Monday, January 21, 2013

Debt Slavery Inc.

Gone our the days of outright, in your face, open and unashamed slavery. We no longer live in a society where humans are bought and sold like cattle at open markets. We no longer live with the spectacle of an overlord freely and openly punishing and killing their slaves with physical brutality.

In the USSA Inc., we have the 13th amendment.

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

THEY have taken note of J.W. von Geothe's observation on the institution of slavery and adjusted their strategies.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." 

 The current form of slavery we all get to enjoy in today's Brave New World Order, is Voluntary Servitude. As Benjamin Franklin once noted: "If you are in debt, you are a slave to that debt."

I good analogy for understanding this system would be to visualize a 3 tiered pyramid. THEY, our 21st century Overlords, reside at the top of the structure.

THEY are the Bankers.

The Owners of the Federal Reserve System.

Banksters, all identified by the following designation: TOO BIG TO FAIL.

The next two tiers are composed of two different forms of slavery. The Usury Serfs aka the working class, and the larger base of this infernal pyramid, the Dependency Herds.

If, at the end of the fiscal tax year, if you file your returns and receive a refund that is equal to or greater than the income tax with held from your pay throughout the year than you have avoided the Usury Enslavement System run by the IRS for that year. But as a worker making income in the private sector, you're probably still enslaved in some other shape or form...namely by having a mortgage, business loan, student loan, auto loans, outstanding credit card debt etc.

If you avoided the enslavement of the IRS Usury Enslavement, THEY still most likely own a pound of your flesh via the Federal Reserve Fiat-Usury Cartel.

The members of this cartel are easily recognized. ANY Bank or credit union, both National and local, that has the FDIC assurance posted on it's premises is a cartel member.

This is the ultimate truth of our banking system in the USSA Inc. All these cartel members have the power to create debt on the books (aka fiat currency + fractional reserve banking) to profit off of the usury of 21st century serfdom.

This is the genius of the top tier of the pyramid system. If they don't get their pound of flesh from we the sheeple via the IRS tax collection, they still have us working to pay off the usurious interest to their cartel members.

And just who owns the Federal Reserve System? Corporate mass media, mainstream economists and Academia would have us believe the Fed is a "quasi-Governmental" agency. Nope. The Federal Reserve is a private, Zero Liability Corporation (another way to describe "Too Big to Fail").

It's stock is owned by the member banks...the Fiat-Usury Cartel we call "teh Banking System."

They admit as much at the Fed's own website:

The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system, are organized much like private corporations--possibly leading to some confusion about "ownership." For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company.

It may be "different" than owning stock in a private company, nevertheless the truth is right there for all to see.

Member banks own the stocks of the Federal Reserve System. Any Bank with that FDIC sign displayed on the establishment is in fact a stock owner.

Note the re-frame of the Federal Reserve's website description of who owns this evil institution. The question is "WHO OWNS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS" not "Is the ownership stock of the Federal Reserve different from regular private company stock?"

The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.

Whatever qualifiers or restrictions THEY claim make Federal Reserve stock "different" matters not. The member banks don't care about making profit off of the stock. No, this stock is simply a certificate of membership into their exclusive cartel. Mere profits from stock ownership is not the game THEY are playing here.

The cartel member is then empowered to "create" debt to loan out to anyone who volunteers to sign up for their Usury enslavement scheme.

Many folks are under the impression that our current system is one of socialist redistribution of tax money. Not so. Everyone knows the Federal Government has been running on a budget deficit for years.

 Every single thing the Federal Government has decided to fund since the Federal Reserve was instituted, has been paid for by the Fiat Debt-Usury Creation system. The Fed "sells" T-bills and other "monetary instruments" on the international market of Central Bank owned Governments to "create" the cash it then supplies the Government to run all of it's programs, organizations and bureaucracies.

Every single dollar created this way bears interest owed to the Federal Reserve System and the Central Banks around the globe that hold the T-bills for future redemption.

Put simply, we owe the Bankers interest on the "money" they create to pay for everything the Federal Government funds in it's annual budget, you know, the annual budget that is nearly always in the red.

Think of it like this. Our entire society is set up like a household, in which we have $100,000 a year income, but we spend 1,000,000 a year via credit cards and loans to maintain the lifestyle we've become accustomed to.

What else do you call a system in which you can never pay off your debts, you can only borrow more and more to keep running your household, forever paying off "servicing this debt?"

This is hidden slavery at it's finest. Goethe was right. The average person paying interest to Fiat Usury Cartel members and/or paying taxes to the IRS, is a Debt Slave.

Anyone who pays taxes, is paying them to service the debt to the Federal Reserve System. Thus, we are enslaved to the Bankers...but see, we have a "democracy" and we all vote for representation. Therefore this future debt enslavement is VOLUNTARY.

Aren't you glad the 13th amendment outlawed involuntary servitude?

Oh wait....don't tell that to a divorced parent forced to pay child support after a no fault divorce...but I digress.

It's important remember another thing about this system: the taxes you as a Usury Serf pay, are not simply transferred  to the entitlements paid out to the dependent class. How can that be when every single year the Government spends far more to fund everything way above and beyond what it collects from the Usury Serfs in taxation?

In other words, the Federal Reserve SELLS the promise of the future work and production of we the sheeple, the Usury Serfs of USSA Inc. It sells the future production of the Usury Serf class to China and other country's Central Banks who buy US T-Bills, as well as the T-bills the Fed itself holds.

The sheeple in the Dependent Herds have numerous brands on them to identify which entitlement program THEY at the top of the Pyramid use to administer their dependence.

Here are a few of the brands they have burned into them so you can identify the type of sheeple inhabiting your proximity in the 21st century Goblal Feedlot:


In other words, any person who is  dependent on  receiving entitlement benefits, or has a job with a salary and benefits, or who exists by grants or some other form of Federal Government spending program, all belong to the Dependent Herds.*

In this sense, all of the Departments (Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security etc.) at the Federal level that are filled with bureaucrats, lobbyists & appointees, so-called "Czars," their staff, etc.; and yes all members of every branch of the military services.

All of these people get their money to sustain their lifestyles that they become accustomed to from the same source as the single mother head of household on the WIC and EBT programs - the institutions at the top of the pyramid. And as previously noted, that money is created as the promises of payment on future production of the Usury Serf class.

Oh, and let us not forget that when it comes to disbursing some of these entitlement programs, the Federal Government also pays the Banksters to administer the infrastructure and network for the EBT program.

As the debt ceiling keeps getting raised and raised every year by the Donkeys and Pachyderms in Congress with the rubber stamp of the Executive Branch, the Usury Serf class gets squeezed harder and harder to service the interest on the debts created to fund the Government and it's entitlement programs.

We are approaching an economic death spiral, which will likely end in the complete destruction of the Usury serf class - aka "the Great American Middle Class."

Hello my fellow debt slave in our Brave New World Order.

Shall we get back to work now? After all, we have all this debt that needs servicing!


Anonymous said...

Use Bitcoin instead of debt money.

Anonymous said...

Uh, when the Fed makes a profit (and they do, about $100 billion a year) they remit it to the US Treasury at the end of the year. If the banksters "own the Fed" they do a pretty bad job of it.

Keonji Galt said...

The point of owning the Fed is not to "make a profit."

It's to have the power to institute Fiat-Usury enslavement of the populace.

Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yr said...

I thought inflation occurred because of a rise in population and GDP. Essentially more people with fewer goods means the goods will cost more.

More to the point - I think a lot of what you're talking about is why many people have turned their monopoly money into commodities. And I'm not talking gold and silver - I mean guns, ammo, food, and supplies.

Savings rates are still high however - mostly because the majority of people don't buy into the hype and think that keeping their money in the bank means they'll be able to buy what they need when the time comes. The thing is that when the time comes, you'll have a lot of people holding a lot of money and not quite so many people holding guns, ammo, food, supplies, etc.

Invest in something useful today.

Unknown said...

Great post Keoni! You nailed it as usual.

The more I read about how screwed we are, the more I fear for myself and family. So many great unknowns that we the "sheeople" can do nothing about.

At some point, there is going to come a terrible, terrible recession/depression. I would love to say that it will naturally right all our woes; and we can then pick up the pieces!

Sadly, as you know, these economic disasters are purely man made. The inevitable outcome was pre-ordained from those at the top. The only we, as the American men we are and our forefathers were; is to get ourselves off the debt model as much as possible.

I have noticed though that every time I get there something comes up? It would be interesting to see if the banks have written into the codes of their internet banking systems to identify which of their serfs have come upon money; and thus see if they can naturally entice us into new debts? IF we don't go willingly, I wonder if this information is not passed onto government officials of some sort to officiate a conundrum so they get more.

A great example is Casino winners getting "free" rooms, food, and service to entice them to stay and blow it all away on the casino again as they WILL NEVER w3in again. One must keep in mind that this is merely a rat race for the realistic equivalent of "legal tendered" monopoly money!

Essentially, once you get going; there must be some identifier in place to assassinate your progress. For NC dads, this is done naturally by brutal custodial moms obviously. For those of us who have caught wind of the trap; and avoided it all together they must realize Uncle Sam is none to pleased with their progress and lack of tax paying their "fair share."

At some point, you get yourself off the meat wagon, and go Galt on your own. However, I think this will be a dynamic issue of government as the mens movement gets larger. They are going to try and make us fall. The system has been around for millenia! White knights have fallen to women forever, and bankers can ill afford to lose their greatest source of fiat revenue; namely unscrupulous women.

At some point, we as men will need to reclaim our country; President Andrew Jackson is a name sake for us to look at; as he is the last to fell a National Bank in our country; the Rothschild of yesteryear. Now it is the Rothschild s of the modern era, and since 1913 they have been running us ragged with engineered controlled chaos of their own invention to keep us bottled; and producing like good little serfs.

As their great name sake had been quoted: "Give me a nation's finances, and I care not who the people elect." Something like that?

Eventually we need to find a way to get individual sovereignty isolated again; it just pains me that it will last for a day and we will lose it due to lack of organizational skill in such large numbers.

There is a reason power is maintained by the few!

*** ******** said...

watch "The International".

Mike said...

I think the idea is to create sufficient inflation, read asset bubble, to pay off the National debt. But we have lost control, I mean 16 trillion and counting and counting. The government has lost control. The next step will be the fed monetizing the federal government and then repudiating said debt. Somehow or another, this either leads to crippling austerity, read self reliance, or outright monetization and a destroyed middle class. Keoni thinks the latter, and I agree.

dannyfrom504 said...

was watching discover and a dude was bow hunting javalinas in texas.

one more year, that'll be me. he field dressed it an all.

i IMMEDIATELY said, "damn keoni needs to watch this."

Anonymous said...

I sent a copy of this article to my uncle, who's a shepherd in Missouri. He wrote me this morning and told me that he awoke to find his whole flock gathered around his door, and his ram holding a sealed envelope in its mouth. This is what was in the envelope:

"To Mr. Keoni Galt on behalf of the proud flock at Wooly Acres Ranch, greetings.

'While we find your blog posts highly instructive, we must strongly protest against your repeated use of the derogatory term 'sheeple'. To compare the moronic, useless, and parasitical Ameroboob to a valuable farm animal is degrading to livestock everywhere.

'As someone who advocates Paleo-diet, you must realize that the mutton, milk, and cheese we provide is of far more value than ANYTHING the average American produces. This is not to mention the wool we provide---and we are friendly on the environment too. Our owner Mr C--- has never owned a lawn mower on account of our grazing habits.

'Unlike Americans, we produce for our feed.

'Not only that, but we are proud to boast that, not only is abortion and divorce unknown among our ewes, but last year's lambing season was one of the best on record.

'Please take these concerns into consideration...Sincerely, 'The Flock'.

You know what, Keoni? I think they might have a point!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but when I own something and it makes money then I keep the money.

I'm not sure what fiat usury enslavement is.

But I know what ownership looks like.

The US Treasury gets the check every year, not the banksters.

OCS said...

That bondage can't last forever. The antagonists at the top want to maintain status quo to keep the corrupt system gushing in their favor, but their actions will ultimately be their downfall. Nations rise; nations fall, but sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a massive fall to wake up the sheeple and follow the Shepherd rather than the Butcher. It's like History's Cosine of Consequences.

Oh, and this is a bit OT, but Mr. Keoni, what do you think of the kana'iolowalu movement that's happening with the Native Hawaiians and their desire for their own self-governance?

On the one hand I gotta admire citizens' right to self-determination and their exercise thereof (it calls to mind that secession of states on the mainland), but on the other hand I'm not so sure how that will work out. Being part native Hawaiian myself I am, for lack of a better term, hesitant.

Keoni Galt said...

- Eric: Now that was funny! lol

-Anon: I'm not sure what fiat usury enslavement is.

The banking cartel in this country - the Federal Reserve System and ALL banks that are members (the FDIC insured banks, both National and local) have the power to "create" debt out of thin air and charge a person interest - aka usury - on that debt created out of nothing.

When you have enough debt to the point where you cannot ever hope to pay off the principle, and are simply stuck "servicing" the debt, you are essentially enslaved.

This is precisely where we are at with the National Debt. Google up the National debt and look at how much of that is "Intragovernmental Debt." That's the code word for how much we the sheeple (sorry Eric's Uncle's flock!) owe the Federal Reserve system in debt for their "money creating services."

The US Treasury gets the check every year, not the banksters.

And what do you think the US Treasury does when it gets the check? It "Services the Debts" to the banksters.

OCS - Never heard of kana'iolowalu before. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a bank, and I can loan you money and charge you interest. Is that wrong? usurious?

When you can't pay back the principle, you're bankrupt not enslaved.

If you can't get out of the debt through bankruptcy you're still not enslaved. No one can force you to do anything. The 13th ammendment stops that. Sure they can garnish wages or grab, but that's not without limits. That's hardly slavery. Hyperbole won't serve your interests.

The debt to the Fed, is Treasury bonds (obligations of the US Treasury) that the Fed has bought, and paid for with Dollars (obligations of the US Treasury, since the Treasury must accept them for tax payments). It's a wash.

If the Treasury uses dollars to pay the debt held by the Fed, those dollars are just going back to the Treasury again, as you agreed. The Fed and the Treasury are the same thing.

You need to think more about these things. I applaud your courageousness in "taking the red pill" with regards to human relations.

Now it's time to think deeply and understand how the financial system really works.

Keoni Galt said...

I'm not a bank, and I can loan you money and charge you interest. Is that wrong? usurious?

Yes, that's usurious. Charging interest for a loan is the very definition. Is it wrong? Depends on your belief. Personally, I have a great distaste for usury. For any family or friend who needed to borrow $$ from me, I'd loan it to them and at no interest. If I thought they wouldn't pay me back, or I couldn't afford to lend it, than I'd simply turn it down. But charge interest? Never.

When you can't pay back the principle, you're bankrupt not enslaved.

The point is when you can't ever possibly pay back the principle and are stuck in perpetuity making your interest payments...aka "servicing your debt," you are in effect, enslaved. Hello US National Debt.

The 13th ammendment stops that. Sure they can garnish wages or grab, but that's not without limits. That's hardly slavery. Hyperbole won't serve your interests. You're missing my point. The 13th amendment outlawed INVOLUNTARY servitude. My point is that we now live in a society for which VOLUNTARY servitude is the norm, and that it is done in plain sight, yet most don't recognize it for what it is. By presenting us with the illusion of "choice" in our 2 party Democracy, if you vote, you are assenting to your slavery - aka perpetually servicing the interest on our national debt.

The debt to the Fed, is Treasury bonds (obligations of the US Treasury) that the Fed has bought, and paid for with Dollars (obligations of the US Treasury, since the Treasury must accept them for tax payments). It's a wash. It's not a wash, because every single dollar "printed" by the Fed, is done so at a charge of interest. That interest is a part of the National Debt we taxpayers are liable for.

That's where much of our tax money goes to...servicing this debt.

The Fed and the Treasury are the same thing.

Not even close. The Federal Reserve is owned by stock-holding member banks. The Banks OWN the Federal Reserve. The Fed itself admits so - qualifiers stating that it's not the "same" as owning private company stock notwithstanding.

Now anonymous, I've resolved for awhile now to not get involved in online debates here or anywhere with unknown entities, and I've kept to it pretty well - but you're debate here has been done in a respectable manner, and I don't think you're doing so in bad faith or for ulterior motives.

I also see this disagreement as a constructive means of trying to clarify the point I'm trying to make here.


Anonymous said...

Anon & Keoni:
Also bear in mind that these same banking/mafia enterprises also (illegally/unconstitutionally) speculate in the Currency Exchange. They loan dollars and then charge interest at the rate of a devalued dollar. You never pay back the debt; and many lenders also impose 'prepayment penalties' to insure that they can can continue the scam.

Mike said...

Servicing the debt...the fed has cut interest rates to zero. The current scheme is to get us to turn every purchase in our lives into an installment payment.

This is a desperation moment, meant to pass the time until we are no longer under water on our mortgages and we can take out equity lines.

Ponzi economics, or the minute the shark stops swimming it dies. No new debt, no one to buy your house, supply overwhelms demand, all assets collectively decline to near zero. 2008 All over again!

Keoni whats your POV on 16 trillion in keynesian spending/debt? Is the fed going to blow a bubble in equities while the actual economy stagnates? Fascinating watching pure bs in motion.

Keoni Galt said...

As long time readers of this blog know, I wear the "conspiracy theory tin foil hat."

THEY are deliberately creating the current economic mess so as to destroy the dollar for the time when a one world currency can be introduced.

Based on this long view of the actions THEY are taking, my POV on the "Qualitative Easing I - II - III - IV - V - VI.....however many it takes to cause hyperinflation and blow the US economy into smithereens.

THEY are easing is right into the Brave New World Order of Global Governance.

But that's just a theory. lozlzolzolzol

Mike said...


It's not just the US who is quantitative easing until Hyper Inflation hits. The Japanese are now easing until inflation hits 2 percent. The UK has recently stopped their qe endeavors. Europe is QE'ing their way out of crippling debt.

To these eyes, we have socialism sprouting it's nasty wings everywhere, worldwide.

I have always though sans government hand outs, people wanting would be forced to move back in with their parents, brothers, sisters, relatives etc.

That the local churches would step in with charity. We would take care of our own.

What I see before me is a top down government which leads to us all being strangers under the crushing and unknowable will of a central government.

And it never ends. I live in Jersey, and am appalled that the 60 billion dollar tax increase just went pay for a pork and baloney 60 billion aid to help with Sandy relief. Great, let's encourage more building along the shore line. Lesson never learned, ever.

Less a conspiracy nut, but the inevetable is growth in government to a world wide scale. We agree with that.

Still can't believe we have 16 trillion, qe infinity, and they are raising the debt ceiling again. Maybe your conclusion is correct, this is the deliberate trajectory to ruin our economy/values, ala Japan today.

Peacemaker said...

I've been debt-free for years. It's liberating. Now, if only I could avoid taxes...

PortlandAllan said...

Kind of late on this post, but hopefully a few people will be subscribed to the comments. Karl D. has a number of blog posts, and in fact, has written a book on the difference between fiat-credit coming from the TPTB and traditional lending of one's surplus capital to another at a mutually agreed interest rate.

The difference should be obvious. In the former the rich get richer as they have first access to the fiat which has been created without any corresponding increase in items of value. Indeed they use the fiat to buy things of value ahead of everyone else. As the fiat trickles down and out, those lower in the economic are forced to buy those items of value at mark-up from those that were able to buy first.

In the latter case, someone has created something of value, saved the surplus and is now loaning that surplus to someone else that is intending to create more things of value and create an even greater surplus. In this case the economic pie is growing. In the former case, the pie is the same size, but some are getting a bigger piece ahead of everyone else.

Here's Karl's most recent post on the topic, but he has dozens in his archives.