Wednesday, August 19, 2009

21st Century Newspeak: Volume II


Newspeak: An irrational, bigoted fear of a group of people that simply wish to be accepted by the mainstream of society in order to have a family, get married and have children.

Realspeak: Any criticism, however small, with the gay lifestyle or the radical agenda of its most extreme advocates will not be tolerated.


Newspeak: A selfless person that celebrates community service and sacrifice over personal ambition and greed.

Realspeak: 1. A person that uses resentments, anger, and white guilt to shakedown whitey, grab attention for themselves, and climb the leftist agitator ladder on the way to bigger and better things. 2. A 'community organizer' is not someone that works to get people off welfare. It is someone that works to get people ON welfare. - Second definition submitted by Default User


Newspeak: Research has shown that people who eat a diet free of animal products, high in plant foods, and low in fat have a much lower risk of developing cancer.

Realspeak: The conglomerate of big business and big government have colluded into deliberately mislead the populace with a ubiquitous propaganda campaign into believing that the multitude of food products they manufacture, package, market and produce are healthy dietary choices, and that meat and dairy food are bad for the human to eat.


Newspeak: A system of oppressive hegemony created by men to benefit men by subjugating women into serving only their needs, so that women can never realize their full potential as individuals.

Realspeak: The very foundation of Western Civilization.


Newspeak: Providing the tools of education and learning experience to help an oppressed minority succeed in an inherently unfair, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic society.

Realspeak: Using the force of government to indoctrinate minorities into believing that they cannot succeed unless the power oo the government is used to oppress the majority so that the minority can than have an "even playing field" to succeed.


Newspeak: The process by which a female can discover her soulmate by socially interacting with a man who can demonstrate his thoughtfulness, caring, humility, and ability to provide for her every need.

Realspeak: A deliberately socially engineered idea to encourage female serial polygamy, so that the ultimate characteristic upon which she should base her decision on who to mate with should be determined by how he makes her feel.


Newspeak: Any assortment of individuals who may or may not be related by genetics, who decide to form a loving bond and share the same household.

Realspeak: The social and culture acceptance and legitimization of homosexuality and illegitimacy to destroy the foundation of Western Civilization; the Patriarchal Nuclear Family.


Newspeak: In an effort to take the acrimony out of an already painful process of a divorce, the matters that contribute to the divorce are no longer relevant, so as to avoid wasting valuable court time on determining who is wrong, but rather what is the most equitable solution regardless of fault as the most important means of determining how to divide up the marital assets and award child custody.



Newspeak: When a person in a household abuses another household member physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Realspeak: When a man does anything a woman or child in the house does not like, the man has committed violence and needs to be removed by governmental authorities and imprisoned and fined for his violation as soon as possible.

** These Entries submitted by ganttsquarry

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21st Century Newspeak

Orwell foretold of our modern day mass media culture of thought control ala political correctness. What he called "newspeak" is not just some fictional construct, but a very real, socially engineered vocabulary of code words designed to illicit visceral, emotion based reactions designed to trigger certain behaviors when the successfully indoctrinated individual hears or sees the word in use.

Once you take the red pill and see our Brave New World Order Matrix for what it truly is, and you gain a full understanding of just far reaching into our collective cultural psyche they've implanted the mnemonic triggers via mass media's power of suggestion via repetition and institutionalized brainwashing of our educational systems, you begin to recognize them all over the place. They literally saturate our culture. In our books, magazines, newspapers, billboards, tv shows, movies, commercials and radio airwaves. BNWO Newspeak is the language of our 21st century culture.

In Orwell's prescient classic, he took great pains to emphasize the mnemonic slogans that permeated his fictional dystopia:


Is this not the prevailing paradigm of our times?!?!?!

Anyhow, I've decided to try and start a Glossary of Terms for our BraveNewWorldOrder.

Please feel free to suggest any additions you can think of.


Newspeak: Reducing or eliminating the impact of human economic activity on the environment.

Realspeak: Humanity is a scourge on the face of the Pagan Goddess of All Things Beautiful, Gaia. The human rodents must be de-populated and controlled so that the Goddess may exist in a pristine state. Better for humanity to die or live in soul-killing poverty than to exploit Gaia's Beauty.


Newspeak: All cultures that are of minority status living amongst an otherwise largely heterogeneous society have a perspective and contribution they bring to the culture that should be valued for it's unique differences from the norms of the majorities cultural hegemony.

Realspeak: White, Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture that is largely responsible for the development of what we now refer to as "Western Civilization" must be destroyed. To do this, minority cultures must be imported, and their cultural differences emphasized as significant, while urging them to retain their cultural identities and to resist assimilation into the host culture, so that the host culture is diluted eventually to the point where it is no longer valued at that it's destruction is no longer resisted by what was once the majority. It's easier for the one world government to manipulate and control a divided populace consumed with internecine struggles rather than a nation bound together by a common culture.


Newspeak: The state of perfect human cultural evolution, where everyone regardless of their race, gender, creed, religion or sexual orientation are treated as fairly as anyone else in the eyes of the law.

Realspeak: Women, female children, minority ethnicities, gays, lesbians and transgendered will receive favorable and preferential treatment over White Males.


Newspeak: The unreasonable and illogical prejudice and hatred of the female gender by people who haven't evolved into an enlightened state of higher consciousness.

Realspeak: Any attempt to criticize, marginalize, counter or supress female supremacy or superiority in relation to laws, culture and personal relationships between the male and female genders is a hate crime that must be penalized by cultural stigmatization and if the violation is egregious enough, financial and judicial punishment.


Newspeak: This word does not exist. Immediately report it's unlawful usage to the Ministry of Truth.


Newspeak: A woman should not be forced to bear unwanted children that may result from her sexual activity.

Realspeak: Woman have the right to practice infanticide and kill the baby that is growing within her womb. In this way, she can engage in promiscuous sex without worrying about the consequences of her behavior.


Newspeak: When an economy experiences a recessionary phase in the business cycle, only the Government can correct it by reallocating tax revenues to certain sectors of the economy to stimulate economic activity.

Realspeak: By raising taxes on the private sector, the government can than take advantage of economic conditions created and controlled by the Central Banking Cartel that uses fiat currency and fractional reserve banking operations to manipulate the boom-and-bust cycle, thereby giving the politicians in power an excuse to take money from the tax paying citizenry and give it to the cronies, corporations, non-profit organizations and collective bargaining unions that bankrolled and supported their election campaigns that got them into power.


Newspeak: The highest ideal of enlightened governmental philosophy. Everyone participates in creating and shaping the government policies to benefit society as a whole. By involving everyone, the citizenry will all be personally invested in making society the best it can be.

Realspeak: A pipe dream used to sell the people into believing they are free, but in reality is the method of manipulating them into accepting their enslavement under the tyranny of the majority...a majority that is bought, sold and controlled by the elite power brokers of society.


Newspeak: The idea that much of the world's population has been oppressed and exploited by the wealthy White Males hegemony through colonialism, and greedy capitalism. Action must be taken to redress these grievances and restore a balance of power and wealth to the disenfranchised populace.

Realspeak: The key word in employing class warfare rhetoric to induce the ignorant masses and useful idiots that they should surrender their individual rights and sovereignty, to advance collectivist communitarian government legislative goals.

To be continued...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our BNWO Socially Engineered Gender Roles

One of the reasons why I haven't been posting as frequently as of late has been my increased participation in the comments section of Roissy's blog. It's not that I prefer commenting over there versus writing's just that at Roissy's blog, I find it much easier to just read his initial posts, than the wide variety of input from the commenters, and to take it from there and shoot from the hip, so to speak.

My posting over there requires no extensive foresight, no careful editing/proof reading...I can just jump right in with my viewpoint and perspective I've formed after years of reading and researching the topics of MRA, MGTOW, PUA and such. And it doesn't take me much time to write even some of my longer entries there than it does for me to actually come up with a new post here.

Nevertheless, I came across a wide variety of interesting bloggers and writers from my time over at Roissy's...and a lot of them have some very good things to add to the accumulated knowledge of what I now mentally refer to as: Studies of the Brave New World Order's Socially Engineered Gender Roles.

That's the term I've come up with to describe the total scope of the issues discussed in the MRA/FRA/MGTOW/PUA blogosphere. Because what it all comes down to it, every one of these "genres" of what is basically anti-feminist blogs and websites, all have to do with the socially engineered gender roles of modern day society.

While the MRA/MGTOW/FRA spend most of their time focused on the gender roles with regards to feminism and the injustices against men that they have worked to have codified and upheld by the Governments of the West, and the effects it has had on society as a whole, it is the PUA side that has sought to address the engineered gender roles on the more personal level of the genders as they relate to each other.

While I have tried to share my insights I have gleaned from studying the nature of human beings natural gender roles: the alpha/beta/omega classification and the intrinsic female mating principle of hypergamy and how it relates to much of the modern dysfunction casued by the BraveNewWorldOrder's Socially Engineered Gender Roles (henceforth referred to as BNWOSEGR), I've encountered more than a few MGTOW's that simply refuse to accept there is any validity to any of this. More than a few have derided me, insulted me, and predicted that my wife will eventually leave me and rape me in divorce court...that the whole PUA or "Game" thing is just me fooling myself.

Perhaps they may prove right in the end. Perhaps not.

But the real point is that their really exists a large population of men out there full of anger. Righteous anger.

Western Civilization was built upon the cultural phenomenon of monogamy...the institution of regulating female sexual behavior to invest males into society. What the BNWOSEGR have done is divest beta males from any meaningful role in society EXCEPT as SLAVES to be harnessed into servitude to women, while encouraging women to throw off any restraints on their own sexual behavior so they can than chase after alpha males with abandon, while the Beta males are subjugated to work themselves to death in debt slavery to finance such pursuits.

As another blogger who comments at Roissy's, Ferdinand Bardamu, pointed out:

* We must mount an intellectual defense of the beta male. This includes illustrating the nature of the beta male’s role in creating, developing and maintaining civilization and the necessity of having them invested in society. Whiskey in particular has done admirable work in this department.

* We must provide a means by which beta males can sate their sexual lusts. Advocating game is the most obvious means to accomplish this, and the one I chiefly endorse, but I am open to other considerations. Some sectors of the MGTOW community have suggested expatriating to other countries with more amenable womenfolk, for instance.

* Outsiders regard our views as misogynistic – therefore, we must make the case as to how our proposals will benefit women as well as men. For example, liberated single women are disproportionately employed in professions that are dependent on a stable government and law and order. Should the government collapse, those women will be starving in the streets.

* Most importantly, we must work towards social, political, and economic changes that will destroy the existing sexual dystopia and secure a place for the provider betas in Western society.

The sole alternative to this is already occurring – the slow, painful collapse of the greatest and most humane civilization in mankind’s history. The devastation of Rust Belt cities such as Detroit is the result of the provider beta class disconnecting from society. This is the future of the West if we continue down our current path – infrastructural collapse, technological stagnation, and the breakdown of governments on every level. The black ghettos of the U.S. are the most stark examples of this coming hell. We’re reliving the fall of Rome.

Restoring the role of the provider beta in society is the only way to prevent this disaster, and anyone who opposes liberation for beta males is an enemy of Western civilization.

I agree wholeheartedly.

We must liberate beta males from the slavery of the current divorce court/child support/alimony industrial complex.

We must liberate beta males from the tyranny of female supported collectivist-based progressive tax schemes...which in reality amounts to male tax payers having their money taken away by government force, and having it redistributed as "welfare" for single mothers, so that they can enjoy their lifestyle of promiscuous sex with bad boy alpha's and have the beta male tax payers fund the costs of rearing their bastard progeny....and all of the other tax money that is thrown at all of the social pathologies that have arisen from the single mother households that were created when the male was supplanted as the Patriarchal head of the house by the feminist-driven government.

Viva la Beta Revolucion!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

H.R. 3200 (Obamacare) - Front for a National ID Card

There's an email going around about H.R. 3200...ObamaCare, and how the President and his Democrat lackey's are trying to push reform to remake the entire health care industry into a government-run, socialized medical system.

But if one reads the bill a little more can see that it is in fact just a front to implement one of the primary goals of the Brave New World Order's have private info of every citizen and a mandatory National ID so that all people can be tracked and traced by the central authority at all times.

which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card;

Gee...I wonder just what kind of applications can be used for such a scannable card, and what kind of info could be accessed by scanning that card? How could it be used?