Wednesday, September 17, 2014

...And $ocial Justice For All

Justice is lost...justice is raped...justice is DONE

Survey after survey shows that the median age of TV watchers is north of 40. For off-air viewers it is close to 50, cable TV is a bit lower, something like 43 or so. Millenials often don't even own a TV, they view video on their computer or on a flatscreen display driven by a computer. This fragments the market for infotainment something fierce. - A Paradigm is More Than 20 Cents

While it's good to see the influence of the Tell-A-Vision as the primary programming tool of the elites is losing some of it's efficacy on the younger generations, it simply means the ideological battleground has shifted into new terrain. The new battlegrounds are twitter, instagram, facebook...aka the social media frontiers of teh Interwebz. From the view of the so-called "Social Justice Warriors" aka progressive change agents and useful idiots for the cultural Marxist Borg, what better place to wage a war of social justice then in the social media?

These Social Justice Warriors, aka SJW's, as Roosh points out, have become one of the most lucrative markets for corporations to make money off of exploiting their progressive brainwashing:

Haven’t you noticed what’s happening in the media and on the internet? Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system. Sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Policy Mic, Medium, Huffington Post, and Gawker are raking in money hand over fist providing content which either acts as soothing soma for your modern progessive or emotional outrage at something that conflicts with their worldview. Providing content targeted at liberals, social justice warriors, and white knights who believe in mythical fantasies is now a huge profit-generating industry.

Of course it's all tied in. It's not like the editors and publishers of all this $ocial Justice content need to micro-manage the journalists, bloggers, reporters, interviewers and writers to make sure they all adhere to the progressive party line. The University system has already taken care of indoctrinating several generations of students, and we have now reached a critical mass of brainwashed progressives in enough positions of media influence to ensure that the $ocial Justice narrative is our society's primary paradigm. With so many sheeple now in with the program, it's time for the managers of our proverbial feedlot of a society to cash in.

The site Buzzfeed is the physical manifestation of progressivism transmutated into gigantic piles of cash. So is xoJane, Jezebel, any woman’s site, and even sites that were formerly the domain of men, like Cracked, Forbes, and College Humor. More sites are veering left simply because that’s where the cash is. It’s not hard to see why: the modern West has become more liberal than at any other time in history while bored citizens are wired with tablets, smartphones, and computers that need a replenishing flow of content that can be laced with advertising to enrich the media owners. Even better for those owners is the fact that we still haven’t hit a peak at much content can be consumed by your typical consumer zombie, because I’m sure you’ve noticed how all those blogs are huge even though they write about identical topics.

Maybe progressivism in the past really was about social change and equality, but the owners of these sites don’t care about anything that doesn’t give them money.

But just because $ocial Media is the new front of the profitable culture war, that doesn't mean the passive viewership of regularly scheduled programming on the tell-a-vision has lost all of it's usefulness to our Brave New World Order's social engineers. THEY continue to work ceaselessly around the clock to manufacture consensus and control the narrative of globalized conventional wisdom.

Out in these fringes of teh Interwebz, most recognize that Tell-A-Vision programming has basically become one big commercial broadcast to market to the consumer-driven vagina. Professional Sports represents the last bastion of male virtue. It is the last space in which athletic competition as proxy for war that appeals to the intrinsic males aggression and drive for victory through violence, is still recognized and celebrated to some degree.
It allows men to vicariously experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat from the comforts of home. Of course, I am one of those who has previously excoriated young men to find real, meaningful ways of satiating the male desire to engage in positive outlets for aggression and violence, instead of solely experiencing it as a passive spectator parked on the couch in front of the boob-tube.

But I make no blanket condemnations of sports fans en mass, after all, I am one myself. As a long time NFL football fan and former MMA enthusiast (more on this later,) I certainly appreciate the entertainment value of viewing the most compelling spectacles of the 21st century bread-and-circuses offerings, despite long realizing the role the NFL has played in programming we the sheeple in all sorts of ways and means, both overt and covert.

For example, as a former MMPCP addict -- a Limbaugh-listening, Dubya-voting, FAUXNews-viewing Repbli-neo-con -- who proudly registered to vote for my enslavement as soon as I turned 18, I still remember getting patriotic-feely goosebumps as Whitney Houston's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner hit it's climactic, firework-punctuated conclusion at the Tampa Bay stadium before the Superbowl in 1991.
"...and the land of the F R E E E E E E E..."

USA Inc. had just invaded Iraq, and by God, I, like most other Gen X mass media consumers, was bound and determined to fix the societal mistakes of the Vietnam War era we had all seen depicted in countless movies and tell-a-vision programs - we were gonna SUPPORT THE TROOPS regardless of the righteousness or morality of any particular war.

The NFL's regularly scheduled programming has long been concerned with promoting the military-industrial-complex and statist obeisance for the feedlot inhabitants citizenry. But ever since our induction into the globalized Brave New World Order on the day we will never forget, the NFL has also played an integral role in the gradual implementation of the authoritarian police state.

"The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seeks to enslave us."

Support for the military and patriotic statism is certainly the NFL's longest running, overt programming that we the long time viewers and consumers have been subjected to. But it seems like the politically-correct agenda of the $ocial Justice Whores has really taken increased precedence in the last five years or so. Every single topic being promulgated in our modern age by the $JW's useful idiots and change agents has taken front and center, as the daily topics du jour in the National Sports media.

Most obvious has been the complete surrender of the teams uniform integrity during the month of October towards the cause of radiating women's breasts to support one of the most profitable niche markets of the medical-healthcare-insurance industrial complex. Perhaps it's success in promoting the mammography industry has emboldened the social engineers in charge of NFL programming to kick it up a few notches.

As the mass media programming agenda continues to escalate it's descent down the gradualist slippery slope of hope and change, we are now inundated with every politically correct topic, meme and shibboleth that furthers the Brave New World Order's agenda for population control.

In light of the dramatic Ray Rice vs. Janay TKO video footage, Adrian Peterson's Southern-style discipline for his unruly son being equated to child abuse, and the arrests of several other high profile players for "domestic violence" issues, the mandate for more change is here, and $JW's premiere stooge and puppet, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not letting the opportunity of  the current crisis go to waste.

No sirree...Goodell in a letter sent to all 32 franchises, our $JW Commissioner announces that he is now appointing four $JW feminazi's to some newly created positions in the NFL Administration to " the league is taking domestic violence and sexual assault matters seriously..."

Anna Isaacson, the NFL's vice president of community affairs and philanthropy, will now be in an expanded role as vice president of social responsibility. 

An NFL Vice President of "Social Responsibility?"

 The letter continues:

The league also has retained as senior advisors Lisa Friel, the former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney's Office; NO MORE co-founder Jane Randel; and Rita Smith, the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

I think I see ultimately what this is all about now..

Friel, Randel and Smith will work closely with me, Anna Isaacson, Deana Garner, and others in our organization on the development and implementation of the league's policies, resources and outreach on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Friel's emphasis will be on the evaluation process of incidents of alleged domestic violence and sexual assault. She will advise me and our staff on disciplinary matters involving violations of law or of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Initially, Randel and Smith will focus on:
  1. Overseeing the development and implementation of the NFL's domestic violence/sexual assault (DV/SA) workplace policy;
  2. Building on existing training curricula and education programs for all personnel, including players and non-players;
  3. Disseminating and executing completed training programs for all 32 teams, including executives, coaches, players and staff;
  4. Identifying and managing DV/SA resources to enhance current services such as NFL Life Line and the NFL's Employee Assistance Programs for league and club employees and their families;
  5. Identifying and disseminating information to employees and families regarding resources outside of the NFL and clubs, including local advocacy and support organizations in each NFL community.
Other leading experts, including Kim Gandy, president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence; former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey; Esta Soler, founder of Futures Without Violence; and Kim Wells of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, are working with us to provide guidance on DV/SA education and policy, conduct our policy review, and identify state and local organizations throughout the country that can serve as resources for your clubs and your personnel.

Ahh, it looks like we now see the real agenda here: lucrative NFL make-work careers created for all the Liberal Arts and Women's Studies $JW Degree graduates from the nation's institutions of higher learning $JW indoctrination mills!

It's now just a matter of time before all NFL players and everyone else employed by the league, are soon going to be forced to attend workshops and conferences where they will be subjected to power point presentations, skits, videos and tearful testimonials of Women's Studies graduates and interns, all as a part of this new program for "sensitivity training" and "social responsibility."

I'm sure this will undoubtedly improve the quality of the game.


While it garners most of the national sports media attention, the NFL competition itself is still compelling enough for me to endure the $JW programming and still tune in to the games. While I used to watch all the pre and post game shows for analysis and replays on ESPN and the NFL Network, I no longer watch any of it. I DVR games, then begin watching them later so I can fast forward all the commercials, interviews, "special interest features" and heart-rending interviews by faux-sympathetic female journalists asking players how they F E E E E L about something.

I just can't take that crap anymore.

But I still watch the Games, and the highlights of the other games I missed, because I still find the sport itself to be compelling entertainment worth enduring the whatever $JW commercialism I can't avoid.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Fighting Championships complete embrace of the $JW-Feminazi narrative has almost completely killed my enjoyment and passion for watching mixed martial arts. I have been watching the UFC since UFC 1. I was an avid fan of PRIDE fighting championships, and have closely followed the re-emergence of the UFC into mainstream acceptance in the early 00's, and on towards their eventual growth into the globally embraced phenomena it is today.

As the UFC soared in popularity, smaller organizations also were able to cash in nominally on the rise in mixed martial arts popularity, and a few organizations also embraced women fighting MMA as well. The MMA press began to ask the UFC if they would ever have a women's division like the smaller, rival shows were putting on.

 In 2011, UFC President Dana White vowed: "Women will never fight in the UFC." 


In 2014: "The best decision I ever made was to bring Women in."
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:
The best decision I ever made was to bring women in.” - See more at:

In an interview regarding the 20th season of the UFC's reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, with it's first time ever, all-female fighter cast, Dana expresses his his new found enthusiasm for women fighting in the Octagon: "I’m so sold on women fighting. Years ago, this whole thing started, and look at how much it’s evolved. I look at somebody like Ronda Rousey, and she is so empowering to women and to little girls."
I’m so sold on women fighting. Years ago, this whole thing started, and look at how much it’s evolved. I look at somebody like Ronda Rousey, and she is so empowering to women and to little girls. - See more at:


There's an $JW buzz word. It also gives us a clue as to why Dana White changed his mind. Perhaps like the NFL, the UFC has also been $ocially Justiced into compliance. Or maybe he just figured out the same point Roosh did: "Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system."