Monday, July 8, 2013

Fast Food and Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Have you been tuning in to your tell-a-vision for your regularly scheduled programming?

Tell-A-Vision and public schools are, bar none, the Socialist rapists of America and her people. They are, in fact, one and the same entity. Tell-A-Vision is the adult and youth re-engineer, and the public schools are the youth and now toddler re-engineers - teaching us exactly how to be anything and everything but free people.

The Palm Zombie Apocalypse is just another manifestation of the real plague spreading throughout the land - Screen Addiction:

Today’s American has fallen victim to reality manipulation through all forms of screen entertainments – from tell-a-vision to computer game addictions. The “science” of visual manipulation is hard core science, and why American people are, in fact, addicted to “screens.” Between the flashing lights, colors, and sound combinations, American people are now literally addicted to computer and tell-a-vision devices. Silence in homes has become virtually impossible to bear, and both children and adults find themselves “virtual slaves” to the electronics in their possession. This addiction was not by accident. This was “science” created to pacify and capture the attention of entire nations so that a new breed of government and governors could take control unnoticed. It worked, and “it” is called mind control.

Modern mind control-based programming is largely based on getting subjects to ignore logic and default to conditioned responses. It works in perfect symmetry with the mass indoctrination of the public schooling system as well.

While the examples of this are legion, for this post, I'm going to focus on one particular aspect of it - Sheeple Feed Programming - aka the Federal Government-Subsidized School Lunch PROGRAM.

It's been over 20 years since I bought and consumed a lunch from the cafeteria from my local BNWO indoctrination facility public school. Over two decades of time have done little to dim the memories of the horrors of the tastes, smells and textures of the mass produced feed they used to serve us. While googling up images of present day school lunches to use for this post, I see that nothing substantial has changed since then.

"Cheeseburger and Fries"

Save the Rice Krispy treat dessert, this looks exactly like the sort of meal that got served on a frequent basis at my schools. Except, of course, this food was a "healthier" alternative to the typical fast food meal - the fries are pre-cooked and re-warmed in the cafeteria ovens to make baked fries, instead of deep fried and had almost no salt on them. The milk was "2% low Fat" and the cheeseburger was a re-warmed patty of dubious content (most assuredly a blend of beef and textured vegetable protein), and the cheese was always a slab of generic American cheese that was always cold and never melted.

Here was another common school lunch served up by the State of Hawaii's Department of Education:

"Chicken Nuggets"

Baked Chicken Nuggets with Baked Tater Tots. The fruit was typically canned fruit in lightly sweetened syrup rather than an actual fresh apple, but otherwise, yeah, this looks like the same fare I was served over two decades ago.

Then we have the stuff that resembled a large, 1 inch thick hunk of bread that had the texture of a kitchen cleaning sponge, topped with a thin layer of melted cheese and watery, bland tomato sauce. This is what they called "Pizza." Years before I tried a "low-carb" diet, I used to go "Atkins" with this particular meal, and eat only the cheese and tomato sauce topping, than throw the hunk of sponge-bread like a frisbee at my friends during recess.

Looks like sponge-bread pizza is still a school lunch staple.

Well....we never had chocolate milk back in my day. But the canned corn and canned fruit cocktail was common side dishes.

Then we had the school lunch "tacos," which was one of my favorite meals they used to feed us.

The shells where always soft, even though they were supposed to be "crunchy," the lettuce was always brown and wilted, it came with two or three pieces of diced tomato, and the cheese was the same "American" cheese they used for the cheeseburgers, just sliced into smaller pieces. Our lunches came with two tacos and two packets of "hot sauce." It was never enough to truly satisfy the hunger of a growing boy. On taco day, I would typically order a "double lunch" that came on a larger, silver tray that held four of these "tacos" instead of the standard two.

I remember well how we kids used to always talk about how crappy our school lunches was the longest running joke amongst all  us kids, from Kindergarten all the way to High School graduation. We KNEW they were feeding us crap, but for most of us, we had no choice. It was either eat the State subsidized slop, or starve.

But it was only much later as an adult, when I became truly aware of the difference between real food and corporate, mass-produced, Big Ag Feed that is ubiquitous in our Brave New World Order, that I finally connected the dots between the slop they used to serve us in our school cafeteria's and what the intentions of serving such substandard fare are really for.

Under the guise of serving "healthy" meals, what they were really doing was getting us kids used to eating sub-standard tasting crap in comparison to their fast food counterparts served in the fast food and restaurant chains that now do business in nearly every community, town, shopping mall, suburb and city, from sea to shining sea.

Baked fries and tater tots were cold in the center, had no salt, were often rubbery, and would often get stuck in the back of your throat as you tried to choke 'em down. From a flavor and texture stand point, every kid forced to eat such crap ends up thinking the deep-fried-in-rancid-vegetable-oil and heavily salted feed their parents would occasionally buy from McD's, Jack-in-the-Crack, Booger King, Taco Hell et al, tasted like gourmet manna from heaven.

After years of cold, unsalted "baked fries" at school, this fast fried garbage tastes positively gourmet.

Same goes for the baked chicken nuggets, and the baked "fried" chicken.

Public school lunches were nothing more then FEED-training to ensure a regular, steady supply of enthusiastic fast food consumers.

Without even checking, I'll say with near certainty that all the food supplied to the nation's public school cafeteria's are all sourced from the same Big Agricultural corporations taking federal subsidies to supply the schools with meat, vegetables, grains and fruits from their feedlots and mono-crop fields...the same sources used to make the same products for the fast food and convenience food industries. Instead of deep frying and using salt and spices, just "bake" and don't add salt to the school lunch counterparts. Given the choice between this bland, tasteless crap or starvation, most of us choked it down - if we didn't use it as ammunition for a food fight.  Now those were the REAL quality memories of lunch in school! But I digress....

In hindsight, it seems quite obvious to me now -- take public school kids, and feed them this tasteless crap. Then they go home and turn on their electronic babysitter and watch commercial after commercial of fast food advertisements that depict value meals that look a million times more appetizing and tasteful then the last meal they ate at school, and the programming gets reinforced. Then the kids  graduate from school, enter the "real world" and become independent consumers who make their own choices on their daily meals, and they start to feed themselves with "REAL" fast food!

Hell, that's what I did with my first summer job as a teen. I used to spend over half my paycheck from my first part time job on fast food. I distinctly remember that summer ending, and having to return to school and school lunches, how disgruntled I was to have to go back to school lunches instead of the McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Arby's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut meals I ate on a daily basis that summer.

Public schools are the training grounds in preparing we the sheeple for life in our corporate-consumer society. The tell-a-vision is the endless reinforcement tool in keeping us firmly ensconced in this mindset so that we continue to CONSUME what THEY are selling us. 

In hindsight, I now realize I learned quite a lot of behaviors from my time in my public schooling system, and my attitudes, beliefs and tastes for FEED was just one of them.

I am forever indebted to teh Interwebz for giving me the knowledge and resources to deprogram from those conditioned responses I had inculcated into me by my public schooling curriculum and reinforced by the hours of wasted time in front of the Tell-A-Vision.


Anonymous said...

You're correct that the Agribusiness Cartels supply public school lunches, but what isn't widely known is most of that is what they can't sell to fast-food places, restaurants, or supermarkets because of its low quality. They actually get subsidized for this scam, too.

A better idea would be for supermarkets to donate their unsold surpluses to public schools, instead getting a tax write-off for sending them to food banks and feeding bums with the better stuff.

What's really going on is a money-scam behind the scenes. And nobody notices or questions any of it because of all the other dumbing-down you mentioned!

MarkyMark said...

I think you're on to something, KG...

Jamar said...

Yet another reason to homeschool my kids.......

Quartermain said...

A big reason I use to brown bag, go home for lunch, or go to the delicatessen when I was in school.

Kudos to Eric's idea.


Here is a blog you might enjoy:

Bike Bubba said...

Brings back memories of the "Real Italian Pizza" I was served as a kid...yes, it was an ethnic clur on Italians, and we tried to figure out how many napkins full of grease we could pull off it. We got to eight at least once, and it was no surprise that after one ate that stuff, track practice was going to be miserable. You were going to see the "Real italian Pizza" again.

knepper said...

You forgot 'Taco Hell!'

Good piece. Having grown up on a dairy farm, how well I remember the first time I tasted pasteurized milk in first grade. I'm thinking, who ground up cardboard and put it in this milk?
There's no question that TV is programming us to be good little socialists. Never thought about the food angle quite like you put it. No question that high-carb, low-nutrition grain-based feed is the garbage that is being foisted on the masses, and TV is teaching them to like it.

Unknown said...

When I was in high school soda machines were put in the cafeteria. We could also buy those Hostess apple and cherry pies. And everyone drank chocolate milk. The white milk had a strange taste.

Anonymous said...

there's an interesting segment in the documentary "Fat Head" that notes a correlation with lowered academic performance and an increase in attention-related disorders at around the time our nutritional overlords decided we should switch our fat-based breakfasts of eggs and bacon to the carb-laden cereal and toast.

glad2meetyou said...

I agree that school lunches, television, fast food, and general consumer society are unpleasant. The government's acting on the belief that material satisfaction of the masses is what makes the masses content with their lot. That said, "what makes an average man content with his lot?" is a tough question. I think you give the government too much credit in saying it's a conspiracy of mind control. The government industrial complex does a pretty good job feeding the poor all things considered. Fast food and school lunches are safe. Even small food poisoning outbreaks make the news. Fast food chains' profits are heavily damaged by such claims. In China, people go to McDonalds because its sanitary. So while I think we have the wrong answer to the question: "what makes the average man content with his lot?" I think we as a nation have sincerely tried to provide a solution and apply that solution.

About lifting said...

love it man

CJ said...

You are the biggest drama queen ever. So the school lunches were bland BOO HOO, make a damn sandwich or sumtin', you make it sound like you survived through some kind of nightmarish death camp where you had to scrape garbage together to stave off starvation. What a prissy and whining bunch, if this is how you react to a meal I'd hate to see how you'd handle actual starvation or real adversity. If you don't like fast food then don't eat it and stop blaming the government, fucking victim mentality.

Unknown said...

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