Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our BNWO Socially Engineered Gender Roles

One of the reasons why I haven't been posting as frequently as of late has been my increased participation in the comments section of Roissy's blog. It's not that I prefer commenting over there versus writing's just that at Roissy's blog, I find it much easier to just read his initial posts, than the wide variety of input from the commenters, and to take it from there and shoot from the hip, so to speak.

My posting over there requires no extensive foresight, no careful editing/proof reading...I can just jump right in with my viewpoint and perspective I've formed after years of reading and researching the topics of MRA, MGTOW, PUA and such. And it doesn't take me much time to write even some of my longer entries there than it does for me to actually come up with a new post here.

Nevertheless, I came across a wide variety of interesting bloggers and writers from my time over at Roissy's...and a lot of them have some very good things to add to the accumulated knowledge of what I now mentally refer to as: Studies of the Brave New World Order's Socially Engineered Gender Roles.

That's the term I've come up with to describe the total scope of the issues discussed in the MRA/FRA/MGTOW/PUA blogosphere. Because what it all comes down to it, every one of these "genres" of what is basically anti-feminist blogs and websites, all have to do with the socially engineered gender roles of modern day society.

While the MRA/MGTOW/FRA spend most of their time focused on the gender roles with regards to feminism and the injustices against men that they have worked to have codified and upheld by the Governments of the West, and the effects it has had on society as a whole, it is the PUA side that has sought to address the engineered gender roles on the more personal level of the genders as they relate to each other.

While I have tried to share my insights I have gleaned from studying the nature of human beings natural gender roles: the alpha/beta/omega classification and the intrinsic female mating principle of hypergamy and how it relates to much of the modern dysfunction casued by the BraveNewWorldOrder's Socially Engineered Gender Roles (henceforth referred to as BNWOSEGR), I've encountered more than a few MGTOW's that simply refuse to accept there is any validity to any of this. More than a few have derided me, insulted me, and predicted that my wife will eventually leave me and rape me in divorce court...that the whole PUA or "Game" thing is just me fooling myself.

Perhaps they may prove right in the end. Perhaps not.

But the real point is that their really exists a large population of men out there full of anger. Righteous anger.

Western Civilization was built upon the cultural phenomenon of monogamy...the institution of regulating female sexual behavior to invest males into society. What the BNWOSEGR have done is divest beta males from any meaningful role in society EXCEPT as SLAVES to be harnessed into servitude to women, while encouraging women to throw off any restraints on their own sexual behavior so they can than chase after alpha males with abandon, while the Beta males are subjugated to work themselves to death in debt slavery to finance such pursuits.

As another blogger who comments at Roissy's, Ferdinand Bardamu, pointed out:

* We must mount an intellectual defense of the beta male. This includes illustrating the nature of the beta male’s role in creating, developing and maintaining civilization and the necessity of having them invested in society. Whiskey in particular has done admirable work in this department.

* We must provide a means by which beta males can sate their sexual lusts. Advocating game is the most obvious means to accomplish this, and the one I chiefly endorse, but I am open to other considerations. Some sectors of the MGTOW community have suggested expatriating to other countries with more amenable womenfolk, for instance.

* Outsiders regard our views as misogynistic – therefore, we must make the case as to how our proposals will benefit women as well as men. For example, liberated single women are disproportionately employed in professions that are dependent on a stable government and law and order. Should the government collapse, those women will be starving in the streets.

* Most importantly, we must work towards social, political, and economic changes that will destroy the existing sexual dystopia and secure a place for the provider betas in Western society.

The sole alternative to this is already occurring – the slow, painful collapse of the greatest and most humane civilization in mankind’s history. The devastation of Rust Belt cities such as Detroit is the result of the provider beta class disconnecting from society. This is the future of the West if we continue down our current path – infrastructural collapse, technological stagnation, and the breakdown of governments on every level. The black ghettos of the U.S. are the most stark examples of this coming hell. We’re reliving the fall of Rome.

Restoring the role of the provider beta in society is the only way to prevent this disaster, and anyone who opposes liberation for beta males is an enemy of Western civilization.

I agree wholeheartedly.

We must liberate beta males from the slavery of the current divorce court/child support/alimony industrial complex.

We must liberate beta males from the tyranny of female supported collectivist-based progressive tax schemes...which in reality amounts to male tax payers having their money taken away by government force, and having it redistributed as "welfare" for single mothers, so that they can enjoy their lifestyle of promiscuous sex with bad boy alpha's and have the beta male tax payers fund the costs of rearing their bastard progeny....and all of the other tax money that is thrown at all of the social pathologies that have arisen from the single mother households that were created when the male was supplanted as the Patriarchal head of the house by the feminist-driven government.

Viva la Beta Revolucion!


Amateur Strategist said...

Indeed, maybe that's why I'm so opt to comment on others' blogs rather than write more of my own entries on my blog.

It's much easier than writing an idea out from beginning to end, that is, to go with what's already written and commented on by others. My stuff feels fairly basic.

Puma said...

I guess these things happen in cycles. Like good farming land, good bloggers need to let their blogs rest every other season or two.

Your point about the PUA's making the "male resistance" more personal is a good one. While things like the marriage-strike are an effective protest, their rate of change is glacial. Compare that to the instant gratification of negging a hot chick; I guess the difference then becomes apparent.

For many, PUA is the first step of their masculine awakening. Once the female mystique is removed, and women brought down from the pedestal, it doesn't take long for the new inductee to notice the men's rights and societal implications.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now Dave and I lament the fact that you haven't been posting more. However, what you have added to Roissy's blog has been invaluable. You serve as a shining example of why Game isn't just for 25 year old guys trying to get laid. In other words, I think its been a good trade off. As Roissy's readership grows the more people can benefit from your perspective.

I don't think that many of the exclusively MRA types "get" Game. Many are angry, in most cases for good reasons, and view anything to attract an "Ameriskank" as dubious or counter productive. Others, who aren't angry, don't understand the allure of it. Who would want such an amoral, entitled, uncouth, American woman, with the power to crush you with the long arm of the government? More religious minded folk, view it as a realm of sleazy pick up artists, that use it to manipulate women into destructive, loveless sex. A small percentage of MRAs fit the description of misogyny, as much as I hate the overuse of that term. They hate women thoroughly and understanding them isn't on their agenda. ( perhaps Chris Brown Game could rope them in)

Maybe it's a definitional thing. My view of game is pretty expansive, while many MRAs that object to it seem to view it much more narrowly.

My own view of Game is male empowerment. Game can be used in whatever way you want. For the more religious minded folks out there, think of Game as a gun. You can use it to mow down thirty people in a bus station( one night stands) or you can use it to protect yourself from a home invasion (monogomous marriage). It teaches men to understand the female and why she does what she does. How is this not beneficial? If a guy never plans on having a date or sex again, he can still benefit from game. You still have to deal with women at work, in school, and a hundred different other places. Game with its focus on evolutionary biology leads to greater understand of human nature in general, as well. With the precepts of Game you not only know THAT they do it but WHY they do it.

To me, game is more than pick up lines, negs and all the rest. It's about instilling confidence in yourself by changing your attitude and doing tangible things to improve. Game is about working out, improving your diet, dressing a little better, improving body language and posture, being more assertive and most of all embracing masculinity.
OT:You don't know it obviously, but your posts on diet and nutrition have been quite beneficial for me. For that I thank you.

Ferdinand Bardamu said...

Thanks for the link, dude.

Part of my problem with the MRA and MGTOW movements is the undercurrent of, well, "loserness" that both have. There's a sizable proportion of men in both groups that have failed with women and seek ways to rationalize that failure. I remember reading some people on an MGTOW board that were PRAISING celibacy! Their view of game - that it's some sort of voodoo-cum-scam that doesn't work - is colored by their failure in the sexual marketplace. My approach combines the good of the MRA and MGTOW ideologies with the science of game.

Monad said...

Great insight from all here, I especially like the point Ferdinand Bardamu made and have seen this throughout the MGTOW MRA community.

Some are actually are proud of their "ability" to spurn women. As if it were some kind of skill or moralistic stance, akin to making involuntary celibacy a virtue.

It is not, if you are not attractive to women, for what ever reason, there is no need to do anything to lower their interest in you.

I know I am being critical of these men, and I do empathise, however I find it irritating and sad to hear them talk about their achievements in ignoring women as if getting their own back, where in reality, women are indifferent to what they do not care about.

I know there are some men who are genuinely not interested in women anymore. I am not referring to them. It is those who hide behind their angst of how women have treated them by pretending that they are no longer interested in women anymore.

I have learned so much from places like, Roissy, and it seems that while MRA and MGTOW explain the problem, PUA/game provides a solution. It is only, that any suggestion of PUA or criticism of the status quo will be retaliated with calls of "shaming tactics" and being accused of being a Mangina within MGTOW circles.

Game is starting to gain some ground but the usual response drowns out the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

This blog has a interesting take on things:
Age of Treason

MarkyMark said...


We get 'game' just fine, thank you! We just don't care to PRACTICE it; for whatever reason, we do not care to practice it.

What really pisses me off about you guys isn't your message; it's your attitude! You all have this attitude that you have the answers; that you're better than we are because you try to have sex with disease ridden skanks, and we don't.

Do whatever you want to with your time and energy; you're an adult, so you can make those decisions for yourself. We respect your right to do something we choose not to do, so you can damn well return the favor! Now go preach to someone who wants to hear your message...


Anonymous said...

Marky Mark,
You don't have to practice game to accept its tenants. If you choose not to accept its effectiveness that's fine. I find the philosophy behind Game to be so persuasive that I assume we have a definitional problem. If that's not the case, fine, we simply disagree. You are free not to practice it. I have no problem with that.
I consider myself an MRA and read, and like your blog MM. I don't have all the answers by a long shot. I would hope that a fellow MRA would see it as a simple disagreement and not an attitude on my part. I'm not a PUA, and I'm not out hitting the clubs every night.
I find it funny that you pick my comment to attack when you are commenting on a blog, run by a man that extols the virtues of game so much; he says it saved his marriage. I notice that Dave doesn't claim to use Game to go out and pick up skanks either.
MRA and other offshoots need to have a relatively big tent MM. There arent that many of us to begin with. Telling me to go preach somewhere else is an unwise strategy. I probably agree with you 80 to 90% on the issues and struggles men face.
I won't bother to attempt to explain to you why I find Game so valuable. I assume you have done your own reading on it and have simply come to different conclusions. Fair enough. Lets forget about the disagreements about this. I'll continue to read your blog and agree with you on plenty of other things.

MarkyMark said...


I think you're right; perhaps we're defining terms differently.

As for reading KG's blog, he has a lot of good stuff to say; he says things no one else is saying, nor from the point of view he takes.

As for his extolling PUA virtues, I have no problem with that. I know his reasons for learning PUA, and I think that they're sound. His marriage was on the skids, so he tried things till he found what made it better-mainly PUA tenets and application thereof. I think he was smart to choose what, from what I can see, is the best option available for his circumstances. After all, he'd taken the vows, so failure wasn't an option.

As for me, I've learned a few rudiments of game, so as to smooth over the inevitable interactions with women. While I try to minimize my interactions with women, I cannot totally avoid them; I don't think many of us can. If I were to work with women again, I'd learn some more, so as to make things go better; in that instance, it's no different than studying office politics, something I did when I was working in a corporate environment.

I guess it depends on one's GOALS; what does one want to accomplish? For me, a few rudiments of PUA are all I need, since I'm no longer interested in pursuing women. For someone else, their needs may be different; someone else may wish to learn more.

I'm sorry I went off on you, Gantt; I was in a bad mood when I read your comment, and I reacted badly to it. Have a good day...


Anonymous said...

Thank you your your informative and highly topical post on Roissy's blog. This post was very illustrative on how the little things are picked up on by your lady. I have recently found that I had fallen prey to the same scenario as yourself. I am extricating (3 months in) and can already see the results. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

No problem MM. Thanks for addressing my reply to your comment.
Thats why I like the concepts of Game so much. If I thought it was just some gimmick to get guys laid eaiser I wouldn't be so gung ho about it.
Understanding why women behave the way they do is extremely powerful. That power can be used for as much, or as little, and for whatever use you like.
Keep up the good work MM.

Anonymous said...

age of treason updated ? It's been at least a week! The last I saw, they were still covering the kidney crime-ring story.

G M said...

I think MRAs & PUAs can both learn something from each other. And any integration between the 2 will make us a more powerful, organized male counterforce to feminism.

GO MEN!!!!!