Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Pill For This and A Pill For That

So, I guess obesity is now officially considered a disease.

Personally, I think obesity is nothing more than a SYMPTOM.

A symptom of malnutrition. A symptom of a deliberate, slow motion poisoning of the populace. A symptom of a purposeful, gradual and incremental genocide. A lucrative and profitable fattening of the human cattle for slaughter.

THEY have been deliberately fattening we the sheeple, confined in their infernal feedlot for slaughter for quite some time now. More and more are beginning to notice something is not quite right, so our feedlot managers must now come up with a new way for the useless eaters to accept their current, artificially constructed conditions rather than figure out the only thing they really need to do is step outside of the barricades of the feedlot...

...since the only thing that really keeps most within it's shit-filled, crowded confines, are the lies, deceptions and delusions THEY have constructed in our minds with their mass media driven propaganda, brainwashing and control of the mainstream narrative of conventional wisdom.

But no matter how many begin to wake up and see all the lies and propaganda for the deceptions that they are, the sad reality is that the majority of the great multitudes will remain oblivious. Most are too drugged out of their minds on the various versions of Soma Big Pharma deals out to the Medical-Insurance-Healthcare complex for lucrative Insurance overbilling.

Think I exaggerate? 70% of Americans take Big Pharma Smack.

Researchers find that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half receive at least two prescriptions...

...antibiotics, antidepressants and painkiller opioids are the most common prescriptions given to Americans.

Twenty percent of U.S. patients were also found to be on five or more prescription medications

Nearly one in four women ages 50 to 64 were found to be on an antidepressant, with 13 percent of the overall population also on antidepressants.

Seventeen percent of people in the study were being prescribed antibiotics, and 13 percent were on painkilling opioids.

Apparently, when it comes to pharmaceuticals, every hour is happy hour in our Brave New World Order.

And this doesn't even account for the number of people who take over-the-counter medications in addition to the prescriptions doled out daily by the Big Pharma cartel.

As a whole, women and older adults received the most prescription drugs.
Antidepressants and opioids were most common among young and middle-aged adults.

The percentage of people who took at least one prescription drug in the past month increased from 44 percent in 1999-2000 to 48 percent in 2007-08, the Mayo Clinic reports.

Expenditures on prescription drugs reached $250 billion in 2009, and accounted for 12 percent of total personal health care expenditures.

According to the CDC, the percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past month increased nearly 50 percent between 2007 and 2010.

And the researchers said prescription drug spending will only increase in the future.

Right now, we are living in the time of the Palm-Zombie Apocalypse.

Should any event or collapse of civil society occur, it will be a matter of days before the Big Pharma addicts begin to act in desperation borne of involuntary withdrawal.

That's when we'll see the real Zombie Apocalypse occur.

Do you find these thoughts troubling?

Don't worry, there's a pill for that sort of anxiety.

Just do as your told and take your regularly programmed dosage advised by your Medical professional, and all will be better.

Red pill, blue pill, purple pill...It matters not.

 The truth is that THEY want you to think the answers you seek is always to be found in a PILL. A dosage of maintenance medication that will make you feel momentarily better about your dreary existence as a human resource, a niche market consumer and a debt serf in our Corporatist economy. Once it wears off, and your symptoms caused by your feedlot diet and lifestyle return, it's time to take another pill.

When the bottle runs out, it's then time to order a refill, continually racking up an increasingly profitable and lucrative insurance bill. Why, there's no cure to be found in changing your diet and your lifestyle!

Those sorts of crazy ideas are nothing more than the fevered delusions of fanatical cult members!


Cranberry said...

I'm troubled by the pill-popping that goes on all over.

I had a bout of PPD, mild but enough to get me pretty down most days.`I couldn't get a handle on the household right away and felt like a complete mess for a few months. I made the mistake of bringing it up to my doctor. Her solution? Xanax for stress, an anti-depressant to keep my moods "stable" and some meds to keep my "gastritis" in check (I had horrible stomach pain every time I ate).

I never filled the scrips. I told her it wasn't meds I needed, just some help with three very young babies and some sleep! She said there was no prescription for that, and take the pills and do the best I can to manage my day.

THIS IS THE STANDARD ADVICE PEOPLE ARE GETTING. Absent community bonds, you have no hope to manage any difficult mental or physical health situation. Taking it into your own hands often means going the no-work route of taking pills. But I cannot sympathize with people who choose to become Rx addicts rather than investigate alternatives and make changes.

Changing my diet helped trememndously. I eat real food, keep it gluten-free (doc laughed at me when I asked for testing, so I did my own elim/intro trial 3x and confirmed a sensitivity, so it's out), and get exercise. PPD and anxiety completely gone, house is in good working order. MAJOR POINT: life is not easy, it never is 100% of the time and never will be. I think that is the greatest thing people will have to realize. Life is hard. It has moments of happiness, but even happiness takes work to achieve. A pill can efface that fact, but never erase it.

Re Obesity as a disease, though, I wonder if for a minority of the population this is not true, that obesity itself is not a symptom but an actual disorder that has little to do with what is being eaten but how the body perceives feeding. I think you know Wooo from RN's place, maybe not. But she described her obesity (kept in check over 10 years with strict ketogenic diet) as a problem of her body growing new fat cells rather than accessing stored body fat. No matter what or how she eats, her body would rather grow new adipocytes than use what is stored in the adipose tissue she already has. She knows that despite her VLC diet, she will likely have to get surgery to remove excess fatty tissue that her body grows even though it has no need for it. That's a chronic disordered state of the body, which sounds like disease to me. I know this does not apply to everyone who is merely overweight, but it can be used as a starting point for a clinical diagnosis versus just the Rx to ELMM.

dienw said...

I strongly suggest learning what herbs and vitamins will do for your health: just recently, my Crohns' disease kicked in hard after decades of remission because of the stress of taking care of my elderly mother and her bat-shit craziness; in order to cure the outbreak, I obtained Ginger extract w/honey, turmeric capsules, and American Ginseng: within an half hour the symptoms subsided and within three days I was free of any pain. The Big Pharma alternative is prednisone or some dangerous drug.

What I would like to know is just what is the nature of high blood pressure: is it an actual disease or symptom of one; or, is it a natural fluctuation of the human body as it cycles through the day and a natural process of aging?

BC said...

Reposted from previous post's comments:

Keoni, do you by any chance take the Strategic Investment newsletter? The current issue (July 2013) is about The Big Fat Lie (processed vegetable fats) and collusion with the medical industry, and reads like many of your posts here. The author (James Dale Davidson) has written about this and related subjects (corporatocracy, promotion of consumerism, vested interests, etc.) in the past as well, and this letter in particular is IMO good enough to be passed on as a primer to get a person interested in starting to investigate things on their own.

Hamilton said...

njartist - a good friend of mine has had serious troubles with Crohns disease. He tried drugs and diet changes like cutting out this and that, nothing had much success. He would have a huge battle with the disease at least twice a year, sometimes life threatening. About two years ago he started the Paleo diet and he hasn't had an "episode" since. Feels 100% normal. Major diet changes can be successful. This dude sticks to his diet and NEVER cheats.

I'm on a low dose (50mg) of anti-depressants. I battle with anxiety, runaway thinking, and occasional depression. I've been thinking about going off of them, but I don't know that diet is going to provide me with any relief since it's based on brain chemistry and my family has a long history of f-ed up brain chemistry. I've got a good life, great marriage (thanks red pill), and three little kids, so my risk appetite isn't high. Don't wanna screw things up by going off my meds, but my faith in God creeps in and tells me that I may be cheating in a test God's given me to trust in Him for help. Anyway...

Anonymous said...


I used to be an unmedicated ADHD sufferer, or so I thought and was diagnosed. I went Paleo, strictly keto and have not had brainfog, runaway thoughts, suicidal tendencies (hospitalized twice) once I did. Now that I cheat way more often than I used to, the depression comes back and I know it's from stopping the keto. Go Paleo, wean off of the meds and you'll feel better than you ever have.

Of course, this is just an n=1 observation.

Drano said...

Yeah I'm one of those 70% that takes pills from big pharma. But what can I say I love the stimulants (for ADHD) I'm not addicted, I can and have stopped for months on end but seeing as it gives me the power to accomplish anything...

Anonymous said...

When I first started menopause, my gyno prescribed me 3-4 prescriptions for whatever. I told him that I was fine, I only have a mild hot flash a few times a day, but he insisted. He also suggested a hysterectomy.

I never filled the prescriptions & of course there is no way I'm letting anyone cut me open "just because". I mean the only symptoms I have is lack of a period & a couple quick hot flashes.

@njartist - it's funny because ginger & turmeric are two of the herbs I took to attack the pathogenic biofilms in my gut lining. I took digestive enzymes with the ginger & turmeric & took all on an empty stomach. It helped a lot with my inflammation.

For more info:

/shameless plug :)

Anonymous said...

FYI: Once you're on a maintenance prescription, if you DON'T refill it, THAT gets logged by your insurance, doctors, etc. How long before you're denied insurance and/or your rates go up if you don't follow your doctor's orders? It's already caused legal problems for the parents of minors.


bloody knuckles said...

FYI: Once you're on a maintenance prescription, if you DON'T refill it, THAT gets logged by your insurance, doctors, etc. How long before you're denied insurance and/or your rates go up if you don't follow your doctor's orders? It's already caused legal problems for the parents of minors.

wow, that's something i never now i've gotta do my best to avoid the medical "grid" as well.

interesting times.

Anonymous said...

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2. Mark Flowers is a fighter, a man that will never bow to any evil corruption, to DEATH.

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If I fall in this good fight it will be into the arms of my saviour Jesus Christ.

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Carlotta said...

If you do some research it seems high blood pressure is linked to sugar intake.

Anonymous said...

Disease = victim. Shifting obesity into the disease column means that the 2/3 Americans in full-fledged or teetering on extreme fatness are now relieved of their personal responsibility for their own bodies. W/o that responsibility the the already weak bond between our choices, behaviors, and outcomes relating to the only semi-private property we own (our bodies) is broken and one of the final steps in eliminating liberty in exchange for the illusion of comfort and security falls into place. Big pharm, big Agro, big oil, big finance, and on an on is nothing more than the other half of the equation in terms of shifting responsibility. They are the oppressors; we the victim. Haven't we always been at war with Big Pharma?

dienw said...

Thanks Carlotta:

Anonymous said...

Mark Flowers:
If 70% of the population is taking drugs, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a few would turn up here LOL

Anonymous said...

Never fear, because the social engineers have declared all this drug-taking to be a 'new normal.' And the Sheeple have done them one better than that---now all this mental and emotional instability among the young is not only a 'new normal' it's a POSITIVE step in human evolution!

Isn't this the same way that primitive tribes and peoples used to regard the 'mentally challenged' as somehow gifted by the Gods?

We are soooo headed for a new dark age...

Hamilton said...

Thanks, I am leaning towards doing it but I'll run it by my doctor first. He hates pills, it's one of the reasons why he still my doctor. I appreciate your input.

Lozozozozozozo said...


I obtained Ginger extract w/honey, turmeric capsules, and American Ginseng

How much of these did you get/take per dose?

The tumeric and ginseng I see are available on amazon, but I did not see the ginger extract with honey...

Keoni Galt said...

@ BC - Keoni, do you by any chance take the Strategic Investment newsletter?

Never heard of it. Link?

@ Hamilton - the best cure for depression is eating nutrient rich FATS loaded with fat soluble vitamins - Omega 3 rich fish, grass fed beef and butter, cream, bone soup made from grass fed cow bones and free range chicken bones.

Also, getting plenty of mid-day sunshine without sunscreen on. Not long enough to get burned, but just enough to get tanned.

All that being said, I do know that if you've been on anti-depressants for a long time, you certainly should never quit cold have to wean yourself slowly by tapering your dosage over a period of time.

Good luck.

Chris said...

Yes nailed it - obesity a symptom and a symptom by choice too. The same can't said for most types of cancer, neurological disorders or even most cases of alcoholism. Nice post uce

BC said...

@Keoni - It's a subscription newsletter, so there is no link, but if you have a safe e-mail address I can send a pdf to you.

Leonidas said...

This is the real reason they don't want to legalize pot. It's not as profitable as patented pharmaceuticals.

Young Hunter said...

I've always drawn to comparison of the grain-fed masses to cattle being herded to the slaughter.

@Leonidas - I see far more overdoses on OTC meds than the illegal drugs. Roughly equal to the prescription ones if I had to make a guess bases on the (small) sample size. Certainly never pot; that only sometimes exacerbates the OD in some way.

Anonymous said...

"A dosage of maintenance medication that will make you feel momentarily better about your dreary existence as a human resource, a niche market consumer and a debt serf in our Corporatist economy".

If you have depression or anxiety, these are the kind of things you should probably avoid reading... As interesting as they are, i dont think they are helpful. You can become a junkie for finding whats wrong with things and ignore whats good. Youd still be going to a doctor if you were having a heart attack.

Jones said...

Keoni --

Ever read Karin Boye's "Kallocain"?

When I think of how the average American is "pilled up"
by their GP or physician of a more impressive sounding
title, I think of this drug dystopia that makes "Brave
New World" seem like a cheery, pastel-hued vision of
the future ...

There's an English version linked off the Ministry of
Wikipedia page, s'il vous plait.