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Quiplinks VII - Shout Out Edition


I am not doing this for fame or money. I am not using my real name, and I don't even try to make money from Google Adsense. I am doing this because I want men to get up off their asses and stand up for themselves. - Rob Fedders
Yet again, Mr. No Ma'am inspires me to get up off my ass and start hammering away at the keyboard after the longest blogging hiatus I've taken since I started this thing in 2007 (3 & 1/2 weeks).  I intended to make it a month, but what the hell, I'll just ride the muse when she sings.

It is apropos that Rob inspired me to resume blogging again, considering his blog is what inspired me to start this one in the first place. But enough about me.

One of the things I admire most about Rob is that he's never sought to promote himself as some Grand Poobah of all these great ideas. No, he's always been about paying it forward. Spreading the knowledge he gained and giving props to those he learned from (just like the many great Martial Artists I've met who exemplify humility and acknowledging their Instructors rather than focusing on their personal abilities and accomplishments).

He's turned his blog into a virtual repository for the works of the first generation of red pill dealers in the early days of teh Interwebz, guys many present day bloggers and commentariat of the MAndrosphere have never heard of. Check out these compilations of MAndrosphere knowledge before anyone ever thought to blog about THE RED PILL concept:

The Book of Bone Crker

Philalethes' Essays

The Eye of the Mind

The Wisdom of Zenpriest

The Book of Pook

Rob recently returned from his own extended hiatus with a two-part post that is a comprehnsive dissertation on "Activism"  and how it relates to Men's Rights. Before I comence with the quiplinks, I urge you to go and read the whole thing...especially those of you who are relative newcomers to these fringes of teh Interwebz.

MGTOW Activism Part 1 | MGTOW Activism Part 2

The section I'd like to most draw attention though is here:

There is no right way or wrong way to be a MGTOW Activist - it is one of the features of MGTOW, so I'm not going to try and shoehorn in what makes an MGTOW or not. However, there are certain things we have discovered that worked for us in the past. 

Start Your Own Blog or WebsiteA long time ago now, I used to regularly read William S. Lind's columns about Fourth Generation Warfare. Now, of course, I am not advocating doing anything violent, but rather taking the concept of decentralization found in Fourth Generation Warfare and adapting it to the internet. There is no "leader" of MGTOW to attack or discredit. We are all leaders of our own movement, and if one of us is removed, there are more nameless people to take his place.

For those who take up the challenge and decide to enter the fray and become a Fourth Generation Interwebz Warrior, Rob's got some great advice for those who feel the inspiration to start blogging:

If you do start your own blog, here is a quick tip: don't publish all of your articles all at once. What I mean is, lots of guys start up a blog, get really excited about it, and crank out one or two articles a day - every day, and then find that within two weeks they are burnt out. What you need to do is make a post every three days or so when you first start out (later, after you are established, an article a week will keep the hits rolling in).

So, when you have all that energy at the beginning, go ahead an write your articles, but schedule them accordingly by spacing them out. You will be glad you did, I promise. It will also give you the luxury of not being under the gun to write something simply to keep your blog running, and thus, you will find that if you are writing two weeks ahead of publication, your articles will be of much higher quality.

Also, keep in mind that when you first start your blog, your hits will be minimal, no matter how many articles you write. So don't blow your brains out over articles that hardly anyone will read. Your goal should be to provide something every few days so that people will know to keep checking in, and thus, you will begin to get exposure by others linking to you.

Good advice. As I noted in my last post, I had recently spent some time reading through my own archives. I have to laugh at some of my earliest posts that had only 12 hits. Don't worry if some post you labor over and you feel is a really good piece doesn't experience success right away. If you keep at it, eventually you'll get wider notice, and that's when your new readers will begin to look through your archives. I'm still somewhat surprised when I see people reading posts I wrote back several years ago getting linked to and commented on.

Linkage is Good for You
Be sure to link to others, especially those that link to you. I check my stat-counter almost every day, and if I see that a new blog has linked to me, it will automatically get linked in my blogroll. I want them to get exposure, and further, the more exposure they get, the more I will get in return! I also link to blogs that I have read which don't yet link to me, but I go through my blog list every few months and clean out the ones that have not provided a reciprocal link to my blog. Why? Because I want those who scratch my back to get the most amount of traffic I can provide them with, and clogging up my blog list with oodles of links to those who are unwilling or just don't care enough to link me back, lowers the exposure those who do support me will receive, and this in turn harms me.

More good advice, though I don't really follow it. From the very beginnings of this blog, I never even knew I was able to check my blog stats. Only within the last year or two did I bother to look into that and start checking up my stats and referring url's on a regular basis. But I don't do it to try and figure out how to get more blog hits or anything like that, it's more out of curiosity and disbelief. (I still can't believe how many hits I get nowadays, even with a 3 week hiatus, my hits barely dropped. I don't get it...). Rob also offers this perspective:

Another thing I tend to avoid is linking to big blogs. First of all, they don't link to me so I don't "owe" them anything. Now, I get it, if they linked to everyone who linked to them, they would have blogrolls that numbered in the thousands. But on the same token, if they are so large, then they certainly don't need me to link to them in order to get exposure. Everybody knows who the big blogs are already, whether I link to them or not. Also, it kind of negates the notion of "decentralization" to have big websites acting as a clearing house for all of our ideas. I prefer to send my traffic to the smaller guys so that they may get their legs under them and grow into big blogs themselves. I'd like to see dozens and dozens of really big blogs dealing with men's issues, but this will never happen if we ignore the little nuts who may grow into a mighty oak, in favour of only looking at the full grown oaks and simply wishing there were more of them around.

I like Rob's idea of trying to drive traffic to "the little nuts." Heh.

However, my approach to assembling my blogroll is a little more selfish. I primarily assembled it for me. It's my daily reading list with my morning cup of joe. My personal policy has always been to add anyone and everyone I've ever found who's posted something I found interestintg, thought provoking and relevant to this sector of teh Interwebz . Many folks I've added to my blog roll have reciprocated and added me to their blogrolls.

To all who have done so, thanks, I appreciate the courtesy even though I don't expect it. To those that don't, no biggie, that's not why I linked to you in the first place.Your still entertaining and thought provoking enough for me to always be curious as to the latest things you're writing about. To date, there is only two blogs I've ever purposely deleted from my blogroll, and those are for reasons I'd rather not go into anymore, as my focus in participating in these fringes of teh Webz is now largely aimed at avoiding DRAMA. Got enough real drama in real life to deal with as it is.

That all being said, I think Rob's advice for fledgling bloggers is good.

Back when MGTOW first debuted in 2006, we used to do something called "shout-outs." Basically, anyone who showed that they were flying the MGTOW flag and were committed to maintaining a blog, got a public shout-out to the other MGTOW bloggers so that he would be entered as a link on everyone's sidebar, and also to provide the newbie with some traffic to get his legs under him. It also had the benefit of providing the person who did the shout-out, to be able to take a few days off of blogging while directing all of his traffic to someone who needed it, while still providing one's readers with, well, something to read.

Here is a shout-out for someone you may recognize. {That guy was a kook!}

Marky Mark just did one
the other day.

And here was mine.

When I got my shout-out, it was probably the most significant thing that happened to me in my entire blogging career. Before that I was only getting about 75 hits a day, but suddenly I was getting Eternal Bachelor's 2,000 hits a day all directed to my site and I was like "Holy Smokes! I'd better sit down and write some good stuff while I can!" After the shout-out disappeared into Eternal Bachelor's archives, my blog settled in to about 400 hits a day, and from there it steadily increased. In part it kept on increasing because of the exposure I had received, but even more so, once I had the exposure I was highly motivated to keep it by continuing to provide my readers with more content. And here I am, seven years later, still running my blog! So, don't forget to take care of the little nuts, for they will be the oaks of tomorrow if just given the chance to grow.

In that spirit, the following Quiplinks will be shout outs to all the "little nuts" of the MAndrosphere.

May those of you who stick with this effort over the long haul grow into mighty oaks as we seek to spread the philosophy of Going Your Own Way and continue to wage this fourth generation war...

...a war of AWARENESS.

In the spirit of giving Shout Outs, we're starting off this edition of Quiplinks with a pertinent quip from Francis Begbie:

"So you're a regular around here ken. Fair fucks to ye. You're reading all the shit, all these alpha fucks en beta bucks lozozozoz and whatnot. You're aware of your Roissys, your Rollos, your Rooshs. Ok. But, there are a number of underrated, underneath the surface bloggers that you should be reading, guys that are well worth your time." - The Soul is Not a Smithy

"And that, ladies and gentelman, is what 'effective activism' looks like.  Something so interesting, so compelling, you CAN'T look away.  A truth so revealing, it cannot be unseen.  A fundamental change in perspective." - Hunting for Archetypes

 "Bluntly, men are being punished for being good men." - The Phantom Toll Booth

"I want to tell you, my friends, of a sad occurrence in my life. These events transpired early last week, and I will never forget the disappointment." - Illusion of Sanity

"I don't find the lack of intellect among the average person all that disturbing." - Uncle Bob's Treehouse

"When people have problems, they search for answers.  They question their worldview." - Young Man Red Pill

"Waiting for the right time is a trap. It is a way of justifying your cowardice. Days of ‘it not being the right time now’ easily turn into years of lost opportunity." - Reflections of the Age

"As we all know, every good argument can either be summed up in small enough space to fit on a bumpersticker or a tweet. If you found a simple and witty phrase, you are obviously correct." - The Karamazov Idea

"That’s still how I operate: “Regardless of others’ feelings.” Not because I think they’re unimportant, but because there is nothing I can do about them, and no time even if I did." - Things That We Have Heard and Known

"Well, women, on some level, know that they have been lied to. You can see that in their fears." - Dark Brightness

"...Feminism is a religion that is as accepted now as mainstream values as Christianity was sixty years ago–it’s NORMAL. Because of this, people don’t even realize they’re supporting it." - Feminism is Empathological

"Back in the day I think some one called these kind of females Frog Farmers. Chicks who turn Princes into Frogs instead of the other way around." - Rex Patriarch

"When women complain about men wanting to marry a virgin, they need to keep in mind that we have a very good reason to do so. None of us want to become the next Neville." - Donal Graeme

"Exercise self-control in your speech, maintain a positive and healthy mental attitude, and edify others by your words.  Swearing should be used to fit in that. " - The Alpha Anomaly

"This shameful patriarchal oppression has to stop! We must take the patriarchal power away from men, and give it to women as compensation for past injuries." - Deansdale's Blog

"I’m pursuing myriad self improvement activities, but I always feel there is a bit more I can be doing." - You So Would...

"It's amazing how far we've come along this path." - Carnivore's Cave

"This is both an ancient and a modern story, and perspective might help us to come to grips with where we wish to go as the feminist dystopia collapses around us." - Patriactionary

"And there it is the truth raised up from a century of dead men’s sighs. It is by not thinking that we cease to wonder. " - Society of Amateur Gentlemen

"If the Catholic Church actually looked like this, I think a lot more of us Manosphere Atheists would be calling ourselves Christian…" - Stares at the World

"This is basically a proof I’m doing pretty good with this parenting thing." - A Guide for a Young Patriarch

"Female Supremacy is the manifest purpose of Feminism." - Man, Woman & Myth

"'Porn is a legit sexual outlet...' No, it is not. Porn kills your dick's soul." - finndistan

"For libertarians, the issue of abortion is a very uncomfortable one, because it sits right smack bang in the middle of a massive dilemma for any conscientious libertarian." - Didact's Reach

"Sometimes, I don’t realize I’m doing it. That’s the real problem. Unrecognized flaws cannot be fixed." - Honest Introspection

"I should have known better, but my youthful naiveté made it hard for me to recognize." - the LIFESTYLE

"And perhaps this is why men don’t “put a ring on it”.  Women have instead sold their soul for another sort of Ring." - Unmasking Feminism

"Frame control is one of the most important things you can learn. You don’t need to assert your frame 100% of the time as long as you have a general understanding of the concept. If another person has a better idea, it is ok to back down. There is a difference between being strong and being unnecessarily stubborn." - welcome to the lifestyle

"...equalitarianism can never really be achieved, because people are fundamentally unequal in a huge number of ways, which means that it is an endless crusade, the perfection of which remains more or less elusive and equidistant regardless of how diligently it is pursued. " - Veritas Lounge

"Bitches, I’m, you know, fucking unique and shit!!!" - Grit Artisan

"We bark our talking points, they yelp back with theirs, no minds change, and we end just how we started." - Alpha is Assumed

"Our government is now tripping over dollars to pick up pennies." - MEN-FACTOR

"Who wouldn't want to watch the "Washington insert your ethnic minority heres"?" - Spootville

And, last but certainly not least (and with much appreciation for regular inclusion in the Lighting Rounds):

"If you’re looking for an LTR or a girlfriend. Just don’t; it’s stupid. If you want sex, get sex through an STR, FWB, or ONS. If you want companionship, get a male friend or a dog. If you want a family and life-partner, get a wife. Getting a girlfriend is the worst of all three worlds while minimizing the benefits of any of them." - Free Northerner

Now, to wrap this all up, there's one more piece of advice Rob Fedder's offers all these up and coming blogger of the MAndrosphere that I neglected to mention before the quiplinks:

Don't Delete Your Blogs

Of course, not all people will want to keep blogging forever. If you no longer feel the motivation, that's fine. It is a thankless job and the pay sucks. But please, oh please, don't delete your blog! Not only does it remove from the internet a significant body of work that others might find and read, whether old or not, but it also removes all of those links in the articles, in the comments, and on the sidebar, which support those of us who still are blogging.

Most guys who quit blogging have not lost the faith in the message, they simply are fed-up with blogging. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW) and moving on - in fact, it is one of the natural conclusions of MGTOW. But please, if you've found a path to enlightenment through MGTOW and the manosphere which resulted in you starting up a blog, leave your work up so that others may find it, and so that the links in your blog may direct others towards those who are still actively blogging about it.    


donalgraeme said...

Thanks for the linkage.

. said...

Heh, thanks for the links, HL.

Carnivore said...

Thank you for the link, sir.

Anonymous said...

"I still can't believe how many hits I get nowadays, even with a 3 week hiatus, my hits barely dropped. I don't get it..."

I visit your blog daily, because your mgtow blogroll is the best I have found. Mystery solved!

Keoni Galt said...

The pleasure is all mine, Gentlemen!

Anon - Yeah, I know. I was just being facetious. :-)

Philalethes said...

Well, thanks for linking to my stuff too, Mr Galt. That material was not a blog (which form had barely been invented then), but a bunch of posts on the Men's Activism News Network forum when I was briefly active there ca. 2000-1. Between lack of response and chronic illness taking down my life, I lost interest for a while, only recently discovered the "Androsphere" when Vox Day (whose political columns I've been following since when WND was readable) put up his "Alpha Game"—which was how I found your blog, now among my favorites.

Back in the early 00s, when MANN lost some steam, the MGTOW forum (I think that was its name) started up, and I was glad to find my old favorite Zenpriest (even though as a 40-year Zen Buddhist myself—don't get me started on what women have done to Buddhism in America—I'm sure he isn't one) ranting there. I was also astonished one day to find that some former MANN reader had liked my informal comments there so much that he'd taken the trouble to collect them into a Word document and provide it for download on the MGTOW site.

And a few years later even further astonished to find that Mr Fedders had taken the further trouble to divide the collection back into little essays and archive the bunch on his site. I'm sorry to say I've never made the time to contact either of these friends and thank them; I can only plead 20 years of relentlessly worsening chronic illness (just recently beginning to improve, thankfully), not helped by my gradual depressing/frightening education in all the lies that surround us in this insane world, and trying to figure out how to survive outside the sheepfold where it seemed I'd somehow, almost accidentally found myself.

I love the truth. For, as the man said, that—and only that—is what will make us free. When in 1981 I learned, by a curious kind of accident, that the national ritual of State-worship due to be celebrated tomorrow is actually voluntary... well, I just couldn't stop looking and learning. So I'm enjoying the present Androsphere's explosion of myths that caused me a lot of suffering when I was younger and my vision still heavily clouded by what Warren Farrell terms the "hormonal fog".

(In my 30s I read Gandhi's autobiography, and was incredulous at his noting what a relief it was to get to an age where sex was no longer an issue. Now I understand him.)

And meanwhile we're all watching what happens to lies, and to liars, in the end, even as we continue to learn even more of the true dimensions of the Lie. Can't say it's exactly fun—so much suffering, and even more on the way, looks like, on a scale few could even begin to imagine, and only the Liar emself could enjoy—but it does keep things, well, I guess "interesting" is the word?

Keep up the good work. Hope to get to Hawai‘i some day.

By the way, just who is...?

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for reading, Philalethes! We are all fortunate that Rob has done the work of compiling and presenting the early works of the MGTOW pioneers such as yourself!

Can't say it's exactly fun—so much suffering, and even more on the way, looks like, on a scale few could even begin to imagine, and only the Liar emself could enjoy—but it does keep things, well, I guess "interesting" is the word?

Yes, we most certainly do live in interesting times.

The more you learn of the truth, the more you understand why the Chinese considered that a curse.

Tim said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Sound out for de linkage!

P.S: No Maam's blog is the best on the manosphere imo.

Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the linkage and the quotage... which I will have to digest later!

. said...

Lol! Holy crap you get a lot of traffic, HL!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, KG!

Now I know what MGTOW means - had to look it up. I don't have a lot to say about this post because it's not my main focus, but I am sympathetic to this amphorus movement.

I to HL because of my interest in your take on the bank system and on disconnecting from blue pill zombie culture - stayed because I got into your posts on nutrition and fitness - just learning about Kerry Gold was worth all the time I spent reading your archives.

Know you've got a lot on your plate but try to post at least once a week, man! A month is too long a dry spell.

You might be interested in a lady who calls herself Urban Dumpster Diver, who is an expert at this practice and she and her husband makes a point of networking with other people and helping them out with the loads of incredibly useful stuff they retrieve. Something about her whole attitude to life reminded me of you and I recommended your blog to her.


At the age of eighty Sophocles commented in his diminished sexual drive:

"Now I am free of a cruel and insane master. "

dannyfrom504 said...

no linkage. DAMN. that hurts Brother.

Keoni Galt said...

Hey're not a "little nut!" You're one of the biggest nuts of all! lzolzozlzolol


...I was just trying to link the folks who I don't see getting much link love all over the MAndrosphere.

That, sir, disqualifies you for sure!

Anonymous said...

Aww. You missed me.

finndistan said...

Thanks for the linkage, more importantly thanks for reading!

The Book of Philaletes, a masterpiece.

dannyfrom504 said...


lolz. i was messing with you. i have a "you link me i link you" policy. politeness counts. i've just realized there a whole mess of blogs i need to add to my roll.

i was talking with Bill Powell yesterday about the new sites. it makes me laugh when i read how the androsphere will fade away.

and yes, you're right. i fully admit i;m the special ed class of the community. lol.

had an interesting talk with viva la manosphere the other day. i had to give him the "behind the scene's" tour. he's a very cool guy.

sysadmn said...

I'd also recommend reading R.S. McCain's "How to Get A Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year" ( Granted, he's blogging politics, but the principles are applicable. Network, Network, Network!

Philalethes said...

@ finndistan:


Hyvää Päivää!

(My total store of suomen kieli.)

. said...

@ Philalethes,

I've seen you around before at Vox Day's and at Rational Male, and have even tried to contact you once, though my comment was quite a bit a further down the page than yours so you probably didn't see it. I was trying to make sure you didn't mind that I pinched your stuff and published it on my blog... but it sounds like you knew already and didn't mind.

You made a lot of things "click" for me with those posts, such as your discussions about All Female Populations in the Animal Kingdom, and the purpose of the male in the natural world, as well as many other concepts. I think I read through them all at least a dozen times over the years before I finally said, "The heck with it, I'm posting them so others will read them too."

You will also notice they were the direct inspiration for a few articles I wrote (and used a lot of your words):

You’re Such a Tool

Rites of Passage – Boys to Men

You had those concepts throughout several different posts, so I read through them all and took notes each time I seen something related, and then tried to put them all together in one article.

Thanks for writing them.

Keoni Galt said...

@ standingagainsttheworld...never seen your blog before you commented here.

Just added you to my blogroll.

@ Danny - i read how the androsphere will fade away.

I've always said that will never happen. The only thing that will kill it will be a Government crackdown on free speech on teh interwebz.

Anonymous said...

Arianna Pattek, a racist, man-hating feminist bitch

In the above link, you will find evidence of her committing the CRIME of discrimination based on a man's race.

I have included her personal email, the email of her academic advisor, link to her Facebook account, link to her two blogs, and her pictures as well.

I suggest you men write to her through her email, Facebook, and blogs, and tell her that you are reporting her for the CRIME of discrimination against men.

American women are really evil bitches.

Omnipitron said...

Coming into this very late, thank you very much for the linkage Keoni