Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's For the Children!

In my last post, I did anticipate the usual denunciations of the institution of marriage 2.0 by the usual suspects out in these fringes of teh Interwebz, after I posted the following:

"I have written it over and over again in the past on this blog...that I do not recommend marriage to today's youth.

I come now to conditionally recant and retract that sentiment. I see thing's differently with a little bit older and I like to think wiser eyes...

Telling people not to marry and have kids because of how messed up the system is, merely contributes further to the degradation and decline of our society and culture. I now say, take the risk, and go for it."

After years of stating in both blog posts and commentary here and elsewhere, some may be wondering why the change of heart? For that, I must reiterate another statement I made in my last post:

"As a father and family man myself, the joy of having and raising children is unmatched by any other experience I've had in this life."

It's absolutely true. How can I continue to advocate avoiding marriage and family formation to others, while realizing the greatest joy and fulfillment I've experienced in my own life has been raising my own progeny?

Why would I try and steer you away from possibly experiencing the same?

Then again, my experiences with parenthood are different than a lot of other folks. I am not stuck in a daily grind of the nine-to-five rat race as a human resource in a corporate cubicle farm.

I am not dropping the kids off at school and then letting them go to after-school daycare, only to see them for a few hours in the evening before repeating the cycle all over again the next day, dropping them off at my neighborhood institutional indoctrination facility again, while I head off to work, only to spend any meaningful quality time with them on the weekends. I understand the full ramifications of opportunity costs when it comes to raising children in today's Brave New World Order.

I have deliberately scaled back on my material standard of consumption, so as to maximize the amount of quality time I have with my offspring. I don't have a nice car (mechanically sound and runs well though), the best clothes, nor a fancy house. But I've got a little bit of freedom to indulge my time how I best see fit. I wouldn't have it any other way. (Well, I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that it would be nice to hit the lottery or something.) Now I may work a sixty hour work week, but that is usually followed by ten days off or so. Those ten days of freedom to spend with my progeny are priceless. Money cannot buy the meaningful time I've spent with my family.

Anyhow, as more than a few folks have pointed out, one does not need to get married to have children. But I say the children need their parents marriage most. All children do best when raised in a home with a Father and a Mother in a functional marriage, living in a symbiotic existence in which all family members thrive. That is what is best for the children, period.

So if you are going to have them, and you want to experience the joys of parenthood to the fullest extent possible, than you should do what's best for them.

If you're worried about the Judicial - Divorce Industrial Complex...well, child support will be awarded to a custodial parent whether you get married or not. Child support judgements and the decision of what is to be done with the majority of assets are usually decided in the "best interest of the children," well, if you want to have kids, than you may as well go all the way and get married before you procreate.

Besides, I never said YOU (yes YOU specifically!) have to get married and pop out children. If you are one of those who never wants to have children, then I say to you, DON'T GET MARRIED. If not for the sake of having children,  there's no other reason to do it. At least no other sane reason.

Of course, if you do decide to follow through and take part in creating the next generation...you also owe it to your children to carefully vet your potential spouse and not let simple attraction (infatuation and lust) lead you to making the biggest mistake you could ever make in your life. Rest assured, picking a spouse and future parent of your future offspring will be the single most important decision you ever make.

Out in these fringes of teh Interwebz, we have a number of men who are married and are raising children, and they have often offered their views and advice on how to navigate the very dangerous waters of today's Marriage 2.0. Dalrock, Rollo, Athol, Cane, Vox, deti...there plenty of family men who have doled out their perspectives and advice based on their experiences and the clarity of "red pill" thinking and insights on marriage and raising a family in today's Brave New World Order.

It's not as if I'm trying to send you to stumble through a minefield without so much as a map....

If you say it's like hunting unicorns trying to find a worthy spouse...well folks, the best things in life are never easily attained. There's no such thing as a risk free life. All choices you make, involve risks and dangers. The only thing I would say is this: marriage in today's climate is a tremendous personal risk...but not impossible to succeed at. Your best bet would be to approach it with eyes wide open and understand all of the possible risks and pitfalls that can occur. But you see a possible path through the hazards, than if you really want it bad enough, you must venture forth without fear and take the dangerous task head on.

You want to have children? Than you owe it to them to do your best to give them what they need most - a home with a Father and a Mother.

Civilization is built on the foundation of  functional homes and intact families. We are no doubt living through a rapidly declining age...but it is those who create strong communal bonds and family ties who will be much better prepared to live through the coming times than those who have no families.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Quiplinks VIII: Messages for Millenials

"From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing." - Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920, page 5.

One thing about all this reflection, introspection and rumination that I've engaged in while going through all my old articles at The Spearhead, is that for the first few years of having undertaken blogging, I still considered myself a young man, even though I was in my early 30's.

Now that I'm in my early 40's, I realize that mindset was the result of our Brave New World Order's social engineering programming of arrested development. In retrospect, I realize that as bad as I've been afflicted with a state of arrested development that led me to make a number of life altering decisions that I now regret and have no chance of going back and correcting (You Only Live Once!), I still did not have it as bad as what I see many of the younger generation of people are dealing with.

Those of you who are reading this, and you are in your early years of adulthood...heed these messages of those of us who have been there and done that. You only get one chance at your youth. How you spend it, will have a multitude of effects and affects on the rest of your life.

No one makes that point better than Mike Cernovich at Danger & Play:

"Baby Boomers have sold you a lie. Fifty is not the new thirty and thirty is not the new twenty.

Twenty is twenty and your twenties are a magical, once-in-a-lifetime decade.

Although I feel great at 37: Claiming my body or mind is anything like it was at 27 would be delusional beyond comprehension."

I concur with this completely. "Fifty is the new thirty" and "thirty is the new twenty" are really just vile lies used as marketing slogans designed to sell all the consumers and human resources a host of products and services to profit off of the mass delusion that we can all maintain the illusion of youth and vitality well into the years of natural aging and biological decay. There are no pills, procedures, operations or products that can make as much of a difference in how you age, than developing the habits, skills and disciplines in your young adulthood that carry you throughout the rest of your life.

The choices you make now may well have consequences decades into the future.

Sarah's Daughter makes this point to her own teenage daughters:

The majority of your life will be lived over the age of 40.
One of the most important things you can do in your youth, is to cultivate an attitude and world view that guides your interactions and relationships in life. Nurture gratitude and suppress any feelings of envy and covetousness you may experience. This is one of the keys to finding the nourishment that comes from the synergy of living in symbiosis. Envy is nourishment for the parasite. It inhibits, stunts and potentially even destroys symbiotic organisms.

Uncle Bob at Uncle Bob's Treehouse has repeatedly pointed out how being covetous and envious of others are the roots of many modern evils.

"For years I have been a great reader of "fairy tales," myths and fables (such as Aesop's) and many of them deal with envy and its destructive effects, and gratitude and its beneficial effects.
In fact, these stories tell us you can feel envy, or you can feel gratitude, but you can't feel both."

While Uncle Bob likes to refer us all to fairy tales, myths and fables as timeless messages of truth to be gleaned from ancient cultures that are still applicable today,  Beefy Levinson at Lamentably Sane offers us an admonishment on these principles that are relevant to all young people in the present age,  many of whom are entirely way too absorbed in the use of DHS data harvesting and profiling apps social media:

I learned not to compare myself with others. Social media only shows us what they want us to see.

And what many, many folks post on their Data mining portals for the Panopticon Social media accounts, are really nothing more than solipsistic indulgences meant to inspire envy and covetousness in others, in a misguided attempt to feel better about their own lives. "Look at me! Don't you wish you were doing this too?"

As Henry Dampier notes:

In internet culture, people have become, at least in their perceptions, increasingly disembodied in their approaches to thought and life.

This is I believe, a purposeful and deliberate effect of our increasing dependence on the virtual world as a means of making a living in the real world.

Speaking of making a living in the real world, one of the standout contributors at Return of Kings, Quintus Curtius, raises another great point for young people just entering the work force:

"One of the (many) problems in America today is that there are too many chiefs, and not enough Indians.  Too many cooks, but not enough servers.  Too many shit-talking bastards, and not enough work-horses. You get my drift."

Indeed I do, Quintus. My return to the blue collar trades in the past few years has made me really appreciate this. I've worked with a few young whippersnappers who think they know it all. Pipe down young buck, you don't, and you're just trying to tell me how to do something I've already done and failed at in the past. Don't get butt hurt that I'm ignoring your genius, listen to Zed and get your ass to work and shovel the fuckin' gravel! 


Now, of course, one of the biggest aspects of our deliberately engineered arrested development culture is effected by our mass media inspired worship of the mating dance of the human animal as the ultimate pursuit in life.

It is a deliberate misdirection to extend adolescence to inhibit monogamous pair bonding that results in large families as the foundation of civilized society. Thus we have all endured an endless array of propaganda and cultural brainwashing to destroy our abilities to form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex.

Listen up, you youngsters!

When it comes to the dating and mating scene, things have not always been this fucked up. There was this thing in the 1960's called the "Sexual Revolution," when the Baby Boomers where your age. Those who took part in the rebelling against civilization building norms  are now the Establishment, and the Establishment they preside over is what we are all now dealing with.

I concur with Lena S. of Not Equal But Different, when she states:

"I for one will celebrate the day when the young of this country give a big middle finger to the establishment of aging baby boomers who still fancy themselves revolutionaries, apparently blind to the irony of their operations. They have made themselves obsolete, peddling crackpot theories that are only believable to a deliberately-dumbed down people."

But for young men who wake up to the realities of the modern mating marketplace, beware the trap of hedonistic promiscuity. The red pill can take you down that path, but that way can trap you in a vice of your own making.

As Reality Doug notes:

"Now if you are the dumb animal man, fucking chicks is basically all you need to ponder in your day. If you are a savage, you might also want a grass skirt that holds up wash after wash. If you are a high culture man, you might want to get your philosophy right to get the compass of your life right and to find value, real value, in your character and resourcefulness if no where else in this fucked over global economy."

Many players and pick up artists that spend years in the game, performing as carousel animals for a multitude of sluts to ride on, eventually develop a nagging doubt, a sense of emptiness that results from the meaninglessness of sterilized, contracepted sex with a multitude of strangers.

As Roosh V recently lamented:

"Unless we see drastic world changes in the next 15 years, merely having a pleasant lifestyle and individual freedom is where the trip ends for us, without being able to create our own family."

As a father and family man myself, the joy of having and raising children is unmatched by any other experience I've had in this life. A lot of the problems that we all face in trying to achieve a family come from being mired in an existence that has already been planned out for us to turn us into human resources and debt slave consumers. The system was designed to estrange us from each other, especially our own flesh-and-blood offspring.

Listen up, self-improvement-driven MAndrospherians - just as there are thousands of articles and blog posts written about avoiding the traps of debt, consumerism, avoiding teh pr0n, eating clean and sticking to the discipline of a good work out regiment, with conscious, deliberate planning and choices, the same holds true for seeking to form your own family. Despite the state of the institution and the many real dangers involved, marriage and family are still obtainable if you take it as seriously as anything else you pursue with so-called red pill clarity.

Our society and civilization are in near-terminal decline. But all is not as hopeless. If we ever hope to restore civilized society, it starts with restoring the building blocks of the foundation of civilized society. That means finding a way to create your own Marriage 1.0 under the current regime of Marriage 2.0.

But that doesn't mean marrying the first person you're attracted to and hoping for the best.

You have to be careful, conscientious and deliberate before you take the plunge. As Black Poison Soul notes about modern husbandry in Marriage 2.0:

"In my view: life is too short to cater to somebody else all the time.

One of my all time favorite sayings is this: the only person you can change is yourself. If you let yourself turn into the Average Married Chump aka the provider-slave that Black Poison Soul refers to, at some point you're going to have to come to the realization that it's not her fault....you conditioned her to treat you like that by your own behavior!

I have written it over and over again in the past on this blog...that I do not recommend marriage to today's youth.

I come now to conditionally recant and retract that sentiment. I see thing's differently with a little bit older and I like to think wiser eyes. It goes back to the conundrum of the Mutilated Beggar Argument that Dr. Daniel Amneus pointed out in his seminal work The Garbage Generation.

"In Cairo there exists a cottage industry which mutilates children to be used as beggars. The more gruesome and pitiable the mutilations, the more the beggars will earn. The disfigured children are placed on mats on street corners with a begging bowl and they ask for alms for the love of Allah.

The almsgiver is doing a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is paying for the child's next meal. The bad thing is ensuring that more children will be mutilated."

Telling people not to marry and have kids because of how messed up the system is, merely contributes further to the degradation and decline of our society and culture. I now say, take the risk, and go for it. Just be mindful and never forget what a marriage between a man and woman really is, as poetically pointed out over at 80 proof Oinomancy:

"It’s elemental warfare. Men are fire.Women are water...

...should the ideal balance be struck: she confines him to the point of utility and safety, while he boils her enough to power the engine that is the family and its greatest extension: Civilization."

As Vox Day advises:

Giving up what you fear potentially losing means you have already lost.

The ultimate resistance to our Brave New World Order, is to breed the next generation of revolutionaries and freedom fighters. For us Gen X'rs, we're already reaching the age of declining fecundity. You youngsters are our only hope!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Well This is Awkward...

Time on teh Interwebz is like dog years. Six years seems like aeons ago...and yet it seems like it was just yesterday we were all commenting over at Roissy in D.C.'s comment threads, developing this thing that started out as the "Roissysphere" that eventually spawned what is now widely known as "The Manosphere."

Before Matt Forney created In Mala Fide, before Roosh gave us Return of Kings and before Paul Elam and his crew gave us A Voice For Men and the eventual division between the MRA - MGTOW - PUA - "pro-Game" and "anti-game" blog-o-spheres, there was the first true "Manosphere" online magazine created by Roissy in D.C. regular "Welmer" that basically served as a breeding ground for all these niches we now see out here in the politically incorrect fringes of the "Red Pill" blogosphere.

Alas, Bill Price's The Spearhead is no more.

To those of you who have come across the "Red Pill" within the past two years, but do not really know the history of these fringes of the politically incorrect, reactionary corner of teh Interwebz, understand that many of the websites you read and comment at on a daily basis owe their existence (at least in part) to the groundwork laid by the efforts of "Welmer" aka Bill Price and the authors he assembled as regular contributors to the manosphere's first truly collaborative effort back in 2009, as well as many of the regular reader's and commentariat back in The Spearhead's hey day of rising popularity.

Here's a roll call of The Spearhead Contributors over the years...some who are still going at it, and others who are no longer sited around these fringes of the web or who had blog's of their own that are now defunct:

Black & German (Alte at Traditional Christianity)
carey roberts
Charles Martel (Alpha is Assumed)
Chuck Ross (Gucci Little Piggy)
Cless Alvein
Delusion Damage
Dirk Johanson
Dr. Paul (Paul Elam)
Elusive Wapiti
Epoxytocin no. 87
Featured Guest
Female Masculinist
Ferdinand Bardamu (Matt Forney)
Hawaiian Libertarian (moi)
J. Devoy
J. Durden
Jack Donovan
Jay Hammers
Laura Grace Robbins (Unmasking Feminism)
Lone Nut Comics
Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech
Roissy (Chateau)
Thag Jones (Lena S.)
Uncle Elmer
Whiskey (Women hate hate HATE betas!)
Zed (Shovel the Fuckin' Gravel!)

* If I missed anyone, and you're reading this, please, leave me a comment and I'll update the roll call. We were all a part of something special....I at least hope to preserve a record of it here.

I'm proud to say I worked with each and every one of these folks in helping to build what we today now know of as "The Manosphere." All of you listed above can be assured that you helped to build today's "Red Pill" Blogosphere. We may have all gone our separate ways and may not even interact at all anymore, but we all did help build up the current grass roots movement of online resistance to mainstream societies socially engineered scourges of feminism, political correctness and normalized misandry.

Bill gave notice several months ago that he was eventually going to let The Spearhead account expire, as he seems to have moved on to a new phase in his life in which time of online endeavors must take a backseat to his marriage and a newborn son. Heeding his warning, I went through the archives and downloaded all of my own contributions to The Spearhead, and will eventually re-run them here just so I can upload the many articles I contributed to the great Googliath and preserve all that work for posterity's sake.

In my humble opinion, some of my best pieces (at least my personal favorites) were done for The Spearhead. Unlike most of my blog posts here, I took the time to read, re-read, and edit my contributions there, as I knew The Spearhead had a much larger base of regular readers and wider exposure than this blog.

But what I found more fascinating then re-reading the many blog posts I wrote some 4-6 years ago (in many cases, I had more than a few "did I really write that?" moments), were the many comments on all the articles.  Many "names" in today's manosphere and men's rights/MGTOW sphere where back then regular participants in The Spearhead's comment conversations who were not yet regular bloggers.

It was a time when the common enemy of Feminism and cultural misandry had most of us existing on the same site in a common truce focused more on a common enemy rather than our differences in ideas and philosophies that eventually resulted in today's fragmented divisions in masculinist thought and philosophy of today's "Red Pill" blogosphere.

I plan on re-editing most of my Spearhead pieces before re-posting them here, but what I am also going to do, is include some notable commentary excerpts at the end of those old posts. I'm not exaggerating when I say that some of the comments were better than the posts that inspired them.

It's fascinating to see in some cases the evolution of the thought processes of many of the current contributors to today's Red Pill sphere, back when they were simply commentors in The Spearhead's unique community in the time before all the virtual schism's that divided up our fringes into the current MGTOW - MRA - PUA - Neo-Reaction - "Christian Red Pill" - niches. 

Bill, if you're reading this, thank you for your years of dedication. It was something I was certainly proud to be a part of, and I do wish you the best in your new pursuits and focus in life. I bet you'll be back to blogging/writing eventually. You're too good at it.

A hui hou, Welmer!

As for The Spearhead...

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Synergy of Symbiosis

I think I've come around to my final paradigm shift. A meaningful distillation of knowledge and experience gained in over a decade of studies here at the fringes of the vast, nearly infinite library of knowledge and information at the University of the Autodidact's Cyberspace Campus.

All this time studying a wide array of topics to arrive at a synthesized, easily discerned and simple, axiomatic concept for analyzing existence and finding a meaningful, fulfilling life under the oppressive regime of our Brave New World Order. It really is a simple concept, but once you have your eyes opened to it, all the pieces fall into place and the seeming complexities of our modern way of life are no longer so enigmatic.

I see things so clearly and simply now. 

This new found Rosetta Stone for understanding how to best live life, is to understand the basic observation of the observers and studiers of wild life in the natural state in the natural environment, and use it as a template in understanding how it applies to our human existence. This paradigm I'm speaking of, is simply recognizing the dynamics of parasitic relationships versus that of symbiosis.

All human relationships fall into one form or the other, on all planes and in all dimensions of our existence as a species on this planet. In all facets of our mortal existence - physically, spiritually, and mentally - we are in an either/or state of existence. We are a social mammalian species that thrives and grows when we form relationships based on symbiosis. Any relationship based on parasitism inevitably results in a decline into barbarism, savagery, incivility, vulgarity and depravity when we engage in parasitic thoughts and behaviors.

You want to find what's best in life? Find the sorts of people who act in ways that are symbiotic, and then give of yourself to them....for being symbiotic people, they will naturally give back, and this giving of both parties creates a synergy that energizes and causes positive growth and development in all parties involved.

Recognize those who are parasitic, and remove them from your life as much as possible. Those for whom you give of yourself, your time, your energy and your resources, and they just take, consume and never give back. You cannot fix a parasite by feeding them. At best, you can only cut them off and show them the errors of their ways, and leave it up to them to decide whether they want to give a symbiotic existence a try.

True friendships, camaraderie, fulfilling marriages, and happy families can only be achieved through symbiotic participants contributing to the synergy that feeds all who are a part of the symbiotic relationship.

Finding symbiotic people and forging relationships with them is the key to living a life worth living. When you think about it, this is what the essence of a happy marriage, relationship or family is based on. Everyone gives unto each other and all grow together from feeding off of the positive synergy it creates. Rather then feeding off of and at the expense of another, the synergy of the symbiotic relationship contributes to each member's growth and allows all involved to thrive.

All the "-ISMS" of the world today are nothing more than personal, political, economic and spiritual forms of promulgating parasitISM. In some shape or form or another, they all promote a form of feeding off of another's life force and giving nothing positive or beneficial in return.

FeminISM is simply the ideology of discouraging women from becoming symbiotic givers of life, creators of growth and beauty that results form the synergy that exists in the evolution of a happy family. FeminISM is based on the damning of this wellspring of synergistic beauty at it's source. It is the corruption of the possibility of a happy hearth and home. It encourages women to be parasitic self-servers, feeding off of her spouse and family with the idea of "personal fulfillment" resulting in nothing more than becoming bloated and repulsive as she feeds her greed at the expense of her host family. Frivolous divorce is simply the act of using the force of State to allow the parasitic feminist to stay firmly attached to her host for as long as possible.

ConsumerISM is the macro-economic system of parasitism, writ large. This is why the commercialISM of the mass media sells lies, vulgarity, depravity and perversity as desirable, "cool" and "current." It's all a long con to disconnect we the sheeple from symbiotic relationships between each other and encourage us all to become atomized, indivualized parasites, self-centered and selfish. The more people who become parasitic in their thoughts, actions and behaviors, the less likely society at large will be capable of recognizing and throwing off the parasitic system that feeds off us all.

Civilization itself, is the result of symbiotic people thriving in symbiotic families to create symbiotic communities that end up creating symbiotic cultures and societies. When one studies the cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations with the difference between symbiosis and parsitiISM in mind, it all becomes rather clear. The symbiotic community grows the greatest expressions of culture in it's art, music and literature that stand the test of time and inspire and enlighten fellow humans across generations. On the other hand, when parasitISM gains entry into a symbiotic culture, and begins to feed, it always degrades, coarsens and causes the eventual decline and collapse of what was once a great symbiotic society.

It's actually a very simple concept if you look at the results they produce. Symbiosis grows beauty, parasitism results in depravity, cultural entropy and civilizational decline.

Let us recall The Argument for Patriarchy as an example of this principle:

It would be entirely fitting to re-caption these with "Art Made by Symbiotic Culture" and "Degradation of Culture by ParasitISM." For which "art" exhibit would you like to take your little children to see for their development of aesthetic tastes and cultural education and refinement?

All forms of parasitism are revolting, disgusting, repugnant and nausea-inducing upon discovery. The tick, the leech, the flea, the mosquito, the lamprey....all cause a visceral disgust when viewed by most normal folks who discover these vile creatures in the process of feeding off of their host.

Human relationships are no different. The problem is we are now surrounded by a parasitic culture set up and purposely designed to feed off of us all. To keep the feeding going, the system itself promotes parasitism as our personal paradigm. Symbiosis amongst the sheeple is discouraged at every turn, for symbiotic communities that grow in strength and health, may develop the awareness to recognize parastISM's influence and behavior, and actively work to excise and destroy it's manifestations to maintain it's health.

We are either thriving from symbiotic growth or we are trapped in parasitic entropy and decay. Learn to discern this in every aspect of your life, and you will find the key to thriving from synergy that can only come from symbiosis.


The genesis of this post came about as I was reading Jesus Christ's sermon on the mount a few months ago. It got me thinking about the overall message that he was preaching and it gave me a new found clarity on what the meaning of life is and how to best live in this fallen, degraded world.

I've had this post in my draft cue for months now, and have been saving it for this weekend in which we celebrate his redemption of humanity through his sacrifice and resurrection. Even more than Christ Mass, I believe we would all do well to reflect upon Jesus and his Gospel as the reason for the season...for He is risen.

As we enjoy the chocolate bunnies and watching the little ones joyously hunt for eggs and enjoy a carefree time of families and friends coming together in fellowship and celebration this Sunday, I know I will continue to reflect upon the message of Christ as I have been for months now. I now know for certain what FAITH is, for he came to teach us the Truth, so as to set us all free. In my estimation, he was basically preaching the gospel of symbiotic living through loving, repentance, forgiveness, charity, goodwill, and striving for enlightenment by cultivating uplifting attitudes and thought processes, and to excise hatred, revenge and the darkness of wickedness from our hearts and minds.

To listen to what he taught is our only path to salvation.

Ho'ala Iesu Christo!