Monday, January 16, 2012

Think He Knew What He Was Talking About?

Vox Day makes the case in his recent World Net Daily column that Ron Paul is the only candidate who knew what was going on 10 years ago, so he must be the only current candidate in the election one who is actually qualified to be the President given our current situation.

Let's take a closer look at the quote Vox used to start off his column:

"Federal Reserve policy will continue at an expanding rate with massive credit expansion, which will make the dollar crisis worse."


"Gold will be seen as an alternative to paper money as it returns to its historic role as money."

Despite claiming otherwise, the Central Bankers seem to think so...

"Erosion of civil liberties here at home will continue as our government responds to political fear in dealing with the terrorist threat by making generous use of the powers obtained with the Patriot Act."

Check, check, check and check.

"The Congress and the president will shift radically, expanding the size and scope of the federal government."


"This will satisfy both the liberals and the conservatives. Military and police power will grow, satisfying the conservatives."


"The welfare state, both domestic and international, will expand, satisfying the liberals."


"Both sides will endorse military interventionism overseas."

Check and check.

"During the next decade, the American people will become poorer and less free while they become more dependent upon the government for economic security."


"I have no timetable for these predictions, but keep them around and look at them in five to ten years. I hope and pray that I am wrong on all accounts.”

– Rep. Ron Paul, April 24, 2002

Think Ron Paul knew what he was talking about?

For those who recognize the truth of Paul's predictions, you may ask yourself "How did he know all this?"


Ron Paul understands the truth of our system. We in the West (not just the USA Inc.) are a globalized welfare-warfare state.

The amalgamation of the left-right political dialectic.

"Two-Party" politics.

Have a look at Duane Colyar's The Evolution of the Welfare-Warfare State and you just might realize that in fact all of Paul's "predictions" were based on understanding the truth of the following flowchart:

Following the progression of this flowchart, we can see that our current system has gone through a multitude of iterations here on a variety of fronts. Think of this chart in terms of all the ideological wars declared by the Government in the last several decades:

War on Poverty -> War on Drugs -> War on Terror

With some minor modifications, this flow chart from Duane Coylar nicely applies to all of those welfare-warfare state expansion platforms.

In short, the "New World Order" is the spread of these idealogical wars of the globalized welfare-warfare state to all shores of the planet.

At this point in time, we are at stage 8 with regards to Iran, the latest front in the "War on Terror."

Understanding the architecture of this evolution of the welfare-warfare state is precisely how Ron Paul was able to accurately forecast the realities of 2012, back in 2002.

Like Ron Paul, Vox Day also knows what he's talking about when he writes:

Let me be blunt. If you do not actively support Ron Paul’s campaign to be the next president of the United States of America – if you do not pray on a daily basis for his success – then you are a fool. You are a complete, unadulterated and unmitigated fool. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal Democrat who bought into Barack Obama’s fraudulent hope and change propaganda or a conservative Republican who is still reeling with the shock from eight years of ceaseless ideological treachery by George W. Bush. If you have even a modicum of concern for the survival of America, either as a nation or as a constitutional ideal, there is demonstrably only one candidate who has any understanding of the size and scope of the challenges presently facing the American people.


*** ******** said...

amazing. i'm gonna read over this when i'm not high later. again. I mean i'll read over it later when i'm not high. damn. that was hard.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!


Victor Delamente said...

There are many reasons why Ron Paul should be elected president, but this list should inspire all splinter-butts to get off the fence. He actually knows what he's talking about, unlike the other candidates who only spit out fairy tales meant to soothe the mind which should be disturbed.

Anonymous said...

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