Monday, February 1, 2010

The System Was Designed to Make Us Go Mad

I spent this past weekend in a state of introspective contemplation, trying to grasp the enormity of all the issues and topics that I've spent the last several years reading, researching and blogging about. It has been like a continuous process of finding the metaphorical pieces of an enormous jigsaw puzzle, and as each piece fell into place, the picture finally begins to emerges in it's entirety.

The most prominent thought that emerged from my ruminations has been just how unnatural we live out our lives in this BraveNewWorldOrder. To use one of their indoctrination phrases...this is UNSUSTAINABLE.

I think one finds balance, peace of mind and an inner equilibrium when we live our existence in accordance with our natural state of being. This is why we now live in a carefully constructed, artificial reality shaped by endless repetitions of memes, disinformation and propaganda inculcated through mass media indoctrination and bureaucratic institutional brainwashing.

This subversion of our natural state of equilibrium is so complete, so encompassing, so pervasive...that once you grasp the enormity of just how many areas of your life they have affected, effected, conditioned, molded and steered, you can ONLY conclude that it has been done on purpose...with deliberate intent.

The social engineers that have shaped our society and our culture have a full, working knowledge of our human natures, our desires, our biological imperatives, and our instinctive proclivities...and they have deliberately and deviously gone about subverting, distorting and contorting those needs, wants and desires to create a script for which we unknowingly and unwittingly follow...immersing ourselves into lives of artificial constructs that deliberately go against our natural state of equilibrium.

If you ever feel like you're going crazy in a world gone mad, that is precisely your cognitive dissonance of your natural instincts clashing with the unnatural script you are trying to follow to achieve "success" and "happiness." This purposely instilled discombobulation was designed to leave you confused, tired, overworked, and in ill health, unable to contemplate their devious machinations to subtly and covertly control your life.

To put it in even simpler terms - to render you easily manipulated, our BraveNewWorldOrder's social engineers have deliberately scrambled our understanding of gender relationship roles, familial roles, dietary nutrition and health, understanding of finance and economics, and a proper understanding of education.

They've created a society for which the cultural inertia pushes us into debt slavery -- student loans to finance education to achieve certification to become an entry level human resource for a corporation so you can eventually qualify for a 30 year mortgage, multiple auto loans, and credit card debt to pursue materialistic consumerist satisfaction to try and derive meaning from your otherwise scripted and empty existence.

They've created a society for which cultural inertia pushes us into dysfunctional familial relationships mediated by an interloping State authority.

They've created a society for which we ignore all of these manifestations of population control by focusing on a mass media constructed fantasy to keep us all distracted and mind-numbingly complacent and ignorant.

They've created a society for which cultural inertia pushes us into bad dietary lifestyles, unhealthy addictions and a health care "system" that profits off of our misery and sickness.

In other words, they treat us like the sheeple that we are. We've been herded, branded, fattened, sheered and eventually led to slaughter...

There's only one way to refuse and resist:

Stop drinking the kool aid.

Stop taking the blue pill.

Unplug from the Matrix.

Seek out the truth, and find your peace.

But most of all, Hope for the best...

...while preparing for the worst.


Grim said...

Good article but I wonder why you are so sure modern society has been engineered? Or rather it's obvious that the elites have tried to shape it, but do you really think this mess is what they intended?

From my study of both fascism and communism I believe they are religions that only wanted the best for man. But in the end they ended up destroying the very people they claimed to want to help. I don't doubt their intentions, but we both know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Is'ent possible our modern order is just another bad religion? It destroys why trying to help and fills people minds with nothing but it's dogma? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the substance of your post, except for this:

"you can ONLY conclude that it has been done on purpose"

I disagree entirely, and I think this is a blind spot of many conservatives, especially those who become more conservative as they mature. Yes, people are deluded. Yes, it feeds on itself in a vicious cycle. But where are these all-powerful social engineers?

The situation we're in is just a sum of all of the individual lives and actions throughout history. No one is in control. A few people get to control more resources, or part of their life, but not even the most powerful barons can really take credit or blame for much in the end. Then they die.

If we wake up to the *absence* of any social engineers who have a deliberate intent to enslave us, we can see the chaos more clearly. I believe that this helps us liberate our own thinking from delusion, so that we can work against it.

Anonymous said...

Ha- More humdrum conservative bashing, via the graphics.

Really, some new meme must eventually rise to take that one's place.

That's like so last decade.

It is entertaining to watch people continue to live past battles. What if a war ended and some doofuses never left?

Keoni Galt said...

@ Anonymous - Conservative bashing? Oh wait...the FOXNews screenshots, right?

What makes you think FOXNews is CONSERVATIVE?

@ - Undomesticate - I disagree entirely, and I think this is a blind spot of many conservatives, especially those who become more conservative as they mature. Yes, people are deluded. Yes, it feeds on itself in a vicious cycle. But where are these all-powerful social engineers?

I am not a "conservative..." these "all powerful social engineers" are the trusts created by the elite super wealthy who finance textbooks and federalized "educational" curriculum, the super rich corporations and their Government lackeys who control the mass media which shapes all of the popular attitudes and opinions of the masses (how do you think Feminism gained so much traction in our culture?), and the same mega-rich elites that own the agricultural corporations that have basically corrupted our nation's food supply, healthcare system and overall health of the citizenry, for their profit.

There is a lot of well written books and research available that exposes the people who wield these influences on society.

You can start with "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" and "The Underground History of American Education" -- both free books online; their links are in my linklist to the left, under "ka'aka'a: To Open the Eyes" to begin to gain an understanding of how the super-wealthy elite have gained control of our society and have socially engineered everything I've referred to here.

@ - Grim - In looking at how many lies and disinformation is employed in our culture and our society that lead people to making life altering choices that inflict misery on a personal and familial level, in addition to the overall degradation of society as a whole, I do believe the people who are in control, are purposely sowing the seeds of dysfunction and discord.

Keoni Galt said...

In other words, these people are not trying to do us, we the sheeple, any good. They are not "good intentioned" and merely failing to live up to what they are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi H.L.

Trying raising your own food - both animals and vegetables - and watch what happens.

You may have great success in your first year if you introduce new plant and animal species to an environment they are new to, but after a few years, parasites of all forms find their opportunities. Everything you grow will suffer from diseases, will be affected by all sorts of unexpected weather, predators will steal fruit just before you would have harvested them, you will constantly be fighting battles with various other competitors that move in at all the different points in any crop's maturity.

This is what is happening on a grander scale within society - parasites and thieves are all spotting their opportunities and finding their niche. It's the way of the world.

Trying to understand it all in any other light will drive you mad. I find the simplest way to fathom it all is to forget about the world and determine what it is I want for myself, and to associate with a few people with similar views. Their similar interests and goodwill flavor the world I inhabit with an immediacy that is the ideal antidote to the many more with whom I have so little in common.

I am not the citizen of any great country, nor a unit in a Brave New Global Order. I am the occupier of my own space, subject to the same dangers as every other living being, and if something gets me tomorrow, so be it - but I won't die believing anyone's bullshit but my own. That's the limit of my ambition.

Niki Raapana said...

I loved this piece. It spoke to me on a level I don't often touch on in my own work. Thank you.

As for the commentors....

Communism and capitalism were only stepping stones to what we've merged into today, which is global communitarianism. When communism "fell" in Russia it was replaced with communitaranism, and soon after the EU was formed under the supremacy of communitarian law.

In order for the US to be comfortably merged with the emerging supra national system the American people must be taught to live in the global collective and obey communitarian laws just like everyone else.

Verification of the social engineers and their influence is abundantly avaliable. Skeptics could look up the Communitarian Network sometime, or Common Purpose in the UK. Heck just go read the website of the US Dept of Forestry and check out all their training programs; they plan to teach us all to become "better stewards" of the planet.

Social engineers completely control the public school curriculum, and thousands of UN affiliated orgs like W.I.S.E. in Alaska are training the leaders of tomorrow's collectives to monitor their communities for violations of the new requirements for global citizenship.

My area of expertise is globalized community policing, and I can assure you no matter how much you think you control your own space, or how accidental you think this whole contrived mess is, the new COPS will teach you otherwise. The new police are trained by the KGB and other "former" communist spy organizations. The COPS' database on Americans would make Stalin swoon. Look up COMPASS, look up COPS and ABCD, it's all right in plain sight. They don't hide it because they know most of us will never bother to look.

I can't believe how many people are still insisting what's happening to our nation is some sort of benign mistake. History is filled with all sorts of nasty plots and plans to steal the wealth of other peoples. How was it possible to convince millions of Americans that the world suddenly became this lovely, safe place where nobody would ever try to destroy or conquer anyone else? Kind of ironic that the US is going around the world invading and conquering Arab nations that all won their independence from the British and Soviet Empires within the last century.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reading list. I will read these books and get back to you.

Keoni Galt said...

Thank you many ways, I've attempted to do what you have done with your own life, here in Hawaii. I've moved to a remote, mountain location here on my island, and have begun farming my own food. (Yeah Anonymous, I've already begun that in the past two years). I've got vegetable crops, chickens, and pigs. It's hard work...but I love it. Certainly it's nowhere near the level of self-sustenance and grit your harsh environment requires, but I'm slowly but surely working on achieving the same level of self-sustenance.

There's something to be said for living an independent self-sustaining lifestyle. I haven't reached it yet...but if things ever did get tough, I'm now in a place where I could survive without grocery stores, gasoline and electricity. That is precisely what I mean by "hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

I imagine your yurt lifestyle in sub-arctic temperatures leaves no margin for error in what must a very tough existence...but I'm sure you must feel ALIVE.

As I said in this piece, it took me a process of several years of reading and research to finally see the big picture...and a large part of that was reading your articles along with Nancy Levant's and Joan Veon's at News With Views, and your Anti Communitarian League website. Your work has been invaluable...and if the elite who are working towards establishing their one world Governance are ever defeated, it will be in no small part due to the efforts of people such as yourself.

Mahalo nui loa!

Anonymous said...

The place you're losing me is when you group all of these monsters into "the elites" as if there's an identifiable group of people. (I don't disagree that people have meddled in all of this, but I don't see that the same people were involved.) Why do you think that the "elites" who ruined our food "system" by corporatizing it into agribusiness are the same people (or have anything in common with) the "elites" who have corrupted our education system? They're different people; I would say the former were just normal greedy businesspeople and the latter were meddling dogooders. Community policing advocates are a whole third group of people, or rather multiple groups of people at various levels of granularity in terms of influence -- national, regional, local. They're not a "them". They're more like "all of them wherever they are" to me.

Keoni Galt said...

If you look into the way in which much of these changes have been instilled into our culture, you will see that the biggest influence on the way people think, feel and behave is 1) mass media culture and 2) our educational systems, public schooling all the way up to the University system. Therefore, the people that seek to direct society for their own purposes merely control the conventional wisdom through manipulation of those two areas.

If you read the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, you'll find that Charlotte Isyrbet clearly exposes the financiers of the Federal Educational curriculum promoting globalism and secular humanism as well as reducing of our children into mindless wage slaves and consumerists were all coming from Foundations set up by the super wealthy - the Rockefeller foundation (who are also the biggest funders of Women's Studies, Planned Parenthood and the development of birth control), the Carnegie Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation..and a whole host of other Foundations - they who fund the studies that are then used to influence the mass media propaganda that gets disseminated and the educational curriculum that gets instituted in our educational system.

Anonymous said...

HL, how has your wife handled the move to a more remote farmstead way of life?

Re right-liberalism vs left-liberalism. Look at the Chicago way - Bill Ayers and Tony Rezco - on the same team.

Keoni Galt said...

She was very unhappy with the idea, she fought with me about it but I told her I made up my mind, we are leaving suburbia for good...and she grudgingly went along.

Now, 2 years later...she absolutely loves it, and tells me she's glad "we" decided to move. :)

Anonymous said...

"Now, 2 years later...she absolutely loves it, and tells me she's glad "we" decided to move. :)"

Glad to hear that! But does she - and yourself - ever miss the 'finer' things of life. You've got broadband right ;)

It world be very interesting to hear how you made the transition - what you found hard, easy, surprising.

Anonymous said...

You know that picture with the fat guy watching football while being chained to the couch?

God in Heaven, that shit scared the hell out of me because it is so REAL!

Anonymous said...


Yes, doctors are stupid enough to still believe a low fat, high carb diet is best for you, based on an old study of 6 people, 2 of whom gained weight. And, yes, they are stupid enough to ignore 60,000 Atkins patients who cast off infarctions and diabetes with a low carb diet. And, yes, they are stupid enough to ignore studies in the 1920's which showed that many cancers get their nutrition from glucose, which comes from a high carb diet.

And, yes, politicians and government officials are stupid enough to believe they can run your life better than you can.

Here in Mexico, I tell people they should listen to what doctors tell them as far as diet, understand everything they say and memorize it, so they can do the exact opposite and they will be much healthier.

Note that my best friend is a doctor, heh, heh.

Anonymous age 67

Anonymous said...

Definitely engineered society.

Read the Underground History of American Education.

Anonymous said...

I love the TITLE of your post. So utterly true! I encounter smaller things on a regular basis that go so far against common sense that I find myself saying repeatedly, "They can only be doing this ON PURPOSE to irritate us to pieces" ("drive us crazy"). Then I remember the scripture that one of the goals of the antichrist (& his "system" already well-evident) is to "WEAR OUT the saints." (Daniel). The Protocols state a similar goal of wearing people down to the point they throw up their hands in despair & frustration & beg the "elite" to "GIVE US YOUR KING to rule over us."

Point: It's NOT our imagination. People who don't see it are simply not fully awake yet. And most dangerous/vulnerable (of being deceived) are those with the attitude shown in several of the comments! I was surprised that in 2010 people were still DOUBTING the existence of a centralized concerted effort to overthrow the "old order" for the "new order."

Rather than a bloody French or Bolshevik Revolution they wised up & are using total infiltration & brainwashing (indoctrination). Universities are cesspools of left (upside down to all that was good & normal), as one example. People leave themselves wide open to danger/deception by refusing to recognize/acknowledge the evil.

There ARE specific NAMES & FACES behind this effort. Start with the Frankfurt School & Willi Munzenberg who said they would (infiltrate) & "make the West SO CORRUPT that it would STINK." Is that not the picture of America today in the eyes of the rest of the world?

Sites that can help wake up the doubters & that name names & faces are HenryMakow dot com, & Real Jew News dot com. Both sites are operated by Jewish men who woke up (so, yes, not ALL Jews are "evil" & "part of The Plan"). Henry has a dozen years of archives of history, the people, the places, the events. Japner of RJN is not shy about exposing the uber-Jew connection to the NWO. His site online since 2007.

Then there's the several sites of NWO QUOTES! Google that! Doubters should start with any of those -- words/direct quotes out of their OWN (conspirators') mouths. Dennis Cuddy has a good one, Chronological History of the NWO, w/a LONG list of quotes through 1997-8 when he wrote it. Then there's Gaylon Ross' "Who's Who of The Elite." Etc. Etc.

For Christians, the WATCH UNTO PRAYER site has been researching all this since 1994 -- watch.pair dot com -- & they have a TON of info at their site, with NAMES.

The greatest disadvantage people have is not knowing God & His Word. I thank the Lord He "prepped me" in advance w/a dozen years of Bible study (& "End Times" prophesy) FIRST before He showed me HOW the world (NWO) would bring things to fruition. He "looked ahead" & saw where EVIL sin-laden MEN would take the world in the millenia to come & that's what He then proceeded to have written down for our warning & benefit.

A Biblical understanding shows CLEARLY WHO is the GLUE that holds the conspirators together, the Great Deceiver Himself, Satan, who has been lying, deceiving, & conspiring from the beginning to usurp God, humanity, the planet. That is why there IS such a thing as "Conspiratorial History" vs "Accidental History" (see the ThreeWorldWars dot com site as he has a great article about that).

So even though Mr. London Bankster may not chat on the phone everyday with Commander NSA-Spy-Machine, they are working in cohort together for their conspirator-god Lucifer who is lining them ALL up to bring about HIS desire for a One World Govt. w/HIS man in charge whom the Bible states Lucifer himself will inhabit that man on earth as "ruler of the world" (short-lived though it will be as God plans to kick his butt & all those who loved his lies vs loving the truth).

Anonymous said...

Typo in paragraph 5: Kapner (not Japner) of RJN...

Robert What? said...

There is one major thorn in their side, and that is the "sphere" which is why I expect to see major offense played against it in the next couple of years. Even with some bloggers thrown in jail for "the protection of the public". The only way the current system can survive is to have huge numbers of worker drones outputting at maximum capacity and then dropping dead from health reasons shortly after retirement. The "sphere" is shining a bright spotlight on it. More and more people, especially young men, are listening. Their numbers are still small but definitely growing. For each newly awakened person the system loses a worker drone. Hopefully we reach a tipping point before the Borg react in strength.