Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paleo Toddler

It's been a year and a day since I posted the most read, linked-to and commented-on thread on this blog, Paleo Baby.

Getting linked by Primal lifestyle guru Mark Sisson was the equivalent to getting an Instalanche here on the fringes of the politically incorrect blogosphere. (Mahalo, Mark!)

Initially, I was amazed by the sheer number of folks that left comments...but I was even more amazed by the number of folks who were hostile, angry or felt personally insulted by that post.

A lot of folks seemed to think that somehow I was coming across as a condescending, know-it-all blowhard who implied that because they fed their kids formula or that their kids were colicky, I was judging them as parental failures.

At first, it made me angry and I responded in kind. The passage of time, interactions with many young and new to-parenthood peers and much personal reflection, has given me new insights into the psychology of Parenting. I get it. I really do!

Like everything else in our Brave New World Order of Mass Media Indoctrination, everybody has ideas about what is best for raising children. My new parental discussion code is this:

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, and I'll politely listen to your beliefs. I'll explain why I may disagree, but only if  you ask...but mostly I'll just nod and give you an affirmative smile, rather than tell you why I don't think feeding kids grains, cereal, or not much meat is such a great idea.

I've learned since having my own kid, that everyone who's had kids is an expert when it comes to parenting.

"THEY say 'X' is best for 'Y'!"

I'm no expert. I only pretend to be one as an anonymous blogger on teh interwebz!

This is simply sharing my experiences from loosely adopting the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. "Going primal" nearly 5 years ago now, has been a dramatically life altering experience in terms of my own health and well being. So when my first child came along, it was only natural that I applied the same principles in feeding and caring for my offspring.

So here we are one year later, and "Paleo Baby" is now "Paleo Toddler."

My how time seems to fly quicker once you have someone other than yourself to care for and observe as they grow and mature..

Over this past year, I've periodically received emails and comments requesting I give updates, recipes, tips and pointers from people desirous of raising "Paleo babies" of their own, as well as the curious, wanting to know how my kid's health and growth are going. I've basically had to resist the urge to turn my blog into a "new-parent" navel gazing blog (not that there is anything wrong with those sorts of blogs).

Nevertheless, consider this my obligatory "update" post.

In revisiting many of the points from my original post, let's just say most of those points have not changed much in the past year. To avoid overusing the term "Paleo Baby" or "Paleo Toddler" and turning this into a caricature of gimmickry, I'm going to refer to the kid from here on out as "Keiki," which is Hawaiian for child.

- Approaching two years of age, my keiki has never had an ear infection, a chest cold, or a fever...other than the mild, low grade fever that typically accompanies teething. Keiki has had a runny nose a couple of times, but that usually cleared up within a day or two.

- Speaking of teething, Keiki has an entire mouth full of choppers, all nicely formed, straight and evenly spaced. This seems to fit with the observations of Dr. Weston Price regarding dental health and development that correlate with the nutrient dense diets of traditional peoples. I myself have a narrower jaw and crooked teeth. Then again, I was raised on Soy formula from birth. I had poor dentistry, bad allergies, asthma. So far, keiki has seemed to avoid all that.

- Keiki's immune system is strong. Mommy has gotten sick several times in the past year, as her job puts her into contact with a lot of travelers from around the world, on a daily basis (she works at the airport). Keiki has never contracted anything she's brought home...including the flu and a pretty bad chest cold for which she ended up having to get an anti-biotic prescription for.

- In keeping with the Primal diet ethos, keiki has eaten almost zero grains/cereals or legumes. About 6 months ago, I dropped keiki off with a short term babysitter. I assumed that dropping keiki off with a cooler full of foods my wife had prepared, that the sitter would feed keiki that food, so I need not worry. She ended up feeding keiki a bunch of "heart-healthy, whole grain!" dry cereal. Keiki had diarrhea for the next 12 hours. Fascinating to see a child who's gut had never encountered grains for the first year and half of life, and had almost zero diarrhea episodes prior, would react to cereal like that. That was also the last time keiki had diarrhea (or grain based cereal).

- Recently, while at a party with a large group of kids and adults, in a moment where I wasn't paying attention, another parent who I was not well acquainted with (all who know us well, know how strict we are with keiki's diet, lol), gave keiki a cracker. Keiki threw up a half an hour later. Coincidence? I don't know. All I know is that Keiki has only thrown up 3 times ever. Vomiting is not normal behavior for my keiki, unlike some other cereal munching, soy formula kids I know.

- So what does keiki eat now? Basically everything my wife and I eat...i.e. freshly prepared, "slow food" meals. No fast food, convenience foods, processed, packaged foods. We try to vary up our diet a lot, but the one constant is the usual daily breakfast with eggs from our pasture raised, free range chickens.

- Keiki eats a wide variety of animal protein: free range/additive free bacon and sausages. Most of it though is Paleo...Hawaiian style. Lot's of smoked, dried, raw and fresh fish, tako (octupus), shrimp, crab, hawaiian slipper lobster, 'opihi (limpets) and lots of grass fed beef (including some occasional liver), and wild boar if I manage to have a successful hunt. Keiki also gets a lot of bone-broth based soups and stew that we've begun to eat on a regular basis.

- Keiki also loves dairy; organic, unsweetened yogurt, and a wide variety of high quality cheeses...and the very occasional mouthful of ice cream (are favored 80/20 very occasional "cheat".)

- Contrary to some of the Paleo/Primal purists and adamant low-carbers, we do eat moderate portions of carbohydrates at almost every meal - white rice, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, poi, and tortilla made from corn flour (treated with lime) and once in a while, some gluten free pasta.

- Keiki loves vegetables. I have a hard time believing it. I've watched keiki push meat and other dishes aside to pick out only the broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, green beans, peas or peppers out of the meal, and forsake all the other food on the plate. The only thing keiki likes more than vegetables, is fruit. Sometimes we have to force keiki to eat the other foods.

- Since fruit is basically the only source of sugar in keiki's diet, keiki gets excited and squeals in delight at the mere sight of a banana, apple, papaya, nectarines, peaches, mango, pear, grape, strawberry or blueberry.

- Of course, everything we eat is cooked with either butter from grass fed cows, saved bacon grease and/or extra-virgin cocounut oil. All our food is and liberally salted with fresh ground Hawaiian sea salt. Other parents frequently comment on what a good eater keiki is.

- Same goes for keiki's Pediatrician. She cannot believe how we feed keiki when she asks about it. The only thing she says is that "I guess we can't argue with your results." That being said, I've had to continuously resist her recommendations to give keiki all sorts of vaccines (they want to give keiki 3 or 4 vaccines in a single sitting at almost every checkup! WTF? No, my child does not need the flu shot, the whooping cough shot, the chickenpox shot and the distemper shot right now...we'll take our chances, thanks!). Same goes for supplementing with fluoride. Why would I want to put that crap into my child?

- Oh yeah, I still sunbathe regularly, and most times keiki sunbathes with me in just a diaper. Keiki has never had a single drop of sunscreen applied. Keiki can frolick in our yard for 2 to 3 hours at mid-day with just a diaper on and has yet to get a sunburn. Ever. Same goes for taking keiki to the beach. Keiki has a perpetual, healthy looking tan (just like daddy! lol). Needless to say, I'm not worried about keiki's vitamin D levels.

- Some paleo purists might ask about whether or not we include intermittent fasting in our lifestyle? For a young child? LOL. I don't know many kids that can go for 6 hours without noticing they might be hungry, but keiki sometimes does. I don't try to force keiki to eat. I just wait until keiki gets hungry. But sometimes, keiki just isn't hungry and occupied with toys and playing around and doesn't think about food for hours on end. Lest anyone think I'm starving the kid, trust me when I tell you, keiki lets me know when it's time to feed the beast! But I  never feed the kid until keiki lets me know it's time. Sometimes I have to feed as soon as keiki wakes up. Other times, we don't have breakfast until keiki has been up for 3-4 hours.

In summary, the guiding principles I try to follow with raising a "Paleo Toddler" are this: Focus on real food, eaten until satiated. Get adequate, regular, mid-day sun exposure to ensure optimal vitamin D levels. Avoid consuming modern day, mass produced, industrialized toxins like vegetable and grain oils, high fructose corn syrup, cereal grains and flour, MSG, and other mass produced, processed food garbage.

It is my personal experience and testimonial that it works for small children as well as it works for adults!

Finally, for all the naysayers, disbelievers, skeptics and cynics who criticized or got offended last year, I will state the following: What works for me and my child may not work for you.

YMMV. N=1 and all that.

You may very well feed your kid soy formula, cereal grains and a vegetarian diet, and you kid may be the picture perfect representation of health. Awesome. I say that in all sincerity!

Perhaps you're lucky or just blessed with great genes.

Or maybe I am just mistaken, deluded and full of shit. Have a look around my archives, you'll see I've been called that a lot. I'm a conspiracy theorist whack-job that hates teh womynz! Why should you care what I have to say?

Move along folks...nothing to see here.

I'll keep on doing what I'm doing, and you can feel free to do what you do.

This is an anonymous blog and I am not trying to sell you or anyone else a damn thing.

I write on this topic, because I'm passionate about diet and nutrition. I was not a healthy baby. I have lifelong health problems for which I now believe are attributed to my poor nutrition as an infant. My keiki is now in the 95%-tile for height. Neither my wife and I were, when we were babies. I anticipate our child is going to grow up much taller and healthier than either of us did.

So far, I've put my hard-gained knowledge and personal experimentation with the Paleo/Primal/Archevore/Weston Price paradigm to the ultimate test - by raising my child on these loose proscriptions based on years of research and self-experimentation. Seems to be working as my child has avoided all of the problems I had when I was a kid.

Keiki is not perfect.

I'm figuring out that the "terrible 2's" applies to "paleo babies" just as much as it does to SAD fed kids. I also think I need to figure out this whole aggravating potty training thing. One other thing...a well fed, healthy kid can still throw wild, dramatic temper tantrums, destroy things and get into quarrels with other children.

I am not a perfect parent.

My kid is not better than yours. (Well...I might actually think so, but that's not the point.)

If you read this and that's what you take away from it, than please, go work on your reading comprehension and quit jumping to conclusions.

Offended? Good.

I believe I've gained some important experiences and knowledge, and share them with teh interwebz to help those who are interested and see the value in discussing the whole "Primal/Paleo" lifestyle. This is just my $.02

None of this should EVER be taken seriously. Feed your kids what the Doctors, Pediatricians and American Medical Establishment tells you to! It's your fault if you try any of what this blogger relates here and your kid turns out mysteriously well nourished and healthy!

(I think our Pediatrician thinks I'm lying when I tell her what we feed the kid).

For those interested in reading up on the sorts of things I've used as guidelines, here are some of the readings I found helpful for me:

Dr. Art Ayers Cooling Inflammation blog. Great blog overall, but this particular post discussing gut flora and the role it plays in digestion and nutrient absorption...and how infant formula fucks it all up, is a very important one - Why Discuss Mother's Milk?

The Weston Price Foundation has a wealth of knowledge on Infant Nutrition as well.

Peggy's the Primal Parent blog is also a great n=1 account regarding infant pre and post natal nutrition topics.

And I just discovered another good blog from Dr. Chris Kresser. You can check out his "paleo baby" advice here:

And of course, the place were I send anyone and everyone that always asks me about "my special diet," Mark's Daily Apple is the starting point I refer all to.

For those about to have babies or seek to improve the diet of your kids, good luck!

Now I'm off to take "Paleo Toddler" outside to get some mid-day sunshine...

"Sun is Shining..the weather is sweet!"


Randy M said...

Hi Keoni. Interesting timing, I was just wondering how your paleo baby was doing the other day. My wife and I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. When our oldest was born we'd never heard of paleo/primal, but fearing allergies that ran in the wife's family we were raising them wheat free from the get go, along with an avoidance of processed junk of all sorts. We've also let them breastfeed as long as they like, alongside solids at 9 months, so they've certainly never been on low fat diets. After finding Mark's site and some others from you about a year ago, we've been moving ourselves more primal as well. Our girls are bright, healthy, and usually well-behaved.

It's funny though how often my wife tells me of feeding her friends children fresh vegetables and hearing from the parents "Oh, you can give it to them, but they'll never eat that." and then the children devour it all, the parents say, "Wow, all they eat at home is [brand name processed junk]"

may said...

Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

But we humans never had the possibility to eat "paleo", during our lives. 200 years ago people didnt buy meat because they couldnt afford it. Paleo is capitalism.

It's only now during super capitalism that people can buy meat every day, because we live under the age of oil. What happens when the oil runs out?

Carnivore said...

Great update. Good for you and your family. In a few years, this will be you and paleo teen:

Care to elaborate on your vaccine stance? Did you decide none at all? Did you go back to an earlier (e.g. 1960, 1950) vaccination schedule?

Keoni Galt said...

It's funny though how often my wife tells me of feeding her friends children fresh vegetables and hearing from the parents "Oh, you can give it to them, but they'll never eat that." and then the children devour it all, the parents say, "Wow, all they eat at home is [brand name processed junk]"

Yes, I've had that exact same experience more than a few times.

But we humans never had the possibility to eat "paleo", during our lives. 200 years ago people didnt buy meat because they couldnt afford it. Paleo is capitalism.

Actually, Paleo is anti-corporatist. It's boycotting the mass produced, industrialized, processed feed products of "Big Agriculture." Paleo is nothing more than sourcing traditional foods from the natural environment. Whether that food was then traded, sold or communally shared has nothing to do with "being Paleo." Capitalism, communism, fascism, socialism...economic systems for the exchange or distribution of services has almost nothing to do with eating "Paleo."

But you know that, you're just trolling.

Care to elaborate on your vaccine stance? Did you decide none at all? Did you go back to an earlier (e.g. 1960, 1950) vaccination schedule?

Measles, mumps, polio and one other I can't think of at the moment...and no more than one single vaccine at any given appointment.

Anonymous said...

No i'm not trolling. But it's great fun to see you write ad hominem arguments to me. Really great for you.

"We are told that when our ape-like ancestors were evolving into humans, they did so by meat-eating."

"This argument is wrong. It is anti-Christian. It is also anti-Darwinist. It takes something very special to violate the premises of both Christianity and Darwinism. You must have a very large epistemological gullet to swallow this argument. "

"The carnivorous society has become possible in the West in just three generations, not 50,000 years. "

Why not call me a troll? And then see your little toddler die of a heartattack when he is 13years old.

Keoni Galt said...

I'm a huge fan of Gary North's work. Doesn't mean I agree with everything he writes.

I eat a "paleo" diet because, after three score and ten years (Psalm 90:10), weight stays on longer and with greater tenacity. By eliminating carbohydrates, I control my weight.

Paleo is not "eliminating carbohydrates." Straw man argument.

Men in primitive conditions barely survived on meat. They lived in small groups. The division of labor was low. Trade was low. Everyone worried about where the next meal is coming from. The next meal could run.

Where is this place Mr. North refers to? Certainly not Hawaii...where the stone age people built fishponds and raised taro, breadfruit, banana (CARBS!) and chickens dogs and pigs, as well as the abundance of foods they could harvest from the sea.

North refers to "meat" as the current practice of CAFO feedlots making cheap meat available.

Most "Paleo" adherents are opposed to CAFO meat. Free range, grass fed meat.

Why not call me a troll? And then see your little toddler die of a heartattack when he is 13years old.


Keoni Galt said...

More from Gary North: The paleos invoke Darwinism.

Not this "paleo."

I invoke Dr. Weston Price.

Amy said...

We take more of a WAP real foods approach in our home rather than strict paleo, but it works for us. Cutting out the sugar demon, except for occasional treats like ice cream or birthday cake at parties, has immensely helped my almost-4-year old be more calm throughout the day. Oh, she still has temper tantrums and resists bedtime occasionally. What I mean is her ability to control her movements has improved. Is this a maturity thing? I don't know, but what I've observed is:

1) when she would eat sugary food of any kind in very large quantities, her ability to control her impulses to kick, scream, and hit was near gone
2) after eating large quantities of sugar, especially after dinner, she would have great difficulty settling down into any activity other than running in circles, or settling down for bed
3) after large quantities of sugar, she would scream for more and cry until she was almost choking - it was exactly like looking at an addict desperate for another hit (something I've seen in my past career life)

So I worked on weaning her off the sugar, bit by bit. We throw away candy when it's given as a gift. I have always loved cooking, so boxed and processed foods were never much in the house, but anything with added sugar, corn syrup, or synthetics went out the door. We switched to no-sugar almond butter, I make my own sourdough breads and pizza crusts, and she eats potatoes and yams in small quantities along with venison, fish, and chicken. More slowly absorbed fruit sugars don't seem to affect her the same way as candy or cookies do, so she eats apples and bananas and really loves pears (after my own heart).

Since she is older and of an age to help in the kitchen, I involve her in food prep as much as possible and it has done wonders in getting her to eat omelettes and quiche, hamburgers, meat loaf, and her veggies.

Her younger sister did not start eating solids until almost 10 months of age, and I BF'd both until one year old, but with Younger Sister I just restricted straight sugar from the start. She still wants it when she can get it, but doesn't ask for it or notice when it's gone. Her eating habits at almost-2 are very good compared to her cousins, who seem to live on a steady diet of Girl Scout cookies and boxed mac 'n cheese (it's what they are eating every time we visit, I wonder if they get anything else).

We do eat bread and legumes but I've nixed pasta except for some occasional brown rice pasta, and soba noodles - they've not taken to soba yet but we have it maybe 3 or 4 times a year so it's not a staple in the home. Overall, the "real food" and lowering sugar approach has helped my oldest be more stable.

And your point about feeding on cue is so critical to helping kids have good eating habits. Time enough to get them on a schedule and get used to eating with the family at appointed times. We should all pay such close attention to our hunger cues, sometimes I go without dinner just because I am not hungry. No sense forcing myself (or the kids) to eat. It can lead to disordered patterns down the road.

Will we ever go full paleo? I don't know. Husband still loves his daily sammies and I confess to enjoying pizza enough to make it once or twice a month for dinner. But mostly, we're meat and veggies and fruit with yogurt and cheese thrown in, and it isn't hurting us one bit. I think doing personal QC of your ingredients is the best first start down the road to better health, and then following elimination protocols if you find other problems cropping up in your health or behavior. You know yourself (and your kids) best. Let that intuition be your guide.

Great blog BTW, found it when Mark linked to "Paleo Baby" a year ago and it's been an interesting read.

Wp said...


great article, don't let the anon trolls deter you from posting more about your n=1 baby experiences... its definitely something i plan to refer to when i have kids of my own.

Also, not sure if you've seen, but i came across an article (i think it was robbwolf?) that claims the fear of mercury (at least from wild fish) for pregnant women is overblown. thought that might be helpful to you and your wife should you try for paleo baby #2!

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Amy.

Wp - why yes, I have the very topic queued up for a post in the near future...and that article was Chris Kresser, and he got the info from a research agency here in Hawaii.

We eat so much fish here in HI, if the whole "mercury will kill you if you eat to much fish!" meme were true, we'd have a mass mercury poisoning cases for sure.

The whole scare thing never really convinced me...especially since raw fish is almost a staple for us Hawaiians. Then I read Kresser's piece and it all makes sense - yes many of our most favorite fish have mercury - but if they also have the right amount of selenium in the fish, it neutralizes the mercury.

David said...

This Anonymous commenter is wrong in trying to imply that Gary North thinks capitalism is going to die off when oil runs out. He actually argues the the long term free markets are going to provide more goods and services than now. So even more people will be able to eat paleo in the future.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed a difference in the width of the nose of your child compared to your wife and yourself? Price noticed that traditional people's noses were not pinched, that they did not need to breath through the mouth.

Siobhan said...


Great site! I'm trying to find an email address to contact you on to ask if you would please consider adding a link to my website. I'd really appreciate if you could email me back.

Thanks and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Prior to the industrial revolution most people survived on family farms eating real meat. Trolls think modern civilisation is all that has ever existed since earth was created

Anonymous said...

Hey! something that you didn't mention that I have curiosity on is the weight an height of the toddler, also his strenght etc. compared to other children of his age

have a great day!

. said...

Hi HL, Rob here.

Hey, I sent you two e-mails to the address you gave to me a while back, but I haven't heard back from you... are we missing each-other?

I was kinda hoping to discuss some stuff with you. My e-mail is robfedders(at) - I get a lot of spam there, like 15 or 20 a day, so maybe I missed you or accidentally put you into the spam folder. I noticed another e-mail in the spam folder that was actually real one... I'll keep an eye on it over the next while.

Doug said...

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say keep up the good work.

PortlandAllan said...

"Keiki has never had a single drop of sunscreen applied. Keiki can frolick in our yard for 2 to 3 hours at mid-day with just a diaper on and has yet to get a sunburn. Ever. Same goes for taking keiki to the beach. Keiki has a perpetual, healthy looking tan"

You are a native Hawaiian, yes? Your wife too?

Me and mine, of Nordic stock, would burn like a lobster in 30 minutes of mid-day sun, and that's at better than 45 degrees of latitude On the other hand, our neighbor has adopted a Marshallese boy. They put a little bit of sun screen on him at the beginning of swim season, but I think mostly it's because all the other parents are doing it. After a couple weeks, when it gets to be enough of a chore, they stop with the bother. I don't think he could sun-burn here if he tried, and certainly not under any normal, playing outside circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Keoni, fine post. One remark though, about yout toddler's teeth. As a rule, milk teeth are usually straight and evenly spaced. My girlfriend is a dentist assistent and she pointed this out to me. The permanent teeth is yet a completely different picture. Weston Price mainly checked children between 8 and 16 (the school classes), after the permanent teeth were formed, and adults, to verify on the permanents. He noticed the ones feeding on natural ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, eggs, meat, raw milk, fruit, nuts and seeds had their teeth indeed beautifully formed and evenly spaced, with broad dental arches. The percentage of caries was around 3% max (and most did not brush their teeth like we do in our time!). The ones feeding on on sugar, canned foods, polished rice, and refined factory food (the stuff taking up way over half of what is on the shelf in your supermarket) had them crooked, cramped for space, with narrow dental arches, and a percentage of caries up to 30%. I write this for the ones that haven't read Price's magnificent book.
Keep on going with your writing. You have stories to tell!

Anonymous said...

I cam across your original post right after i had my son. He has just turned 1, we try to maintain a paleo-ish diet.
I was just thinking he has been eating to much fruit latley and have been trying to mix things up a bit. I came back here to see if had posted anything new, and voila, you have !!

Keep up the awesome job you are doing :)

Keoni Galt said...

You are a native Hawaiian, yes? Your wife too?

Me and mine, of Nordic stock, would burn like a lobster in 30 minutes of mid-day sun, and that's at better than 45 degrees of latitude

No, my wife is not Hawaiian, and I'm only part. While my skin is darker than most pure white folks like yourself, it's still pretty fair. I can pass for a white guy when I'm not tanned.

The point about sun tanning without sunscreen is to build up a tolerance to mid-day sun exposure. Sure you couldn't handle 30 minutes now...start out at 10 - 15 minutes. After a week or so of regular exposure, start increasing your time. Eventually you'll get there. This is exactly what I did with my fair-skinned baby. The first month of mid-day sunbathing was only for 10 - 15 minutes. I gradually increased the time over MONTHS.

The most important thing is to pay careful attention to your skin and avoid over-exposure. Everyone has a different burning point. Find out yours and avoid it. You'll be able to increase your time under the sun without burning.

S said...

Really interesting to hear about Paleo baby again!
I was just wondering how you went ahead with the breastfeeding. I know in the paleo community some (I'm thinking of Chris Kresser) suggest to breastfeed for at least two years but to start feeding solids after 6 months.

Anonymous said...

You probably couldn't find a better example of the Paleo diet than the Inuit of northern Canada up until about 50 years ago. Meat and fat were the most significant parts of their diet. They were also noteworthy for having perfect teeth.

Heathre said...

Have you heard of the GAPS Diet?

Jordan said...

Great stuff man. I'd been wondering what was going on with the little one.

Heathre said...

@Anonymous: No one diet is perfect for all. The best diet is as local, seasonal, organic as possible. That's why some people in one country eat a lot of meat, and are healthy. While others in another country eat very little meat and are healthy.

mmaier2112 said...

Just curious: Do you feed your babies anything that you wouldn't readily eat yourself?

Anonymous said...

This argument is wrong. It is anti-Christian. It is also anti-Darwinist. It takes something very special to violate the premises of both Christianity and Darwinism. You must have a very large epistemological gullet to swallow this argument. "

"The carnivorous society has become possible in the West in just three generations, not 50,000 years. "

Why not call me a troll? And then see your little toddler die of a heartattack when he is 13years old.

mmaier2112 said...

So just ANY retard can post here, eh?

Teja said...

"The carnivorous society has become possible in the West in just three generations, not 50,000 years. "

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Joshua_D said...

Great post. Great blog. I totally understand where you are coming from and I look forward to the journey. My wife and I have been on the WAP diet for almost a year now, and our results speak for themselves.

We still eat plenty of home-made whole grain bread. Of course, we buy actual whole grains and grind them, etc. but I'm becoming more and more open to the idea of limiting our /bread grain intake. Baby steps ...

I won't go into detail, but we have pretty much started on the same path: local grass feed meat, raw fresh milk (cow or goat), pastured eggs, plenty of good butter, coconut oil, etc. No white sugar, vegetable oil, processed foods, junk food, fast food, etc.

We sunbath as well.


Our two kids, 3 and eight months, are healthy, well behaved, intelligent, strong, good looking ... everything I want to see in them. And, I believe they will have a healthier life than I have had (I used to get sick all the time). Can I get and Amen?!?

God is good.

Unknown said...

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Sarah said...

Please post more about a healthy paleo pregnancy!

Keoni Galt said...


What more is there to say? My child is 2 years old now...

Check out Peggy, the Primal Parent's blog. She's been a paleo adherent for years now, and is currently pregnant and blogging about it.

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