted to once again gird up the loins and enter the fray over at the article's comment thread and try and help him and all the other Team Donkey supporters to see the error of their ways. I'm a veteran Interwebz flame warrior... with well over 10 years experience in debating, arguing and flaming ideological opponents in a multitude of forums and message boards, over a wide range of websites covering various topics and interests.

I thought about for all of a few seconds, then I shrugged my shoulders, and logged off teh Interwebz and went and did something else instead.

It's part of a new, self-imposed policy I've been trying hard to adhere to - no more debates or flamewars on teh Interwebz.

I've come to that position largely after realizing that half the folks one may try to engage and debate with, may in fact be nothing more than cognitive infiltrators, paid shills and false flaggers. After I did the research to write my post about the existence of these agents of subversion, I resolved to avoid any and all online debates with any "unknown" or non-reputable identities on teh Interwebz.

In other words, I'd still happily debate a "Dalrock" or a "deti" or a "Novaseeker" but NOT get into it with "Anonymous" or "GreatTVShowsForMen." (But I did have to give it kudos for a great pun on everyone's favorite ritalin and adderall junky in the MAndrosphere. lozlzolzozlzol.)

Funny thing, is the more I eschewed anonymous debates, the more I found myself eschewing debates with the likes of even the known entities who may have written something I may disagree with. In the last couple of months I've actually typed then deleted more comments than I've actually submitted at a wide number of MAndrosphere blogs.

Meh. Guess years of reading voluntaryist ideology over at Strike the Root has given me new programming:

Whenever someone who holds a perceptual belief is challenged by a different or opposing view, the result is almost invariably that the affronted person becomes even more resistant to change – regardless of how cogent, rational, or objective the case being made might be. Emotionally, they dig in their heels and will go to almost any length from that point forward to defend their self-constructed system, no matter how much cognitive dissonance they must engage in to rationalize it. Very quickly, we find that the old adage, “The man convinced against his will, holds to his opinion still,” holds true. Debating such individuals – and it must be noted this represents the vast majority of society – is not only for the most part fruitless, but worse, it is actively counterproductive.

There is another reason why I believe it to be undesirable for Voluntaryists to argue our philosophy and debate with the uninitiated or those who stand in active opposition to our beliefs – and this stands outside of the fact that we can tend to make enemies, engender animosities, and escalate blood pressures.

When statists debate one another – as they do so often on various TV and radio programs for the benefit of public spectacle, to reinforce the psychological conditioning they have so successfully subjected the mainstream masses to – it is of little moral consequence. Both Left and Right advocate the initiation of force against others to mold the world according to their respective and inherently related social and economic goals. Hence, debating is just one more example of this overall philosophy. To wit, it is indicative of a desire to control. “It upsets me that you don’t think like I do. Thus, I aim to change that no matter what,” is the unspoken intent behind such endeavors.

I no longer have that desire to control others. I just want ya'all to leave me alone to do my own thing, and I'll keep my nose out of your affairs. As long as we don't infringe on each other's rights and basic human dignity, we got no problems.

But both Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm got problems with you and I. They both want to infringe on our rights and basic human dignity. Anytime you pick up the sword to fight against one side or the other, you are by association fighting for one or the other.

Quit being a JackyDerm.

Forget this whole RIGHT vs LEFT, Liberal vs Conservative charade. It's all a game of D&D... Distract & Divide.

Life is precious. It is finite. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend however much of it I may have left trying to make my case to those to whom it cannot be made. I have better and more important things to do with my remaining time. I expect you do too, whatever those things might be. Realizing this in itself is another big and indispensable part of being free. Don’t let it pass you by.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Bleats


"We'll know our Disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey, CIA Director 1981

As any regular reader of this fringe outpost on teh interwebz knows, I'm partial to a few phrases I use frequently to reflect on the conditions of our "Brave New World Order." One of them is "We the Sheeple."
Some people have taken offense to my use of the term. Even after I clarified that when I use the term, I'm usually referring to the way in which the elite overlords or our society view us - myself included; that we are nothing but cattle to them - some still find the term offensive. Bah. Or should I say...B-A-A-A-A...

We are treated however they wish to treat us. If we want to travel, we have a choice between getting radiated or gate raped by the uniformed goons THEY have stationed at all of our airports.

If we want to grab a quick bite to eat at a restaurant, THEY have given us a choice of toxic feed products to choose from. We can have genetically modified grain flours that destroy our guts, often combined with partially hydrogenated vascular clogging lipids and flavored with high fructose diabetes serum. Oh, and don't forget the Monosodium excito-toxin brain wasting flavors!

If we want to get some energizing, immunity system-boosting sunshine, THEY insist we must slather on a toxic cocktail that will inhibit our bodies natural ability to produce the life giving Vitamin D unobstructed sunshine provides us.

If we get sick from a lifetime of eating the FEED they slop us all with, and are deficient in the sunshine vitamin, we then get sick and have to report to the medical-pharmaceutical-healthcare-insurance-industrial complex to receive treatment. Some of these treatments work wonderfully.

Others...hasten our demise. In either case, THEY profit at our expense.

In short, our disease is the harvest THEY reap.

Their number one means of making sure we are all trapped in the infernal CSFO (Concentrated Sheeple Feedlot Operation) they've created for us, is their mass media indoctrination system. Through it, they construct the barricades of our confinement within our very minds, simply by telling We the Sheeple what we are supposed to think...over and over and over again.

Want to know what 21st century sheeple are thinking about? Turn on the Tell-A-Vision or pickup a magazine at the checkout stand at your nearest FEED-lot distribution center. Or look at a billboard looming over the nearest highway. Or turn on your radio and hear the Sheeple programming broadcast in stereo, 24-7.

If you consume this programming with a critical eye, you will begin to recognize a pattern of attitudes and belief systems THEY are seeking to inculcate into our minds.

Here are some of the sheeple progamming notes, identified in the alt-market.com article,
Sheeple: Another Look At A Sad Breed:

Never Questions The Professional Class

Sheeple are easily impressed by anyone with a nice suit, uniform, lab coat, or an embossed diploma or title.  They see and revere the costume, regardless of the man inside it.  For sheeple, titles and positions of arbitrary authority make the opinions of a man more than opinion; his opinions suddenly become law.

Don't worry about the economy! The greatest economic minds of our times are on the case! The Grand Pooh Bah of Keyensian Economics, assures us Obama is doing everything he can! He must know what he's talking about...he won a Nobel Prize!

Don't forget, we MUST do something about all this carbon we're spewing! SCIENTISTS with degrees in Climate Science have warned us that it's going to destroy the planet!

Remember to make sure and eat a plant-based diet! STUDIES have shown it's the best diet possible to achieve perfect health!

B-A-A-A-A-A-A-A  B-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A

Obsession With The State

Because the average sheeple hasn’t the slightest inkling of how to be independent or self sufficient, they attach their survival to the success of the state.  They see the word of the state as sacrosanct, and have no concept of government by the people.  They will sing the praises of democratic elections and the will of the public in general participation, but, when the state goes against that will and does what it pleases, they will seek to rationalize this criminality. 

Can you hear the bleating?

For them, government as a construct might be fallible (or not), but this fallibility does not change the finality of state authority.  The government is not to be interfered with and certainly not to be opposed.  To stand against the state is to stand against law, and the law, in their minds, is god.  Questions of morality are irrelevant.  They have become so far detached from their conscience that there is nothing left but a pitch black void, waiting to be filled with the demands of oligarchy.  

Can you hear the cries to make us safer and more secure? 

Once you understand how We the Sheeple have been told what and how to think, you see it everywhere you look. Don't bother engaging with anyone and attempt to convince them otherwise. They know what they've been told!

Blind Commitment To The False Left/Right Paradigm

When confronted, sheeple almost always move immediately to meaningless party labels.  They will attack you as a “Democrat”.  They will attack you as a “Republican”.  But their presumptions of what makes a Democrat or a Republican are entirely skewed and inaccurate.  This is, of course, not really a problem for them.

They will not acknowledge the vast similarities of corruption between both major parties because this does not serve their interests. 

That explains this...

Code Pink Sponsored Anti-War Protest when Bush was President - 2007

Now that Obama is Prez...

With so much support...can we finally HOPE FOR CHANGE?

Who ever would have thought this would be happening to Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama?


Ah, but who cares about all these wars that Bush started and Obama has now expanded...it's all about Teh Economy, Stoopid!

Since we've been a debt-based economy since 1913, this qualifies as a spectacular success! No President has presided over such an increase in Qualitative Easing and Economic Stimulus Packaging...EVA!

The much discussed "Red Pill" of the MAndrosphere is really nothing more than trying to make our fellow denizens of the CSFO aware of the sheeple programming THEY have inflicted on us. Most are not ready to hear it. Most in fact, will simply defer to their regularly scheduled programming, and ignore what you are saying and simply denounce you and carry on as if they never heard any truths you have to say in the first place.

Predictable Responses

Sheeple are highly predictable two-dimensional creatures.  When confronted with their own failings, they will follow a pre-programmed list of responses meant to divert and confuse discussion.

Sheeple rely primarily on character assassination and belligerent disregard for logic in order to derail debate.  They do not attack your position so much as they attack you personally.  They scoff, they giggle, they taunt like children, but when it’s all over they usually say very little of any substance. 

For those who've been following Vox Day's Gamma rabbit shoot, you should easily recognize the programmed responses:

• "persons and positions are ordinarily closely related," with little insistence on keeping personal identity separate from the questions or issues under discussion;

• "sensitivity, inclusivity, and inoffensiveness are key values";

• priority on "cooperation, collaboration, quietness, sedentariness, empathy, equality, non-competitiveness, conformity, a communal focus";

• "seems lacking in rationality and ideological challenge," in the eyes of proponents of modern discourse;

• tends to perceive the satire and criticism of modern discourse as "vicious and personal attack, driven by a hateful animus";

• is oriented to " the standard measures of grades, tests, and a closely defined curriculum";

• lacking "means by which to negotiate or accommodate such intractable differences within its mode of conversation," it will "typically resort to the most fiercely antagonistic, demonizing, and personal attacks upon the opposition";

• "will typically try, not to answer opponents with better arguments, but to silence them completely as ‘hateful’, ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘homophobic’, etc.";

• has a more feminine flavour, as opposed to the more masculine flavour of modern discourse;

• results in "stale monologues" and contexts that "seldom produce strong thought, but rather tend to become echo chambers."

Once you know what to look for, the bleats of brainwashed sheeple are easily discerned, dissected and either ignored or rebuked..

"Lacking a high tolerance for difference and disagreement, sensitivity-driven discourses will typically manifest a herding effect. Dissenting voices can be scapegoated or excluded and opponents will be sharply attacked." 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knock 'Em Dead Kid

One of the first heavy metal albums I got my hands on as a kid was Motley Crue's album, Shout at the Devil, released in 1983. That album was the first and last heavy metal album from the band, as all subsequent records they've put out since then were glam/stripper-soundtrack, hair metal, cock rock.  

Shout however, was a metal masterpiece.

One of my favorite songs on that record was Knock 'em Dead Kid.

On the inside of the album sleeve, it noted that the song was dedicated to the LAPD.

In the heat of the night,
You went and blackened my eyes
Well now I'm back...I'm back...I'm back,
and I'm coming your way
Well now I'm supercharged,
might just explode in your face
I'm back...I'm back...I'm back,
and I'm primed for hate
Knock 'em dead, kid (knock 'em dead)
A star-spangled fight,
heard a steel-belted scream
Now I'm black...I'm black...I'm black,
another sidewalks bloody dream
I heard the sirens whine
My blood turned to freeze
You'll see the red in my eyes,
as you take my disease

Knock 'em dead, kid (knock 'em dead)

30 years later, in a similar vein, we have another dedication to the LAPD.

I was eating at a restaurant yesterday. This restaurant had a TV up on the wall, playing the CBS news coverage of rogue ex-cop gone killer, Chris Dorner. Of course, whenever I view any kind of Tell-A-Vision news reports, I got my THEY LIVE glasses on and can immediately read between the lines of whatever lies the talking heads on the screen are spewing.

As the anchor reported that Dorner had been fired in 2009 for falsifying a police report. The entire media report framed the story as a case of Dorner being the corrupt cop now gone bad and seeking revenge for being justifiably fired.

Without knowing a single thing about this case, I turned and told my wife "You watch, this guy got framed and railroaded by the corrupt LAPD and is now doing this killing spree out of revenge."

So I find Dorner's manifesto on line...lo and behold, that looks like that's exactly what happened.

The rest of this post will be excerpts from the extensive manifesto, to clarify the rationale and motives for Dorner's guerilla war against the LAPD. There are a lot of other things included in his manifesto, including references to famous celebrities and his support of gun control and support for the Obama administration. A large section of it reads like a suicide note. He's obviously not expecting to survive this war.

But his indictments of the LAPD's treatment of him as a whistle blower, and of their treatment of the public at large are revealing and thought provoking.

In 8/07 I reported an officer (Ofcr. Teresa Evans/now a Sergeant), for kicking a suspect (excessive force) during a Use of Force while I was assigned as a patrol officer at LAPD’s Harbor Division. While cuffing the suspect, (Christopher Gettler), Evans kicked the suspect twice in the chest and once in the face. The kick to the face left a visible injury on the left cheek below the eye. Unfortunately after reporting it to supervisors and investigated by PSB (internal affairs investigator Det. Villanueva/Gallegos), nothing was done. I had broken their supposed “Blue Line”. Unfortunately, It's not JUST US, it's JUSTICE!!!

When Dorner filed a report against a fellow LAPD officer, he had a Board of Review commissioned to review the case. Two of the three LAPD admin presiding over the review were personal friends with the officer he had filed the complaint against.

During this BOR hearing a video was played for the BOR panel where Christopher Gettler stated that he was indeed kicked by Officer Evans (video sent to multiple news agencies). In addition to Christopher Gettler stating he was kicked, his father Richard Gettler, also stated that his son had stated he was kicked by an officer when he was arrested after being released from custody. This was all presented for the department at the BOR hearing. They still found me guilty and terminated me.

What they didn’t mention was that the BOR panel made up of Capt. Phil Tingirides, Capt. Justin Eisenberg, and City Attorney Martella had a signigicant problem from the time the board was assembled. Capt. Phil Tingirides was a personal friend of Teresa Evans from when he was her supervisor at Harbor station. That is a clear conflict of interest and I made my argument for his removal early and was denied. The advocate for the LAPD BOR was Sgt. Anderson. Anderson also had a conflict of interest as she was Evans friend and former partner from Harbor division where they both worked patrol together. I made my argument for her removal when I discovered her relation to Evans and it was denied.

Motley Crue released their song about LAPD brutality and corruption in 1983. It's only gotten worse in the 30 years since. As Dorner notes in his manifesto:

From 2/05 to 1/09 I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it's the police officers.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. How ironic that you utilize a fixed glass structure as your command HQ. You use as a luminous building to symbolize that you are transparent, have nothing to hide, or suppress when in essence, concealing, omitting, and obscuring is your forte.

Chief Beck, this is when you need to have that come to Jesus talk with Sgt. Teresa Evans and everyone else who was involved in the conspiracy to have me terminated for doing the right thing. you also need to speak with her attorney, Rico, and his conversation with the BOR members and her confession of guilt in kicking Mr. Gettler. I'll be waiting for a PUBLIC response at a press conference. When the truth comes out, the killing stops.

Why didn't you charge me with filing a false police report when I came forward stating that Evans kicked Mr. Christopher Gettler? You file criminal charges against every other officer who is accused and terminated for filing a false police report. You didn't because you knew I was innocent and a criminal court would find me innocent and expose your department for suppressing the truth and retaliation, that's why.

Like Ted Kaczynski, Joe Stack and other men before, Chris Dorner is another man who awakens to the realities of the corrupt nature of the system and loses it. A manifesto-publishing madman, full of righteous rage, determined to go out in a blaze of glory.

This department has not changed from the Daryl Gates and Mark Fuhrman days. Those officers are still employed and have all promoted to Command staff and supervisory positions. I will correct this error. Are you aware that an officer (a rookie/probationer at the time) seen on the Rodney King videotape striking Mr. King multiple times with a baton on 3/3/91 is still employed by the LAPD and is now a Captain on the police department? Captain Rolando Solano is now the commanding officer of a LAPD police station (West LA division). As a commanding officer, he is now responsible for over 200 officers. Do you trust him to enforce department policy and investigate use of force investigations on arrestees by his officers? Are you aware Evans has since promoted to Sergeant after kicking Mr. Gettler in the face. Oh, you Violated a citizens civil rights? We will promote you. Same as LAPD did with the the officers from Metro involved in the May Day melee at MacArthur Park. They promoted them to Sergeant (a supervisor role).

No one is saying you can't be prejudiced or a bigot. We are all human and hold prejudices. If you state that you don't have prejudices, your lying! But, when you act on it and victimize innocent citizens and fellow innocent officers, than that is a concern.

For you officers who do the job in the name of JUSTICE, those of you who lost honest officers to this event, look at the name of those on the BOR and the investigating officers from PSB and Evans and ask them, how come you couldn't tell the truth? Why did you terminate an honest officer and cover for a dishonest officer who victimized a mentally ill citizen?

Sometimes humans feel a need to prove they are the dominant race of a species and they inadvertently take kindness for weakness from another individual. You chose wrong.
Terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism (from the academy), and excessive use of force will immediately change. PSB can not police their own and that has been proven. The blue line will forever be severed and a cultural change will be implanted. You have awoken a sleeping giant.

I am here to change and make policy. The culture of LAPD versus the community and honest/good officers needs to and will change. I am here to correct and calibrate your morale compasses to true north.

Dorner almost sounds like a noble vigilante here, doing what no one else dares to, nor capable of: reforming LAPD from it's corruption and commonly practiced brutality of the civilian populace it's supposedly commissioned to "protect and serve". Note the condemnation of the attitudes and actions of his former fellow officers he witnessed in his time on the force:

Citizens/non-combatants, do not render medical aid to downed officers/enemy combatants. They would not do the same for you. They will let you bleed out just so they can brag to other officers that they had a 187 caper the other day and can’t wait to accrue the overtime in future court subpoenas. As they always say, "that's the paramedics job...not mine". Let the balance of loss of life take place. Sometimes a reset needs to occur.

It is endless the amount of times per week officers arrest an individual, label him a suspect-arrestee-defendant and then before arraignment or trial realize that he is innocent based on evidence. You know what they say when they realize an innocent man just had his life turned upside down?. "I guess he should have stayed at home that day he was discovered walking down the street and matching the suspects description. Oh well, he appeared to be a dirtbag anyways". Meanwhile the falsely accused is left to pick up his life, get a new, family, friends, and sense of self worth.

Don't honor these fallen officers/dirtbags. When your family members die, they just see you as extra overtime at a crime scene and at a perimeter. Why would you value their lives when they clearly don't value yours or your family members lives? I've heard many officers who state they see dead victims as ATV's, Waverunners, RV’s and new clothes for their kids.

Why would you shed a tear for them when they in return crack a smile for your loss because of the impending extra money they will receive in their next paycheck for sitting at your loved ones crime scene of 6 hours because of the overtime they will accrue? They take photos of your loved ones recently deceased bodies with their cellphones and play a game of who has the most graphic dead body of the night with officers from other divisions. This isn't just the 20 something year old officers, this is the 50 year old officers with significant time on the job as well who participate.

Damn. One could almost cheer for the man. If he solely targeted the cops directly involved in his situation, he'd probably get a lot more sympathy nationwide. But he's gone after family members and basically declared open season on any LAPD officer he gets a chance at.

I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I'm terminating yours. Quan, Anderson, Evans, and BOR members Look your wives/husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth as to why your children are dead.

No wonder the LAPD are skittish and opening fire on trucks that only slightly resemble Dorner's truck. He's gone off the reservation and declared war on the entire LAPD and anyone associated with them.

Those Caucasian officers who join South Bureau divisions (77th,SW,SE, an Harbor) with the sole intent to victimize minorities who are uneducated, and unaware of criminal law, civil law, and civil rights. You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it. You are a high value target.
Those Black officers in supervisory ranks and pay grades who stay in south bureau (even though you live in the valley or OC) for the sole intent of getting retribution toward subordinate caucasians officers for the pain and hostile work environment their elders inflicted on you as probationers (P-1's) and novice P-2’s. You are a high value target. You perpetuated the cycle of racism in the department as well. You breed a new generation of bigoted caucasian officer when you belittle them and treat them unfairly.

Those Hispanic officers who victimize their own ethnicity because they are new immigrants to this country and are unaware of their civil rights. You call them wetbacks to their face and demean them in front of fellow officers of different ethnicities so that you will receive some sort of acceptance from your colleagues. I'm not impressed. Most likely, your parents or grandparents were immigrants at one time, but you have forgotten that. You are a high value target.
Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.
Those Asian officers who stand by and observe everything I previously mentioned other officers participate in on a daily basis but you say nothing, stand for nothing and protect nothing. Why? Because of your usual saying, " I......don't like conflict". You are a high value target as well.
Those of you who "go along to get along" have no backbone and destroy the foundation of courage. You are the enablers of those who are guilty of misconduct. You are just as guilty as those who break the code of ethics and oath you swore.

Thus, Dorner declares open season on all who wear the uniform in Los Angeles. He claims his ultimate motive is to reclaim his name.

A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It's your life, your legacy, your journey, sacrifices, and everything you've worked hard for every day of your life as and adolescent, young adult and adult. Don't let anybody tarnish it when you know you’ve live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos...

...I'm not an aspiring rapper, I'm not a gang member, I'm not a dope dealer, I don't have multiple babies momma's. I am an American by choice, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a military service member, I am a man who has lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered, and libeled me. I lived a good life and though not a religious man I always stuck to my own personal code of ethics, ethos and always stuck to my shoreline and true North. I didn't need the US Navy to instill Honor, Courage, and Commitment in me but I thank them for re-enforcing it. It's in my DNA.

Luckily I don't have to live everyday like most of you. Concerned if the misconduct you were apart of is going to be discovered. Looking over your shoulder, scurrying at every phone call from internal affairs or from the Captains office wondering if that is the day PSB comes after you for the suspects you struck when they were cuffed months/years ago or that $500 you pocketed from the narcotics dealer, or when the other guys on your watch beat a transient nearly to death and you never reported the UOF to the supervisor. No, I don't have that concern, I stood up for what was right but unfortunately have dealt with the reprecussions of doing the right thing and now losing my name and everything I ever stood for.

You fuckers knew Evans was guilty of kicking (excessive force) Gettler and you did nothing but get rid of what you saw as the problem, the whistleblower. Gettler himself stated on video tape ( provided for the BOR and in transcripts) he was kicked and even his father stated that his son said he was kicked by Evans when he was released from custody. The video was played for the entire BOR to hear. Tingirides, Eisenberg, and Martella all heard it.

You're going to see what a whistleblower can do when you take everything from him especially his NAME!!!

He claims to be carrying out this urban guerilla war to GET HIS NAME BACK.

Just like the Unabomber, Dorner's got some excellent points and reasons for carrying out his actions. Problem is, by targeting innocents in retaliation, he's throwing his "name" away for all time and history.

No one is going to remember him as the whistleblower and would-be Robin Hood who tried to root out the corruption of the LAPD. He's just another psycho killer with a manifesto. Once he's dead (and I'd be willing to bet this guy will NOT be brought in alive, LAPD is shooting to kill on sight), the corrupt brutality of the LAPD will continue on with business as usual.

Self Preservation is no longer important to me. I do not fear death as I died long ago on 1/2/09. I was told by my mother that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I refuse to accept that.

From 2/05 to 1/09 I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it's the police officers...

...How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, "based on my experience and training".

No one grows up and wants to be a cop killer. It was against everything I've ever was. As a young police explorer I found my calling in life. But, As a young police officer I found that the violent suspects on the street are not the only people you have to watch.

He claims he's doing this for one reason and one reason only:

The attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence, PUBLICLY!!! I will not accept any type of currency/goods in exchange for the attacks to stop, nor do i want it. I want my name back, period. There is no negotiation.

Looks to me like that's just his rationalization hamster making excuses to justify what he's really after: revenge.

This post may sound like I'm sympathetic to Dorner. In part, I am. I've had my own upfront and personal experiences of tragic police force corruption here in Hawaii...on several occasions. I can only imagine how much worse it is in Los Angeles. But I don't approve of Dorner's actions, as murder is a worse crime than mere physical assualt. His actions makes him worse than the enemy he claims to be fighting, and he is now tarnishing his own name far worse than what the LAPD brass did to it as a whistle blower.

Still...there is a part of me that hopes he partially succeeds in his declared goal to expose LAPD corruption for all to see.

Rooshv forum commenter Scorpion. states exactly how i feel with the following post:

I don't think many people are actually condoning the fact that this guy killed innocent people.

They're just glad that somebody is taking a violent stand against the police/government and are living vicariously through him.

Our government is so fucked up and out of control, and everyone knows it, that something like this has a bit of a Robin Hood element to it. People generally feel powerless to do anything about government overreach, so when a guy like this stands up and says, "Enough! Fuck you. I'm not taking anymore!" that resonates with the frustrations of a lot of people.

That people are willing to overlook the fact that this guy has killed innocent people is a stinging indictment of how low the police and the government stand in the eyes of citizens. A large percentage of public opinion is sympathetic to a (seemingly) crazed murderer over the government. That's pretty goddamned pathetic and makes our government and the LAPD look like shit, but deservedly so, because they've earned that contempt through years of corruption, abuse of power and trampling on the rights of citizens.

Knock 'em dead, kid.



After reading the comments to Vox Day's post linkage, I realized I should have been more clear in what I was trying to highlight here with this post.

This is the thing with Manifestos. They're long. They ramble. They cover all sorts of topics.

Anyone can pick and choose particular passages to pronounce judgement on the situation and the man behind the words.

Hell, that's what I did with this post.

I ignored the Obama and Hillary praising, the shout out to celebrity's, his support for gun control and most certainly ignored all of the stuff he wrote regarding racism.

What I was trying to do, and now see I should have made more clear on this point, was to show what I think happened here: Dorner was a true-blue blue pill taker who believed wholeheartedly in Truth, Justice and teh 'murican way. He was a military member who had pretty high level security clearance. In short, it's clearly evident he considers himself a true American patriot.

Yeah, he was almost 100% certainly a democrat voting, liberal Obama supporter who supports gun control and all the other typical liberal political platform. The only relevancy that has to this case is the fact that the guy had a hair-trigger response to the N word...just like any other black, liberal American.

That doesn't mitigate one bit the core explanation he gave for why he's gone rogue and declared a one man war against LA's finest.

He joined LAPD with an honest attitude that he wanted to "Serve and Protect" his community...but he quickly found out that it really means to Serve and Protect the corruption and savage brutality of his fellow officers abusing their power and authority.

He accurately describes the LAPD's mentality towards the citizenry.

This went against everything Dorner appears to have believed in about being a Police Officer dedicated to Protecting and Serving society. He tried to do something about it, and the system chewed him up and spit him out.

He was like a wronged husband entering divorce court thinking there's no way he'd lose custody, the house and be forced to pay alimony because SHE was the one who had an affair...only to find out what the justice of the family courts was really like when she ends up walking away with everything.

It doesn't excuse his murdering of innocent family members, or even the execution of corrupt cops (murder is worse of a crime than extortion, lying, and assault).

But we can certainly understand why a man subjected to the vagaries of systemic corruption would be driven to desperation.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sensitivity Training

I've been an NFL fan for over 2 decades. I used to watch all the NFL programs on cable Tell-A-Vision, and read all the print media publications, websites and was also an active participant on several fan forums every single day. After all this time, I've become burned out on the soap opera and cult of personality aspects that go along with the media coverage.

 The worst of it has to be the media days just prior to the Superbowl. There's always some dumbass reporter looking to find a sensational headline or start some attention grabbing publicity stunt. These hacks are Brave New World Order Thoughtcrime entrapment agents.

One of these agents asked San Francisco 49er Defensive Back Chris Culliver if he thought their might be any of teh Gayz on the team.

 "No, we don't got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."

Apparently Culliver was ignorant of the current, ongoing 21st century inquisition to root out thoughtcrime.

He found out soon enough. 

Chris Culliver, the San Francisco 49ers cornerback who made headlines with anti-gay remarks, will take sensitivity training and education classes after the Super Bowl. Culliver will eventually become a volunteer with the Trevor Project, which provides crisis and suicide intervention for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

“He's so passionate about youth and people being comfortable with who they are and accepted by all,” Culliver's public relations representative, Theodore Palmer, told the Associated Press. “He's excited to learn. The plan is with the Trevor Project, and their concerns are that he is genuine about his words.

 Shades of 1984...

"Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane! Will you understand, Winston, that no one whom we bring to this place ever leaves our hands uncured? We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them. Do you understand what I mean by that?” 

 I imagine Chris Culliver is about to find that out.