Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mutually Assured Destruction


The contents of this post are simply an exercise in dealing with a theoretical situation. It in no way constitutes a threat or some kind of ominous portend of some pending action on my behalf, nor is it related to any possible real life situation at this time. It's simply ruminations on a horrible topic I've oft wrestled with in my own mind.

In the comments to my last post, I made a statement that might seem a bit hyperbolic or perhaps a bit of false bravado. I responded to J. Dantes of Koanic soul,who made the argument that nothing is worth a man losing his honor, including his own children.

I disagree vehemently with this sentiment.

As a young Father (well, I'm not young, but certainly young at Fatherhood), I now realize there is nothing I would not sacrifice for my child, including my honor.

Because I love my child more than my life itself.

I've been at this blogging thing in the manosphere for almost 5 years now, and over all this time, I've thought long and hard about the various topics we discuss regarding marriage, divorce, and the entire racket of child support designed to enslave men and force them to subsidize the destruction of their own family, while enduring alienation and kept from even minimal contact with their children.

What would I do, faced with the same scenario?

How could I handle going through the kind of hell Bill Price has painfully documented at the Spearhead?

I am fully aware of the risks I undertook in purposefully having a baby with my wife.

She could one day fall out of love, and play the "I'm just not haaaaapppy!" card and take my child away with the assistance of the law. And there is nothing legal or law abiding that I could do to stop it. I don't think it's highly likely, yet I'd be foolish to think it was impossible.

So what would I do?

I've come to the conclusion that the only remedy to this potential scenario is a policy of mutually assured destruction.

This is not something I need to ever say or do IRL. I would never threaten it as some means of trying to scare or manipulate my wife. And no, I have no intent to ever lay out the specifics of my planned response either here, nor anywhere else.

This is only something that would become expressed in real life should the worst case scenario occur first. I will only say this: my plans do not involve murder, wanton destruction or any other sort of random act of psychosis that seems to be increasingly more frequent in occurrence in our rapidly declining civilization.

For instance, where I to discover my wife were having an affair and she were contemplating divorcing me -- or any of the other scenarios we in this sector of teh interwebz regularly write about and discuss -- I have already determined my course of action in response to the potential loss of custody and a basic rights as a Father to my child. I hope this never happens, but I'm mentally prepared for it just the same.

If you take my child from me, you have effectively taken all meaning from my life. I will have nothing to live for. You will have destroyed me. I will have nothing to lose. Faced with such a scenario, I will issue Fair Warning....and no, I would not lash out at innocent bystanders. I would focus my actions on the people solely responsible for which I can identify and actually reach.

As I wrote in the last post's comments:

I'll tell you this much, if anyone tries to take my kid from me, you'll hear about the "crazy dude in Hawaii" who went out with a bang.

What do I mean by "bang?" May you never find out, but rest assured, I am not going to blow anything up.

But I digress.

The chances of this happening based on my current assessment of my relationship with my wife and my family make this scenario extremely improbable, if not near impossible. But if there's one thing I've taken from immersing myself in the anti-establishment sector of teh interwebz, it's that I now know that faced with the possibilities of a system that is designed to chew up and spit out any Father at any moment, and to use his own children against him, I know that I must always consider the worst case scenarios and plan.

But don't worry. At this stage, it's purely theoretical...but the convictions behind it are strongly held after close to 5 years of rumination on this particular subject.

What would I do?

I'm curious to know if any other married with children bloggers read my blog have ever thought of the possibilities and what you would do if you suddenly found yourself faced with the impending horrors of the Divorce/Family Court industry? And please, no specific references to illegal actions...but I wonder if anyone else has reached the same conclusions I have?

Many Game/PUA proponents will say "it won't happen to me because I understand Game and how to manage my LTR." I've implied that myself. But I'm not foolish enough to believe it could NEVER happen to me...because it could. I've seen it happen up close and personal to family and friends. I had a long time friend commit suicide over these precise issues, and I had to clean up the mess he left behind.

I've seen little children's entire worlds come crashing down on them because one or both parents decided to destroy their families through the "family" court system.

I'd be a fool to think I've got it all figured out and delude myself into thinking "it couldn't happen to ME!"

I'll do my best to try and ensure it won't, and I do think having the kind of awareness gained from blogging and reading in this part of teh interebz would make it much more likely that I could recognize trends, patterns and behavioral changes that would give me an early warning that the chances of my family destruction are increasing, and that I'd be able to address the problems head on, with a clear mind and wide open eyes, and that I'd face ugly truths head on and not fall prey to rationalizations.

As I've written before, my personal motto is Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

To reiterate, this post was nothing more than a mental exercise of planning for the worst-case scenario. It's nowhere near close to being a real situation...but one never knows what the future holds, eh?

Rest assured, unless you ever log onto this blog and find I've changed my blogging name from "Keoni Galt" to "Keoni Kaczynski," chances are this post may be the first and last time I ever feel the need to express such a dark, nihlisitic sentiment ever again. God willing.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Most regular readers of my humble little blog are probably aware of the recent spat between PUA & MRA sectors of the manosphere.

I think I'm in a rather unique position on this topic, as I initially started this blog as an MRA blog...and as I eventually discovered the PUA blogosphere and began to study Game theory, I incorporated it into developing a "big picture" in my mind and in my writing here regarding our current Brave New World Order dystopia.

I never saw any inherent fault line or schism between the two spheres. I think it's entirely unnecessary....I believe they both serve important spheres of influence for men (and women) to learn from, and that men should simply learn all that they can from the multitude of views on the various topics and see how they apply to their own lives and their own situations and do the best they can in dealing with the challenges and obstacles our modern dystopia presents us.

Then again, I'm the guy that doesn't believe MRA should mean "Men's Rights Activism" since I've come to the view that our current state of affairs has been deliberately effected, and the political system doesn't need to be "fixed" because it's doing exactly what is intended.

Activism in the confines of the current political system is a dead end.

Which is why I've always said that I identify myself as a MRA - an advocate for Men's Rights Awareness.

No, it is my firm contention that the only real and meaningful way in which the MRA blogosphere CAN effect real change, is on an individual level:


To raise awareness of the truth of the reality that we all live in.

To enable people to see things clearly, so that when they make goals and try to direct their lives towards achieving them, they do so knowing the full score so they can avoid many of the pitfalls our Brave New World Order has created to entrap us all in our deliberately distorted and contorted understanding of the gender roles and how they affect our lives.

MRA/MGTOW blogs gave me a complete understanding of just what the hell is going on in the system; the injustices of the divorce court industry and the true affect the feminist movement has had in socially engineering our modern dystopia.

PUA blogs gave me an understanding of the basic, primal nature of male/female gender roles.

To be perfectly clear here - one of the biggest agitator's on this topic has been a guy who goes by the handle Alek Novy. He conflates anyone and everyone who tries to advocate for GAME THEORY as the exact same thing as PUA shucksters and snake oil salesmen. Yes, there are guys that have sought to make a quick buck off of men's frustrations in today's sexual marketplace.

Understanding GAME THEORY is not the same as promoting $10000 boot camps and seminars or selling $600 CD sets. Alek's entire argument rests on the premise that men don't need to "pay" anything to learn how to have success in trying to hook up with women.

Of course. Most folks who are regular readers/commenters/bloggers in the manosphere don't pay for this shit, and at most are trying to sell E-books like Roosh's Bang. It's not the same as the PUA "industry" that Novy seeks to condemn any and all "gamer" bloggers and commenters.

Guys like Alek are causing disputes where none are necessary.

Now we have people on both sides attacking each other, to no one's benefit and everyone's detriment.

MRA - calling anyone that recognizes the value of Game theory as "pussy beggars" and "Gamers" calling MRA "spineless pussies."

I don't think anything good is going to come from the pending debate between Frost and Elam. It's just going to further fracture the manosphere.

But that's ok.

There's no "winning" here.

What it will do, is provide clarity, so the onlookers can decide which "side" here offers them the viewpoint to improve their own lives and their own struggles.

See, when you look at all of the problems Feminism has given us all to deal with, the root of this evil is collectivism.

Collectivism in a response to the problems of feminist/cultural marxist collectivism is destined to fail.

If you're a newcomer to this section of teh interwebz, my advice to you is to read all these various viewpoints, and figure out for yourself what will give you the best tools to live your life the best you can.

Take for instance, Commenter CaslteD at AvFM's "Chateau Bullshit" article:

Although the term is “Game”, I just simply look at it as dating and relationship advice for men. What’s so bad about that? Good, useful advice, not the crap we’re taught by the women (and white knights) in our families or the lies from mainstream society. Good game advice puts the man first, for once, and modern men need that badly. Feminist brainwashing has done extensive damage to male psychology and I think good game helps men understand the whys and hows of knocking the pussy off the pedestal and keeping the upper hand in relationships.

If you already know how to do that, then congratulations, but don’t act like it’s just a matter of being confident, acting aloof, being yourself, and you’re done! Yeah, right. Meeting women and getting laid isn’t easy for most men, otherwise we wouldn’t have tons written about the subject. Maintaining a healthy relationship isn’t easy either. I’ve seen countless men and young men over the years fuck up chances with girls who showed interest in them because they hadn’t a clue what to do. Some of you guys are older, so perhaps you forgot what it’s like to be a young and horny 20-something year old. They want girls and no amount of, “eh, you don’t need pussy, it’s not a big deal” is going to work on them.

There’s a lot of snake oil out there to sift through of course, like $600 CD sets, and one can bury themselves in the minutia of breaking down female psychology to the sub-atomic level, but if you’re smart you just learn bits and pieces that seem useful and appropriate for you and leave the rest.

Then again I’ve only read a few sites, mainly Roissy of course because he’s also anti-feminist and an entertaining writer. I’m not surprised there’s antagonism between gamers and mras, that’s just men being men and hating each other. It’s why we’re in this position to begin with.

He gets it...and I'm sure he's a lot better for it in his personal life, having discovered both MRA and PUA blogs, and taking the info from each side relevant to his own life and problems. It doesn't have to be either or, no matter what guys like Novy insist.

Think for yourself. Make up your mind, but above all, do so with complete awareness of all the various factors that come into play here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Forget the Red Pill. Forget the Blue Pill.

Take the Purple one instead. This purple pill will give us deep insights into the corruption that is endemic to our current system of corporatist fascism and the role it plays in ruining our lives by profiting off of our sickness and misery.

The first step to take on our purple pill journey, will be the consideration of an allegory: the production of feedlot beef.

When young cattle are taken off the free range pastures and put into feedlots to be fattened for slaughter, they are given feed manufactured specifically to accomplish fattening as quickly as possible.

This Feed is largely based on Corn and Soy derivatives, usually genetically modified so that the Big Agricultural Corporations can utilize pesticides like Round Up on their vast fields of grains to maximize their harvests and eliminate losses from insects and rodents that would normally take there share of the crops before harvest.

Since ruminants like cows were designed (or evolved - whatever you believe) to eat and thrive on grass and not corn and soy products, the first feedlot ranchers discovered that most cows eating grains would get sick and die before they reached prime slaughter weight.

So they started incorporating pharmaceutical engineered antibiotics into their feed mix, and discovered that they could keep the cattle alive long enough to achieve maximum weight at slaughter time.

Regardless of concerns about health or the nutritious quality of the meat produced by this system -- or even humaneness of the process in mistreating living creatures in this way -- you still have to admire the scientific achievement such an effective system of getting maximum productivity out of the meat production industry represents.

It's so effective, they use the same system on We the Sheeple in our own Feedlot USA Inc.

Monsanto is the top producer of genetically modified commodity grains: primarily soy, corn and wheat. Food manufacturers like Kraft, Nabisco, Nestle, Pepsi etc. buy their grains in bulk to generate the cornucopia of food products that make up the bulk of the food supply consumed by the masses.

Many people that regularly consume these feed products develop digestive system problems like heart burn, ulcers, acid reflux, etc. It's even got a scientific sounding acronym like GERDS to help you understand you believe it's just a "condition" that happens, not because your eating artificially created, genetically modified FEED products instead of real food.

So just like the feedlot managers adding antibiotics to keep the cattle eating just healthy enough to stay on Feed for fattening, we have the pharmaceutical Corporations to ensure we have the medicine that keeps us JUST healthy enough to stay on Feed.

Companies like Pharmacia who gave us the glorious purple pill; the number one, best-selling brand, Nexium.

Oh by the way.....guess who is the largest share holder of Monsanto's ownership stock?

Pharmacia owns 85% of Monsanto's corporate shares.

These corporations are the managers of our very own sheeple feedlot called "SOCIETY."

Forget the Red or Blue Pill. Take the purple pill, that way you can continue to consume the FEED found in most of the feeding troughs of our sick society.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Those Who Are Responsible

Been awhile since I read a Citizen Roissy Heartiste comment thread and saw GBFM make another Adderall-inspired rant worthy of contemplation.

Many people skip right over his commentary as soon as they see his trademark lozlzolzolzol.

It can be hard to read his disjointed, scatological and downright bizarre syntax, but the overall points he makes and observations of our Brave New World Order certainly have merit.

So, to provide a public service to this corner of teh interwebz, I offer a translation of his latest work. It's a masterpiece!


Yes, all the wall street nitwit protestors are forgetting to protest the right people.

Who are these forgotten malefactors of our Brave New World Order?

They are the Neo-cons; those warmongering, debt-creating, honor-hating, federal reserve-owning, private bankers who create fiat currency out of thin-air by placing everyone in debt; who privatize profits and socialize risk.

Those who fund feminism and war (as feminism is war).

Those who fund moral degeneracy of the spirit and the permissive acceptance, celebration and normalization of homosexuality.

Those who finance the mass media popularization of promiscuity and the reduction of women to nothing more than sex objects and "empowered" career feminists dedicated to the pursuit of career success as Human Resources in Corporate America instead of preparing for marriage and family formation.

Those who fostered this society to create confused, dysfunctional individuals to make them servile and controllable through mass media and public school indoctrination.

Those who fund the pharmaceutical companies who profit off of treating young boys like their natural energy, curiosity and rambunctiousness as a disease that needs to be drugged into conformity.

Those who funded feminism and effected the long march through Western Civilization by disparaging and marginalizing the great works of Classic Western literature -- like Homer, Dante, Shakespeare and the Bible -- and replace them with Women's Studies curriculum and liberal progressive doctrine promoting cultural Marxism to instill a mentality of entitlement to support class warfare and wealth redistribution ideals as the new morality.

Who are these people? The Federal Reserve private banksters who implemented the ten planks of the communist manifesto; who created all of the wealth transferring bubbles: the dot-com bubble, the real estate bubble, the marriage bubble, and the college student loan bubble.

By funding higher education, they ensure that the professors promote a curriculum that support Central Banking's role in society, supporting their fiat dollar monetary policy, and the creation of meaningless, overpriced degrees that dumb down the students and trap them in debt in exchange for credentialis not worth the price of the parchment they're printed on.

And it all goes back to the basic goals of these elite who promoted cultural Marxism to destroy the family to remake society for their benefit.

Thanks to these bastards, we are all screwed.

While the openly liberal, left-wing useful idiots play their role in advancing this agenda, the right wing media pundits and talking heads play there role as well. Here's how they contribute to this agenda:

*By making the following section of his comment a list, I think the meaning is very easy to discern, so I only offer minor grammatical editing here:

1. deconstruct the great books on university campuses
2. tell men they need to man up
3. dumb down the entire schools system
4. tell men they need to man up
5. ass-rape men in divorce court
6. tell men they need to man up
7. send men to die on foreign shores in foreign neo-con wars
8. tell men they need to man up
9. drug boys with ritalin/adderoll for being boys
10. tell men they need to man up
11. encourage women to give their a-holes and 'gina-holes early and often to douchebags
12. tell men they need to man up
13. destroy the classical, heroic character in their neo-con movies, replacing them with ass-cocking gay cowboys
14. tell men they need to man up
15. print money from thin air and inflate and deflate bubbles to seize a man’s home and property
16. tell men they need to man up
17. encourage women to become fat, whiny bitches
18. tell men they need to man up
19. publish, promote, fund, and finance ass-cockers like tucker max who film secretive taping of ass-cocking sessions without the girl’s consent (tucker max rhymes with goldman sachs), repeating tucker’s lies that he is six feet tall in the neo-con mag, the weekly standard.
20. tell men they need to man up
21. transform the church from an institution where a man could once go to meet a virginal, exalted wife, into a front for the divorce industry, where single mothers with three children from three ass-cockers go to rope in a beta male to pay for the ass-cocker’s spawn
22. tell men they need to man up
23. castigate, attack, and impugn men for acting like men
24. tell men they need to man up
25. transform the noble, exalted university into a nursery, ruled by neo-con women exalting ass-cockers, asscocking, and good grammar, exiling and deconstructing the great books and men, and rewarding the servile future nannies of the nanny state with fiat dollars delivered fresh from ben beranke’s helicopter
26. tell men they need to man up
27. remove all men from the publishing industry, so that priscialla painton of simon and schuster sodom and scheister can publish tucker max rhymes iwth godlman sax’s stories on how he asscoked a girl (somone’s future wife who will asscock her future huspband in divorce coutrt as revenge for having been assocked by a neocon) and taped it secretly without her consent. Remove all men from the publishing industry and replace deep, profound, real great books for men, with twilight vampire asscocking female rape fanasty “romance” novels.
28. tell men they need to man up
29. conceive of a hundred government programs to criminalize men and force them to hand over their assets to women
30. tell men they need to man up
31. financially incentivize womem to file for divorce, promising them that their former husdband will have to pay for all their future assocking sessions, and that they get the kids/house/car/assets
32. tell men they need to ma up
33. fill the law schools with fat, embittered, burned-out, nasty (in looks and spirit) post-asscoked lawyeresses, and replace Moses’ and Zeus’s law with Bernake’s Banker laws which exlats theft via the inflation tax
34. tell men they need to man up.


what aalalz am i mizssing here:???

35. Tell men they need to man up?

Adderall is a helluva drug.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quiplinks III

Max gives a stirring eulogy for Steve Jobs:

"Steve Jobs sold ice to eskimos."

Professor Hale reminds us about the Basic Rules of Economics:

"If you want something for free, what you are really saying is that you want someone else to pay for it."

In response to the Occupussies, Default User offers us a Populist Manifesto:

"If corporations were truly persons they would probably be classed as “asshole.”"

Flyfreshandyoung defines the experiences of being Male in our present generation:

"We Millennial men have nothing to live for."

Richard Nikoley revises his "Free the Animal" manifesto:

"You must craft your own diet, health and fitness paradigm from your own trial and error experience. Modern society only wants to sell you stuff."

Dalrock offers some advice for employers who hire employees afflicted with BWV:

BWV is a genetic condition and those who have it must deal with it their entire lives.

Ferdinand gives credit where it is due:

In a world built on pretty lies, every public teller of ugly truths is hero for a day.

Gmac writes a letter to his future ex-lovers:

"Unfortunately, if you are reading this it means that I no longer have any use for you."

The Angry Dad reveals an excellent tactic when you have to return an expensive purchase after having buyers remorse:

"Whenever I am returning something, and Customer Service is giving me a hard time, I blame it on the wife."

Rollo Tomassi asks answers a very important question:

"How important does the role of attraction play in a relationship?"

Vox poses a hypothetical to women who think intelligence is one of the most important traits she needs in attracting a man:

"The first thing a smart young girl should contemplate is how sexually attractive she finds Stephen Hawking."

Simon Grey makes an observation about Americans:

"Americans are, by and large, a rather soft people, at least these days."

Roosh is starting to have second thoughts about his hedonistic lifestyle:

"I’m convinced that the solution is to grow up and do what society expects of me, to be a man as defined by my middle-class peers."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Divided & Conquered: Tea Baggers vs. Occupussies

Never forget that any and every political movement, protest, action or manifesto that gains any sort of attention, will ALWAYS be channeled into the two-party dialectic. It is the primary way of keeping We the Sheeple perpetually at each other's throats and distracted from our overlords who continue to use and exploit us for their own benefit.

The template is simple.

"Right" - Against Big Government, For Big Business
"Left" - Against Big Business, For Big Government

Every single iteration comes down to a "right" or "left" person attacking the other side's "For" or "Against" argument or defending his or her own side's "For" or "Against" argument.

Trapped in this template, none of them ever realize that in fact the real problem can be essentially summed up like this: Big Government and Big Business are inseparable. They are in an incestuous, symbiotic relationship in which both entities serve each other at the masses expense...and the masses never wake up, because they are too focused on opposing one side or the other, that they never notice that these two "sides" are nothing but charade.

Take, for instance, a recent Taki mag article, 99% Wrong.

Note the author, Jim Goad, essentially derides the Occupy Wall Street protestors as communist/marxist libtards, who are "99% wrong."

So what in the name of Friedrich Engels is all this about, anyway?

As with the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street is a big circus tent hosting a hodgepodge of disparate recurring themes—many that appear sensible, many that sound wacky, and not all of them reconcilable. But whereas the Tea Party agitated largely against Big Government, the bogeyman here is Big Money—specifically corporations and “the rich.”

Thus, the OWS protests are channeled into the "Left-Right" dialectic and immediately marginalized. The anti-Left People's Cube website labeled them Occupussies.

The Tea Party agitated against "Big Government" while supposedly stood for defending "capitalism" and opposing "socialism" that supports Big Government. Except defending "capitalism" in our current status quo essentially means defending corporations, who buy cartel monopoly powers from the Government under the guise of "Regulations.

Now the Occupussies agitate against "Big Business" while supposedly defending "liberalism" and "progressive politics."

This shit never ends. In this way, 99% of the people who pay even marginal attention to the media coverage of either event, immediately adopt a set of attitudes, ideas and beliefs regarding the movement - no need to waste anymore thoughts on who, what, when, where or why these protests may be happening.

The Tea Baggers are just greedy, upper class rich folks that don't care if the poor die starving en mass, while the Wall St. Occupiers are dirty hippy socialist commies who don't want to work and just want the Government to tax the wealthy to pay for everyone's basic living expenses.

But more and more people are waking up to the scam.

Here's one commenter, 1RW, over at the Taki mag, who gets it, and points out the truth. He or she avoids contributing to the continuation of channeling the debate into the two-party dialectic:

Yes it does have to do with big government, because big government creates big regulations, which favor big business. They favor big business because a multi-billion dollar corporation can have a standing army of accountants and attorneys, and other compliance officers to make sure regulations are followed and taken advantage of. A hundred thousand dollar business can't.

Also big government creates treaties like NAFTA and WTO which favor big business because they can offshore labor, rendering american labor too expensive, because americans have to live like americans.

Finally, when big business drops the ball, big government apparently bails them out lets them continue with their financial shenanigans. Or have you not been paying attention?

1Rw missed one nuance here: Big Government favors Big Business, because Big Business finances the politicians campaigns.

Other than that, protesting Big Business is no different from protesting Big Government.

They are essentially two sides to the same Fascist coin.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Only FOXNews Pundit Worth a Damn

From about 1998 til approximately 2006, I was a religious FOXNews viewer. I watched it every single day. If I was doing something else around the house, I'd turn on FOXNews just to listen to it while I was busy doing something else.

The reason why I really became a fan of the channel, was because when it first came on cable programming, it felt like I was sticking the middle finger at the liberal/Democrat-hack mainstream media news channels. I used to enjoy reading and watching TV shows in which liberals lost their collective minds at the very idea that a FOXNews channel even existed.

At some point, I don't even really remember when, I realized that this 24/7 exposure to GOP propaganda was influencing my thoughts and beliefs, and got me to blithely accept things that I used to think were against my core principles.

I have always been a fiscal conservative minded person, opposed to the welfare state, income taxation and a strong, centralized Federal Government. But as I subjected my mind to FOXNews on a steady basis, I began to experience cognitive dissonance as I began to notice the number of pundits and reporterettes that would defend George Bush Jr's. and the GOP congress' profligate borrow-and-spend-like-drunken-sailors platform, as well as a continual justification for the advancement of the PATRIOT 1 and 2 Acts scope and power, continually encroaching on We the Sheeple's civil liberties.

At some point, I simply turned it off. But it wasn't just FOX News, I also quit listening to talk radio, cold turkey. If I wasn't at home watching FOXNews, I had talk radio on my car stereo or at my desk on tiny speakers in my office. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, Tom Leykis (LOL not right wing...I'd call him the Roissy of Talk Radio). I stopped listening to talk radio period, and only listened to music on my iPod.

I also quit reading the daily newspaper, the Wall Street Journal,, The National Review, and even the Drudgereport.

In short, I unplugged from mainstream, so-called "conservative," right-wing media on all platforms. I couldn't take the lies or continual subversion of conservative principles any longer.

But today, I came across a link from Lew, that transcribed Judge Andrew Napolitano's closing argument from his FOXNews show, Freedom Watch. Somehow, the good judge is speaking truth to power on the GOP's primary propaganda organ. He asks the questions that all Republican voting viewers should be asking of their own party that they often blindly support.

Here's some excerpts of a few of the questions he posed that I think are the most relevant in dealing with our current problems in this country and throughout the world.

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government?

Of course, we work for the government. More precisely, we work for the Banker's who our Government has indebted us all to on our behalf.

Is freedom in America a myth or a reality?

Neither. It's a deliberate illusion promoted ad nausea by the mainstream media (both right wing and left wing outlets) to keep We the Sheeple from noticing that our freedom is being taken away at an exponential rate, regardless of which party controls the executive and/or legislative branches of the Federal Government.

What if the merchants and bankers who financed the American Revolution bought their way into the new government and got it to enact laws that stifled their competition?

From mercantilism at the nation's founding to full fledged corporatism of the present, this has always been one nation, under god. But it was not the God of Abraham and Isaac. This god's name is the bottom line - otherwise known as Mammon.

What if our political elites spent the 20th century importing the socialist ideas of big government Statism from Europe?

Why, we'd have a Federal Government and State Government's all across the country going broke as the entitlement spending grows larger than the money they "raise" through taxation. What if, indeed.

What if you had to produce your papers to get out of or into our once-free country? What if you couldn't board a plane, a train, or a long-distance bus without providing documentation telling the government who you are and where you're going, without paying the government, and without risking sexual assault?

From sea to shining sea, we now live under a Brave New World Order. Do you have YOUR papers, to move throughout the country, Komrade?

What if government agents could write their own search warrants, declare their own enemies, and seize whatever property they want?

As long as this is what it takes to win the War on Drugs....well, I guess this must be alright, right?!?!?

What if the feds could detain you indefinitely, with no visitors, no lawyer, no judge, and no jury?

What if, indeed. But why should they bother, when they can now simply have a military drone blow any US citizen to smithareens without due process, as long as they are identified as a potential "terrorist."

What if you were required to purchase a product that you didn't need, didn't want, and couldn't afford, from a company you never heard of, just as a condition of living in the United States?

Like car insurance? Or was that health insurance?

What if the government tried to cajole and coax and compel you into behaviors and attitudes it considered socially acceptable?

I think I'll step outside and smoke some tobacco right now. For some reason, I feel it's wrong to smoke indoors, even in my own home...

What if the government decided how much of your earnings it will keep and how much it will permit you to have?

I'd thank God every day that I live in the FREEEEEE-IST nation on the face of the Earth!

What if the government took money from you and gave it away to its rich banking and corporate friends whose businesses were failing?

Such a thing could never happen in a DEMOCRACY! Surely we are simply getting the government that we deserve! Besides, if you didn't vote, you can't complain!

What if you worked for the government and the government didn't work for you? What if freedom were a myth? What if we don't live in a free country? What do we do about it?

Pray for revolution.