Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amongst the Herd

It is my staunchly held belief that there really is no "fixing" the problems of society that the MRM has been trying to fight on teh interwebz.

That's because there is nothing wrong with the society as it stands currently.

The system is working exactly as it was designed to.

We are all enslaved to the system to one degree or another.

In nearly every single financial transaction we partake in, someway, somehow, the owners of our feedlot get their pound of flesh, as all fiat cash comes into existence by the "printing press" of our fiat masters, and at some level of society, usurious interest ensures they will get paid for our work.

One thing the Occupy movement has certainly gotten correct is their percentages...we the sheeple are the 99%, enslaved - indentured - beholden to the 1%.

The 1% is the owners of our global feedlot. The politicians and so-called "world leaders" are nothing more than the modern day equivalent of the World War 2 era mandate for Judenrat in Nazi occupied territories.

Here's how Winston Wiki describes the function of the Judenrat:

The Nazis systematically sought to weaken the resistance potential and opportunities of the Jews of Eastern Europe. The early Judenräte were foremost to report numbers of their Jewish populations, clear residences and turn them over, present workers for forced labour, confiscate valuables, and collect tribute and turn these over.

Elections in the "freee world" are nothing more than voting for who gets to be the next man or woman up to sit on your particular regions council and decide how we are to be fleeced, sheared and enslaved to our Brave New World Order's Matrix which operates solely for the benefit of the 1% - the international Bankers who own the massive debts our Judenrat take on our behalf in paying for the products and services provided by the multinational corporations (for which the 1% are also majority shareholders of) that are the top tiers of "civilizations" pyramid.

This is why I no longer vote. I no longer assent to the system. Nor do I care who or which party gains control of my regional iteration of the current Brave New World Order's Judenrat council. "Democracy" empowers the sheeple people alright...it empowers us by getting us to buy into the illusions and delusions they inculcate into us all through mass media and institutionalized brainwashing, from avoiding despair and cynicism that comes with recognizing the ugly truths of our system and the way things really work.
There are no collective solutions to our personal problems we experience as sheeple enslaved by the system.
We have only one thing we can do, and that is to gain awareness and embrace the truth. Recognition of true reality and how to do the best you can to avoid the worst experiences of our feedlot system.

I've written this numerous times throughout the history of this blog, but it bears repeating...I am an MRA.
For me, MRA means Men's Rights AWARENESS (not the commonly accepted term, "activist").

True empowerment can only come through awareness of the reality of our situation as a member of the global herd of sheeple. As a member of the 99%, the only thing you or I can do, is recognize and avoid the programs and sectors of our feedlot designed to extract our very life force from us for the 1% profit.
This is what "taking the red pill" means for me. For many of the blogs we consider part of the "manosphere," the red pill simply represents one or possibly two facets of the system. Feminism. Interpersonal relationships. Money. Food.

Many "manosphere" bloggers and commenters appear to have only taken the red pill with regards to one area or another of the 1%'s overall CAFO management programming. The big pictures eludes many.
Once you understand the truth, you come to the realization that THEY (the 1%) want us to have confused, disjointed lives.

They want us to get into debt pursuing the illusion of happiness through consumption.

They want us to avoid reproducing and forming strongly bonded family groups. They want us to work for their benefit rather than our own.

They want us to embrace a life of hedonism, sloth, a lack of initiative and to be comfortable in our enslavement.

They want us to be distracted and ignorant of their real agenda.

They want us to worry about keeping up with our status within the herd of the 99%, unawares of the fact that despite the appearances, we are all equally enslaved on many different levels.

They want us to eat their FEED instead of real food.

They want us to be nutritionally deficient, confused and afflicted with a myriad of degenerative diseases, so that we must than work to pay for their services to treat our symptoms of those nutritional deficiencies with their treatment protocols and drugs.

They want us divided and conquered, endlessly squabbling amongst ourselves so as to avoid the scrutiny that would come with all of us focusing on just who really does control our reality.

They want us dependent and incapable of truly caring for ourselves.

They want us comfortable in our slavery, so that we embrace it and actively resist seeking real freedom.

Most of all, they want us all to live in a constant state of FEAR.

Once you truly understand all this and see the big picture, you understand how to recognize these things and avoid them the best you can.

Only then can you live a life as free as possible in today's Brave New World Order we call "Civilization." By discovering the truth, you can wear the cloak of being "just another sheeple" to our overlords, but live as a free and wild creature in disguise amongst the herd of domesticated sheeple.

Reject their feed.
Reject their behavioral guidelines.
Reject their brainwashing.
Only partake of those things they offer which benefit yourself and your own familial interests.

Today's technology offers many advantages to life...there are many aspects of modern society that have given us capabilities and opportunities never before seen by mankind...but it also offers much greater scope of surveillance and control over us by our 1% overlords.

Learn the truth and figure out the ways and means to live the life primarily for your own benefit and not theirs. There is a certain level for which they WILL get their pound of flesh. The only way to avoid that is to either go hermit in the wilderness, or become a member of that 1% as well. Neither option is really available to 99% of we, the 99%.

But you can find a certain degree of personal freedom and avoid the stampedes of fear our feedlot managers regularly use to make the majority of the herd go where they want them to.


Anonymous said...


dude i already told you how da fed created da PUA community:

how the federal reserve system created the PUA community lzozlzlzloozlzllzll!! they DO NO wan t the men to read mises or hayek or jefferson or the us constitution lzozlzlzlz they want to keep the men in the fiat masters’ cave — the fiat butthex matrix — “gaming” and fighting over the table scraps of all the desoulaed, haggaard, std-ridden, vicious, gold-digging, cold, defeminized, prozac-addled womenz the fiat masters buttthexed and deosuled in college during teh primae nocate ceremeonies, instead of manning up and fighting for their dvine irght to something far greater — an honorable, virtuous wife. lzozllzllzllzozzlz

Anonymous said...

Great post Keoni and I'm working on getting out of the feedlot as much as possible. Some things you should look into are minimalism and early retirement extreme.

I have recently been reading your brain on porn and recognising my addiction. What reeks of conspiracy (although it may just be the convenience of postmodernists being idiots) was how since postmodernism has infected education etc the idea that masturbation is a good thing that everyone should partake in has been promoted to school children. You are probably aware of the no fap challenges that have happened around the manosphere, and the great results achieved, but it wasn't until I started reading about the biochemical affects of porn and masturbation at yourbrainonporn that it truly hit me. Rubbing one out affects a man in so many adverse ways, from decreased drive to decreased bonding and caring about others, and it takes the body a week to recover. What better way to keep men from being a problem than convincing them to dump their masculine drive and essence into a tissue as often as possible.

Adding to that observation, and following on from GBFM above, the 7 day cycle following orgasm haappens with sex as well (except you get lots of other benefits instead of negatives) and the encouragement of the hookup culture and ONS's which leads to frequent sex could be detrimental to men because energy they could use to achieve great things is wasted chasing and bedding another slut.

So I am curious as to whether the promotion of masturbation and the hook up culture was purposefully done by our overlords to keep us in check?

Anonymous said...

Did you add more blogs to the blogroll? Sometimes I come to your site just to pass a quick glance it, I like that you can see the titles.

The Dude said...

The easily way they enslave people...sex. Take sex out of the contex it was supposed to be and you are a slave. Mentally, physically, and it leads to spiritual death.

Think about it...how much power a man would have in a relationship if sex was say 20-30th on his list.

Sex is one of their hooks...of course greed and buying stuff is the other. Both can lead to big troubles but sex destroys the body and greed destroys your financial well being.

Anonymous said...

They want us to avoid reproducing and forming strongly bonded family groups.

Absolutely right. It makes you wonder about all those MRAs and MGTOW who refuse to get married and reproduce. They are doing what our masters want.

We need to start asking who is really behind the MRM and MGTOW. It too conveniently fits in with our masters' depopulation agenda.

Amy said...

There is, indeed, so much more to being a red-piller than just opposition to feminism and being an MRA. The Wachowski's could have gone eyes wide open by making Zion yet another onion layer of the Matrix from which to wake up. Real life is like that: what is the reality, whom do you trust, and just how tethered to TPTB is your life?

I was pondering something this afternoon while driving about with the kids: what is the endgame of feminism/socialism and the "equality" racket? The local talker was on the topic of public schools and how awful and outdated they are, and how kids aren't really learning much. Consistently, homeschooler after homeschooler called in to tout the achievements of their kids: one man, a plumber, has five children between 7 and 16 years of age, and they all know the 3-Rs as well as how to change out hot water heaters, fix and install toilets, etc. His kids will be light years ahead of their peers. The homeschool movement is gaining strength everyday, thankfully.

I was also wondering what the endgame of female "liberation" really is. A woman can be educated (and I'm thinking a classical education as well as educated in home matters, a la the Pythagorean woman) without having to become so bullish about sex. I thought hard about this because I have two daughters, and I want them to understand how pop-culture is the exact opposite of reality. My almost-four-year old is already taking in the images and fluff around us, despite limited TV viewing and not being in school. Will she think being sexually aggressive and sexually available will make her popular, as so much teen-oriented programming seems to indicate, and ruin her chances of being a good woman?

I trust that my husband (who IS, indeed, her father) will be a good influence on her and her sister. He suffers neither fools nor sluts lightly and can tell them, from a man's perspective, that while sluts might be fun to use, they don't make good marriage material. And yet, when I recall everything I've ever read in a woman's magazine or studied in my (mandatory) women's studies classes in college or debated with other women about in the workplace, the message being given is that men want sexually aggressive, experienced women who will initiate quickly.

I am sorry if I've gotten off-topic, KG, but I think the issue of female sexual liberation is an important one and gets what men and women really want wrong, and frequently, but no attempt is made by anyone to correct this error save the few blogging red-pillers out there.

Is a sexually aggressive woman really what is wanted (I'm talking about very early in the courting stage, like first or second date, not in the bounds of marriage where it can be appropriate to show your husband how much you desire him)? How do we bring a sense of decorum and modesty back to everyone?

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for your always thoughtful commentary, Amy. I may not always respond to you, but I always read.

How do we bring a sense of decorum and modesty back to everyone?

The answer to your question is what I consider now to be my sole motivation to continue blogging:

"How do WE bring {insert any "red pill" topic} back to EVERYONE?"

We don't. That is a collectivist mindset, and it is the root of the problem. Collectivism is the ideology behind much of our problems, because it usurped the benefits of a society that was founded on putting individualism and personal rights above the collective herd. Protecting the minority (of 1) from the majority (the collective).

What do WE do? More like what do YOU do? The only person you can change is yourself. But your personal change can be an influence that brings your peers and loved ones around to your way of thinking.

You bring it to those you can influence.

You can hand a person the red pill, but you can't make them take it.

What will motivate them to take it, is seeing how you benefited form taking it yourself.

Amy said...

Too right; all to easy to get caught up in a "we" mindset when the individual is truly the only person with control over his actions. The example matters as influence, not coercion as control.

Thanks KG.

djc said...

Great post Keoni. I've been thinking the exact same thing almost word for word lately. Someone once said if elections really made any difference they would be outlawed. And after thinking about it some, I haven't see much difference between Bush and Obama. Except Obama has accelerated the destruction. Its becoming clearer to me they are working for someone else. Not US.

*** ******** said...

This ---> "They want us to be nutritionally deficient, confused and afflicted with a myriad of degenerative diseases, so that we must than work to pay for their services to treat our symptoms of those nutritional deficiencies with their treatment protocols and drugs."

yep. the want it all. power wants more power...for the sake of having as much power as there is to have. that is all.

Anonymous said...

"They want us to avoid reproducing and forming strongly bonded family groups.

Absolutely right. It makes you wonder about all those MRAs and MGTOW who refuse to get married and reproduce. They are doing what our masters want.

We need to start asking who is really behind the MRM and MGTOW. It too conveniently fits in with our masters' depopulation agenda."

Completely agree with this. Where does PUA come from? Who started that? Who originally spread the idea that the man who bangs the most pussy is the winnar!!!!!

The man who truly wins is the man who finds a good woman to marry and raises a family his way. This is the hardest thing to do. This is where you, Keoni, are more of an inspiration than someone like roissy. Many MGTOW men secretly want to do this but don't believe its possible. They're caught at the half way point on their journey; they've rightfully thrown off the shackles of wrong headed thinking but have not yet come full circle.

Amy said...

@Anon 3:18 am,

This is where I was driving with my comment above about feminism and it's effect of hypersexualizing girls and women (while selling it as liberation).

A hypersexualized woman is not likely to make good marriage or mother material, and usually finds out too late that she waited too long and can't find a good man or have kids. MGTOW is the reaction to this behavior. I know a few guys who have sworn off marriage, and knowing their past girlfriends or ex-wives, I can't really blame them. I do wonder how much of this is intentional design and how much just a consequence of seemingly sound ideas gone awry. More often than not I am inclined to agree with the intentional design hypothesis.

And many a hypersexualized woman want the same as many MGTOW likely want: to settle with a family and a strong husband and take care of her husband and children, but the years upon years upon years of indoctrination from public schools and TV and magazines and advertising have told her that to be traditional in many aspects is to go against the wonderful world of fun and opportunity that has been opened up to her. It's a buy now, pay later scheme that silently accrues interest until the burden of debt to a life of partying and career climbing is more than one woman can pay, only she was told she could surely afford it - so now she thinks there must be something wrong with her and never questions that perhaps she was sold a bill of goods that never existed.

The feedback loop is a negative one that will ultimately grind population growth in certain demographics to a halt. High-investment parenting requires both parents to be on duty, often to compliment each other, sometimes to take over so the other can relax a bit or tend to other chores, and to benefit the child (of either sex) to see the nature of each parents and his or her contributions to the family unit. But the social bedrock called the "family" cannot be perpetuated by a world where the PUA/MGTOW and hypersexualized women directly and perpetually antagonize each other. It's a crummy situation, but as KG commented above, there is no "we" here, at least on a broad social scale.

We've grown well beyond Dunbar's number and have no personal investment in how other's live, only a passing flirtation with the titillating aspects of their situations. Commenting on the negative effects is one thing, but it does nothing to change behavior. Only a life of example can do that. And I believe there are many examples out there, but they are content to go about life as a happy couple who love their kids and live quietly. They don't make for good news stories or interesting blog fodder.

Boar said...

Excellent post, as always.

I could write a book about my experiences with the “system” (and one day I may) but this time I’ll mention only one thing – health.

Most of the people I know (mostly guys in their twenties) suffer from at least one kind of medical condition they probably wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for our glorious medical care (by this I don’t mean solely the US medical system, since I’m from Europe). Like you said, Keoni, they create patients so they can cure them, and make a profit in doing so, as well as keeping as much people as possible dependent to them.

Personally, I’ve always had serious vision problems. The doctors always told me that they were genetic and inherited, and that there was nothing I could do about it; however, if I wore the newest model of glasses the eye problems would go away. Being the good, obedient slave I was I took their “advice” wholeheartedly. Now, ten years later, I’m half-blind without my glasses thanks to constant increase in prescription my ophthalmologist forced upon me. My options? Continue to wear even stronger glasses or get an eye surgery. The industry profits with both options: either way I end up paying them money to “cure” a condition I wouldn’t have in the first place (at least not in that intensity) if it weren’t for them. Now consider how many people nowadays are prescribed glasses to “improve” their vision (where it’s proven that glasses actually hurt vision) and how much money they make on it; it’s staggering.

And the thing that annoys me the most is that when I tell people this stuff they shrug their shoulders and spit the usual “you should take the doctor’s advice” crap. Ah, conventional wisdom.

And like I said, this is only my thing: one medical condition among hundreds they make a nice profit of. I wowed to myself that if I ever regain my health, specifically my vision, that I’ll start some kind of a project to raise awareness about the various medical scams people are subjected to without them knowing.

That’s another reason we need more blogs like this.

Vince said...

This post was both timely and thoughtful, but I think you underestimate the number of people who see through this sham, and structure their lives strategically to purposely minimize their energy loss to the system, or it's control on them. True the numbers might be small compared to the total population, but it's growing daily.

Anonymous said...

MGTOW is the reaction to this behavior. I know a few guys who have sworn off marriage, and knowing their past girlfriends or ex-wives, I can't really blame them. I do wonder how much of this is intentional design and how much just a consequence of seemingly sound ideas gone awry. More often than not I am inclined to agree with the intentional design hypothesis.

Does it really matter if MGTOW, the MRM, and PUA were originally part of the elite's intentional design? Even if they weren't originally an elite invention for depopulation, they certainly are promoting it now since it works for them. Any of the main PUA, MRM or MGTOW voices could be working for the elite. It's guaranteed that some of them have to be. The only ones who we can be sure don't are those who are trying to use PUA ideas for marriage.

Anonymous said...

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.
-Jon Donne

As humans that love life we are invested in all of humanity the good and the bad. Society(the sum social interactions of a culture) raises us up and gives us identity and purpose. Human nature ( the complex interplay of our innate mental faculties) gives us the ability to create ,exploit, solve or ignore entirely the problems of our fellow man.

Peacemaker said...

I voted one time only, to ensure limp-wristed Gore wouldn't be our POTUS after WTC. If only I'd known then what I know now about Halliburton, poppy fields, Chinese gold and 9/11...

If family is strong, divide and conquer remains a weak tactic. Sadly, this isn't the case, as parent/child relationships become more adversarial than complementary.

Anonymous said...

I don't see MGTOW and forsaking marriage as the same thing. The problem is not with women, per se, the problem is with a culture that despises, depreciates, and marginalizes men.

As another famous libertarian author wrote "Disengage, disunite, disconnect" from the the toxic culture and look to one's own interests as paramount. This same author pointedly wrote that a culture is exponentially strengthened the further men move from a collective solutions towards individualization of their own tastes and interests.

This is how I understand MGTOW: as Keonigalt said: 'awareness not activism'. Men have to know what they want, and realize that the current cultural milieu provides no help to them; regardless of whether they stay single or marry.

A MGTOW can consistantly marry and raise a family: provided he goes outside the culture that runs counter to his interests to do it.

Anonymous said...

The realities of a pre-industrial/agrarian lifestyles would be as alien to you as it is to me.

Anonymous said...

'The realities of a pre-industrial/agrarian lifestyle would be as alien to you as to me.'

Disengaging from the culture does not mean reversion back to pre-industrial times. The strength of a culture/community is only as good as the sum of its individual components. People who withdraw from a corrupt culture will form a productive subculture, but that subculture's strength is not the strength of a 'herd' but the power of united individuals.

Anonymous said...

I don't see MGTOW and forsaking marriage as the same thing.

It doesn't matter if you call it MGTOW or something else. The truth is that the MGTOW, MRM, & PUA movements are working hard to get men to forsake marriage. Whether this is inherent in MGTOW (or MRM or PUA) is irrelevant.

Clearly, the elite is using MGTOW, MRM, & PUA to promote a message to men to forsake marriage. And it is working. No matter where I go, I have no trouble finding men, young men in particular, who are paranoid of marriage. They're paranoid of having children for the same reason. The elite are making men paranoid of marriage and family, the one thing that can put a stop to their plans for depopulation.

MGTOW, MRM, & PUA are acting as de facto arms of the elite's plans. It can be argued that MGTOW, MRM, & PUA have been more useful to the elite than even feminism was.

Anonymous said...


On the other hand, feminist legislation has made marriage and family-raising a suicidal option for most males. It's interesting that Socons, for example tout both 'traditional families' while opposing immigration---when it's obvious that American women are unsuitable for marriage.

I think most of the MRM is reactionary; men might want marriage and family, but the lack of any suitable marriage material discourages it.

IOW, it's not the fault of American men for avoiding marriage; it's the fault of American women who postpone marriage, hate men, and slut around with bums and thugs.

There are a variety of ways of MGTOW can be interpreted (I'm no fan of Game and PUA; I agree with your points as far these movements are concerned). I prefer to use the term 'marriage embargo' as opposed to 'marriage strike'. American women, and feminist women generally, need to be avoided, but marrying outside the culture is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, feminist legislation has made marriage and family-raising a suicidal option for most males.

That is true, but it is defeatist. If we give up on trying to form strong families like the MGTOW (or whatever you want to call the marriage strikers or marriage embargoers) have, then the elite and their depopulation agenda have already won.

Anonymous said...

Not 'defeatist' but 'suicidal'. If you really believe that there are a sufficient number of women in our feminised culture to meet the demand for responsible wives and mothers, I certainly would like to see your evidence of that.

Nestorius said...

Exactly. The Masonic plan to control and build people is a reality that no one should deny.

The people who are doing this are know: the Freemasons.

Anonymous said...


LOL, the Masons. A bunch of senior citizens in fezzes with secret handshakes...

You'll believe anything that excuses women, won't you?