Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diagnosis: ODD

ODD or,  Oppositional Defiant Disorder, is the trendy new diagnosis for the growing number of adolescent boys growing up in the ever-increasing number of single mother-headed homes in this Matriarchal Nanny State Feedlot we call "civilization."

According to Winston Wiki over at the Ministry of Truth:

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a diagnosis described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an ongoing pattern of anger guided disobedience, hostilely defiant behavior toward authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. People may appear very stubborn and often angry.

Ya don't say? And what exactly is the definition of "normal childhood behavior?" 

 The child must exhibit 4 out of the 8 signs and symptoms listed below in order to meet the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic threshold for oppositional defiant disorder[7]
- Actively refuses to comply with majority's requests or consensus supported rules[8]
- Performs deliberate actions to annoy others[8]
- Angry and resentful of others[6]
- Argues often[6]
- Blames others for his or her own mistakes
- Has few or no friends or has lost friends
- Is causing constant trouble at school
- Spiteful or seeks revenge
- Touchy or easily annoyed
Generally, these patterns of behavior will lead to problems at school and other social venues.

Now we have a medical establishment that deals with treating this disorder with medication and counseling, all paid for with insurance or State funded, tax-redistribution programs.

Here's the testimony of one Mother who discovered her son was afflicted with O.D.D.:

What does mental illness look like in a child?  In my home it looks like moments of rage. It's walls being decorated with outlined fists. It's yelling and screaming. It's not cute. Or pretty. And now that my 13-year-old baby is taller than me and stronger than me, peace feels like an accident in my home.

This sounds really familiar....oh yeah, I remember now, T. over at The Rawness wrote about these "symptoms" 5 years ago:

Like all young men of all races, they have testosterone surges making them aggressive and competitive.  However they don’t have reliable older men to teach them how to channel this testosterone-fueled aggression positively, and this creates an insecurity in their male identity causing them to create their own hyper exaggerated ideal of what a man should be. Super macho, obnoxious, fearless to the point of knuckle headed, overaggressive…basically the parody of manhood we see in gangster rap. It’s overcompensation to the worst degree.

But even though they are doing their best to be supernigga, they still end up doing things in a feminine way because feminine influences are most of what they know.  Most of their role models and involved family members are women, and the few men in their lives were likely raised by only women too. And it shows in how they handle conflict: grudges are held forever, they never know how to let anything slide, they think primarily with emotion and are prone to outbursts, drama and confrontation and most importantly, they don’t know how to choose their battles.

Gee, wonder if that's the case with the previously mentioned testimony from the single mother of an O.D.D. afflicted boy?

My son was a week old the morning his father threatened me with a butcher knife because I tried to wake him up to go to work. While our relationship was an abusive one, up until this point it was always at the venom of his words or fists.  I remember holding my newborn in my arms at the door of our apartment. It was May. I was barefoot. I just kept thinking, If I can get to the other side of the door, we'll be safe. I remember standing nose to nose with this beast and I prayed to God as if each word were sacred. If it meant my son would be protected, I was ready for my flesh to be sacrificed and sliced. Not soon after, I would turn to my family and friends and begin my new adventure of motherhood joining the ranks of The Nation of Single Moms.

Thirteen years later, I would once again be threatened with a knife.  This moment would be much like the first over something very simple. This day the man-child holding the knife would be my son the very child I was willing to get cut to protect was now turning into the man he has never known.

Of course. Most likely because the man he has never known, most likely never knew his own father too.

O.D.D. is most certainly hereditary. It's just one facet of the CYCLE OF POVERTY.

As T. pointed out in The Myth of the Ghetto Alpha Male:

True male behavior isn’t being a drama queen, emotional outbursts and holding onto grudges; true male behavior is picking your battles, knowing when to fight and when to let things slide, analyzing things calmly and logically and having discipline over your moods and emotions and exercising emotional restraint. There are times when it’s acceptable to lose your shit and times when it’s not.  These are things that a true mature male influence teaches you, and such influences have almost disappeared completely from the hood.

It's not just in the's everywhere in today's Brave New World Order.

From the article, Statistics on Fatherless Children in America:

Aggression. In a longitudinal study of 1,197 fourth-grade students, researchers observed "greater levels of aggression in boys from mother-only households than from boys in mother-father households."- N. Vaden-Kierman, N. Ialongo, J. Pearson, and S. Kellam, "Household Family Structure and Children's Aggressive Behavior: A Longitudinal Study of Urban Elementary School Children," Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 23, no. 5 (1995).

It would be more accurate to say "greater levels of uncontrolled aggression."

Young male aggression is normal, the disorder comes from not learning to channel it properly. This learning to channel aggression in a positive manner is best done through having a male role model intimately involved in the boys life. Monkey see, monkey do.

The problem is most single mother's don't find this out until their young boys are too big and strong for them to physically restrain and discipline. At that point, it's too late.

As our Mother of an ODD child wrote:

I have devoted my life to creating a healthy and happy world for my son. Mental illness is a beast.  You cannot love mental illness away. I know because I have tried. You cannot spank mental illness away.
The real mental illness here, is to point to a list of symptoms and say that the child has "a disorder" as if it were simply a communicable disease he caught, and some Big Pharma medications will help to "manage the condition."

Managing the condition is not the best solution for the ODD afflicted child...but it certainly is the most profitable one. Besides, the cure is beyond any pill or shot the Pharmaceutical industry could research, develop, test and market.

That's because their really is only one real cure for ODD - the DAD.

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dannyfrom504 said...

i see those kids ALL THE TIME. not a man in sight. single moms riding the carousel is the bif fad out here. it's how they're "recapturing their spent youth". it's sad.

great post as usual.

slwerner said...


Now, that would be funning...if only ["That's because their really is only one real cure for ODD - the DAD."] the reality behind it wasn't so completely tragic.

Paul said...

Is it just me or does this not pretty much demonstrate that the biggest threat to women are men acting like women? Because, you know, even a "13-year-old baby is taller than me and stronger than me", and is now likely returning the favours she showed him when she was 'taller and stronger'?

Ooh, or how about we use our pathetic male brains to reason to analyze: "This day the man-child holding the knife would be my son the very child I was willing to get cut to protect was now turning into the man he has never known."

Yes, what an amazing coincidence that your son turned into exactly the kind of guy that wet your panties 14 years ago, and almost certainly still does today. Yeah, let's blame the guy who hasn't so much as seen the kid since he was one week old for the kid's problems, it could have nothing to do with the mom, she didn't raise him or anything. And how about the fact that his own mom calls him a man-child: if he didn't grow up to be a man, who let him down? Gosh, it certainly couldn't be the only parent he's ever known, how could she be responsible for any of this?

I say this as a single dad of eight years standing, I don't use my 'status' as a cop-out when it comes to raising my kids, and I won't stand for anyone else doing it either.

Anonymous said...


A careful reading of the mother's description of the altercation is quite revealing. Note how she describes the man with the knife as "his father", and not "my husband" (or ex-husband).

It was almost certainly a cohabiting relationship-and not a marriage relationship. Cohabiting relationships are known for being much more violent and much less stable than marriage relationships-and have much worse outcomes for children.

The problems began before she was assaulted with a knife. They began when she entered into a cohabitation relationship.

Mike43 said...

What you may not realize is that O.D.D. is a juvenile diagnosis. It only applies to people under 18.

At 18, there is another diagnosis; social pathology.

Yes, the beloved sociopath, serial killer of lore begins life as a juvenile with Opposition Defiance Disorder.

Thanks, Mom.

. said...

Good article, HL.

I'm going to link it to the bottom of my "Rites of Passage" article.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Great article HL. One more brick in the wall of pathologizing males.

Linked in an upcoming "Friday Roundup", my friend.

Rmaxd said...

ODD, or masculine alpha's, are the result of child abuse by being deprived of a father ...

Women are experts in never admitting their responsibility by choosing a violent male

She was so scared & terrified by the knife wielding guy, she had a child with him ...

Women are the real ODD, ODD against their biology & lying through their teeth

Of course its not her fault she chose a violent criminal to have a child with ... no, its the violent criminal for being a violent criminal

This is what happens when a male patriarchy no longer dominates, the criminally insane become the victims, & everyone else they abuse & commit crimes against, the perpetrators

Theres nothing more criminally insane then a woman who chooses a violent guy, & then blames him for being violent

& then blames the child, after raising him dysfunctionally, calling him mentally ill ...

The damage these criminally deranged women inflict on the men close to her, is incalculable

The bodycount, these women rackup, as they wreck the lives around them, is worse then anything a patriarchial society could ever inflict on their own society

Anonymous said...

"masculine alpha's"

Don't you mean feminine alphas?

Jace said...

Do you have to write so much lady hating stuff. The stuff on diet and Ron Paul is way cool ;)

Troy Lee Messer said...

Good article HL. I used to be a juvenile prosecutor and I would get these psych evals on all these kids and I saw ODD a lot. I came to call it "Needs-An-Ass-Whoopin' Syndrome." There was little or no parental control by the single mother and the only male figures were the irresponsible "bad boys" that made hypergamous vagina tingle.

IMHO, this pathology is simply a function of taking fathers out of the home. If I had ever raised my hand against my father, I would have been beaten.

Troy Lee Messer said...

Excuse me, .... If I had ever raised a hand against my mother..... I would have been beaten.

slwerner said...

Jace - "Do you have to write so much lady hating stuff."

Could you explain how you see this piece on O.D.D. as being "lady hating"?

Seems to me it's more an expose on yet another outcome of the male/masculinity hating of feminist-dominate society.

Like it or not, bad outcomes for boys = bad outcomes for society.

So much of what is proffered to the masses deals with the uselessness of fathers, and male disposability. But, when someone dares mention the undesirable outcomes that are the logical and foreseeable results of the anti-male/anti-father crusading of the past decades, and all of a sudden it "lady hating"?


Is it really hateful, in any way? Or, is it just that it makes you uncomfortable?

Orion said...

I can't claim to be a long time reader, but I do think I share many of HL's attitudes and beliefs. Their can be no correction of societies ills without examining the source. There is no "lady hate" in observing that trying to deviate from the pattern of two parent families (one of each sex) has had horrific consequences. You aren't grokking Ron Paul correctly either if you don't understand that he is all about dismantling the State because it has done so much to try to "engineer" society. Arguably, the worst of which has been to usurp the role of men in families. Dig deeper kid. Restoring sanity isn't about fixing symptoms it is about addressing root problems.

van Rooinek said...

Actively refuses to comply with majority's requests or consensus supported rules = Considers FREEDOM more important than "democrassy". And/or, correctly recognizes that the consensus view is factually or morally wrong, and refuses to back down.

Performs deliberate actions to annoy others = Does what he wants without regard to other's prissy sensibilities.

Angry and resentful of others = Tired of being picked on.

Argues often = Usually right.

Blames others for his or her own mistakes = Resents being sabotaged

Has few or no friends or has lost friends = Man of principle, chooses ethics over relationships if the two come in conflict.

Is causing constant trouble at school = Smarter than the teachers

Spiteful or seeks revenge = Denied justice too long, seeks to create his own. Has the unmitigated gall to strike back when bullied.

Touchy or easily annoyed = Pestered by liberals unto the end of his patience

Anonymous said...

off topic for this article, but please check this out.

Blogger: State Agency Censored Online Health Food Advice Column

Anonymous said...

Oh! I know, drug them with ritalin.

Or for the evil oppressive men they will become castrate them. For masculinity is a sin.


here said...

You aren't grokking Ron John properly either if you don't realize that he is all about taking apart the Condition because it has done so much to try to "engineer" community. Probably, the toughest of which has been to usurp the part of men in family members. Dig further kid. Reestablishing peace of mind isn't about restoring signs it is about dealing with main issues.

Professor Mentu said...

I tried to comment on this yesterday from my phone, but no luck.

Anyway, I've been hearing commercials on the radio lately selling CDs and training systems to parents to help them stop their "out of control child."

Maybe that's the next big fad. Lose weight, and get that unruly womb-turd of yours under control.

Billion dollar ideas, unfortunately.

*** ******** said...

i would say that most american women follow that entire list to a "T" in their daily lives.

An Unmarried Man said...

The "pathologization" of males by the pussified mental health profession continues.

Society breaks down because the traditional gender unit is disrupted and of course this does not matter because "experts" claim it's the men who are "ill."

Simon Grey said...

I used to have ODD when I was very young. My dad's prescription was a paddling, which turned out to be an extremely effective way to teach me to master my aggressive impulses. Funnily enough, my mom didn't generally have the stomach to paddle me (there were a couple of rare occasions, but most punishments I received were from my dad). I suspect that most moms don't, which is probably why fathers are actually necessary for raising children. What's sad about this modern day is that no one wants to admit that dads are necessary, and so we resort to creating magical pills that are supposed to replace fathers. It seems to me that we would have been better off acknowledging that children need dads instead of spending billions of dollars trying to encapsulate them in pill form.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

consensus supported rules

I burst out laughing at this one as this could only ever come from a hack psychologist.

Rev. Jim Jones said...

There is an old testament scripture that comes to mind, the gist of which states that if a wayward son refuses correction he is to be taken outside the city and stoned to death.

I'm not talking about stoning of the 13 year old boy. I'm talking about the stoning of the bad boy criminal father. How many untold millions of lives could have been saved if society would have killed off everyone that refused to listen and behave?

Housing project populations and Medicaid Clinics would be pretty thinned out me thinks...