Saturday, January 26, 2013

Have A Cigar

Welcome to the Machine

As I've unplugged from the mainstream mass media years ago, I now find myself only hearing about the latest current events from the commentary and amateur reporting of the pajama's brigade on the fringes of teh Interwebz.

For instance, I didn't watch a single second of news footage about the Sandy Hook false flag even - not even YouTube vids.

I didn't listen to a single Clear Channel or NPR pundit's take on the matter, nor did I read a single mainstream mass media publications "reportage" either. Not any magazines, nor any newspaper, nor their affiliated websites.

I already know what the story was about as soon as I saw the blogosphere's reaction to the mass media narrative and account of the event.

THEY are coming for teh gunz of WeTheSheeple.

Likewise, after I logged on to Dalrock's this morning to indulge my daily readings with my coffee, I now see The US war machine has decided that teh Womynz can now have equal opportunity to participate in combat operations in war zones, just like teh Menz.

I also see Mr. Price's first reaction to this is to call for equality in Selective Service Registration. Excellent rhetoric for metaphorically hanging of the feminist by their own petard. And of course, the commentary all throughout the MAndrosphere is either concerned with shadenfraude - "Let the bitches find out what we men have always known: WAR IS HELL!"; or with the idea that the only reason we did not have women forced by law to register with SS, was due to the former prohibition of women in combat. Now that this no longer applies, it's time to sign up all teh Gurlz for the draft, too!

I say the answer for SS "selective service" is the same one we need for SS "socialist security" - end it, don't mend it! But I digress.

The most amusing reactions to me, come from the folks who express shock and outrage at the new policy, and the effect it will have on the combat effectiveness of our troops. Especially the military and former military members reacting to this news. The frame seems to be the following: That the Military Brass is simply STOOOPID and naive at worst, or simply gummed up by all the red tape of an immense, bureaucratcic organization at best.

"Don't they realize they are screwing up the US military's chance at VICTORY!?!?!?"

Meh.. It's the exact same play from the social engineer's playbook they've been using on Marriage.

Don't you know that allowing teh Gayz to marry would DESTROY this sacred institution? Pay no attention to how Divorce and Family Courts have already destroyed Heteroz's all about teh Gayz!!!!

Make no mistake about it. The politicians of our "civilian controlled military" are not corrupting the military solely for the sake of the feminist movement.

That is not the name of this game.

"Let me tell you the name of the game boy...they call it riding the gravy train!"

We must remember that ever since 2+3=911 day (2 Jets + 3 Towers = NWO), the military industrial complex has been on permanent expansion mode.

Not only is War Big Business, it is THE BIGGEST Big Business in the world.

We are not stationed and fighting all over the globe to "WIN" any war, let alone a War on an Adjective.

We are not fighting to win. We are fighting to keep the gravy train rolling...and it's one hell of a giant gravy train. To WIN brings this lucrative gravy train to a halt.

That is the last thing those giving the orders to the guy in the conductor's booth of the Gravy Train want.

This is why so many things are done to stifle, hamper and hinder the supposedly stated mission of our "global force for good!" While Dalrock is certainly correct in his assessment of feminist and elite motives for emasculating the military to socially engineer the culture and society at large, most people fail to ask the right questions as they rage at the supposed madness and insanity of a war machine hampering itself with such social engineering lunacy.

That is because most are still operating under the mistaken assumption that the military is fighting to win the war and "defend the nation."

THEY learned the lessons of Vietnam well.

Vietnam was just a dry run to refine the techniques for leveraging deliberately instigated military quagmires to realize economies of scale and perpetually expand the mass market for industrial war manufacturing.

THEY have now expanded it's application to "hot spots" all over the Globe.

$$$$ Chaaa-ching!! $$$$ 

In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning...

REMEMBER: If there's a ribbon campaign for it, rest assured THEY are profiting from it in any and every which way possible.


Jack O'Neill said...
This is deeply troubling: an all-volunteer standing army whose junior officer corps is being taught to understand the citizenry as a problem to be solved—by them. We needn't guess who will and who will not be fast-tracked in the, formerly our, Army. You have only to see the intimidating random roadblocks, or smokers standing outside in foul weather, or citizens of both sexes and all ages being invasively searched by TSA goons, or the otherwise puzzling drive to disarm Joe Sixpack to understand what's being assembled in plain sight, why and by whom. And all this at the same time a Plowshares Fund art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif activist has been nominated for Secretary of Defense, an outfit which promises to "third world" the US military.

Anonymous said...

Dalrock and Welmer are both so gynocentric that they can't see the forest for the trees.

Social engineering is only a part of the plan. There has been a concerted effort, from Clinton onwards, to purge men from the military, to the point where today male military suicides exceed those of combat deaths. It has nothing to do with winning wars.

Miltary surveys have shown that 75% of MEN would not fire on US nationals if ordered to do so. Does anybody believe that an all-female military would hestitate? Not for one minute.

Women who've been conditioned to hate men since girlhood; who throw their own babies into abortion mills and their own husbands into the maw of family courts are not going to have any more scruples about butchering American men in cold blood. If this truth offends the NAWALT crowd---too bad, grrlz. You know you'd be right there with 'Team Woman' once the carnage started.

Most of the feminist drone hunting-sprees in the Middle East (designed to stamp out the patriarchal religion of Islam) have been commanded by female officers. This has been their training ground, and it's no accident that the Obamanogs approved this policy just as forces were leaving Afghanistan and Libya.

And now the guns will be turned on the hated American male, just like the Arabian male has been for the last decade. Welcome to the Matriarchy everyone!

Dexter said...

The frame seems to be the following: That the Military Brass is simply STOOOPID and naive at worst, or simply gummed up by all the red tape of an immense, bureaucratcic organization at best.

Hell, no, they are corrupt. They go along with the evil craziness so they will keep their jobs and get promoted.

Not only is War Big Business, it is THE BIGGEST Big Business in the world.

Not really. It is only a small part of any advanced economy.

Believe it or not, the MIC does not want to fight wars. The MIC wants to prepare for war but never actually fight. Defense industry, in particular, hates fighting wars. This is because actual wars drive down procurement of big-ticket items (which is where all the profit is) and instead causes great expenditure on manpower and O&M, which represent no great profit to industry at all.

Right now, what's killing the defense budget is the manpower bill - health care and pensions. The big defense companies HATE that. They get nothing out of it.

Keoni Galt said...

Not only is War Big Business, it is THE BIGGEST Big Business in the world.

Not really. It is only a small part of any advanced economy.

You're thinking solely about the typical Big Ticket Military Industrial Complex Corporations - the arms manufacturer's and other obvious entities.

Nope. Big War involves all entities, public and private that are in part dependent on the war machine for their livelihood. Take it from me, I live on an island thousands of miles away from any of the global hotspots. We also have an economy largely dependent on military spending. At all levels. This is where we are at wide.

The big defense companies HATE that.

Big Defense Co. are only one facet of the M.I.C.

We truly live in a Welfare-Warfare State.

Anonymous said...

This is not a refute or support anything, but some comments on the MIC

Its a handy boogeyman

Hawaii should not be used as a point from which to extrapolate

Show some numbers, just claiming that the MIC is not JUST this or that, and leaving the implication laying that there are tentacles into everything is a bit "inside job" sounding.

Keoni Galt said...

Empath....big picture.

At the first tier, you have every single Armed Forces member who's salary and benefits are paid for by the Federal Government.

At the second tier, you have every single material good used by the personnel, paid for by the Federal Government, purchasing these materials from Big Corporations. This includes EVERYTHING, not just the guns, ammo, tanks, planes etc. Pencils. Paper. Computers. Food. Uniforms. Etc.

Big Oil. Big Ag. Big Pharma.

Big War must have all of the commodities and goods produced by all these Big Businesses.

Big Business aka multi-national corporations who enjoy cartel advantages in their respective markets via Government regulation.

All of these material goods are procured via the Federal Contracting process.

At the third tier, you have all of the workers, small businesses, big businesses and giant corporations that are contracted out for Services. All paid for by the Federal Government.

All of these people, the manufacturers, and the service providers alike profit from the consumption of their goods and services.

War has a way of consuming goods and services much quicker than at times of peace. Thus all those who's business is based on getting paid by the Federal Government for their goods and services profit from the increased demand of their goods and services the perpetual war demands.

Entire careers and personal fortunes and entire economies around the globe are based on keeping the US war machine turning.

Ras Al Ghul said...

Galt and Empath,

You're forgetting the other part of this, which is something Orwell touched on as well. A byproduct of "burning through goods" quicker.

If you want to keep your people impoverished (and dependant) in the system so you can better control them, you have to use your resources and production in something that does not actually create wealth, but destroy it.

And wars do that. A military (while necessary) burns up wealth simply by existing. Just a cops do, just as schools do, lawyers do.

You have to have some of that, but expanding those things (a thicket of criminal laws and regulations, several engagements) burns up more wealth.

For every man (or woman) with a sword, is one less man (or woman) with a plow.

Keoni Galt said...

Well put, Ras Al Ghul.

*** ******** said...

in other news, the chocolate rations are going up!

Anonymous said...

Well, not to fear, I heard on the news further evidence that the American people are finally waking up. NOT

It seems that the national fast-food chain, 'Subway' advertises foot-long sandwiches. Some consumer activist discovered they were only 11 1/2 inches. Now Subway is being sued; and this was the topic of several local talk shows this weekend.

This was so reminiscient of stories I've read of the fall of Rome. While the city was under siege, the populace nearly rioted when the Caesar suggesting cutting welfare benefits. When the barbarians came into the city, they actually bypassed the Coliseum (which was still full of spectators watching the free circus) because their generals reasoned that interrupting the games would cause them more resistance than the few Roman soldiers still fighting would.

That's the future I see for America. As long as the Chinese and the Arabs don't cut off the cable TV, or the prescription drug benefits, or the welfare checks, they can fairly easily conquer us without much of a fight.

dannyfrom504 said...

i'm so glad i retire in a year. i say let 'em go into the suck. once they see how shitty it is not to be able to shower everyday and live off MRE's, they'll just pregnant and get sent to the rear. FMF training is just one big orgy when you go out into the field.

someone commented on my pension and i laughed."yeah that'll be worth SOOOO much once the economy crashes."

5 acres in texas, ability to go off grid with the travel trailer, micro farm, goats and chickes. i'll have javelinas and deer to hunt.

i'll bring the guns, you bring the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been touched on here, but it does seem to be another way of transferring wealth.

We can't find jobs for women, we can't sustain more welfare, more WIC, more EBT... So push the lower class of women into the one place left in the economy that is still protected.

I know women are already in, but you can only justify so many administrators, so open up more position.

My thinking is that a woman and man go to Kurfudgistan... both woman and man lose a leg... Woman and man come back, man gets the bare minimum of treatment, woman get's top notch treatment and a camo parachute.

We know a good number of men have a hard time adjusting back in society with PTSD and minimal resources to help out. Do we really think that the women will have the same problem? Or will the be outrage and m(b)illions of dollars thrown at the problem?

Baloo said...

Nice piece. I've quoted and linked to it over at

Anonymous said...

I'm about 2 years out from the same place, though probably Eastern Washington (or Canada depending on how bad things get here). A fruit orchard & honeybees are what I'm planning; and a workshop.

I've heard javelina meat is great though we don't have them here. I love venison though---makes the best hamburgers!

dannyfrom504 said...


if/when shit goes down. my life will BARELY change. my friend is about to retire as an E8. he's an old cajun boy and is parking a TT one my land as well. we'll drink beer, sleep late, hunt, fish.

you know....LIVE. lol.

AWC said...

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PA said...

So, here it the big question: which Floyd songs can you play on teh guitar?

Anonymous said...

A documentary similar to The Century of the Self, thought someone might be interested.

Keoni Galt said...

Hey PA....missed your question! lol

Here's the songs I figured out back in the day when my friends and I felt like jamming on the Floyd:

Free Four
Comfortably Numb
Wish You Were Here
Goodbye Blue Sky

Jual Masker Spirulina said...

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