Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paleo Cult Conspiracy Proselytization

As a proud member of the Paleo Cult Conspiracy, I often receive comments and emails from folks asking me how to get started, what's a good book or blog to read up on and other means of getting initiated into the cult.

I usually refer folks to Mark's Daily Apple, Dr. Kurt Harris' Archevore blog, and Richard Nikoley's Free the Animal.

All great sources, all packed full of details, extensive explanations, and anecdotal experiences with literally hundreds of others who have joined the cult.

More importantly, they are all free.

You absolutely do not have to buy books, dvd's, cds, mp3 downloads or attend seminars to learn about the tenets of our cult, nor are they required to join. That being said, if you do decide to spend your money on such things, there are certainly highly recognized, legitimate cult members who do produce such things for those cult members who wish to explore the more intensive aspects of our ideology.

You should consult many other cult members and their testimonials before you decide to spend you money to further your understanding...but again, you don't have to.

There is more than enough personal accounts out their on teh interwebz by other prominent cult members to give you more than enough information and direction to begin your initiation for the price of nothing more than your time.

So why exactly should you want to join our Cult?

Some of you who read this blog (and other manosphere blogs that also report on their experiences upon joining the cult) think it's all much ado about nothing...or a waste of time. Or that "science" has "proven" that the only thing that matters is counting calories, and eating less food while exercising more.


This cult is are not for everyone. We don't wish to make our cult become THE ONE TRUE WAY ALL MUST FOLLOW.

We only want those who want to voluntarily join and maintain their membership in good standing.

If you think you're better than we the brainwashed, blind fanatics of a crazy cult, good for you.

We don't need your approval or your validation. As cult members, we KNOW what the cult can and does do for it's members, and we will continue with out rituals and traditions and lifestyle, regardless of what you think.

Membership is open to all who wish to join. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, creed or sexual orientation. We only discriminate against one sort of self-selected person: members of the Vegan Cult Conspiracy. They usually don't want to join anyway. The only time we have a problem with them is when they try to recruit our cult members over to their version of the dark side.

So...you've seen the testimonials, you've heard all the anecdotes. Somehow, you've managed to read these accounts of brainwashed cult members, and you are considering joining up with our cult yourself....where to begin?

First, you need to understand the dogma and faith based tenets of our cult and exactly why we are a conspiracy.

This is not simply a diet one begins to lose weight.

This is what makes us a cult and not a fad diet. Once you join this cult and you adhere to our tenets for long enough of a time to experience the benefits, most realize that it becomes a way of life.

Fad diets are based on the premise of losing excess stored body fat, and by no matter what means that are prescribed, it usually involves burning off stored fat tissue through caloric deficit...aka short term starvation.

This is a heresy to our cult. If you cannot fathom rejecting this paradigm, this cult is not for you. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

For those willing to at least consider this, than please, read on.

The primary tenet of our cult are this: Recognizing the proper foods to eat that provide Nutrient Density, and recognizing the foods that optimize the human bodies use of those nutrients. By focusing on nutrient optimization, over time, we can experience optimal genetic expression - or how the human animal's body is supposed to look, feel and function.

The corollary to this tenet, is learning to recognize the foods that inhibit the use of the nutrients, foods that deplete your body of those needed nutrients, and foods that actively damage the body. Once you learn to recognize these characteristics of all the things found in our world that people call "food" we than adjust our daily consumption choices to maximize optimal nutrition and minimize or outright eliminate those foods that interfere with attaining that goal of optimal nutrition.

Once you gain this knowledge and apply it over time, you may experience a whole host of differences and changes in your health and well-being.

Overweight people lose weight...and keep it off. Other folks who want to gain weight and change their overall body composition also experience the benefits of cult membership. Others who have no desire either way to change their weight, are cult members because they discover other ways in which cult membership changes their lives.

Members with severe allergies and chronic conditions like gout, type II diabetes, arthritis, chronic migraines, asthma, rashes, eczema, insomnia, wildly fluctuating energy levels, depression, acid reflux, acne, chronic diarrhea, and other sorts of maladies experience relief, lessening of the symptoms, and many cases outright disappearance of these conditions.

Some folks criticize our cult by claiming we offer our lifestyle as a panacea, a cure all. It is not. Some people may have in fact have damaged bodies so badly they are incapable of experiencing the benefits that many other cult members do.

One former cult member (whose blog I used to read regularly until he stopped blogging), had damaged his bodies ability to handle consuming any form of fat by taking the pharmaceutical acne drug accutane when he was younger. His experiences in our cult lead him to form his own cult (The Aquatic Ape Conspiracy Cult) with a far more rigid protocol to follow to heal himself. But experiences like his are relatively rare. Needless to say, discovering our cult and it's tenets did help him find the path to healing he was looking for, and he is better off for having joined in the first place, even if he did end up leaving. I also believe anyone who joins his cult would be far better off than your average non-cult member in the Anglosphere eating anything and everything the corrupted culture has to offer.

See, probably the most important aspect of our cult is the principles of self-experimentation and finding what tenets and dogma of our cult work for you.


A sub-tenet to this mantra is: LET NOT PERFECTION BE THE ENEMY OF GOOD.

A variation on this theme is the 80/20 principle.

We are not strict or obsessive.

Certain individual cult members may be fanatical in applying our tenets, but it is certainly not necessary to do so, should you decide to join.

We do not cast members out for failing to adhere to our belief system to perfection. We recognize that every cult member is in a unique situation, and that diet and exercise are merely parts of the sum total of living a complete life.

There are tradeoffs for which we can calculate the risk/reward ratio of a certain behavior, and recognize that for other aspects and areas of our life outside of just diet and exercise may take precedence.

For instance, if a cult member is getting married, he or she is not a heretic to be cast of the cult because they ate a piece of their wedding cake, even if it is nearly an article of faith in our cult that cake is sinful.

We are a CONSPIRACY Cult, because many of our tenets and proscriptions are based on the realization that there does in fact exist entities and organizations that are in fact profiting off of making sure the average person eats the wrong foods and suffers the ill effects so that they can make themselves rich selling you pharmaceutical treatments that alleviate or mitigate the symptoms for those conditions. These entities are in the Government, the media and the educational institutions, as well as various industries.

By joining our Cult, you lessen their ability to trap you in their conspiracy. Does this make us cult members paranoid?

Sure, if you're a cult member long enough, it comes with the territory.

Every time I'm offered food from an unknown origin, I contemplate what poisons it may contain, and whether or not I'll make the judgement as to whether or not I ingest it. In my own experiences, I find that minor transgressions of cult orthodoxy, like small amounts of refined sugar have little to no ill effects on my health, so I will occasionally eat some ice cream or some dark chocolate. On the other hand, when I eat almost any amounts of Omega 6-imbalanced, partially-hydrogenated oils, it usually instigates an inflammatory reaction that require medication to alleviate.

In short, eating a regular sized serving of french fries or a typical doughnut fried in "vegetable" oil, always results in myself suffering an asthma attack within an hour or so. But that's just me. Other cult members may not experience any such reactions, so they can decide for themselves on when, where and why they decide to ignore the tenets of our cult.


If you're the sort of person who believes that anything labelled as a conspiracy theory is crazy, and only lunatics and crackpots believe in said theories, than membership in our cult is certainly not for you.

If you cannot comprehend the notion that certain toxic substances are manufactured, packaged and sold for massive profits, and that the regular person eating such fare regularly for a long period of time will eventually become sick, than quite frankly, you are not smart enough to belong in our cult.

Yes, we can be a bit elitist like that.

After all, calories in < calories out is all that matters, anything more is deranged fantasy!

Trust me, looking at people who tout such beliefs emphatically, we who come from the perspective of being a Paleo Conspiracy cult member, consider you to be the brainwashed, ignorant fool.

That makes us even.

I'll stick to my fanatical cult outside of the mainstream, conventional wisdom.

Feel free to stick with yours, I and my fellow cult members really don't care.

But if you're interested in joining up, stay tuned...

Up Next: Paleo Cult Conspiracy Initiation

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finding Your Freedom

This post is long overdue, and for that, I owe Frost an apology. I've had a lot of eventful things happen to me in the past several months, and I simply haven't found the time to sit down and read his advance review copy of his book, Freedom-Twenty-Five: A 21st Century Man's Guide to Life that he emailed my last November.

Thanks to some bad weather cancelling a planned hunting excursion for today, I decided to finally get around to doing what I promised Frost I'd do before he departed for Thailand in search of freedom and personal fulfillment.

So here I am, two hours later, having sat down and read Frost's first foray into publishing self-help lit, in a single sitting.

I must say, it was better than I anticipated. His style is easily accessible, and it's a relatively quick read at 152 pages. Frost's literary voice comes across like the personal advice from a big brother or a wise old uncle, sharing his hard won knowledge with a member of the younger generation over a few beers.

This, I think, is the right tone for him to take, given his goal he states quite clearly in the opening chapter:

This book is a wake-up call for our generation. Its goal is to set you free.

From what exactly? Well, that's where things get interesting. The first step on your path to freedom is identifying the chains that bind you. This is difficult if you've been bearing their weight for so long that you no longer notice the burden.

Some chains are easy enough to recognize. Are you fat and weak? You probably already know you'd rather be fit and strong. Are you poor? You already know that you want to make more money.

Other chains are more subtle.

If you buy this book and read it (and I certainly recommend it, especially for young men in their teens and early 20's), whether you agree or disagree with Frost's premises and proscriptions, one thing is for sure: his book will certainly make you think about things in a new light and perhaps identify patterns and behaviors that you mindlessly engage in. It may make you realize just how many things in your life are nothing more than playing the role of a script that someone or something else has written for you. As he wrote:

This book will ask you hard questions like these, because they are catalysts for introspection and lifestyle changes.

Frost, like many of us in the alternative blogosphere, had an epiphany: that the people who write the script of our Brave New World Order that directs us on how we SHOULD live our life, are not really interested in having we the sheeple develop true health, independence, self-reliance, and the confidence and self-esteem that comes from true personal achievement.

No, indeed, it is quite the opposite - unhappy, distracted, unhealthy, confused and incapable of forming meaningful relationships in the real world IS the script they want us to follow. This leaves us susceptible to the true motive: to make we the sheeple nothing more than consumers and human resources.

It is the script that is both consciously and subconsciously directed by our mass media society, government and educational indoctrination institutions.

In short, Frost is relating to the reader how he realized how much of his existence was going according to this script written for him by the social engineers of our Brave New World Order, and how he decided to rip it up and write his own script.

I had a crisis. I realized that I had spent my entire life working towards pre-defined goals: Making other people think I'm cool; getting good grades; getting this or that degree; getting a good job. But I had never stopped to consider whether they were worthy or not. I had never actively considered what my goals were, rather than what other people decided they should be.

I'm more than a decade older than Frost. In this respect I envy the time he has gained in comparison to my own epiphany that I had in my mid-30's. Frost discovered these hard truth's at an earlier stage in his life, and he quickly realized that life is too short to simply follow the standard script. So he went about acting upon the revelations he gained and put a plan into action to find his own freedom.

BEWARE: Reading this book may give you similar inspiration and cause you to radically alter your life.

The most appealing aspect of the book Frost does not come across as an insufferable know-it-all telling you that there is only one path to happiness and success, and that he's got it all figured out. The best advice he gives in the entire book is this:

No single guru will be able to give you all the tools you need to create a set of systems and routines that work best for you personally. Instead, you'll have to mix and match advice from a variety of sources and tailor your own approach.

Freedom-Twenty Five is about how one man did his own research and self experimentation to find what works for him. With this hard won knowledge, he created his own set of systems and routines that work for him personally. He offers you an example of how he did it for himself, and he urges you to do the same and experience the same positive results he has.

If you take away just one idea from this book, I want it to be this: You have more options available in your life than you think. Many of the paths that you've ruled out only seem impossible or difficult because you've been conditioned to see them that way. Break free from the mental prison, and alternatives to mediocrity start to appear everywhere.

If this is the primary goal Frost set out to achieve in writing this book, IMO he succeeded. This book may very well be the wake up call a young man needs to avoid conforming into the typical life of a virtually disconnected, mindless consumer and corporate human resource.

I have a few young men in mind who I think could greatly benefit from reading it, and I shall be giving it to them in the hopes that they too realize that their own freedom and chance at personal fulfillment is in their hands. Take a chance and give it read, you might too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Bastion of Freedom of Speech is Under Threat

UPDATE - January 19, 2012

Ironic that Google's anti-spam bot censored me for using the SOPA strike java script to participate in the blackout yesterday. Gave me a nice preview of what it would be like if such a law were to be passed and the Government decided to take me offline without warning. lOZLZOLOLZLOL

Ah well...gotta run off to work now.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Think He Knew What He Was Talking About?

Vox Day makes the case in his recent World Net Daily column that Ron Paul is the only candidate who knew what was going on 10 years ago, so he must be the only current candidate in the election one who is actually qualified to be the President given our current situation.

Let's take a closer look at the quote Vox used to start off his column:

"Federal Reserve policy will continue at an expanding rate with massive credit expansion, which will make the dollar crisis worse."


"Gold will be seen as an alternative to paper money as it returns to its historic role as money."

Despite claiming otherwise, the Central Bankers seem to think so...

"Erosion of civil liberties here at home will continue as our government responds to political fear in dealing with the terrorist threat by making generous use of the powers obtained with the Patriot Act."

Check, check, check and check.

"The Congress and the president will shift radically, expanding the size and scope of the federal government."


"This will satisfy both the liberals and the conservatives. Military and police power will grow, satisfying the conservatives."


"The welfare state, both domestic and international, will expand, satisfying the liberals."


"Both sides will endorse military interventionism overseas."

Check and check.

"During the next decade, the American people will become poorer and less free while they become more dependent upon the government for economic security."


"I have no timetable for these predictions, but keep them around and look at them in five to ten years. I hope and pray that I am wrong on all accounts.”

– Rep. Ron Paul, April 24, 2002

Think Ron Paul knew what he was talking about?

For those who recognize the truth of Paul's predictions, you may ask yourself "How did he know all this?"


Ron Paul understands the truth of our system. We in the West (not just the USA Inc.) are a globalized welfare-warfare state.

The amalgamation of the left-right political dialectic.

"Two-Party" politics.

Have a look at Duane Colyar's The Evolution of the Welfare-Warfare State and you just might realize that in fact all of Paul's "predictions" were based on understanding the truth of the following flowchart:

Following the progression of this flowchart, we can see that our current system has gone through a multitude of iterations here on a variety of fronts. Think of this chart in terms of all the ideological wars declared by the Government in the last several decades:

War on Poverty -> War on Drugs -> War on Terror

With some minor modifications, this flow chart from Duane Coylar nicely applies to all of those welfare-warfare state expansion platforms.

In short, the "New World Order" is the spread of these idealogical wars of the globalized welfare-warfare state to all shores of the planet.

At this point in time, we are at stage 8 with regards to Iran, the latest front in the "War on Terror."

Understanding the architecture of this evolution of the welfare-warfare state is precisely how Ron Paul was able to accurately forecast the realities of 2012, back in 2002.

Like Ron Paul, Vox Day also knows what he's talking about when he writes:

Let me be blunt. If you do not actively support Ron Paul’s campaign to be the next president of the United States of America – if you do not pray on a daily basis for his success – then you are a fool. You are a complete, unadulterated and unmitigated fool. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal Democrat who bought into Barack Obama’s fraudulent hope and change propaganda or a conservative Republican who is still reeling with the shock from eight years of ceaseless ideological treachery by George W. Bush. If you have even a modicum of concern for the survival of America, either as a nation or as a constitutional ideal, there is demonstrably only one candidate who has any understanding of the size and scope of the challenges presently facing the American people.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pau Hana

Been earning my living and fulfilling the provider obligations to my family by the sweat of my brow, 6 days a week. Hard work makes for thirsty work. Here in Hawaii, when a hard day's work is done, we say "Pau Hana!" -- the work is done.

Pau hana means it's almost time for the ritual imbibing of libations enjoyed by most blue collar workers everywhere. You know, that time of day one looks forward too while laboring for hours under the sun's radiant heat: BEER:30 PM

Those of you in colder, wintry climes reading this, it may same like I'm complaining...e kala mai {excuse me} but I'm not. I love the heat of the sun, but it is tiring to work long hours in 80 degree tropical sunshine with my shirt off at mid-day, working on my tan in the middle of January.

Hard my life, yeah? lozlolzlol

By the time I get home after a day of labor in the tropical sun, I've already had a couple of micro-brewed, high alcohol content (typically 6-9%) pale ales. The fasted exertion of working 8 hours without consuming anything but morning coffee, water and a cigar at lunch break, leaves me with a vague sense of hunger...but it quickly dissipates after the first gulp of a cold brew. The buzz starts to kick before the first ale is finished.

Imagine that. All those liquid carbs made from fermented grain mash on an empty stomach. I imagine it causes my blood sugar to spike pretty high. Shhhh...don't tell anyone! Wouldn't want to get kicked out of the paleo conspiracy cult by the more zealous paleo diet adherents!

By the third ale, I'm at home and freshly showered and playing with paleo baby - who is now more like paleo toddler. Then the wife serves dinner and suddenly the sight and smell of a hot plate of home cooked, real food, reawakens the ravenous beast in my belly. I devour my food, than finish with a dram or two of either Scottish single malt or some of Kentucky's finest straight whiskey, and then it's time to log on and check the email and read up on the blogroll with a nightcap.

Ideas for blog posts come to mind, but lately I've just been too tired and buzzing pleasantly from the ale and whiskey to feel the mental energy required to go through with signing in here and start composing a new post.

I'm no longer a cubicle desk jockey in which I'm logged on to teh interwebz 8 hours a day of alternating between my old virtual work and blog reading, commenting and writing. I've also had ideas for some more Spearhead and IMF entries. The old cliche about the older you get, the less time you have seems to take on new meaning. I'll get around to those ideas eventually.

As much as I enjoy the extemporaneous composition of writing posts, I enjoy reading more. Sometimes I read blogs and comment threads til I'm nodding off. Blogging ideas oft come to mind when I first log on, but they remain unfulfilled and filed away for future effort when I lose the time in reading other people's posts and comment threads.

The only reason I'm writing right now is because I decided to do a quick check today on the level of substance dependence I may or may not have developed as of late. I abstained from my now customary stop at the grocery store on the way home for some micro-brew. Nor did I indulge in a dram of my modest collection of cask-aged firewater.

No problem.

No feel of "need" or that I'm missing something.

Good. I may drink a bit too frequently, but I know it's still not hit the point of being a mental or physical crutch that I HAVE to have. But I do begin to suspect my lack of inspiration for blogging about the same old - same old has something to do with my now customary post-work libations. It's either have some drinks, relax, and go to bed and get ready for another day of hard work to support the family...or sobriety and the increase in inspiration and motivation necessary for blogging.

Given such a choice, I don't expect to resume regular posting anytime soon.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Proud Member of the Paleo Conspiracy Cult

Interesting debate thread over at PMAFT's discussing Alek Novy's activities on teh interwebz. (Hat tip to Chuck at GLP for bringing it to my attention.)

Novy once wrote a very good post about why he links to blogs that other people may find objectionable.

I agreed with his premise, and like I do with any blogger who writes something I find interesting and/or compelling, I added him to my blogroll.

In 5 years of blogging, he remains the sole person I've ever bothered to remove from my blogroll.

His hysterical, over-the-top, ALL CAPS rantings against "gamers" and "paleo diet cult members" annoyed me to the point that I actually got off my ass and actually bothered to log in to my blogger control panel and delete him.

When it comes to "game" I really no longer give a shit about the entire "game" vs. "anti-game" arguments.

I have always supported, linked to, and regularly read MRA/MGTOW bloggers like Fidelbogen and Paul Elam, even if I disagree with their stated positions on game. Game is a personal, individual thing. A tool. Use it or not, YMMV.

If you read about the concept of game, and ruminate on it and reflect on your personal experiences...you either get it, or you don't.

Some folks are simply incapable of wrapping their mind about what Game theory actually represents. Because anyone who has an ounce of logic and critical thinking skills, can find the basic fundamentals of game theory for free on teh interwebz, and figure out how it applies to their own lives, their own history and experiences.

That's what I did. Hell, I did not pay a single dime to anyone for a damn thing related to game. The only game books I've ever read where Roosh's books...and I got those for free from some generous IP pirate that emailed me .pdf versions of Bang and Dead Bat in Paraquay. (Sorry Roosh...I'll at least say they were both good books and advise others that it would be worth their time and money to buy them!)

Other than that, everything I learned about this thing called "game" was from blogs and forums I found on the internet for free...before I ever heard of Roissy and his now infamous blog. (That's not to detract from Roissy at all...but Novy and his crew seem to think anyone that enjoys Roissy's blog is a cult member mindlessly worshiping him and incapable of thinking for themselves).

Gee, what a scam and conspiracy theory, eh? Reading some advice for free on teh interwebz, experimenting with it on my own to see if it works or not, than sharing my own results with others (for free) and comparing notes with others who tried the same sort of experiments.

My, how cultish, diabolical and conspiratorial.

But when it comes to Novy's unhinged diatribes against PUA community "gurus" and "masters," I actually agree with about half of his criticisms. There most certainly does exist a subset of slick marketers, fraudsters and charlatans out to make a quick buck off of sexually frustrated men who are simply clueless about how to attract and seduce women. You don't need seminars, DVD sets, books, or e-newsletter subscriptions from so-called gurus. Just some self-awareness and critical thinking skills to digest and comprehend what so many other folks are discussing - for free - on blogs and forums throughout the manosphere.

But Novy's anti-game jihad is not why I'm writing this post. He really goes off the rails when he shoots off about the paleo diet being a "cult" and just another "fad diet."

Here's what Novy wrote about the "Paleo cult" -

“You end up eating less calories while believing calories don’t matter, and lose weight, and then attribute it to a conspiracy theory that tricked you into eating less.”

I responded over at PMAFT's:

How about I eat 3000 calories of meat, egg, cheese and veggies sauteed in butter every day for a month.

You eat 2500 calories of twinkies, cookies, crackers, cake, soda, ice cream and candy every day for a month.

We can both follow the exact same exercise regimen, with you eating 500 calories less than I.

What does logic and scientific inquiry lead you to understand what would happen where we to conduct such an experiment?

No response yet.

The more I think about it, the more I've come to revile this simplistic, idiotic notion that the be-all-end-all consideration when it comes to diet, is based on counting calories, and burning more calories via exercise than you eat.

See, the Paleo "cult" is not concerned with WEIGHT LOSS as it's ultimate goal. This is why it is not a "fad diet." The primary concern is eating real food that is nutrient dense. Nutrient dense foods allow the body to function the way it was designed/evolved to. Weight loss is just one aspect of the health results one gets when they remove modern, processed junk food from their diet.

When I "joined the cult" back in 2007, I was overweight and approaching the obesity point (despite a regular regimen of weight lifting, martial arts and other physical recreational activities like surfing, diving, hiking and hunting). I was certainly starting to transform into a "Hawaiian blob." I was trying for years to eat healthy according to the conventional wisdom - low-fat/whole grain/lots of fruits and vegetables. Didn't matter, still got fatter.

Just like "game," I discovered the Weston Price Foundation, and than later on the Paleo "cult" blogosphere. Again, I paid exactly $0.00 to read and apply the principles of the WAPF Nourishing Traditions & Paleo diet concepts. Within the first 3 months, I lost all the excess weight. My growing "beer belly" shrank to nothing. I went from 225 lbs. to 185.

That was over 4 years ago. When I stepped on the scale tonight, I was 186. At 38 years of age, I look, feel and perform in better shape now than when I was 28.

Must be the "placebo effect" of being a brainwashed cult member.

Since then, I've come to understand that "paleo" is about so much more than simply losing weight. It's not a "fad diet." It's simply about understanding the difference between real, wholesome foods and how they provide nutrition for the body....versus man-made, mass processed crap that makes you sick when you consume enough of it over a long enough period of time.

Aside from the weight loss, and keeping it off for 4 years and counting (gee...some fad diet there), I've experienced a number of other health benefits that come from eating a nutrient dense diet and avoiding the modern, manufactured, processed junk foods. But I'm sure those dramatic changes in health, stamina and strength are just more iterations of the placebo effects that only happened because I've been brainwashed by the paleo conspiracy cult!

I mean, why would I question the tenets of my cult?

Do you think 500 calories of fresh caught wild fish from the Pacific ocean, eaten raw, would have the exact same effects on your health as eating 500 calories of a factory farmed fish fillet, seasoned, breaded in white flour bread crumbs, flash-frozen, wrapped in plastic and shipped thousands of miles away...then deep fried in partially hydrogenated soybean oil typically used in most restaurant's deep fat friers? Do you really think there's no nutritional difference between the two?

500 calories is 500 calories!

How about 800 calories of grass fed beef steak, pan-fried in grass-fed butter...versus 800 calories of lean chicken breast fried in non-stick, non-fat (aka soybean oil) cooking spray? No difference? Really?

After all, calories are calories?!?!

Just eat less and exercise more!

Anything more than that means you're just a delusional cult member fooling yourself with the placebo effect!

Ah...but don't take it from me.

I'm just a "Hawaiian blob" and a "conspiracy theorist."

How about this recent article from the Vancouver Sun: Trans fats linked to brain shrinkage

Some trans fats are found naturally, in small amounts, in dairy products, beef and lamb, but the trans fats in the study are hidden in cakes, flaky pastries, potato chips and other fried, frozen and processed food. Trans fatty acids increase inflammation, make arteries harder and decrease heart rhythm, increasing the risk of cardiac arrest.

Only a handful of studies have looked at the relationship between trans fats and brain function, Bowman said. "I think our study is one of the first to look at blood levels of trans fats related to brain health."

Evidence suggests that trans fats can replace good fats in cell membranes, "and when that occurs it changes the structure and chemical properties of the cell in an unfavourable way," Bowman said.

"Trans fats are known to be bad for cardiovascular health," he said. "It makes sense that they're probably bad for the brain, too."

He recommended avoiding processed foods that list "partially hydrogenated oils" on the ingredient list. "That's trans fat," Bowman said.

This article sums up the difference between us paleo cultists and regular, sane folks like Novy and his crew of pro-establishment sycophants.

See, it doesn't take a genius to understand that our distant ancestors would have never eaten something like trans-fats created in an industrial facility from rancid, oxidized vegetable oils.

But hey....taking Novy's expert pronouncements to it's logical conclusion, why ingesting 500 calories of partially hydrogenated soybean oil (aka margarine) is no different than 500 calories of Grade AA grass-fed butter! To believe otherwise is just the placebo effect caused by the delusions that come with joining a cult!

If that's the case, than I am happy to say that I'm a proud paleo-conspiracy cult member. Wouldn't you like to join the cult too?

Let me know and I'll set up your initiation ASAP.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There Are Two Abusive People in Every Abusive Relationship

A commenter at Henry Makow's website (Doh! A CONSPIRACY THEORIST WEBSITE REFERENCE! MOVE ALONG FOLKS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!) made a very profound statement in response to the following article: "My Marriage is a Living Hell," - Tender-hearted man

"There are two abusive people in every abusive relationship - the abuser and the person abusing themselves by staying in the relationship."

In effecting the dramatic changes of society to forge our Brave New World Order, the social engineers struck at the root by attacking Patriarchal Marriage, and the biggest blow came from convincing people that if they are in "an abusive relationship," they are blameless victims justified in destroying there homes through divorce.

Any spouse unhappy with their situation can then interpret anything they like as "abusive" to rationalize vindictive divorce battles, infidelities, and other ruthless, family destroying behavior.

This mentality is the primary driver of frivolous divorce.

It is based on ignoring a basic principle of what constitutes a mature adult: personal responsibility.

Recognizing and accepting the consequences for your own behavior.

Take the initial article that inspired the comment -

I have been married for 35 years, most of which have been a living hell. I've stayed married for the sake of my children and now that they are in their early twenties I still stay because I've been here so long.

At 58, with a shitty pathetic economy, it's hard to imagine being able to sustain myself alone. I've left my wife over the years, three times in all. I always came back. My last exit was in 2008; I just couldn't take the brash hatred, angry aggression and abusive lashing out verbally any longer.

I'm ashamed to say a few weeks later I had a panic attack and I thought I was losing my mind. I went back again but this time I was forced to go to "wife batterer's" meetings for six months. In their eyes, any affront to a woman is abuse, no matter how much she screams, throws things, gets in your face, drives you to the point of insanity.....it's still your fault. I found out later the instructor had an abusive father and could not believe a woman could be abusive. My thought was, "What a freaking idiot!"

My wife is a full blooded Irish, with a temper from hell. You're so right as to how a woman who forces her way to control the home, her children and her husband castrates her husband.

I feel weak, depressed and just wait to die. We haven't had sex in four years even though she says she wants to but the thought of it makes me want to puke. My wife is a wonderful woman but a horrible demon for a wife.

Women who have borderline personality disorders or bipolar disorder should never be allowed to marry anyone. I think that's what she has, that and being the daughter of one of the biggest bitches I ever met....thank God she's dead now. I watched her father get nagged to death. My wife is a control freak who constantly complains about everything I do or don't do. She never shows me any respect and never has anything good to say about me. Conversely, she is convinced I'm the control freak who's tried to control her, her whole married life, the source of her unhappiness and so on. Some of our friends have seen a glimpse of what she's like but she hides it when anyone is around. Personally, I don't know any man who is in control of his home. Just as soon as you want to do something they don't like, you'll find out how much control you don't have. I also believe women are the most evil creatures God ever created.

I'm a sensitive man, tender-hearted and kind. This is not to say or imply I'm a weak kneed wimp, far from it. I spent 12 yrs in the Navy and I have no problem getting in somebody's face if its needed.

But I, like many men, am starving for affection, kindness, respect and an ounce of tenderness from their spouse or any woman for that matter. This is one reason, so many men cheat on their wives...no affection at home. On the other hand, it's also one of the reasons why some men turn out to be crazy killers....don't worry, I have a conscience and couldn't ever do it. I'd be quicker to do it myself just to stop the pain. The Illuminati is doing a damn good job of destroying men.

One bit of advice I give people who are considering being married is this, "Look at how your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents treat each other. Watch how the mother treats her husband, because if you're a man....that's how you're going to be treated. It's also how she is going to expect to be treated, good or bad." I wish I knew then what I know now.

This poor sap's story is sad on so many fronts...but the worst of it is to see how thoroughly he's adopted the "I'm a victim" mindset. Any woman who has ever filed for a restraining order for domestic abuse, or has gone through numerous break ups and reunions with an abusive man could have written this entire complaint verbatim.

I've heard many a dissembling woman tearfully relating a litany of emotional and verbal "abuse" from her "controlling" boyfriend or husband, seeking to gain the sympathy of the listener. Back in the blue pill days, I'd fall for it too. Poor abused woman, trapped by an abusive asshole man!

In any case, this sort of victim sees nothing here for which he was responsible for. The only point he even comes close to it, is his advice at the end about observing a woman's parental relationship dynamics as a portend for how she will end up treating you.

While that certainly is good advice, it still doesn't absolve this guy from the responsibility he has to himself. The true abuser in this guys sad tale is the abuse he is inflicting on himself by rationalizing and justifying the reasons as to why he's stayed in the relationship, and why he continues to stay.

He calls his marriage a living hell.

It's a self-made hell.

Man or woman, you can only be as abused as you allow yourself to be.