Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mass Media PCP

MMPCP: Mass Media Population Control Programming is the primary Social Engineering medication to create a collective mainstream consciousness called "Conventional Wisdom" or "Mainstream Thought." Once a person is on a daily dosage of it, their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors can be influenced and subtly controlled.

It's active ingredients are both overt and covert, and alter both the conscious and sub-conscious brain functions. It is mulit-faceted and acts as a stimulant, a depressant, psychoactive and hallucinogenic. It is highly addictive. It comes in a wide-variety of dosages, and methods of ingestion, but it usually comes in two generalized formulas, each using slight variations of the active ingredients to achieve the desired level of medicated behavior: Rightwing and Leftwing.

Back when I was a chronic user, I used to think I was well informed, intelligent and sophisticated. Educated. That I understood politics perfectly. That I was a well-informed voter who understood all the issues, and JUST KNEW who to support and advocate for; and who to oppose and revile.

I KNEW my stance on moral issues were based on clearly understood principles.

My drug of choice was Rightwing MMPCP.

FoxNews. Limbaugh-Hannity-O'Reilly-Beck-Prager-Savage-Hewitt-Medved-Schlessinger. WSJ. NRO. Drudge. WND.

The variety of flavors were endless, but the overall effects and side-effects were essentially the same:

  • I loved my country.
  • I was a proud PATRIOT.
  • I was gung ho for the Iraq war - both in the 90's and in the 00's.
  • I had a yellow ribbon sticker on my truck. I supported the troops.
  • I wanted Bill Clinton impeached...not for the moral depravity of adulterous conduct with a young White House intern, but for his dishonesty under oath. He was BREAKING THE RULE OF LAW.
  • I thought the country dodged a serious bullet when the Supreme Court upheld the Florida State Supreme Court's decision to stop the recount.
  • I believed the PATRIOT ACT was a good and necessary measure to combat those who HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM.
  • I supported sending the troops halfway around the world to blow up unsophisticated, uncivilized and barbaric villagers in the hinterlands to PROTECT THE HOMELAND.
  • I believed that Corporatism, Commercialism, Big Business, the Stock Market, Centralized Banking and Lobbying the Government were all integral parts of FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.
  • I believed that the ideal Husband and Father was a nice man who was thoughtful, careful, emotionally available, and not afraid to communicate his feelings, and always strived to keep his testosterone driven impulses and behaviors in check. I would NOT be one of those stereotypical male chauvinists who was controlling and abusive of poor, helpless and oppressed women.
  • I used to defer to and seek guidance from the emotionally and morally superior, more mature state of FEMININE INTUITION from all females in my life with regards to relationships.
  • I held it as an article of faith that A PLANT BASED DIET was optimal for health and nutrition and that anytime you ate red meat and/or animal fats, you were increasing the risks of getting cancer and heart disease.

That's just a small sampling of the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that I used to hold steadfastly and dogmatically offhand recollection of just some of the strange trips I had on this potent and addictive substance.

An MMCP addict fails to realize how pervasive an influence this substance has on his or her thought patterns, beliefs and behavior.

MMPCP is a helluva drug.

I used to log onto online forums in the early days of teh interwebz and get into extensive and intensive political debates with my 'opposition' - who were, of course, the daily consumers of the Leftwing Mass Media PCP. This was one of the most powerful reinforcements in rationalizing my own addiction to MMPCP.

Indeed, like an alcoholic who drinks a case of beer a day, pointing the finger at the skid row bum drinking a fifth of rot gut whenever he can scrounge enough change to buy one and saying "I'm not an THAT'S an alcoholic!"

The more I argued and debated, the more I became dependent and addicted to the habitual consumption of Rightwing MMPCP.

But it wasn't just politics. My attitudes towards humanity, gender, nutrition, and interpersonal relationships...all influenced by all that MMPCP I was using.

The only way I was able to clear my head and quit distorting my thought processes from this pervasive and addictive drug, was to quit cold turkey. I stopped reading "News"  - in newspapers, magazines and on teh interwebz.

I stopped watching TellAVision PROGRAMMING.

I stopped listening to Clear Channel Syndicated AM Radio Broadcasts - HAWAII'S HOME FOR INTERESTING TALK AND THOUGHTFUL DEBATE.

It took a long, long time for all the effects and side effects to wear off...but eventually they did, and I began to see things clearly for the first time.

But I couldn't beat this insidious addiction alone. I had to take a different type of medication to aid in the withdrawals I got from the MMPCP.

I could only quit the Mass Media PCP addiction , because I had begun taking the Red Pill found on teh interwebz.

I am of the opinion that the folks who are responsible for getting as many Sheeple addicted and perpetually medicated on MMPCP as possible, don't like the way teh interwebz have been the primary conduit for disseminating the antidote to their mind controlling substance.

Soon as it becomes feasible, this medium of informational exchange...this forum free-for-all we know of as the WWW, will be contained, controlled and in many sectors, shut down.

From the producers, suppliers and dealers of MMPCP, too many folks are getting clean. Don't you know? People off their meds and under withdrawal are dangerous, erratic and unpredictable!



Joshua D said...

Sounded like I was reading my life story. Vox Day really turned my thinking completely around. From politics, to religion to economics. The last 5 years have been a trip. That is where I found you and have been reading for months now. Keep up the good work.

7man said...

I thought similar. And now after getting clean I sometimes again watch the MMPCP and see just as much propaganda in the rightwing as in the leftwing.

It seems that the only people that REALLY know what is going on do NOT watch TV.

FFY said...

I can definitely relate. I mean hell, I was a Poli Sci major. I lived and breathed the Right Wing MMPCP.

Every day I was on NRO, RCP, Drudge, etc getting my "updates". Same shit, every day.

Found the manosphere, and shortly thereafter found that I didn't give a shit about "politics" anymore.

Most politics is about some of the dumbest, inconsequential stuff. Nobody is talking about the stuff that really matters, which is good for those in power, because it keeps us divided and occupied.

Anonymous said...

Keoni, thought you'd be interested in this.

FDA adds warnings about memory loss and blood sugar to widely used class of cholesterol drugs

Labeling on all such drugs will warn of memory loss and confusion reported among certain patients taking statins. The problems were generally not serious and went away after patients stopped taking the drugs, according to the FDA.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with wanting Clinton impeached, he got far less than what he deserved. Bush should have been impeached too, both of them.

J. Stanton said...

It's impossible to "think outside the box" when your information comes from inside the box - having previously been vetted by several multinational corporations and the government agencies they control.

One of the most pernicious characteristics of television is that its relentless pace, total sensory stimulation, and lack of interaction disables rational analysis of its content. If we ever stop to think "Hey, wait, is that actually true?" we'll miss the breathless dialogue and flashing lights of the Next! Exciting! Important! Thing!

...and so its programming goes straight into our minds, bypassing critical thought.


Bronan the Barbarian! said...

I used to engage in hour-long morning discussions with coworkers based on reading Drudge Report. Now, I couldn't give a shit less. Just like one of my favorite bands (Strike Anywhere) says: new faces, same system.

Tominchicago said...

Great post! I'm a recovering 'GOP conservative', working on clearing my head. I see four competing forces. Constitution vs Corporatists vs Collectivists vs Caliphate. The Constitution (individualism) is down for the count. Corporatists and Collectivists battling it out. The Caliphate rising. Is individualism doomed?