Tuesday, December 29, 2015


My favorite Southron Paleface called me a pineapple a couple of posts ago that elicited a hearty Laugh Out Loud In teh Real Life from me.

He followed up the with this: "...see, racists can make racist nicknames against each other. in the good ol' days that meant camaraderie!"

Commenter Victor Michaelson weighed in as well: "It reminded me of the America I grew up in, where guys could razz their buddies and it wasn't a Federal offense."

Damn straight you raciss crackers!

We got a special word for you melanin-deficient and solar-sensitive folks here in Hawaii: Haole (pronounced "How-Lee").

From the greatest movie ever filmed in Hawaii

Most folks that have never been to Hawaii, or who have only visited briefly on vacation, have usually only heard of the word haole associated with only negative, racist connotations...the equivalent of the "N-word" for white folks.

That's simply not true. It's a very versatile word and can be used as a simple adjective, a term of endearment or employed as a provocative epithet. As a fair-complexioned (but not totally pale) hapa-haole mutt, I've had the term used on myself in all of these contexts at one time or another. Yet, whenever haole folks come to Hawaii and find themselves being referred by that term, they almost always take immediate offense.

Take this guy for instance:

More haole den haole...

Shua ting, brah, you one human...but you still one haole.

But seriously, let's take a closer look at where this term came from. It's a common myth that the term comes from the Hawaiians who first encountered Captain Cook and his crew's pale faces, they called them Ha'ole, a compound word made from combining Ha- meaning breath, with 'ole meaning without.

This legend is up for debate, as the linguists who study Hawaiian language and the Pidgin English have belabored to dispel the commonly accepted origin. To the credentialed classes, haole is it's own Hawaiian word, and it simply means foreigner:

So if we are to literally go by the textbook, haole really doesn't have anything to do with white skin. In theory, yes, but in practice, no. Thanks to the deluge of immigration from all corners of the globe mixing and miscegenating for a couple of centuries, Hawaii is the so-called ideal "melting pot" our modern day SJW's and progressives say they are supposedly working towards with the rest of the world. In such a chaotic environment of so many different skin tones, hair and eye colors, race is the first way we immediately identify each other, and in that context, haole means white.

I do believe Hawaii is the ideal "melting pot" society....but there are two distinct features about what we have here that makes it much different from the progressive/SJW ideal.

First thing that makes it "work" is we are all race realists, race conscious and racist to the core. It's the only way we can all get along. We don't try to uphold some unrealistic, mystical feeling of holiness attributed to the supposedly ideal paradigm of  "color blindness." In fact, we have the exact opposite. We're more color aware, we're all equal opportunity racists. We LOVE our stereotypes and our racist jokes. At least that was the Hawaii I grew up in. Because of this, we all have similar words like haole that are used to designate all the various races that call our islands home. We got similar words for the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Samoans, Micronesians, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, Vietnamese, and Hispanics. Most of these terms are just like haole - they can serve as simple adjectives or spitefully intended perjoratives. In most cases, you just add the word fuckin' in front, and the harmless adjective turns into hateful, bigoted and racist invective.

Here's a song from the 70's from Hawaiian music's most popular act of that era, the Beamer Brothers. with one of their most popular songs that is still sung and played by musicians at parties and backyard jams everywhere in the islands to this day. In this song, all of the major ethnic groups and their sterotypes regarding their cultural practices and socio-economic status are fair game for good natured-ribbing:

The ending of the song really highlights the main point of this post here:

One thing I when notice 'bout this place
All us guys we tease the other race
It's amazing that we can all live in the same place

I sadly see more and more of the next generation of local folks accepting the progressive SJW mind rot programming of "equality" and "anti-racism," and our common culture is suffering for it. For decades, local stand up comedians made entire careers out of night club routines and television specials making fun of all the races that made up the multi-ethnic society of 20th century Hawaii. There were no sacred cows. We were all fair game...and it had us all laughing our asses off. Yeah, we may have been laughing at you...but then one minute later, it was my turn and you were now laughing at me too. And thus, we were all both laughing at and with each other.

This locally produced tell-a-vision show from 1984 could be considered a good representation of the high point of Hawaii's functionally racist society. It was a childhood favorite of mine, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a clip of it posted on youtube.

In case you didn't figure it out yet, while black folks are "foreigners" they are not haole. We call them Popolos. Hawaiian island/urban legend goes that the first African descendants who came to our shores where of the particular hue that was so dark, the Hawaiians thought they looked purple. The Hawaiian word for purple is popolu...hence popolo. I don't know if it's true or not, but I do know this: just like the word haole, popolo can be used interchangably as mere adjective, a term of endearment, or a race-based slur.

Speaking of stereotypes, we local folk also understand that most popolos that recently arrive from the mainland for are far more sensitive about race than any other race. We have met more than a few black folks that quickly figured out popolo was the Hawaiian word for those of African ancestry, and many immediately equate it with the N-word in significance. Not true though. If we are trying to be deliberately offensive, we'll use the N-word like any other garden variety racist in the world today.

Nevertheless, if we local folks are trying to talk about black people and there may be some within hearing distance when we are conversing who may possibly get offended, we may sometimes say Olopop instead of Popolo (popolo said backwards).

As I mentioned earlier, I was pleasantly surprised to find the preceding clip on youtube, because it is not commercially available anywhere here in 2015. This clip was undoubtedly someone using their smartphone to video clip their VHS or betamax copy of the program. You see, in the last decade or so, our formerly somewhat cooperative society of equal opportunity racism has been infected with the PC mind virus, and the SJW's holy church of blessed colorblindness has caused many folks to scream victimhood at racial humor that was one of our mainstays of local Hawaiian culture of the 20th century. So many of these race-based shows and stand up comedy routines are no longer available or reproduced or re-released anymore, out of fear someone or another will get offended and file a lawsuit to recover damages for their soiled panties or sand filled ass cracks.

That being said, one of the original local comedians from that earlier era of racist harmony still seems to be going at it on youtube, and this clip will give you a pretty good rundown on our history of ethnic diversity and multi-cultural adaptation with regards to linguistics and cultural attitudes of our multi-cult society:

This comedian, Andy Bumatai, was one of the most popular stand up comedians and local tell-a-vision personalities of the 80's. In 2015, this kind of comedy is increasingly coming under fire. Note his disclaimer at the beginning of the clip. Even 5-10 years ago, such a disclaimer would not have been necessary. Times they are a changin'. More and more of the younger generations of Hawaii's locals have been assimilated into the PC-SJW Borg by globalized mass media programming and public education brainwashing.

No siree, it's the 21st century, and we can no longer hurt anyone's FEEEEEEEELLLLLIIINNGS. 

Everybody is so fuckin' sensitive. It sucks. I want my openly racist society back. More and more we see letters to the editors and magazine articles and tell-a-vision programs pushing the "colorblind" paradigm and that all of the racist stereotypes that bonded us all together in common racism in 20th century Hawaii, are now being considered more and more to be  thoughtcrime and badthink that must be expunged from our consciousness. It makes me sick to see Hawaii's uniquely harmonious and cooperative society founded on a solid sense of racial differences, slowly and inexorably being subsumed by the homogenized and globalized Brave New World Order mass media culture programming of hypersensitivity and ludicrous "equality."

Up until recently, we didn't have a pretend, fake ideal that everyone supposedly openly touts while harboring secret racism in their carefully guarded hearts and circumspect tongues. No siree, here in our island paradise, we embraced bigotry and race-based differences whole-heartedly and without reservation. 

Our code word for it nowadays is "local humor" I've been to parties where people asked if it were okay to tell "local jokes," basically asking permission from all present if it's okay to tell race-based stereotypical jokes. Most are still down with the program...but more and more people are starting to reject what was once a proudly and openly racist society...and from where I sit, we 'aint better off for it.

See...one of the reasons our society of mixed races "works" is because no matter what race you are or what culture you come from, we have this overriding culture of  "ALOHA SPIRIT" that most people quickly assimilate to. In many ways, it's similar to how all the different pale face crackers assimilated into the AMERICAN DREAM in the 19th century. Anglo-Germanic-Iberian-Mediterranean-Slavic-Aryan-Nordic migrations all arrived with different cultures and languages, with the only thing in common being melanin-deficient and solar-sensitive skin. But buying into the American dream eventually gave us what many now consider simply as white Americans (or Canadians).

Just as the miscegenation of all those Euro-strains of paleface resulted in a generic, homogenized race called "white" we have the same thing here in Hawaii....but it 'aint called Hawaiian. Only those of us with actual Half-Savage Aboriginal blood in our veins can be called Hawaiian. Those who are born and raised here, but have no Hawaiian blood, and are for the most part the Oriental descendents of the plantation workers imported by the haole sugar barons as third world serfs, they are something else - "local." 

Here are some examples of this common culture of "Aloha spirit" that define "local" off the top of my head:

* We get rush hour traffic as bad as anywhere else in our modern world. But nobody honks their horns here...ever. Unless it's due to an extreme situation like an imminent accident or trying to catch someones attention in a dire situation, we just don't use our car horns like that. If you find yourself in Hawaiian rush hour traffic and you hear someone honking their horn in frustration... well there's the fuckin' haole (regardless of the race of the actual driver.)

* When you try to merge into traffic, put on your traffic signal and in a manner of moments, someone will let you in, guaranteed. A couple of fuckin' haole's may blast past you and not let you in, but eventually a local is going to slow down and hand wave you in. We even let haole's merge, but then curse them when they don't show appreciation for the courtesy.

* Speaking of traffic in Hawaii, here's one of our more popular bumper stickers:

*  Other than traffic customs, we have a generalized culture of common courtesy like holding the doors open
for complete strangers, and before the ubiquity of cell phones, we always stopped to help fellow motorists with broke down cars and flat tires.

* When we eat in self service restaurants, fast food joints and plate lunch places, we clean up our tables and throw away all of our rubbish. The first time I went to the US Mainland at age 18, one of the first big culture shocks I experienced was seeing fast food patrons leave their trays and rubbish at their tables when they were done eating for the workers to clean up.

These are just a few examples of what I'm trying to get at. The "melting pot" ideal can only work when their is a common ideal that various racial stocks strive to assimilate to. 

As the comedian stated in the preceding clip, there are two kinds of haole, local haole and haole. I believe it actually goes further than that. In terms of use as a harmless adjective, haole just means white skin. No more, no less.

As a perjorative, however, it really means a white skinned person who doesn't conform to local norms aka "No more aloha." Most of us mixed race mutts and half savage racists of Hawaii got no problem with local haoles...or even haoles who are not born and raised, but demonstrate an affinity for the Aloha spirit ethos. Many a local who 'hates' haoles in general, end up marrying one and making hapa-haole babies. Despite having a paleface spouse and paleface children, will still "hate" haoles (the NO ALOHA kine.)

For real kine...some of my best friends are Japs, Pakes, Soles, Kanaks, Pordagees, Buk Buks, Yobos, Haoles and Popolos. I also know folks of all said races who I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire.

I once got into a scrap with a filipino kid in middle school, because he called me a fuckin' haole. I told him to fuck off, I'm Hawaiian, and that he was a dumb flip buk buk whose parents came here to pick pineapple for $.05 a day and that he should take his ass back to the Philipines. We punched each other in the face a few times, the teachers broke us up, and we later became friends when we had to serve detention together. He would often greet me as "haole boy" and I'd call him buk buk, and we'd laugh as we shook hands.

It's pretty much how we roll here in Hawaii.

In summation, racial awareness plays an important role in Hawaiian society, but it's not the be all end all. If you "get" what Aloha means, you can fit and find a comfortable space amongst others, regardless of your race.


To wrap things up, I offer you this quick guide for HBD-Hawaiian Style.

Since most of the previous section of this post discussed the term Haole, Whites are omitted here to avoid excessive redundancy. We talked enough about da haoles.

Blacks: Popolo, Olopops. Most popolos come to Hawaii as stationed military personnel. Most usually don't get it any better or worse than any other minority in Hawaii. If they get involved in an aggressive or violent conflict, the N-word may get used on them, but popolo is usually preferred. There are no real popolo jokes unique to Hawaii, as most are just popular black jokes that just substitute the word popolo for the N-word.

What do you call 1000 popolo skydivers jumping out of  da airplanes all at da same time? Nightfall.

Chinese: Pake ('Pah-kay'), Chink, slant-eye, slope, Cha Wan (chinese name for the rice bowl haircut), Chang. Terms When used perjoratively, Pake and Chang denote stinginess, miserliness, an unhealthy love of money and unscrupulous in acquiring it. Most Jewish jokes will work in Hawaii by substituting Pake.

Wot da difference between one Pake and one canoe? Canoes sometimes tip.

How do da Pakes name their children? They copy da sounds of da cash register! Ching! Chang! Chong!

Whats da odda way dey name da kids? Dey throw silvah weah down da stairs!

Filipinos: Flip, Buk Buk ('Book-Book'), Manong (Mah-nong). Notorious for eating goat and dog meat (particularly black dog), avid gamblers and chicken fighters. Also notorious for living with 30 extended family members in a 3 bedroom townhome...or buying a 3 bedroom house and building large extensions that resemble Spanish villas, so they can house 30 more family members.

You heard of da new Filipino cookbook? 101 ways for wok your dog.

What do da Buk Buk's call da dog catcha truck? Meals on Wheels

What do Buk Buk's call da Humane Society? (local animal shelter) Foodland! (local grocery store chain)

Japanese: Japanee, Jap, Buddha-head, rice-eye, bolo head, nip. Haole-fied Japanese are called katonk or  banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). The largest homogeneous ethnicity block in Hawaii. Least likely race to date, marry or even socialize significantly with all the other races. Back in da school days, if you wanted to start a scrap with a jap, you said this:

What you said, Buddha-head? Eh, no lie, rice eye!

Jews: Haole. Since most Jews are fair skinned, we don't give them their own racial category. They're just haole.  And we don't really tell Jewish jokes here either. That's what Pake jokes are for. But that does remind me of the one Jewish joke I once heard at a party...told by a hapa-haole Jew (he was half Jewish, half Popolo, born and raised here):

Know how copper wire got invented? A Jew and a Pake were fighting over a penny.

Koreans: Yobo, Kim Chee, Kink (Korean chink), Seoul Brother (A Korean that acts black). Because Koreans were relatively late comers in terms of immigration compared to the other Oriental ethnicities, Korean jokes are not that popular, but there are a few. Yobo is the Korean word for sweetheart, but in Hawaii, it's used as a derogatory reference. Most korean jokes are puns off of the word.

Heard of da Korean police man? Yobocop! 

Samoans: Sole (So-lay). Due to their reputations as very large, strong and fierce fighters who are ready to scrap at the drop of a hat, there are no real derogatory terms for Samoans. Sole is what Samoans call themselves, and locals usually can use the term casually....but even using that word wrong with an easy to anger Samoan could prove volatile. Most Sole fall into two categories: 1) super nice, easy going, humorous, fun loving and gregarious. 2) Ultra violent, looking for trouble, very easy to anger and always ready to give Palagi and others a sase (strike)! Nevertheless, there are a large number of Samoan jokes that mostly focus on making fun of their speech. These jokes are usually only told in hushed whispers after checking around to make sure none are around to hear....

Heard of da Samoan Accoutant? Tua Tua Isa Foa!

Heard of da Samoan who fell off da couch? Sole Fe Lafa Sofa!

Portuguese: Portagee, Pordagee, Pocho, Porcho. Haoles often think they get the worst of the prejudice jokes in Hawaii. They're wrong. That would be the Pordagees. Infamous for being obnoxious by talking way too much, talking without thinking first, and considered the dimmest, least intelligent race. Take any Polak joke and substitute Pordagee and you have typical Hawaii pordagee jokes. Despite the joking reputation, Pordagees are usually quite sharp and witty, and many of the most popular comedians are proud Pordagees who tell the best-loved Pordagee jokes.

You heard why get no more ice in Portugal? Da old Pordagee lady with da recipe when die.

Know why da Pordagee farmer was feeding his sheep scrap metal? He was trying for raise steel wool.

As I said, their reputation is one of dim wits....but here's a Pordagee joke that belies the stereotype:

Know why Pordagee Jokes are so short? So Hawaiians can understand them.

A Pordagee guy told that one to me after I told him a Pordagee joke. Touche!

Kanaka, Kanaks, Kanaka Maoli. Oft stereotype is lazy, indolent; don't like to work. When the haole sugar plantation owners needed a workforce to farm their sugar, there were not enough Hawaiians to work because so many had died from introduced diseases like small pox, measles and STDs. And those that did survive, would still only work 'Hawaiian style." We can broke ass, but we goin' take one mid day break when da sun is hottest in da sky. The haole plantation owners didn't like that one bit, so they brought in all the other immigrants who would work from sun up to sun down with barely a break for minimal wages.

 Take any lazy jokes about blacks and substitute Hawaiian.

How come da Pakes no like marry Hawaiians? Dey no like kids too lazy for pick sugar cane.

How come da Buk Buks no like marry Hawaiians? Dey no like kids too lazy for pick pineapple.

How come da Popolos no like marry Hawaiians? Dey no like kids too lazy for steal.

'Aint diversity grand?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Mele Kalikimaka

To those of you that continue to frequent my little outpost here in the fever swamps of conspiritard land on teh Interwebz, thank you for all the reads, comments, links, critiques, flames and spam (we Hawaiians love our spam!). 

God bless us all in the coming new year -- we're gonna need it!

Mele Kalikimaka a me hau'oli makahiki hou!

Friday, December 18, 2015

From the Sewer Main to the Fever Swamps

Sometimes I come across a comment on teh Interwebz that's so good, I have to steal it re-post it.

In response to Vox's post We're not radicals or extremists:

"You must cherish your extremists, not turn your backs on them, much less shoot at them. They provide the impetus for advancement; even if they go too far, at least they are going in the right direction."

Neanderserk weighed in:


Outside the stream.

Which stream?

The mainstream.

Of what does the mainstream consist?


Which are like assholes: everybody has one.

Ergo, the mainstream is society's open sewer main.

Its smell pervades the air; its pathogens the water.

Yes. I am outside that.

 Me too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Programmed Obssession With Evil

It is often said that hindsight gives us 20/20 vision. That understanding past events only becomes a clearly focused vision and a complete picture in the mind's eye, because we are able to analyze them with insights and perspectives gained through experience and knowledge gained over time.

While there is certainly some truth to this, I'd say it really depends on what lens you choose to use to view the past with. Many of us believe we have 20/20 clarity in our hindsight ruminations....but attaining new information that contradicts previous assumptions will oft reveal that our hindsight was not as clear as we once thought it to be.

Being the conspiritard prophet and seer of food magic that I am, out here in the fringes of my own little corner of the fever swamps of teh Interwebz, I've had more than a few paradigm shifts of understanding based on gaining new information that caused me to refocus my hindsight lenses, allowing me to paint a clearer picture in my mind's eye...

One of those paradigm shifts that inspired a refocus of the lenses for my hindsight ruminations, was my return to belief in the faith of my forefathers. As a member of Generation X who was raised as a Christian, but fell away into agnostic hedonism by embracing the packaged rebellion of mass media programming in my early adulthood, I now understand the full scope of the inter-generational progressive conspiracy of anti-Christ subversion via gradualism that got us to where we are today.

Those of us who are of Generation X, and who were, like me, raised in a family that was still largely influenced by the moral code of Western Christian Civilization, had a firsthand experience with this transition from a Christian-based society, to our current Luciferian Age.

It's 2015, and he's coming out in teh PrimeTime!

In the late 70's and early 80's, I was raised by familial tradition and my cultural heritage for this:

By the late 80's and 90's, I had fully turned to this:

"Bang your head against the stage like you never did before...."

From singing soul-inspiring and spiritually uplifting Christ Mass carols at the shopping malls as a youth, I morphed into a self-inflicted whiplash fool, inspired by my teen-target-marketed regularly scheduled programming of anti-christ rebellion through the repeated, ritualistic consumption of angry, evil music dedicated to devil worship.

Embracing evil as my primary entertainment paradigm, it consumed my entire world view. Nihilism, hedonism and a full embrace of barbarity and savagery became in my extended-adolescence mindset, the penultimate definition of  "COOL."

The fact is that at this very moment, despite not having listened to many of these albums in well over five years (if not more), I can still easily recall every line of these songs without a moments hesitation. I believe this speaks to the staying power of such programming I willingly and repeatedly subjected my young and impressionable mind to.

Here's the chorus from the first song on the first album of one of my favorite bands back in the day:

Evil -  My words defy!
Evil - Has no disguise!
Evil - Will take your soul!
Evil - My wrath unfolds!

I used to laugh at the denunciations of metal music by mainstream Christianity as "Devil Music." I used to think "what a joke." No, I take that back. How I would normally think back then would have been more like this:   

"What a fuckin' joke those fuckin' idiotic, brainwashed dumbshits don't even realize it's just cool, fun fuckin' entertainment! Fuck! Fuckin' nerdy, square, uptight dumbfucks and prudish pussy-ass faggots!" 

By constantly consuming evil, vulgar media in the music I listened to, the books I read and the shows and movies I watched, the uglier and more debased my every regular every day thought processes had become.

I began to view beauty, elegance, gracefulness and all things edifying and uplifting as boring, stultifying, prudish and sickening....but most of all, "uncool."  Worst of all, it influenced me to turn my back on my own cultural heritage.

In my evil-possessed mind, the idea of going to a Hawaiian luau with Hawaiian music performers playing for graceful, flower bedecked hula dancers in beautiful dresses dancing to soft, rhythmic melodies to compliment beautiful choral arrangements of songs about the beauty of Hawaii, was something I considered worse than torture. If I was forced to attend such events due to familial obligations, I'd always make sure to have my walkman on hand so I could put on the headphones and immerse myself in my chosen musical filth.

While watching this:

I was blocking out the accompanying music with my headphones and listening to aural garbage like this - "NO APPARENT MOTIVE, JUST KILL AND KILL AGAIN, SURVIVE MY BRUTAL THRASHING, I'LL HUNT YOU TIL THE END...MY LIFE'S A CONSTANT BATTLE, THE RAGE OF MANY MEN...HOMICIDAL MANIAC!"

And if I wasn't simply looking at the beautiful wahine dancers performance of a graceful, elegant and beautiful art form of hula 'auana with only lustful, pornographic ideations in my debased and corrupted mind, I would close my eyes to living, breathing, dancing beauty right in front of me, and envision degraded filth during my favorite songs on my headphones. It was the soundtrack of Hell and it ensorcelled my mind to ignore the graceful, elegant beauty before me and focus on ugly visions within such as this:

huhhuhuh...demons devouring corpses...huhuhuhuhuh....COOL!

In hindsight, I finally realize that I was quite literally POSSESSED with an obsession with evil.

To hell and back...been there, done that, and got the t-shirt to prove it.

This used to be one of my favorite shirts....

...this was the vile blasphemy emblazoned on the back.
If I had this shirt now, I'd burn it.

But it wasn't just the music and it's satanic sub-culture that caught me in it's web of deceit. It was also the immersion in Tell-A-Vision programming, all the horror fiction books I was reading, and the warped visions of Hollywood Babylon's Silver Screen that held my young mind enthralled with a fictional landscape of hyper-violence, sadistic depravity and psychopathic blood letting as my primary focus for experiencing  "awesome entertainment."

The Komissars of Desensitization

In many ways, the whole "it's just entertainment" justification for consuming murder porn of the horror film genre, was the rationale that helped induct my addled and confused mind into accepting and eventually celebrating and reveling in the degrading, morally filthy music, demonic imagery and debauched lifestyle.

Unlike other folks who have their Come-to-Jeebus-moment testimonials of how the dark spell of embracing evil that imprisoned their minds and shackled their souls was broken...I got to this much different place by an entirely different route. In short, confronting real death and witnessing real world violence up close and personal shocked the "cool" factor right out of my previous absorption in mass media fantasy world violence and mayhem.

Becoming a hunter in my early adulthood and learning the reality of what it is to kill and butcher flesh of living creatures took away the glamor and entertainment value of gratuitous gore depicted in a multitude of variations on the tell-a-vision and theater screen. But embracing the hunt and the realities of bloodshed was only a small part of it...for the kill and butchery has always been only a small part of the hunting experience.

It was the continuous immersion in the natural, God-gifted beauty of Hawaii's mountains, valleys and rainforests and moments of quite contemplation in the serenity of the natural world that served as a badly needed salve for all the ugliness and evil I had embraced as my "genre" of choice in "My Generation."

One thing about hunting, as well as with fishing, is these sports can usually described as 99% boredome punctuated by 1% sheer adrenaline. While there is some truth to that (eventually catching your earnestly sought after and difficult to acquire game is definitely an adrenaline rush), it's that 99% "boredom" part of the hunting experience that truly drove me to embrace the outdoorsman way of life. Just escaping the concrete jungle of the Babylon system and spending an entire day walking through the beauty of God's creations did something for my mind and soul to counteract all that satanic entertainment programming I had inundated my eyes and ears with for so long.

Spending hours upon hours trekking through the great outdoors leaves you with quite a lot of time spent in quiet contemplation.

Repeating music, songs and lyrics in the mind is one of the natural things one does when you're walking for hours or struggling with the burden of carrying a kill out of the mountains.

And I found that more time I spent hunting, the more time I spent gravitating away from the music that celebrated evil, destruction, chaos and mayhem, and and more towards the traditional Hawaiian music that is now my all consuming musical passion of the present day. 

The cognitive dissonance of beholding scenes like this...

....while humming tunes and melodies to songs with lyrics like this:

Gates of hell are old and cracked
They tumble and they fall
Out rush a bloody wall of death
To kill anything at all
Their sole mission is to kill
Strip your bones and flesh
Rip out your eyes tear off your face
An agonizing death!

Just didn't work.

Every day I look back on my former obsession with the devil's vice as entertainment and I realize the Truth of Jesus' warning about how one can become enslaved by your sins and your vices, and that ONLY the Truth will set you free.

E hele makou i ke alo o Iesu
Let us all go to the presence of Jesus,

E `ike i ka nani mau loa
To see the eternal beauty,
E hele makou i ka poli o Iesu
Let us all go to the bosom of Jesus,

I ka mehana a ke aloha
To the warmth of his love.

E hele makou i ke alo o Iesu
Let us all go to the presence of Jesus,

E `ike i ka nani mau loa
To see everlasting beauty,

E hele makou i ka poli o Iesu
Let us all go to the bosom of Jesus,

I ka mehana a ke aloha
To feel the warmth of his love.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Playing the Red Card to Trump the Cucks

"And what of the original Americans, the natives who lived on this continent before the first Europeans arrived? What did this melting mean for them? Unfortunately, that is something that the native-born, culturally American, European-descended population is in the process of finding out as it declines in the face of ever-growing numbers of immigrants from vastly different cultures possessing rival traditions, ideologies, and agendas of their own."

There are generally two kinds of cultural change agents that work to progress society towards the utopian dystopian ideals of our Brave New World Order. The first type are those who self-identify as the liberal, progressive leftist, who openly and proudly promotes the overthrow of classic American cultural heritage aka the so-called hegemony of white-Christian-patriarchal-privilege. As detestable as they are, at least they are somewhat honest when they state their goals and objectives in attempting to change the face of the nation.

The other kind of change agent is far more insidious and has caused far more damage to the fabric of Western Civilization, and they have done so while supposedly bearing the standard of opposition against the liberal-progressive leftists. These are they who claim to be a part of the opposition of the progressive leftists and cultural marxists working to overthrow traditional American society, but their actions do not match up with their words. They are the controlled opposition that have co-opted the original conservative movement.

They have previously been called many different names, from RINOs to NeoCons, yet none of these terms have ever really had much of an effect on those who bore the mantle of "conservative" in bad faith. But the latest term they have been branded with, Cuckservative, has been the most effective rhetorical weapon to date ever devised to strike them with. In the past year, the meme wars on teh Interewebz based on the newly coined term has hit them right between the eyes.

Who are the cuckservatives? Ye shall know them by their shrieks when they are confronted with teh tweets.

Seizing upon the opportunity of the proliferation of such a popular and effective meme, John Red Eagle and Vox Day, two Indians (feathers, not dots) have just released a new book, Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America. 

As stated in my review of Vox's previous release, SJWs Always Lie: 

"I bought this book because I wanted to indulge in schadenfraude! I wanted to help the Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil punch back twice as hard at the snivelling hordes of brainwashed lickspittles and useful idiots that march under the banner of the SJW. No War but Culture War! This book is a badly needed, long overdue counterattack against the long march. For that, I consider it money and time well spent."  

For much the same reasoning, I bought Cuckservative on it's official release date this past Monday from Amazon, and finished reading it by Wednesday. I enjoyed it and I did learn a few things that I never knew before, such as the origins of the term "melting pot." But more importantly, our Injun authors give us a historical perspective on nations, cultures and heritage, and the effects mass immigration had on them in many different times and places in world history.  From antiquity to the present day, they make a strong case that mass immigration should be defined as nothing less than an act of war and conquest.

Of particular interest, was their identification of the source of American culture and heritage that is severely endangered from the continued influx of foreigners unsuited and non-amenable to America's nation-founding ideals:

As much as it has changed over the years, American culture still has very specific historical roots in English culture and history. Observe that we say "English," not British, as the latter is more of a multicultural political construct from an amalgamation of four nations than a true national culture of its own. "American" is arguably well on its way to becoming something more akin to "British" rather than "English." Those who value American culture, and who would prefer to avoid seeing that come to pass, would do well to develop an understanding of how America's ancestral English culture came to be.

While going through a brief rundown of the history of English culture, our Redskin co-authors identify two primary characteristics of this "English" culture that served as the foundation for American culture: self-reliant independence of the citizenry and the limitation of the powers of a society's rulers.

As they point out, these cultural values are primarily upheld through cultural transmission of a largely heterogeneous populace from one generation to the next, and that subsequent hordes of migrants with different values and beliefs will inevitably change them.

There was no magic dirt. There was no shining city on a hill. All that was required for irrevocable change was the arrival of sufficient numbers of people with a separate culture of their own who were both willing and able to hold onto it in the face of native opposition.

I came away with one very important idea from this work: the litmus test for determining who is and who is not a cuckservative. While they offer a twenty-two point bullet list as a field guide for identifying a cuckservative in chapter 4, all one need do is to simply look at any so-called "right" wing politician or pundit and review their statements on the issue of mass migration (both legal and illegal; documented and undocumented) from the third world to the Anglo-sphere: the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Then compare and contrast with their stance on Israel's strict, race-based immigration policy (for which I support Israel's right to do so, 100%!) and that is all the info you need to identify a cuckservative.

The Cuckservative are the ones promoting the myths of the melting pot and magic dirt to support the continued migrations of non-white, non-Christians into all of these formerly white Christian majority countries. The reasons usually given by such cuckservatives is based mostly upon the appeal that conservatives must avoid being labelled racist by the left.

In addition to a stated fear of being labelled as racist, many cuckservatives who attribute the need for supporting mass migrations, base it on an argument of falsified doctrine of Christian charity, particularly the parable of the Good Samaritan. John and Vox use both statistics, logic and scriptural citations to totally destroy churchian-styled arguments based on the twisting of scripture.

While the book is filled with facts, statistics, charts and other evidence to make their case against "conservatives", their strongest rhetoric (at least for me personally, as I can certainly relate) comes from playing the red card:

Import people, and you import their culture. Import them on a small scale, as with the Normans, and they may assimilate, but in doing so, they will still influence yours. Import them on a larger scale, and they'll keep their own culture, which will conflict with yours. Import them on a large enough scale, as with the Saxons, and your culture will be the one assimilated. And if that happens, you find yourselves at the mercy of whatever the newcomers decide to do with you.

Trust us. We know. Both of our Native American cultures have been all but eliminated. Our tribes were forcibly expelled from their lands and forced onto reservation, where they still live today. Neither of us knows more than a few words of the languages our forefathers used to speak before the arrival of Spanish and English immigrants.

The Magic Dirt won't save you.

I've got my own brown card to play, and I'll throw it in with John Red Eagle's and Vox Day's red cards into the middle of the table. As the descendent of a marginalized, occupied, dispossessed and miscegenated-unto-near-extinction indigenous native people, I too echo the warning to those who still value the founding American ideals of self reliance and limited Government.

I see the new breed of conqueror, and their desired objectives would be far worse for us all, than the life we managed to make under the regime of the American pale face and it's original foundation of self-reliance and limited Government.

I see the new breed of conqueror and I understand their overriding goal is to bring all of the world's populations down to a lowest common denominator of miscegenated homogeneity with no discernible cultural heritage or identity that may one day serve as a rallying point to resist their emerging tyranny of global governance.

I see the new breed of conqueror and I believe it is the defining fight of our lives to resist their agenda of mass enfeeblement, arrested development and over-reliance and dependence on a centralized, global and tyrannical regime to govern every aspect of our micro-managed lives. Make no mistake about it, this is ultimately the end goal of those that the cuckservatives are working for. To get their Brave New World Order, America as it was originally founded must first be destroyed, and the cucking of conservatism is one of the primary means for THEY to accomplish it.

As John and Vox put it:

The uncomfortable truth is that cuckservatism not only betrays America's posterity, it also betrays the intent of the other clauses of the Preamble to the Constitution, including, "to form a more perfect Union","establish Justice","insure domestic Tranquility","provide for the common defence", and "promote the General Welfare", five things that adding 60 million immigrants in 50 years have manifestly not done.

One could make a very strong argument that thanks to their cuckservative ideology, America's self-styled conservatives have literally betrayed the entire purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America, and in doing so, they have put the very survival of the nation at risk.

Yes indeed, these two Native American Injuns have in fact done exactly that in writing Cuckservative - How "Conservatives" Betrayed America. 

Best heed their warning, pale face.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Illusion of Choice aka DuhMockRuh$€¥

Promo for Global Bankster's Wars - Episode III: A New Hope

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." - Emma Goldman

There is nothing really new under the sun. The names may change, but the games THEY play are still the same.

Ever since the Institutionalization of Bankster Usury as the centralized organ of economic control over the nation, all of politics and the process of mass media campaigning has been nothing more than an elaborate game of charades...an interactive advertisement for the Company Store to keep we the sheeple plugged into and fully invested in maintaining the status quo of the system.

Consider the paraphrasings of these common maxims regarding history: "History is written by the winners," and "Those who fail to learn from the failures of history, are destined to repeat them." Oh, and let's not forget this one: "The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again, each time expecting a different outcome."

"Official" history is written by the conquerors, so that they can prevent the masses of people from discovering the true causes of their past failures that lead to their historical defeat, so that they can continue to support and buy into the status quo of cyclical insanity that is our deliberately designed modern society.

And just what constitutes this cycle of insanity? Debase the currency, debauch the culture and corrupt the common morality to destroy the family and invite voluminous immigration of foreigners into every corner of the land to dispossess the citizenry of their birthright. Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary until the Global Tyranny is achieved. (Side note: I have sympathies for the rising sentiment of White Nationalist neo-reaction on teh Interwebz and in teh MAndrosphere, despite my minority heritage, as everything they are trying to prevent happening to their race, has already happened to those of us of Native Hawaiian descent. We've been conquered, marginalized in our own homeland and miscegenated into near extinction. THEY got the same plans for all you crackers.)

Never forget that the social engineers who have constructed our brave new world order are masters of manufacturing consensus and implementing gradual cultural revolution via the Hegelian Dialectic.

Thesis + Anti-Thesis = Synthesis.

Since THEY use the Hegelian Dialectic as their favorite option in their playbook, THEY know precisely how to reverse engineer (in the short term) so as to achieve their overall objectives.

Consider the case of the Brave New World Order's 20th Century Emmanuel Goldstein Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, good ole Uncle Adolph.

Pre-selection + hypergamy FTW!

Mein Kampf, was the perfect treatise for identifying the problems that plagued Germany in the first half of the 20th century, and it offered all of the counter-measures and solutions for fixing them. And lo and behold, once he gained power, he did exactly as he said he would and turned a moribund, demoralized, morally debauched and near bankrupt Germany into a Global economic and military superpower just in time to commence the next installment of the Global Bankster's World Wars Trilogy - Episode II. And what precisely is it that he did that he wrote about in that infamous tome?

1) Get rid of the usurious banking system and issue interest free currency backed by the goods and services provided by the German people.

2) Deport any and all immigrants (it wasn't just the Jews) not dedicated or compatible to upholding and promoting the National interests and the promotion of a common ethos and morality that upholds and promotes pride and patriotism in the culture and nation at large.

3) Get rid of all cultural influences that promote the destruction of the family and reinstill patriotic pride in a defeated and subjugated people.

One of the first thing's Hitler did upon gaining power, was to outlaw the Weimar Republic's bustling sex industry. The Nazis shut down all of the brothels, burlesque theaters and live sex shows and ordered all of the smut books and magazines burned once he gained power. Pictures and accounts of Nazi book burnings are always cited as the worst examples of Government censorship...but note that we were never told what books were actually being burnt and why. At least I never was when I was going through my own institutional education indoctrination.

Note a few of the guidelines for what books the Nazi's targeted for burning:

* The works of traitors, emigrants and authors from foreign countries who believe they can attack and denigrate the new German (H.G. Wells, Rolland).

* The literature of Marxism, Communism and Bolshevism.

* Pacifist literature

* Literature with liberal, democratic tendencies and attitudes, and writing supporting the Weimar Republic (Rathenau, Heinrich Mann).

* All historical writings whose purpose is to denigrate the origin, the spirit and the culture of the German Volk, or to dissolve the racial and structural order of the Volk, or that denies the force and importance of leading historical figures in favor of egalitarianism and the masses, and which seeks to drag them through the mud (Emil Ludwig).

* Books that advocate "art" which is decadent, bloodless, or purely constructivist (Grosz, Dix, Bauhaus, Mendelsohn).

* Writings on sexuality and sexual education which serve the egocentric pleasure of the individual and thus, completely destroy the principles of race and Volk (Hirschfeld).

* All writings that ridicule and belittle the state and its institutions, or that attack or question its moral foundation.

* All writings that attack or attempt to dissolve the order of the community of the Volk and its moral foundation, specifically those against the race and biological requirements of a healthy Volk (marriage, family, etc.).

* All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk.

So....the Nazi's burned all the books they identified and recognized as corrosive influences like liberalism, communism, Marxism, Bolshevism, atheism, cultural nihilism, as well as any attacks on sexual morality and Christian religion and faith in God, their culture and their National health.

Given the decline in native birth rates and the lack of cultural cohesion and narcissism-promoting atomization of our porn saturated culture and complete lack of any sort of culturally enforced sexual morality or sanctity of marriage and family, the idea of cleansing our media and institutions of such corrupting filth doesn't sound so outlandish to my conspiracy-prone mind any more. I once thought (as I was programmed to) the idea of book burnings and censorship were the ultimate intellectual atrocity....but given where we are in the present day, I'm no longer so sure about that.

But that's neither here nor there, since there does not exist at present a single politician or party - including Trump - who is suggesting such a moral and ethical cleansing of media and entertainment today. 

Now, out here in the fever swamps of conspiritard land, many folks commonly accept that Hitler was an  actual double agent for the Global Bankster Conspiracy whose primary purpose was to lead Germany into total defeat and destruction.

Objective mainstream historians and military strategists and tacticians who have studied the end of World War II have always noted the insanity of Hitler's orders that were directly responsible for Germany suffering utter defeat. The commonly accepted explanations for his disastrous orders are usually attributed to drug addictions and/or megalomania-inspired denial.

I believe the idea that he was a double agent whose sole purpose was to engineer Germany's defeat and total subjugation to the Global Bankster Cartel is certainly plausible - especially when you consider the final outcome of his time as an actor on the world stage.

Now with Donald Trump, it looks to me like the same play from the same playbook is being called up once again. A populist political maverick espousing Nationalist sentiments and offering to reverse many of the aspects of the cultural marxists long march through Western Civilization.

In the scope of the grand narrative of controlled opposition and carefully revised history, figures like Hitler and Trump are the perfect pressure relief valves for the masses who are starting to awaken to the existential threats the cultural marxists, SJWs, leftist progressives and cuckservatives represent. As opposition grows for the support of systemic usury, cultural debauchery and promotion of immigration as genocide on a nation and culture, the best answer for those who have constructed this deliberately designed system is to co-opt and take control of the opposition and lead it where THEY want it to go.

For this purpose, Trump appears to fit the bill quite nicely.

Future CEO of USA Inc. 2016

I readily concede that I may certainly be mistaken in my assessment of the Donald. But the way the world seems to be going right now certainly seems to be aligning up for the the third and final act in the Global Bankster's World Wars Trilogy....and Trump playing the pied piper to channel the growing discontent of the increasing number of people who are awakening to the realities of our system and disillusioned with politics as usual, sure seems like a perfectly timed glimmer of hope to keep we the sheeple invested in the system and continuing to assent to our enslavement.

Now I have no evidence for this conclusion, but what I do have is a basic premise - you don't reach the level of wealth, fame and notoriety that Trump has in the past three decades without being connected and working with/for the highest echelons of the establishment. He talks a good game about immigration, deportation and restoring the economy...but has he bothered to address the root of all the corruption he is purportedly campaigning to fix?

As far as I'm concerned, until you get an honest to goodness, real deal politician running on a platform to end the Company Store's usury cartel monopoly, it's all just window dressings and bread and circus distractions.

If indeed those that count the ballots of the 2016 Presidential Election declare The Donald as the next President, look for the millions of sheeple being lead to the slaughter of World War once again. Throw in the fact that the Obama regime just announced that all teh Womynz are now eligible for all combat positions, and we now have the makings of an equal opportunity culling for both sexes!

Afterall, what better way is there for the Banksters 2Big2Fail to achieve their number one goal inscribed in stone - MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE - than another World War?

And on the chance that I'm wrong, and Trump is actually who he portrays himself to be?

In that case, I sure hope he has trustworthy and loyal personal security, because if he is legitimately running on restoring American Nationalism and derailing the plans of the power's that be, he'll be getting the same treatment as Lincoln, Kennedy and any other political figure that did things THEY do not approve of.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Remember the Reason for the $ea$on

The holiday season is upon us, and it is time to heed the calls for worship and make our pilgrimages to our local multi-national corporate big box retailers temples of Mammon, so as to pay our tithes and do what one of the most important Gods of our brave new world order demands of we the sheeple as proper tribute to His reign of supremacy over all the land.

No longer content to wait for the clock to strike midnight on our national day of Thanks, many have begun a new tradition of worshiping Him by forsaking the traditional dinner of fowl gluttony and familial fellowship dysfunction, and instead are now getting a full days head start on the rites of blessed acquisition and accumulation! 

Many folks mistakenly decry the loss of faith and the rampant secularization of society. These people are mad with delusion!

How do they fail to notice the ubiquitous displays of devoted faith and zeal for fervent worship during one of the holiest High Days of our blessed calendar of the Common Era?


We haven't seen such widespread devotion to Him and His word since the heydays of the Falwell, Baker and Swaggart Tell-a-Vision Ministries!

The apparent renewed fervor in Him is downright inspirational!

Some of our most zealous worshipers compete with animalistic ferocity amongst each other, to demonstrate their personal acts of devotion and piety for our blessed deity of conspicuous consumption! Behold the depths of their conviction!

While the acts of accumulation and acquisition are widespread and pleasing unto Him, He is especially pleased with the atonement attained from the offerings of blood sacrifices during these sacred services!

Not all expressions of worship will be confined to the sacraments of accumulation and consumption of Chinese-made fair-trade devotionals at our community temples in the coming days of sacred celebrations of the most high.

Many of our nation's temples will also be offering tempting deals on our congregation's most important accessories for self-worship, the handheld mobile affirmation devices that provides 24-7 dispensation and conveniently accessible absolution in carrying out the rites most sacred to Him...all from the comforts of your own hand, wherever you may be!

The climax to our seasonal celebrations gives us greater opportunities for proselytizing the faith with a fervent evangelical zeal, unmatched by previous generations who were unfortunately blinded by the ignorant and profane idolatry of anachronistic monotheism and stultifying tradition!

Take heart as the ranks of the faithful will undoubtedly swell as the multitudes are brought into the ever increasing fold of worship in His name!

Despite the best efforts of the clergy and priesthoods of our nation's dominant denomination, there still remains much work to be done in spreading His message! Their still exists way too many apostates, heretics and blasphemers doing their hardest to suppress and ban His sacred traditions and ritual observances and turn even those most steadfast in the faith from our nation's foundations of consensus-affirmed doctrine!

Beware the nefarious designs of the deceivers attempting to lead us all astray!

Such blasphemies must not go unchallenged! Gird your loins and strike those who would lead our latter day saints astray with such pernicious lies and deceit!

Stand fast in the face of this determined opposition trying to make us fall away from our faith, for we are all called to serve Him with all our hearts, minds and souls! If we hold strong, and it is His will,  it is certain that this scourge of apostates and their damnable heresies will be cleansed from our lands!

Stay strong my brothers and sisters, keep the faith and I'll see you all in line this Thursday!