Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bem-vindo às Favelas dos Homens

According to Google Translator, the Portuguese title for this post says: Welcome to the Slums of Men.

What's this all about?

When I first began reading alternative/anti-feminist/politically incorrect blogs, the first thing that stood out to me was the commonality of experiences with regards to feminism and Government sanctioned misandry were being written about by bloggers from all over the world.

Ireland, England, Australia, Canada, India, Finland, New Zealand...I remember reading blogs from all these places, and how each country had it's own variations on political correctness, feminism, multi-culturalism etc. While small variations existed, the similarities of experiences expressed by bloggers from all corners of the English-speaking internet became one of the reasons why I began to delve into the topics on the open conspiracy to create a one world government.

The manosphere is global, because the problems we are all dealing with are global...and this is no coincidence.

But prior to today, I did not really consider just how far the Brave New World Order's Social Engineering Program has been spread until I heard from a blogger in Brazil.

Here's a comment left on my last post while I was away on vacation:

Hello fellow blogger. My name is Enigmático e Realístico and I am a Brazillian "red pill taker" blogger. I'm posting concepts usually discussed on the manosphere for more than one year to the still small red pill takers from brazil.

Our manosphere is still small and disunited compared to you from the "main manosphere".

I decided a little ago that now is the time to expand more the limits of the brazillian manosphere and so the american manosphere too. I want to make an "partnership" with you fellow's to grow more our "underground web" and with that make our concepts more embracing.

I believe that now is a time on the history of the so called "manosphere" where the authors of all those good blogs are not just voices alone in the sea of the political correctness but a emerging power in freeing the minds of other men to guide us to a truthful life and relationships.

The awakening of minds provided by the manosphere created a kind of "virus" that dominates quickly men like you and me that searches to transcend our ignorance. It is the "red pill virus". That virus that frees ourselves from the everyday lies from tell-a-vision, our the fake studies about male/female relationships.

Every blogger has a important paper on the awakening of minds, from PUA's to MRA's. Each one of them fills a blank of knowledge very important to clear more and more our vision from the lies of our brave new world order. Every good blogger from the manosphere have a important role on tell to us how a man should really be, and should really fight for.

Now talking about my blog, i have a translator tool on it, and as i tested it i could see that at least 90% of the main idea of the post is understandable. I invite you to check my last post
So, i friendly ask you that you consider the possibility of linking my blog in yours. Know that i will link you independently of you link me or not. Next week i'll create a page containing "International partners" and you will be there.

I early apologize myself if you see in my blog something like you have written before in any post of you. Knows that i inspired myself in some of your ideas to create a few posts mines.

Thank you for reading my email, i just want that you answer me independently of linking my blog or not. I'll appreciate that a lot.

My best regards.

Enigmático e Realístico
Welcome to the manosphere, Enigmático! Please, feel free to link me and any other manosphere blog that would help our Brazilian brothers help disseminate the red pill.

For our English readers, here's some quotes from Enigmático's post, translated into English:

We live in a unique moment in history. Never was there such great power over the citizen of the state as we have today. In this state that controls not only limited to our borders, is a world state and claws control the lives of all citizens in most countries of the world.
The implementation of this global control has been and is being engineered for centuries. They invested heavily in research about our psychology, subliminal messages, linguistic manipulation and many other areas that had interference in controlling livestock system minimizing the revolts and rebellions to a minimum.

I believe we have reached an age that is the pinnacle of world government and its control over us mere sheep system.
The Internet has provided them a formidable tool for tracking, measuring and research on what we think and do. Moreover, they saw in it the perfect terrain to control and lead the masses in an indirect way, where the manipulated even notice being sugestionados certain thoughts and attitudes.

The internet, social networks and news networks are great tools to control us, but it is a double-edged sword, because there are some dissenters like me and others who use this tool to take the red pill and get rid of the lies and manipulative jargon of the day to day.
The purpose of this post is not to discuss the government's power and control the world about us but how to become a man who is not just another sheep in the system, a man who knows almost everything in the curbs is a theater made ​​to deceive us at some level and become an ideological threat to the totalitarian system silently in the guise of good intentions that is what we call globalization. I will give some practical examples of what to do to definitely take the red pill and be a silent soldier in the battle for our true freedom of expression and opinion. Remember that is only allowed freedom of expression for those that are useful in some way for the system. If there really such a freedom of expression I would have never been threatened, blackmailed and boycotted for having this blog.

Wow, I guess it's the same old story down there in Brazil, eh? This is why I welcomed you to the "slums of men." The manosphere is considered the lunatic fringe of the internet. Once you reach a certain level of prominence, you become a target. One piece of advice for you, Enigmático, guard your anonymity if you have anything to lose in real life.

 The rest of Enigmático's post reads much like a Brazilian version of Frost over at Freedom Twenty-Five - in short, he urges his fellow Brazilian young men to unplug from the mass media matrix and de-program from all the lies, propaganda and misinformation regarding gender, sex, diet, masculinity and all the other topics we are all familiar with in this corner of teh interwebz. He echoes my own sentiments in his conclusion:

Common sense is nothing more than the sense of the docile slave, are slaves who love our bondage as we are allowed useless gadgets like cell phones full of features, comedy shows that humor has nothing, parties to dance half-naked in the streets, and meanwhile we're all distracted not realizing that we do not all mere slaves. And worst weak and sickly slaves, because they are not strong and only eat junk. Be a virus in the system, the cancer cell is ready to infect others. Be silent before the soldier's tyranny. Be as wild in the brave new world, which is part of the system because they have no other choice but in spirit yearns for the collapse of this system.
Mantenha resistindo ao Admirável Nova Ordem Mundial, meu amigo!


black said...

I always wondered if Americans were the most sheltered in their own country...

Amy said...

I'm comforted to know that these issues are being discussed in countries other than America and Great Britain. Most of the red pill stuff I read comes from America or the UK, but surely other people suffer under various regimes and desire to be let off the leash of collectivism and control.

I hope Enigmatico keeps up the fight. Revolution and reformation start slowly, and require networking. The presence of international bloggers who are awake is a positive development.

JJ said...

Exactly how I see it on my blog. Feminism sells to the elites! It brings them more access to all of our wallets, bringing everyone into their fold, and raping us with more taxes. Feminism is not the source, it is a symptom!

We have to "follow the money" to the source. That is why I am beating up Social Security in my blog soo bad! I know where it is going!

Cybro said...

So that's what happened to the Brazilian Bachelor .

Enigmático e Realístico said...

Im very happy to see your answer on a post in your blog.

You are one of the guys from the manosphere that i most respect, and it makes me very honored to see a welcome post in your page.

For sure the problems men faces on this brave new world order are world wide.

The mass indoctrination, the "gender" lies, the poison on our foods, the death system known as "health care" and others things designeds to fuck us are now totally spread across the globe.

But, the internet is here to unite the "black sheeps". Im here, your are on a island, dudes like Roosh sometimes are in places like Latvia, but today we are feel, tomorrow we will be a real threat. Maybe someday guys like you and me will be hunted like pigs by the watchdogs of the system, but at least we did something good for our fellow brothers.

We will keep resisting!

My best regards.

Enigmático e Realístico

Anonymous said...

Sad, the first post of him that i read was a rip off of a Roosh's one, and he did not give credit to him. Not all brazillians are scumbags as Enigmático e Realístico is, however.

Anonymous said...

Many Brazilians are waking up, due to the heavy hand tactics of our Marxist government and Youtube.

Tons of conspiracy videos in Youtube in Portuguese now. Just one of my Alex Jones videos got 80,000 views.

If Roissy or somebody else could post something on Youtube on man issues, the subject would be promoted like crazy,

Marcos from Brazil (