Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Divided & Conquered: Tea Baggers vs. Occupussies

Never forget that any and every political movement, protest, action or manifesto that gains any sort of attention, will ALWAYS be channeled into the two-party dialectic. It is the primary way of keeping We the Sheeple perpetually at each other's throats and distracted from our overlords who continue to use and exploit us for their own benefit.

The template is simple.

"Right" - Against Big Government, For Big Business
"Left" - Against Big Business, For Big Government

Every single iteration comes down to a "right" or "left" person attacking the other side's "For" or "Against" argument or defending his or her own side's "For" or "Against" argument.

Trapped in this template, none of them ever realize that in fact the real problem can be essentially summed up like this: Big Government and Big Business are inseparable. They are in an incestuous, symbiotic relationship in which both entities serve each other at the masses expense...and the masses never wake up, because they are too focused on opposing one side or the other, that they never notice that these two "sides" are nothing but charade.

Take, for instance, a recent Taki mag article, 99% Wrong.

Note the author, Jim Goad, essentially derides the Occupy Wall Street protestors as communist/marxist libtards, who are "99% wrong."

So what in the name of Friedrich Engels is all this about, anyway?

As with the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street is a big circus tent hosting a hodgepodge of disparate recurring themes—many that appear sensible, many that sound wacky, and not all of them reconcilable. But whereas the Tea Party agitated largely against Big Government, the bogeyman here is Big Money—specifically corporations and “the rich.”

Thus, the OWS protests are channeled into the "Left-Right" dialectic and immediately marginalized. The anti-Left People's Cube website labeled them Occupussies.

The Tea Party agitated against "Big Government" while supposedly stood for defending "capitalism" and opposing "socialism" that supports Big Government. Except defending "capitalism" in our current status quo essentially means defending corporations, who buy cartel monopoly powers from the Government under the guise of "Regulations.

Now the Occupussies agitate against "Big Business" while supposedly defending "liberalism" and "progressive politics."

This shit never ends. In this way, 99% of the people who pay even marginal attention to the media coverage of either event, immediately adopt a set of attitudes, ideas and beliefs regarding the movement - no need to waste anymore thoughts on who, what, when, where or why these protests may be happening.

The Tea Baggers are just greedy, upper class rich folks that don't care if the poor die starving en mass, while the Wall St. Occupiers are dirty hippy socialist commies who don't want to work and just want the Government to tax the wealthy to pay for everyone's basic living expenses.

But more and more people are waking up to the scam.

Here's one commenter, 1RW, over at the Taki mag, who gets it, and points out the truth. He or she avoids contributing to the continuation of channeling the debate into the two-party dialectic:

Yes it does have to do with big government, because big government creates big regulations, which favor big business. They favor big business because a multi-billion dollar corporation can have a standing army of accountants and attorneys, and other compliance officers to make sure regulations are followed and taken advantage of. A hundred thousand dollar business can't.

Also big government creates treaties like NAFTA and WTO which favor big business because they can offshore labor, rendering american labor too expensive, because americans have to live like americans.

Finally, when big business drops the ball, big government apparently bails them out lets them continue with their financial shenanigans. Or have you not been paying attention?

1Rw missed one nuance here: Big Government favors Big Business, because Big Business finances the politicians campaigns.

Other than that, protesting Big Business is no different from protesting Big Government.

They are essentially two sides to the same Fascist coin.


Country Lawyer said...

Absolutely correct.

The republicain/democrat, liberal/conservative nonsense is used to hide and confuse the truth that we are run by an oligarchy and that democracy is a lie.

Red said...

100% spot on.

Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

I for one am grateful to our corporate overlords who run our big government. On top of that, they give us free shopper's reward points!

Nathanael Greene said...

I can’t blame the banksters and in turn their puppet politicians for what they do anymore. They have it figured out. Americans and everyone else living in America are so greedy and so damn divided against each other that it’s impossible to tell them anything except what they want to hear. You can’t get Liberals to give up their Welfare State any sooner than you can get Conservatives to give up their Warfare State. So the banksters are right there to loan their puppets money to send the government checks out every month and everyone that gets a check expects somebody else to pay for it. It’s not the greed of the banksters that are making them fat it’s the greed of all the people that live here with their hands out demanding their benefits that is doing it. The banksters are only too happy to help them dig their debt graves.

Michael Z. Williamson said...

Can't read now. American Idle is on.

MarkyMark said...

How could the Tea Party be co-opted when all the groups are independent? What they call the Tea Party is a mixture of local groups across the nation, none of whom are formally affiliated. There's no central structure, a la the major political parties, so co-opting the Tea Party would be difficult.

Lego Bagger said...

The LEGO Movie – AKA The idiot's guide to the NWO ...