Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting to the Point

"Time flies. The older you get, the faster it goes."

That's something my old man told me the entire time I was growing up. He was right.

There are times where I look through this blog's archives and shake my head in bemusement. There are things I'd forgotten I'd written. There are things I've blogged about that I can't believe I used to think like that. There are other things for which I laugh when I realize I wrote in 2007 that I could have easily written today, other posts, wishing I could take it back. Bah.

In any case, re-reading my own writing over a span of years has been an interesting journey into the continual effort in gaining a true education in how life really works in our Brave New World Order.

Every day, somebody new discovers teh MAndrosphere on teh Interwebz. Every day, we see comments of folks who've taken the red pill and choked it down and faced the ugly truths of how each and every one of us has been lied to by our schools, churches, media, leaders and most everyone else. Many folks can't even begin to fathom the lies they are living, because that is all they've ever known.

I write that from the perspective of having been one of those guys for quite a long time. This blog is one, long documentation of a process of deprogramming and truth seeking.

Sometimes, it gets repetitive, and I log on to this blog and stare at a blank "New Post" page and realize that what I'm trying to write, I've already written. Other times, I'll even write a full length post, than re-read it and simply delete it. Too redundant. What's left to say that I haven't already said?

That's when I log off and go read elsewhere. Sometimes, someone, somewhere in these fringes of teh Interwebz writes something that inspires the muse. I get writer's block often. But when the muse comes, the posts almost seem to write themselves. Other times, I read someone else's blog entry and get inspired all over again.

Like today.

I've been a long time reader of The Vigilant Citizen. He's changed his blog layout, format and content a lot since I first came across his site, but I never clicked on his "about" page until today. I usually don't look at most bloggers About pages anymore. Back in the early days of the emerging MAndrosphere, I used to, but now we just have too many blogs to read. (This is a good thing.)

Only so much time in the day, and time flies!

Anyhow, reading Vigilant C's About page was the inspiration for this little bit of nostalgia I've been indulging in with this post. VC doesn't use the Matrix Allegory - red pill | blue pill device which is essentially the MAndrosphere zeitgeist. Nevertheless, what he describes is what we are all familiar whenever we see newcomers who find these fringes of teh Interwebz:

I remember when I first learned about the “Truth” and it wasn’t pretty. I remember learning about how the mass media lie to our faces on a daily basis. About how the educational system only teaches the youth what they need to become obedient workers. About how politics are merely a puppet show and that, regardless of who is in office, the same Agenda will be going forward. About how our rights and freedoms are being revoked. About how the masses are purposely being dumbed-down. About how simple values are rejected from popular culture and replaced by shallow materialism and glorification of immediate fulfillment of impulses.

Learning about these things was overwhelming and, to be honest, it really pissed me off. I remember being depressed for days, repeating to myself “Everything I was ever told was a lie”. I was disgusted by the world I grew up in and the people I used to look up to. That was an awful phase. But, looking back, I realized that it was just a phase – one that all seekers of truth eventually need to go through. It is shocking, disheartening, confusing and totally not cool. But necessary.

As I pursued my research and as I gained a little wisdom and experience, that nasty feeling eventually went away. Gloria Steinem famously wrote “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” That is certainly true. But after the “pissed off” phase, better understanding our world leads to an extremely valuable reward: Knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

Although I do not consider this site to contain all of the “Truth”, simply a small part of it, I nevertheless hope its contents is insightful enough to prompt in some people a “thirst for more”.

I could have written that. Indeed, I pretty much have. That's what the past 5+ years of blogging here has been all about. Gaining an awareness of truth, and aligning my life in accordance to it. Many of these things have become automatic. The development of critical thinking and analysis.

After a period of time of actively seeking the Truth through research and questioning, discerning what is real and what is illusion becomes an easy task. Instead of mindlessly absorbing everything that is communicated through mass media, a truth seeker will have the ability to say “Wait, this is BS. I do not believe it and I reject it.” The erection of a gateway that controls the acceptance of messages in our minds, also known as “critical thinking”, is one of the main benefits of truth seeking. This site focuses on mass media because its multiple outlets are used to sell illusion and delusion to the masses. They also define what is acceptable, what is desirable and what is not.

This is where the THEY LIVE glasses metaphor is so apropos. 
Watching a few hours of MTV programming is enough to understand that its contents promotes a specific set of values to the youth, notably the importance of materialism, the cult of celebrity and fame, the glorification of appearances and of the superficial, the sexualization and fetishization of everything and so forth. A young person that has not developed the ability to think critically will absorb this information, integrate it and, ultimately, live by it. However, an educated mind will realize that all of these values are artificial constructs and deceiving illusions.

Now you know why our Public Education system was deliberately dumbed that the masses would fail to develop critical thinking skills, so they can be told WHAT to think, not HOW to think. To make minds malleable to the subversive influence of the Tell-A-Vision. Public School education is a factory, an infernal assembly line, churning out young minds ready to be molded by mass media indoctrination, so that we follow the script THEY have written for us all.

So what's the point of it all? Why The Mandrosphere? Why this continual beating of a dead horse with the "red pill | blue pill" Matrix allegory?

This realization also leads to a new appreciation for the simplest things in life that are, coincidentally, the most important things in life. Spending time with loved ones, appreciating the world’s beauty and becoming a better person cost absolutely nothing, yet they are keys to true happiness.

That is the point of all this truth seeking on teh Interwebz! Not to form a movement or support some political party or try to "fix the system." There's no fixing it, because it's not broken. It's doing precisely what it was designed to do.

Our current System is looking to lead us away from these values because they create people who are not dependent of the System. The System needs us to crave and want, and to live for the crap that is sold to us. It needs us to spend our paychecks, to load our credit cards and to take on ridiculous mortgages in order for us to replicate what we see on TV. Our debts are the chains that link us to them and we willingly chain ourselves.
What is more profitable to them? A strong family based on morals, values and traditions or a shallow individual who looks to fill the gaping hole in his/her life with appearances and consumer products? Who is the easier to influence toward a specific idea or agendas? Our current System is a giant wheel that needs each one of us pushing in order for it to advance. Without us, the wheel goes nowhere.

This is why Christianity had to be subverted, marginalized, feminized and expunged from the public discourse of mass media society (are you ready for the upcoming Rabbits and chocolate eggs day?!?!). Christianity promotes family as the foundation of society.

Happily married folks make happy families that breed too many children.

Happy people surrounded by family and friends, and who live a life in which they embrace faith in a higher power, don't  buy things they don't need with money they don't have, to try and fill that hollow emptiness inside. They don't look to the Government to provide them with cradle-to-grave direction, sustenance and subsistence.

The effects of rejecting what is fake and embracing what is real is the equivalent of eradicating a cancer that slowly eats away the spirit. But before curing an illness, one must identify it. So, despite the doom and gloom, knowing the ugly truth should not lead to unhappiness. Quite to the contrary, learning what we should avoid also leads to learning what we should embrace. These wonderful things are within our reach and always will be.

That, I believe, is the only real point to this all.  Learn what to embrace and find true happiness in this life. That is all there really is to it.

Ka 'imi pono i ka Interwebz!   lozlzolzolzolzol

A hui hou.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Law EnFORCEment


From the time I was 14, when I was inducted into a life of crime, I've had many opportunities to interact with the uniformed officers of the Honolulu Police Department. I was an outlaw, a scofflaw of the most mediocre and common sorts. A juvenile delinquent who managed to avoid an overnight stay in a jail cell simply because of the judgement calls exercised by the HPD officers that apprehended me while I was in the act of defying the local laws and ordinances of my State.

As a Gen X'er, breaking curfew (10pm) to drink alcohol in the community parks and at the beaches with my pal's was a rite of passage. Everyone who "partied" in high school did it. Including most of the Cops who upon reaching adulthood and their chosen vocation, now found themselves breaking up the kinds of parties they themselves attended when they were growing up.

Most of these officers were cool. "Alright kids, dump out your beers, pick up your rubbish and get out of here."

Most times, we kids complied with no back talk and showed respect. We knew they could arrest us if they chose to, and that they were cutting us a break. But we heard tales of other kids who showed no respect, and found out exactly what HPD could do if they so chose to when they caught kids drinking. One kid in my school got beat up by the cops after swearing at the cops for  breaking up their after-hours party at the beach park. He then got arrested, resulting in the cops finding the drugs in his pocket. He eventually ended up in Juvie-hall, and eventually got taken out of his home by social services and had to live in a State half-way house until he was 18.

But most times, HPD was cool.

When I was a little older, I got my first car....but I did not have my driver's license yet. I got pulled over in a neighboring town with 3 of my friends in the car. We had been drinking a little beer (but not drunk). None of us had a license. (Told you I'm a scofflaw!)

As I was under 21, even .01% blood alcohol content is considered a DUI/DWI in Hawaii. Not only did I not have my driver's license, neither did any of my friends. No registration or insurance either. The cop that pulled me over could have literally changed my life dramatically at that point with an arrest and DUI charge. Instead, he told me to pull my car over onto the side of the road, and told me he'd drive us all home and that I could come back with a licensed driver the next day to get my car.

This is what the cops were like back in the late 80's and early 90's in Hawaii. It was much like small town Sheriffs in the old days. They exercised discretion and treated the citizenry like people. They realized that the law was excessively draconian if it were to be applied with zero tolerance or consideration of each situation.

Those where the good old days, when I had respect for most Law Enforcement Officers I encountered.
Things are different now.

Several months ago, I got caught breaking the law. I was using my cell phone while stopped at a red light. I didn't see the cop car behind me, and they turned on their lights and beeped their siren to catch my attention.


In the State of Hawaii, it's a $149 ticket for using your cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

But, hey, the cops are just doing their job right?

Except things have changed. I've gotten pulled over before for speeding. Running a red light. Failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign...hey, I already told you I've been an outlaw since I was 14!

Sometimes I got a ticket. Other times, I got a warning and let go. In all cases, the cop usually treated me with respect and didn't condescendingly belittle me or act like an asshole on a powertrip.

But THIS time, for the unconscionable crime of using teh cell phone while driving, I had TWO officers approach my vehicle in a hostile and aggressive manner. While one officer came to my driver's side window and demanded my license and paperwork in a condescending and demeaning tone and manner, his partner stood on the passenger side, with his hand on his gun, ready to draw, as he intently scanned my car with a hostile look on his face, looking for any possible reason to arrest me.

For the first time, the officer looking at my paperwork and interrogating me, began to ask me potentially self-incriminating questions in a manner as if I were a defendant on the witness stand being cross-examined by a Prosecutor. Did I have a firearm in my car? Did I have any illegal drugs? Open containers? Where was I going to?

This sort of traffic stop is something I recognized from the standard operating procedure as depicted on the Tell-A-Vision in locales like the inner city ghettos and major Metropolitan areas of the country.

First time I ever saw that here in Hawaii.

After I got my ticket and was on my way, I talked to some HPD officers that I know personally, asking about this new procedure, and if in fact the cops were actively looking for any reason to arrest me?

Yes, this is the new normal here in Hawaii. No longer are the cops given much leeway in using their own judgement. They are trained to ENFORCE THE LAW, instead of the formerly common practice of maintaining law and order in the community by policing with judgement and discretion. Cops can now get in trouble for letting people go with just a warning.

There is a difference in the two approaches. With things progressing like that here in Hawaii (the land of Aloha!), I can only imagine how much worse it is getting in other areas of our Brave New World Order.

With this new understanding of the new normal of law enforcement here in Hawaii, I found this post from Eric Peter's Autos blog timely and an important reminder to all of us Sheeple, beholden to teh Authoritah of those who carry a gun and a badge and a tax collecting "ticket" book. These are things you should always remember when you get stopped by an officer OF THE LAW:

* Never forget: Cops are not your friend; they are not there to “help” you. They are there to bust you. Don’t make it easier for them. Make it harder for them.

* Never forget that cops are legally permitted to lie to you. Take nothing they tell you at face value. Assume their intentions are malignant.

* Never forget that a cop is a law enforcer. He is there to enforce the law – any law, every law. It doesn’t matter whether the law is reasonable – or whether you’re a nice guy who doesn’t “deserve” to be hassled. Cops are paid to enforce the law. Period.

* If stopped, keep your window rolled up almost all the way; leave just enough of a gap to allow you to hand the cop your license/documents. If he “asks” you to roll it down, politely decline. Whenever a cop “asks,” it means you do not have to comply. If they order you to do something, then you must do it. But force them to make it clear you are being ordered to comply – “Is that an order?” – and are only complying under duress and not of your own free will.

* Be civil – not slavish. A cop is not “sir.” By so addressing him, you feed his inner bully and Rule Number One for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy. Simple – and curt – “yes” and “no” answers will get the point across without being directly confrontational.

* Never make the mistake of responding directly to a cop’s purposefully leading questions – which means, all of his questions. If the cop says, “Do you know why I stopped you?” You tell him, “I suppose you will tell me your reason.” If he says, “Do you know how fast you were going?” You say, “I’m sure you have an opinion.” If he asks whether you’ve been drinking, you remain silent.

* Never concede anything that could be construed – will be construed in court – as evidence in support of whatever charges are leveled at you.

* Never admit to anything – ever.

*Never attempt to excuse anything you may have done. Be silent. Shrug. But do not make excuses. Do not offer an explanation. If you do, you’ve just handed the cop exactly what he wants most – a tacit admission of guilt, which in court will become the basis for establishing your legal guilt.

* You have to give them your ID and insurance info – if you are operating a motor vehicle on “public” roads.  It is “the law.” But you do not – yet – have to tell them where you’re going, where you’ve been – or anything else. If asked, shrug.  State – politely, calmly – that you won’t be answering any questions.

* Ask – repeatedly – whether you are free to go. It’s an excellent stock answer to cop questions.

* If you have a concealed carry permit, the cop probably already knows – having run your license plate info through the computer in his car. Still, it is good policy to tell him, even if you are not legally obligated to do so (it varies, state to state). This is a psychological tactic which shows you (in the cop’s eyes) to be “cooperative” without your actually having complied with anything that’s against your interests. It may help defuse the situation – important when guns are involved.

* Never consent to a search. If a cop asks for permission, he is asking permission. It means he hasn’t got legal probable cause – yet. Do not give it to him. Politely tell him, “I do not consent to any searches.” Repeat as necessary.  If he searches you/your vehicle anyway, you may have a legal basis for challenging the admissibility of anything found. But if you gave your consent to the search – and not objecting is the same as consenting – then anything found as a result of that search can and will be used against you in court.  
* Record the interaction. Higher courts have consistently ruled it is legal to do so, irrespective of what the cop tells you (see point made above about cops lying). There is no expectation of privacy in public. He can record you – you can record him. Use audio and video. If the cop “asks” you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.
Just like they do to us.

 All of these are excellent suggestions. The only thing I would add, would be to temper any of these with your personal situation. If you're pulled over in a public location with plenty of witnesses, all of these forms of compliance without self incrimination are probably safe and may get you out of the stop without even a ticket.

But if you get stopped by a cop in a deserted area with no witnesses around, it would probably be best to cooperate to some extent with the cop in order to avoid getting them angry and provoking them into acting above the law, protected by the thin blue line.

You never know which kind of cop just pulled you over. Some are law abiding, respectful and well intentioned. Others...not so much.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rare & Well Done, Please. In that Order.

I'd like to thank Ulyss... I mean Dr. Stratton for reminding me what today's date is! It's that time of year where ladies can show appreciation to the men they love, in the language we men  understand!

If your lady offers excuses...there's always the promise of next year:


 Still getting excuses?

You can always try the Patriotic angle...

She still not convinced it's a real holiday? Link her to the official website!

Alas, for some women, this is the perfect opportunity to share with the rest of the world how contemptuous and disrespectful she is of her man.

Aren't you glad your wife is on teh social media?

Divorcing this woman would NOT be frivolous!

So how 'bout it ladies? Show that special someone you appreciate him! Remember:

March 14th! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Anyone who thinks that the VAWA receiving billions a year in public funding based upon pure lies and sexism, wouldn't also resort to using plants for a few mere bucks to ensure the money keeps rolling in, doesn't understand basic economics.
- Rob Fedders, No Ma'am

As suspected, the truth about the deletion of The Woman and the Dragon blog would eventually come out. Some cognitive infiltrator or team of infiltrators probably earned a nice bonus check once Sunshine Mary (SSM) deleted her blog.

I ought to have been far quicker to boot anyone who tripped my not-quite-right radar. Now that I have shut down, the rather large and growing cadre of aggressive feminist trolls and shills masquerading as confused women looking for advice who had overrun my site may attempt to have an increased presence here.

Meh. It is more like the trolls and shills found The Woman and the Dragon through Dalrock's. They already have as much presence in Dalrock's comment threads as they can get away with, given his quick draw on comment moderation and IP bans of those he suspects are posting in bad faith or with ulterior motives. But rest assured, there are certainly  D E E P covert agents waging their guerilla wars on these fringes of teh Interwebz to earn their 30 pieces of silver.

Once a fledgling blogger begins to emerge into a higher level of influence and visibility from the red pill blogosphere, and begins gaining crossover appeal to the readers and writers of other mainstream blogosphere niches,  those who are paid to observe this, the last frontier of truly free speech, will take note and deploy their paid saboteurs and PsyOp agents of mis-and-dis info.

The Woman and the Dragon had recently begun to pick up some serious blogosphere momentum, and was developing into a sort of point of entry for bridge of understanding between the ugly truths discussed in the MAndrosphere and the genuinely curious Christian females surfing teh Interwebz who happened to come across linkage to her blog.

IMHO, SunShineMary filled an empty niche in these fringes of teh Interwebz - a female run blog that basically accepted and promoted red pill truths to devout Christians who are ignorant of how the blue pill of mainstream, secular progressive ideologies have infiltrated Christianity in the West.

Back when Vanessa was blogging as Alte, she had begun to fill in that role herself....until she shut down her blog, re-booted, then turned it into a group collaboration with the rest of the guys and gals over at Traditional Christianity. But, like SSM, as soon as they started getting some notice, the trolls invaded, sowed dissension, and they essentially retreated into their own private forum, with occasional forays into the comment threads around the MAndrosphere and posts over at TC where the comments are closed.

The emergence of SSM's blog into prominence was attracting readers and commentariat who were open to the messages of a woman touting Biblical submission and Christian Patriarchy. She was reaching an audience that was largely unreachable by most of the MAndrosphere's male bloggers. Blue Pill Churchians (especially women) are more likely to reject red pill writing of men out of hand. The perfect example of this is to note the reaction of popular Orthosphere blogger and commenter, Lydia McGrew, and her vehement distaste upon discovering Dalrock's blog via Zippy Catholic. (Even Zippy initial reaction was distaste of the MAndrosphere upon his first glimpse, he called it "The Death of Masculinity").

When it comes to possibly getting other women to see the ugly truths of the red pill discussed 'round these parts, there's just a certain segment of women who simply cannot be shown the light from a male blogger. Too much gender war baggage in the culture at large makes it far too easy for a random woman to find the MAndrosphere and dismiss it out of hand as a bunch of bitter, angry, hateful Men with nothing of value to be learned from. SSM began reaching those sorts of people in a way Male bloggers simply can't.

Thus, due to her effectiveness, The Woman and the Dragon had to be taken down.

One of them posted a comment using my real name, which I had opted not to associate with my blog. Being outed represents a marked increase in aggression and is the one of the main reasons I deleted my blog and its associated tumblr and facebook pages, as well as the associated email address. I was not afraid, but I was very angry at the sheer rudeness of it.

SSM, you just threw Brer Rabbit into the briar patch.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm an anonymous blogger too, and every person needs to weigh the value of being anonymous for engaging in politically incorrect, free speech and the real world consequences that could be inflicted on us by those who are paid to persecute Thought Crime in today's Brave New World Order.

However, SSM also stated her intention to perhaps resume blogging again under her real name after taking a blogging break for a bit.

My husband and I are currently discussing whether we wish to start a new site under our real names as a preemptive way of avoiding being outed. If we do so, I may repost some of the old essays and comment threads, which I have always saved in their entirety on my private blog. But for now, I am taking a break and wish everyone a blessed lent and Easter season.

IF SSM and HHG do decide to resume blogging under their real identities to pre-empt trolls and infilatrator's from trying to out them, I would urge them to think long and hard about it.

For one thing, as Athol Kay warned: "Be advised that posting on your real name is a one way trip forever."

In terms of the MAndrosphere, the bloggers who've stepped out of anonymity and began using their real world identities have all been subjected to negative publicity, personal attacks, and real world persecution. But for most of them, they've also gotten at least some benefits as well. The most prominent ones are all self-publishing authors who have made money selling their books from their websites or soliciting donations to get paid for their efforts. Athol Kay, Roosh, Matt Forney, Bill Price, Paul Elam et al.

If you're not gonna make money or gain some other sort of benefit by blogging politically incorrect and highly unpopular viewpoints, it's probably not worth the hassle to blog under your real name and identity.

As Matt Forney noted, Anonymity is for Guys With Something to Lose. Yet even Matt found out just how far these bastards will go when they started going after his family members.

Be wary SSM and HHG. You may pre-empt another outing attempt by coming out and blogging under your real names, but understand that outing is not the only weapon these infiltrator's and shill's have in there arsenal in attempting to damage those in real life who dare to express 21st century Thoughtcrime in cyberspace.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heart Check

Me: "Mmmmm, those look tasty...."
Her: "The burgers or the waitresses?"
Me: "Yes!"

This past summer, I did quite a bit of traveling, visiting friends and family and couch surfing in several States on the West Coast of USA Inc. What I observed in various places troubled me. But it wasn't all visions of apocalypse.

On one of those trips, I finally paid a visit to an establishment I saw featured on the Tell-A-Vision a couple of years ago - The Heart Attack Grill. Love that place. It is the only burger joint for which I've eaten at in the past 4 years or so. It was quite the entertaining dining experience, and one for which I enjoyed completely.

As I'm the guy well known for doling out the dietary advice (when asked), and for being strict in abstaining from so many foods (FEED), the group I was with was shocked at my enthusiasm for the whole experience.

"Wait, isn't this the guy telling all of us we should quit eating at McDonalds, Burger King and Jack in the Box?"

Yup, that would be me. But this place? I love the entire theme. It essentially sticks the middle finger at the conventional wisdom of the modern health and medial fields entire set of dietary guidelines THEY would have us all follow.
Freedom fries, deep fried in lard, like they typically used to be before the federally subsidized, Big Ag's round up ready vegetable and grain oils became ubiquitous? YESSSS!

A quadruple bypass burger stacked with 4 1/4 lbs. patties of beef, tomatoes, onions, bacon, and cheddar cheese? Oh yeeeeaaaah baby!!

Heart Attack? Not from the food...
I broke the whole mound apart and ate everything except for the bun, Atkins-diet style (not because I wanted to eat low carb, but rather because I know that most commercially baked hamburger bun products are made with white flour and hydrogenated vegetable oils -- aka margarine).

Unless the lard used to make the french fries was hydrogenated, I am almost certain that the hamburger bun was probably the only truly unhealthy component of the whole meal.

I even finished it all off with a WHOLE FAT chocolate milkshake with a chunk of butter thrown on top for good measure. Hey, if I'm going to "cheat" on my normally strict diet standards, I'm going all in!

It was the most memorable restaurant meal of my summer, that's for sure.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, "So what is the point of this blog post?"

A dining review for The Heart Attack Grill?

Or is it simply an opportunity to gratuitously post pictures of the hawt H.A.G. waitresses (Look! An antonym-acronym!)  serving up the goods?


Of course, those are not the only reasons.

Ever since that meal in that fine, MAndrosphere-appropriate themed restaurant several months ago, the idea for this blog post has been resting in the back of my mind, waiting for the right inspiration to bring it forth.

Sadly, the impetus for that one was the recent news I received of an acquaintance who passed away of a heart attack at the age of 31. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?

This person I met several times (a friend of a friend) was a victim. A victim of lies, propaganda and misinformation, that resulted in literally eating to death. As Author Michael Crichton once lamented, "We believe what were told. My father suffered a life filled with margarine, before he died of a heart attack anyway."

Go ask Googliath about the Heart Attack Grill. Big Brother G will show you a list of links reporting on instances where obese, malnourished Wal-Martians died of heart attacks while eating there. Which is it? Correlation? Causation? Take your pick.

Fact is, a very sick, obese person with clogged arteries and struggling with hypertension and diabetes is susceptible to suffering a heart attack within an hour or two of overeating a heavy meal.

Of course, the mainstream media reporting on the Heart Attack Grill stories, all take the slant that the meal itself killed 'em right on the spot! It really IS a HEART ATTACK causing restaurant!

Correlation or Causation?


Ok, the joke is getting old. All apologies. When I first said it while we were waiting to be seated at the H.A.G., it made my entire group laugh uproariously. Such moments of social triumph are too good to let go so easily....

What I tried to explain to them all after we were seated was that I believed if the H.A.G. made some slight modifications to their menu, such as gluten-free hamburger buns made with butter or some other healthy source of fat, used 100% grass-fed/free range beef for their burgers, and got the lard for their fries from free range pigs, it would actually be a Paleo-styled Health food restaurant!

Of course, this didn't really register with them. They had a hard time comprehending my previous announcement that lard fries are actually good for you. At that point, I think I triggered the cognitive dissonance effect in their minds, interrupting their regularly scheduled programming, causing a processor shut down. Ah well. The meal was still enjoyed by all. They just all thought they were eating really unhealthy, while I was relishing every last gloriously greasy, healthy bite!

Anyways, back to the oh so serious topic at hand.

The entire raison d'etre of the H.A.G. is to flaunt the dietary health and nutrition recommendations of the establishment. It's the literal manifestation of some of the more intense Western allopathic medicine detractors: Go to the Doctor's, listen to their recommendations, than go home and do the exact opposite.

That's not to far off from the truth.


So what's supposedly so bad about the Heart Attack Grill? All the cholesterol and saturated fats can lead to heart disease, right? Lets see what the establishment's foremost authority on heart health, the American Heart Association has to say about fats and how they relate to your heart health:

The "bad” fats are saturated and trans fats.

Saturated:  Saturated fats occur naturally in many foods.  The majority we eat come mainly from animal sources, meat and dairy (milk fat) such as fatty beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, beef fat (tallow), lard and cream, butter, cheese, and other dairy products made from whole or reduced-fat (2%) milk.  These foods also contain cholesterol.  Many baked goods and fried foods can also contain high levels of saturated fats. Some plant foods, such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil, also contain primarily saturated fats, but do not contain cholesterol.

TransTrans fats are found in many foods.  About 20–25 percent come from animal fat and 75–80 percent come from partially hydrogenated fat – especially in commercial baked goods (pastries, biscuits, muffins, cakes, pie crusts, doughnuts and cookies) and fried foods (French fries, fried chicken, breaded chicken nuggets and breaded fish), snack foods (popcorn, crackers), and other foods made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, traditional vegetable shortening or stick margarine.  (Soft margarines typically contain very low levels of trans fats.)

Saturated Fats and Trans Fats...the BAD fats. So should we eliminate both from our diets to ensure heart health?

Very small amounts of trans fats occur naturally in some meat and dairy products, so eliminating trans fats to zero is impractical.

Yes, impractical....and unprofitable for Big Ag Feed Products! See, the Big Ag Sheeple Feed Industry (aka Processed Food Industry), needs to have trans fats because they extend shelf life of their products, allowing them to be made in a central processing facility, packaged, shipped and stored all across the globe, with minimal spoilage and loss of unit sales.

So what's to be done? Oh, here we go, since a very small amount of Trans Fats occurs naturally, than we'll allow small amounts of it in the feed supply - whether it's natural or not. After all, Trans fats are trans fats, right? Not so fast.

Most of the trans fats we eat -- by far -- come from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, produced from liquid oils by industrial processing to create a firmer fat. Others occur naturally in milk products, formed in the rumen (or first stomach) of ruminant animals such as cows, goats, sheep and yaks when they're fed a grass-rich diet.

Several studies of large populations have looked at the link between trans fatty acid intake and risk of developing atherosclerosis, and all have shown that the risk goes up only with the intake of "industrial" trans fatty acids, not the natural ones.

Aha! But since natural trans fats occur in some meat and dairy products, the AHA considers it "impractical" to eliminate Trans fats entirely. Why not just ban artificial trans fats completely? That would lead to too much good health.

Follow the money.

The following 0 grams trans fat products are listed by percentage of saturated fat, from lowest to highest.  Choose the product with lowest saturated fat that works for your menu item.  The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fat to less than 7 percent and trans fat to less than 1 percent of total daily calories.

Note the names of the producers of the approved products that are considered "Heart Healthy."

Unilever Food Solutions, ConAgra, Mid-Atlantic Vegetable Company, Ventura Foods, ADM. All produce variations of butter substitutes, recommended by the AHA as "heart healthy, because they're low in saturated fat.

Thanks AHA. Glad you're looking out for the health of all those people who's bottom line depends on selling these poisons to we the sheeple. GFY, I'll stick to my highly saturated fat-rich butter and coconut oil.

Oh, but wait....those are the recommendations for restaurants. What about the average consumer? Why, the AHA gives us a recommended shopping list! Go read it! Look at all those heart healthy whole grains, lean meat products and butter and dairy substitute products! Why, this list contains all the right foods to make sure you adhere to the USDA food pyramid recommendations!

The answer is quite clear. The AHA is nothing more than the snake Big Ag oil and Processed Food Industry marketing department, and steady supplier of heart disease case work for the cardiology industry. Those AHA web pages show the connection between Big Ag food corporations and the establishment health care industry. They are just two arms of the same beast.

The medical and nutritional establishments, agribusinesses and industrial food processors, mainstream media and the Government - all have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in the current nutritional disaster and state of obesity and ill health. They are all part and parcel to the system of Concentrated Sheeple Feedlot Management. And the last thing THEY want, is for any of us to escape the feedlot.

As J. Stanton over at concluded a while ago:

Simply by eating a paleo diet, we have made ourselves enemies of the establishment, and will be treated henceforth as dangerous radicals.

This is not a conspiracy theory. By eschewing commodity crops and advocating the consumption of grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, and local produce, we are making several very, very powerful enemies.

The medical and nutritional establishments hate paleo, because we’re exposing the fact that they’ve been wrong for decades and have killed millions of people with their bad advice.

The agribusinesses and industrial food processors hate paleo, because we’re hurting their business by not buying their highly profitable grain- and soy-based products.

The mainstream media hates paleo, because they profit handsomely from advertising those grain- and soy-based products.

The government hates paleo, because they’re the enforcement arm of big agribusinesses, industrial food processors, and mainstream media—and because their subsidy programs create mountains of surplus grain that must be consumed somehow.

Is anyone surprised that a government which spends billions of dollars subsidizing the production of corn, soy, and wheat, would issue nutritional recommendations emphasizing the consumption of corn, soy, and wheat?

So remember sheeple, when you go shopping for your feed, look for the Heart Check Marker on your processed feed packaging! The processed food manufacturers pay donate good money to the AHA for their stamp of approval on their feed products!

And for Heaven's sake, don't eat at a place like the Heart Attack Grill, they use LARD... stick to an establishment that uses a Big Ag produced, AHA approved soybean or canola oil for frying, since those oils have 0 grams trans fat per serving! 

Seriously. Your choice of fats is the most important decision you can make when it comes to your food choices. Your heart health depends on it.