Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rosetta Stoned

Never forget the mathematical equation that brought us into this era of our Brave New World Order...

2 Jet Planes + 3 Towers = 666

I used to think like everyone else that considered themselves a well-informed, thoughtful voter and enthusiastic supporter of our so-called participatory Democracy...that anyone who questioned the mass media narrative and the grand illusion broadcast on the tell-a-vision was a crazy, conspiracy theorist, anti-American "truther."

I've come full circle in the 12  18 years since that dreadful day. Anyone who believes the official story and considers any questions or evidence contrary to the mainstream mass media narrative as "crazy conspiracy theory" is a gullible fool that watches too much TV.

Never forget, WTC-7 is the Rosetta Stone for exposing the truth of the Government's and mass media's lies.

Thousands of lives were sacrificed 12 18 years ago so that the former land of the free and home of the brave could be transformed into our current fascist surveillance police state. Never forget, as we watch it metastasize and expand it's scope of power and control over all our lives.

The Huxley-Orwellian Dystopia is here, and 9/11/01 was the day our shadow government decided to step out from behind the curtain and assert their power in plain view of those who chose to open their eyes and see the truth of what and who they are.

ADDENDUM: The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory in Under 5 Minutes

Conspiritard Approved!


WinterHawk said...

Spot on as usual sir

Anonymous said...

i'ma go all Smart Boy on you and point out that "come full circle" means that you started believing the Official Iraq Collusion Story, moved to full Fahrenheit 9-11 Troofer Conspiritard and then come back to Measured and Rational Skeptic Consumer of Media Coverage that nothing strange happened that day.

you're just a vanilla 180, not the full 360.

you start doing 720+ and we'll know you're a dreidel.

Keoni G said...

you start doing 720+ and we'll know you're a dreidel.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

Enjoy the soundtrack.

DIO1337 said...

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