Friday, April 24, 2015

Quiplinks VIII: Messages for Millenials

"From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing." - Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920, page 5.

One thing about all this reflection, introspection and rumination that I've engaged in while going through all my old articles at The Spearhead, is that for the first few years of having undertaken blogging, I still considered myself a young man, even though I was in my early 30's.

Now that I'm in my early 40's, I realize that mindset was the result of our Brave New World Order's social engineering programming of arrested development. In retrospect, I realize that as bad as I've been afflicted with a state of arrested development that led me to make a number of life altering decisions that I now regret and have no chance of going back and correcting (You Only Live Once!), I still did not have it as bad as what I see many of the younger generation of people are dealing with.

Those of you who are reading this, and you are in your early years of adulthood...heed these messages of those of us who have been there and done that. You only get one chance at your youth. How you spend it, will have a multitude of effects and affects on the rest of your life.

No one makes that point better than Mike Cernovich at Danger & Play:

"Baby Boomers have sold you a lie. Fifty is not the new thirty and thirty is not the new twenty.

Twenty is twenty and your twenties are a magical, once-in-a-lifetime decade.

Although I feel great at 37: Claiming my body or mind is anything like it was at 27 would be delusional beyond comprehension."

I concur with this completely. "Fifty is the new thirty" and "thirty is the new twenty" are really just vile lies used as marketing slogans designed to sell all the consumers and human resources a host of products and services to profit off of the mass delusion that we can all maintain the illusion of youth and vitality well into the years of natural aging and biological decay. There are no pills, procedures, operations or products that can make as much of a difference in how you age, than developing the habits, skills and disciplines in your young adulthood that carry you throughout the rest of your life.

The choices you make now may well have consequences decades into the future.

Sarah's Daughter makes this point to her own teenage daughters:

The majority of your life will be lived over the age of 40.
One of the most important things you can do in your youth, is to cultivate an attitude and world view that guides your interactions and relationships in life. Nurture gratitude and suppress any feelings of envy and covetousness you may experience. This is one of the keys to finding the nourishment that comes from the synergy of living in symbiosis. Envy is nourishment for the parasite. It inhibits, stunts and potentially even destroys symbiotic organisms.

Uncle Bob at Uncle Bob's Treehouse has repeatedly pointed out how being covetous and envious of others are the roots of many modern evils.

"For years I have been a great reader of "fairy tales," myths and fables (such as Aesop's) and many of them deal with envy and its destructive effects, and gratitude and its beneficial effects.
In fact, these stories tell us you can feel envy, or you can feel gratitude, but you can't feel both."

While Uncle Bob likes to refer us all to fairy tales, myths and fables as timeless messages of truth to be gleaned from ancient cultures that are still applicable today,  Beefy Levinson at Lamentably Sane offers us an admonishment on these principles that are relevant to all young people in the present age,  many of whom are entirely way too absorbed in the use of DHS data harvesting and profiling apps social media:

I learned not to compare myself with others. Social media only shows us what they want us to see.

And what many, many folks post on their Data mining portals for the Panopticon Social media accounts, are really nothing more than solipsistic indulgences meant to inspire envy and covetousness in others, in a misguided attempt to feel better about their own lives. "Look at me! Don't you wish you were doing this too?"

As Henry Dampier notes:

In internet culture, people have become, at least in their perceptions, increasingly disembodied in their approaches to thought and life.

This is I believe, a purposeful and deliberate effect of our increasing dependence on the virtual world as a means of making a living in the real world.

Speaking of making a living in the real world, one of the standout contributors at Return of Kings, Quintus Curtius, raises another great point for young people just entering the work force:

"One of the (many) problems in America today is that there are too many chiefs, and not enough Indians.  Too many cooks, but not enough servers.  Too many shit-talking bastards, and not enough work-horses. You get my drift."

Indeed I do, Quintus. My return to the blue collar trades in the past few years has made me really appreciate this. I've worked with a few young whippersnappers who think they know it all. Pipe down young buck, you don't, and you're just trying to tell me how to do something I've already done and failed at in the past. Don't get butt hurt that I'm ignoring your genius, listen to Zed and get your ass to work and shovel the fuckin' gravel!

Now, of course, one of the biggest aspects of our deliberately engineered arrested development culture is effected by our mass media inspired worship of the mating dance of the human animal as the ultimate pursuit in life.

It is a deliberate misdirection to extend adolescence to inhibit monogamous pair bonding that results in large families as the foundation of civilized society. Thus we have all endured an endless array of propaganda and cultural brainwashing to destroy our abilities to form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex.

Listen up, you youngsters!

When it comes to the dating and mating scene, things have not always been this fucked up. There was this thing in the 1960's called the "Sexual Revolution," when the Baby Boomers where your age. Those who took part in the rebelling against civilization building norms  are now the Establishment, and the Establishment they preside over is what we are all now dealing with.

I concur with Lena S. of Not Equal But Different, when she states:

"I for one will celebrate the day when the young of this country give a big middle finger to the establishment of aging baby boomers who still fancy themselves revolutionaries, apparently blind to the irony of their operations. They have made themselves obsolete, peddling crackpot theories that are only believable to a deliberately-dumbed down people."

But for young men who wake up to the realities of the modern mating marketplace, beware the trap of hedonistic promiscuity. The red pill can take you down that path, but that way can trap you in a vice of your own making.

As Reality Doug notes:

"Now if you are the dumb animal man, fucking chicks is basically all you need to ponder in your day. If you are a savage, you might also want a grass skirt that holds up wash after wash. If you are a high culture man, you might want to get your philosophy right to get the compass of your life right and to find value, real value, in your character and resourcefulness if no where else in this fucked over global economy."

Many players and pick up artists that spend years in the game, performing as carousel animals for a multitude of sluts to ride on, eventually develop a nagging doubt, a sense of emptiness that results from the meaninglessness of sterilized, contracepted sex with a multitude of strangers.

As Roosh V recently lamented:

"Unless we see drastic world changes in the next 15 years, merely having a pleasant lifestyle and individual freedom is where the trip ends for us, without being able to create our own family."

As a father and family man myself, the joy of having and raising children is unmatched by any other experience I've had in this life. A lot of the problems that we all face in trying to achieve a family come from being mired in an existence that has already been planned out for us to turn us into human resources and debt slave consumers. The system was designed to estrange us from each other, especially our own flesh-and-blood offspring.

Listen up, self-improvement-driven MAndrospherians - just as there are thousands of articles and blog posts written about avoiding the traps of debt, consumerism, avoiding teh pr0n, eating clean and sticking to the discipline of a good work out regiment, with conscious, deliberate planning and choices, the same holds true for seeking to form your own family. Despite the state of the institution and the many real dangers involved, marriage and family are still obtainable if you take it as seriously as anything else you pursue with so-called red pill clarity.

Our society and civilization are in near-terminal decline. But all is not as hopeless. If we ever hope to restore civilized society, it starts with restoring the building blocks of the foundation of civilized society. That means finding a way to create your own Marriage 1.0 under the current regime of Marriage 2.0.

But that doesn't mean marrying the first person you're attracted to and hoping for the best.

You have to be careful, conscientious and deliberate before you take the plunge. As Black Poison Soul notes about modern husbandry in Marriage 2.0:

"In my view: life is too short to cater to somebody else all the time.

One of my all time favorite sayings is this: the only person you can change is yourself. If you let yourself turn into the Average Married Chump aka the provider-slave that Black Poison Soul refers to, at some point you're going to have to come to the realization that it's not her conditioned her to treat you like that by your own behavior!

I have written it over and over again in the past on this blog...that I do not recommend marriage to today's youth.

I come now to conditionally recant and retract that sentiment. I see thing's differently with a little bit older and I like to think wiser eyes. It goes back to the conundrum of the Mutilated Beggar Argument that Dr. Daniel Amneus pointed out in his seminal work The Garbage Generation.

"In Cairo there exists a cottage industry which mutilates children to be used as beggars. The more gruesome and pitiable the mutilations, the more the beggars will earn. The disfigured children are placed on mats on street corners with a begging bowl and they ask for alms for the love of Allah.

The almsgiver is doing a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is paying for the child's next meal. The bad thing is ensuring that more children will be mutilated."

Telling people not to marry and have kids because of how messed up the system is, merely contributes further to the degradation and decline of our society and culture. I now say, take the risk, and go for it. Just be mindful and never forget what a marriage between a man and woman really is, as poetically pointed out over at 80 proof Oinomancy:

"It’s elemental warfare. Men are fire.Women are water...

...should the ideal balance be struck: she confines him to the point of utility and safety, while he boils her enough to power the engine that is the family and its greatest extension: Civilization."

As Vox Day advises:

Giving up what you fear potentially losing means you have already lost.

The ultimate resistance to our Brave New World Order, is to breed the next generation of revolutionaries and freedom fighters. For us Gen X'rs, we're already reaching the age of declining fecundity. You youngsters are our only hope!


Anonymous said...

Call me a pessimist (sorry, the 50's are gone and they are not coming back), but I'd only say this:

Would you really have the heart to bring a poor child into this f-up world, just so that you can feel better about yourself?

Whenever I see kids or young adults today: hopeless, lost, brainwashed, depressed, I have nothing but pity for them. Why would you bring a child into this state of misery?

Some might say that you can raise your kid differently, but I'd say good luck with that, and even if you succeed against all the brainwashing coming from hollywood, the media and schools, your kid would then be a complete oddball, unable to connect with the rest of society.

Brian said...

Marriage will never be fixed until the laws change. Plain and simple. A lot of millennials get game. They understand how women work. They will never marry because of it, and likely because of what they saw their own families go through. Marriage isn't an institution worth rescuing in their eyes. Marriage will change when the laws change, but don't hold your breath on millenials leading the charge.

Beefy Levinson said...

Call me hopelessly naive, but I still hope to marry and have children some day. The Matrix, liberalism, progressivism, whatever you choose to call our modern distopia, is as irrational and doomed to fail as Soviet communism was. We're not as bad off as men like Solzhenitsyn were. Deal with the consumerist hell as necessary, but don't give in to them mentally or spiritually. I probably won't live long enough to see civilization restored, but I'm still going to do what I can, however insignificant it may be in the big picture, to see it through.

Black Poison Soul said...

This. We Gen-X'ers are done for, toast, our day is over. Certainly I could still have children - have had offers from women who want to date me - which dates I now decline. I don't want to have a child going through the "Hi Dad!" thing with me when they're twenty and I look like a grandfather. Of course, those making the offers are last-gasp party-girls in their 30's, infected with the Marriage 2.0 disease. I'm supposed to filter through these for 5+ years, to find a worthwhile one to have children with. Not going to happen. Too old, too old.

Consider me selfish if you wish. Yet: I am almost 50 and my life has basically been hollowed out by one woman who took most of everything. Sure, I can and am rebuilding - yet at my age things should be mellowing. My life has basically been reset to the struggles of early-30's mid-summer, instead of where it should be. Children should be long-done, now the building up of a store of wealth and future happiness.

Start a family now? That would be another 20+ years of difficulty in my declining years, very likely ending with nothing once they're gone and out the door. They would be forced to support me. That would be cruelty in the extreme. As it is, I expect now to work until I die - unless I decide to retire to a country where my money is worth vastly greater than it is in my home country. I would be effectively isolating myself to live halfway decently into my old age.

My spring is long past, my summertime nearly over. Autumn and winter are coming. Despite my self-improvement, despite my strength training, my years and body are waning. Recapture my youth? By having sex with younger women? Why? I can have sex with women young enough that they can be my own daughters. Even girls young enough to almost be granddaughters have made moves on me. Why should I do that? It would be an ersatz recapture, a synthetic euphoria, an artificial high - one that ultimately means nothing. All the while, the available women of Gen-X expect everything of their Man, just like the younger generations.

@Anonymous - one of my commentors stated that the hardest part of his divorce was trying to bring up his children with a modicum of discipline. A Herculean task, the way Marriage 2.0 and divorce/frivorce is set up.

@Brian - I must agree. My feeling is that the next generation being born is going to be mostly to single mommies. There's nothing to prevent it. They are going to be so screwed up, it will be painful to see.

@Beefy Levinson - I wish you good luck. Eventually we will muddle through this. Hell, people survived the fall of Rome and suchlike. We'll survive this. Perhaps our example will help future generations and civilizations from falling into the same old trap that we and the Spartans and Romans did.

Good luck, all.

Justin said...

The ultimate irony of the GamerLife advocates, is, in all the complaints about women, the EXACT same critiques can be said of men.

For example, it is a well-known truism that women's advice to women is always bad, as their "good advice" in reality serves to undermine their competitors.

The SAME thing applies to men, ESPECIALLY GamerLife advice to their fellow men!!! LOL

They are telling men to drop out of the marriage market. LOL, ok, thanks buddy, more available women for the good guys then.
"All women are whores" "They will all screw you over" hahah what a bunch of delusional self-defeatist losers.

fatmanjudo said...

When the host becomes too weak the parasites arrive to finish it off. Parasites do not thrive on a strong host. This is why the world appears upside down. Parasites are killing the weak societal institutions. This is natural and cyclical although it sucks for conservatives who look around and find little worth conserving. Your ancestors lived through worse though. Kids are arrows loosed to an unknown destination. The men saying "never have a family" are teaching the same doctrine of the feminists = nihilism. Following this philosophical school does not lead to happiness for men or women. Risk in relationships as in everything else can only be managed. It cannot be eliminated. People do everything to avoid feeling pain and wonder why they end up feeling nothing.

Hearth said...

"Now, of course, one of the biggest aspects of our deliberately engineered arrested development culture is effected by our mass media inspired worship of the mating dance of the human animal as the ultimate pursuit in life."

This. Because I died the day after I married? No meaning to life after 25? SERIOUSLY?

-loud cheering-

tz said...

Start a family now? That would be another 20+ years of difficulty in my declining years, very likely ending with nothing once they're gone and out the door. They would be forced to support me. That would be cruelty in the extreme. 

What a whiny, selfish bastard (I can call one who rejects fatherhood this without it being an insult, just an observation).

They would not be forced to support you. This is what Christendom did before Social Security. My grandparents lived with us or my aunts/uncles, and I took care of my parents. "Honor thy Father and Mother". Whether they are saints or sinners. Are you planning on being horrible to your children? Who else will support you? Taxpayers? Or will you drink the hemlock?

What you mean is it would be cruel to you to have to depend on someone who would do it as an honor instead of creating a generation that isn't materialistic or narcissistic. But first you must repent of these yourself.

You will suffer to gain muscle, endurance, thinness, wealth, but not children?

I'm acting and I may be worse off than you. The first part is finding an area of the country (or world) that is old fashioned, and where there is likely "a herd of unicorns" even if the number is small. I am moving to this target rich environment a week from today. (It doesn't have a football or baseball team, Opera, or big-box malls)

Red Pill? Zion and "the real world" aren't beautiful, easy, or pleasant. Cypher preferred the Matrix. You want just enough of the red pill to get by but don't really want the civilization it represents. Where men were fathers and women were mothers, and the many children would keep the traditional ways yet find new opportunities (an old Italian saying on sons was one for the business, one for the priesthood, one for the police or army...).

Christendom is a way of life. It's author said to take up your cross daily. The Kingdom of Heaven can only give you profound an eternal joy at the cost of a bit of difficulty and suffering and losses will be returned 100 fold - with persecutions - Luke. It isn't a bacchanal or a debauch.

If the point isn't to restore western civilization to some small corner, the red-pill may as well be hemlock

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What's the point of modern marriage? You can get sex, companionship, and children without getting married. You're doing a real disservice to young men when you encourage them to get married in today's climate.

For a lot of men, things only get better as we age. I see plenty of men in their 40s-60s who are fit, active, and dating younger women. The key is to stay fit, eat right, lift weights, and take the proper supplements.

Of course, you could also move abroad.

Gruesome said...

Yep. Breeeeeed!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"It is a deliberate misdirection to extend adolescence to inhibit monogamous pair bonding..."

True---and few MRAs understand that. The other side of the coin is that the same femihag/social engineers are extending the definition of 'childhood' at the same exponential. They've raised AOC laws to higher levels and Obamacare defines 'dependent children' as under the age of 26!

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Gamecocks and Femihags are the 'new normal' of gender polarity! lol

Anonymous said...


"More available women for the good guys then,"

Ha ha. Be that "Good Guy" then, man. Good luck with that.

The 'delusion' is all you. You think that stepping right into a slave contract (marriage) back by violence (gov't) makes you some kind of smart guy?

Lena S. said...


Don't forget the phony stage of 'adolescence' and the coup d'etat that is the modern school system. Anyone who has children should get them out of the GIC pronto.

DrTorch said...

Ecclesiastes 11:9 Rejoice, O young man, in your youth,
And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth;
Walk in the ways of your heart,
And in the sight of your eyes;
But know that for all these
God will bring you into judgment.
10 Therefore remove sorrow from your heart,
And put away evil from your flesh,
For childhood and youth are vanity.

Anonymous said...


Very true. Adolescence has been redefined by the social engineers. Most of the problems of American youth stem from trying to force young adults into childhood for abnormally long periods of time.

In reality, adolescence in humans is a very short period from late childhood to puberty; roughly between 10-12 years. After puberty, they are adults.

Lena S. said...


Exactly. I would just do away with the whole concept of adolescence since people seemed to do just fine before it was invented by a psychologist named Stanley Hall in a work he simply titled "Adolescence", published in 1904.

"Hall was deeply wedded to the German concept of Volk, an anti-individualist and authoritarian romanticism in which the individual is dissolved into a transcendental collective. Hall believed that humans are by nature non-reasoning and instinct driven, requiring a charismatic leader to manipulate their herd instincts for the well-being of society. He predicted that the American emphasis on individual human right and dignity would lead to a fall that he analogized to the sinking of Atlantis."

No thanks!

Unknown said...

This is a very difficult thing that you ask, I'm a young man. I'm turning 24 and have the world at my fingertips( literally). In an age where my sacrifice might be respected to wed and produce offspring, I may be so inclined to do so.
But until a shift in power happens, or women or the system changes, what your asking us young men to do is ( literally ) go into the trenches knowing certain death may lie in wait.
I'll ask God to forgive me for my sin, preach his name, and live like Paul. Hopefully God will forgive me for not producing the offspring that were supposed to be mine.
My hand is not in this anymore, it's not selfishness, it's self preservation.