Saturday, March 10, 2012

Up From the Grass Roots

One of Orwell's most famous quotes could be the tagline for the entire manosphere: 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

It seems to be the case that the revolution has arrived...the manosphere has gone viral, and the knowledge of our issues has crossed over. The red pill is reaching crack cocaine epidemic status on the 'street' of teh interwebz.

This is precisely what I believe is behind the $LPC's recent listing of the manosphere for inclusion as a "hate" and "extremist" movement.

For years, the manosphere was fringe. You couldn't find serious discussions about our Brave New World Order and it's oppression of the male gender anywhere else in cyberspace.

Anytime you went to any mainstream news or special interest site or forum, any idea or thought that was posted that ran counter to mainstream, feminist approved, politically correct doublethink, used to be either quickly censored, or inundated with denunciations of misogyny, sexism and/or homophobia by other commenters. 

This no longer happens. Articles and blog postings at mainstream sites that adhere to the politically correct, feminist-approved line, are regularly inundated with "red pill" comments. Many comments often contain links to various manosphere sites. More and more people are being exposed to the politically incorrect ideas, and it can no longer be ignored. To reiterate a point I made back in 2009, when the "roissysphere" first emerged:

Awareness is proliferating

I don't believe "Activism" -- in the sense of fomenting a grass roots movement to build a groundswell of support to institute legal and cultural changes -- is ever going to realistically solve the problems many MRA/MGTOW bloggers have been writing about for years now. The feminist zeitgeist is too firmly entrenched into our mainstream inoperable cancer.

No, it is my firm contention that the only real and meaningful way in which the MRA blogosphere CAN effect real change, is on an individual level:


To raise awareness of the truth of the reality that we all live in.

To enable people to see things clearly, so that when they make goals and try to direct their lives towards achieving them, they do so knowing the full score so they can avoid many of the pitfalls our BraveNewWorldOrder has created to entrap us all in our deliberately distorted and contorted understanding of the gender roles and how they affect our lives.

So now comes time for the attacks. Make no mistake, the $LPC is just the first stage.

Soon, the real world action is going to take place. This is the modus operandi of organizations like the $LPC.

First, they identify the most prominent sites in the manosphere...than they attempt to tie it into previous acts of violence. As I commented over at A Voice for Men:

"...the $PLC essentially seeks to use the exact same tactic Bill Clinton used to try and tarnish the entire right wing talk radio genre with Tim McVeigh’s bombing of the OKC Fed building.

It is by far the most ominous of the 3 articles posted…this is going to be their primary tactic moving forward.
They are attempting to tie Thomas Ball’s suicide, and the Sodini, Lepine and Darren Mack murders as the actions of men “instigated” by MRM bloggers.

Note the final sentence: “But she did not, becoming instead the latest in a long, sad line of victims of women-hating men.”

There you have it.

We are all now “women-hating men” and being associated with “women-hatred” we are de facto guilty of instigating murder and domestic violence."

Mark my words...the next time some Father driven to a breaking point by the family court system goes berserk and does something murderous, some group like the $PLC is going to file a lawsuit against The Spearhead or IMF or AVFM and try to hold them liable for "inciting" violence with "hate speech." This is how they will divert the attention away from the realities of the system and it's role in pushing men into acts of blaming it on those of us who are pointing out the truth.

Coming soon - mention of manosphere websites on television news broadcasts and mainstream media publications, portraying it in a similar light to other "homegrown terrorist" groups like White Nationalists and neo-nazi groups. 

The FBI, or DHS will be "concerned" about the role the "internet" is playing in violence against women, and some sort of legislation will be proposed to stop the "hate."

Ladies and Gentlemen of the "manosphere," we have arrived.


Dagonet said...

It truly makes me sick to imagine things playing out the way you described. Sadly, it is all too likely to happen.

It's great that the Manosphere is becoming important enough to be culturally impactful, but it would be more encouraging if our profile grew from being positively acknowledged and shared, rather than denounced and linked with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can pre-empt them.

There can be no shortage of opportunities for us to link them directly to their own violence.

CL said...

It is truly bizarre - yet unsurprising - to see some of the most articulate and sensible people whose words I have had the pleasure to read over the last couple of years being considered hate mongers and dangerous "extremists".

Even the more cantankerous element of the manosphere doesn't really hold a candle to some of the hatred spewed on feminazi sites.

Omnipitron said...

Send it, this is exactly what we need at this point!! The curious will undoubtedly want to see what's so Misogynistic about the Manosphere and many will have to shake their heads at what they see.

I wonder how many men's heads will be on swivel when they try to reconcile The False Rape Society as being 'Women Hating'. What will that say about the integrity of the SPLC?

Nathanael Greene said...

I fully expected this would happen. Now that the word is getting out in wider circles it's time for them to attack the messengers. They are going to do the same thing to the men in the manosphere that they have been doing to men in general for a long time now. Instigating the White Knights at every level with these quasi official intelligence reports into proxy violence, intimidation or harassment directed at those bad men who supposedly hate women because they point out the truth about what is going on. Well the horse has already left the barn and all this is going to do is draw more attention to what we have been saying. My advice though is if you can’t afford to lose your job when their armed enablers show up to ask your boss why some woman hater is working for him or her now would be a good time to get off the radar. This is how Feminazis role, they don’t fight fair, they try to get you at your work, business or position in government. Right and wrong have no meaning to them it’s all about the power and we already know this. They will use the system to provoke, provoke and provoke some more until they can get men to snap then the whole thing becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So don’t play into their hands.

Anonymous said...

What CL said.

I can't help but think, though, that the new poverty affects everyone. $PLC is dependent upon the graces of donors, the sort who occasionally double down, but more often than not care only conveniently. When it comes down to po'folks or season tickets, their magnanimity is on the meter. Ultimately, they're loud, but largely impotent. I suppose they might align themselves with Tides or the like, but we're talking megalomaniacs here - they don't play well with others, typically. It's worth paying attention to, but I think that they're so late to the party is somewhat revealing.

Anonymous said...

How we react to this will separate the activists from the lip-service payers.

TGP said...

Just keep getting in the ring, and throwing those body blows. Us old guys with young sons have deep respect for you. I don't say thanks often enough. So thanks man.

TDOM said...

The thing to do is to strike first. My latest article is mostly a criticism of the SPLC and the lack of intellectual honesty in their articles. However, I begin to tie in the mainstream feminist support for Valerie solanas, Andrea Yates, Lorena Bobbitt, and Catherine Becker. While these last three had litle to do with feminism, mainstream feminist organiztions applauded, supported , and excused their actions. NOW defended Valerie Solanas and she was held out as a feminist hero and credited by some with starting the radical feminist movement. By applauding and supporting their butchery and child murder, these mainstream feminist groups are inciting further violence against men. By using mainstream feminists such as Amanda Marcotte to support their position against the manosphere, the SPLC can be tied to those who support misandry, bigotry, and hatred. The examples are legion and the dots can be connected far easier than what they are trying to do in their attempt to connect a handful of murderers to the MRM.


Anonymous said...

Now might be a good time to make personal copies of the best manosphere posts and essays, just in case Obama and Co. decide to "disappear" them someday.

wizard optimum awarenes said...

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