Monday, December 23, 2019

Mere Churchianity

Just read this harsh, judgemental, far-right screed condemning our Godly brothers and sisters of X-ianity503c Inc., by some crazy right wing fundie commenter over at the Unz Review. It is so discriminatory and hateful, I just had to reproduce it in it's entirety so my fellow believers can see just what kind of ignorance and bigotry we face from the evangelical cis-Male Patriarchy in 2019!

Behold the backwards mindset of these sexist-misogynists who want to take us all back to those dreadful 1950's when our sisters-in-Christ were oppressed and enslaved in the kitchens! They want to undo all of our progress and treat all women as nothing more than broodmares with no choices to ever be made without Cis-male approval! No leadership roles, no careers, no educational credential attainment, no access to Planned Parenthood!?!? Really?!? These backward cretins want to undo all of the progress we have made, and if their dangerous ideas gain popularity, they will destroy our Church!

The danger is real my Brothers and Sisters. Try not to become nauseated as you read such vile HateSpeech:

Christianity? Neither that resolution nor you are part of Christianity. What you represent is a churchian cult offshoot of real Christianity that treats Christ as a lackey of the Almighty State, in order to worship the Great Goddess of Equality.
In churches it’s typified by a cult of feelings and niceness that scorns judgment. It pours pseudo love over evil like syrup over poison in order to be “welcoming”, “diverse”, “multicultural”, “non-judgmental”. It equalizes all human actions by semantic games and rationalizations. Good and evil become meaningless, everything is accepted and somehow forgiven, God’s Love never includes Judgment, the sinner is never responsible for her sin, and everybody gets into some feelzgud version of heaven.

What has happened is that churches have become thoroughly effeminate and emasculated. They purport to be Christian, but they are not. They are infected with feminism. Any kind of perceived masculinity is downplayed or eliminated. These churches display every single worst symptom of the feminist mindset, including seduction, enticement, passivity, emotionalism, goalless pursuit of power, fantasizing, mindless nurturing, and hypergamous submission to alpha evil.

Instead of recognizing and resisting evil-doers, churchian policies entice more sin and evil into the world so that it falls directly upon the traditional patriarchal family in order to tear it apart. The excuse they offer is the saccharine banality that love is some kind of all-purpose salve, thereby assuming a human love that deliberately mischaracterizes God the Father’s Love. The unstated rationale is to passively submit and sacrifice yourself to evil as the only way to expiate your sins, thereby completely dispensing with the Son of God’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Christian churches have morphed into a monstrous inversion of everything that used to make Christianity strong and believe in itself. They cannot possibly continue in this way. They lose members every single day, and will eventually cease to exist as viable entities. At best, they will go the way of the official state churches in China.

The only way forward is to lead Christians back to the Truth of the Logos. Churches must be purged of every last vestige of feminist influence, from the pastor/priest right on down to the music. A revitalized church must return to its roots, to be 100% patriarchal, judgmental, and militant, in order to celebrate the nations commanded by God, and the divisions of God’s Creation.

I. Can't. Even.

Thank the Goddess far-right fundie wing nuts like this have been purged from our churches and exiled to the fringes of the extremist snake-handling, tongues-babbling cults who are all clinging bitterly to their Bibles and guns!

They just can't deal with the facts that our community of multi-cultural tolerance and vibrancy continues to grow and spread the universal message of inclusion, diversity, and acceptance for all! No matter what border they may have crossed, or what non-specific gendered orifices they prefer for their consensual relational recreation...we must love and accept all those who seek refuge in our communities and homes!

There is no better way to signal our virtue!


Anonymous said...

The people will accept Moloch once they eat their birth control burger, ie the impossible burger

The burger has a higher dosage of estrogen (44mg) than the daily dose transgender mtf use (8mg/day). They are trying to wipe masculinity, what makes man in the image of God as a Father, from the face of the cities.

honeycomb said...

Yes .. WE (cis-)MEN .. heh!

Even th wimminz are happier in their GODly gender roles.

As for me .. They (Wimminz) whouldn't be allowed to
1) Vote
2) Own anything
3) Educate past the 9th grade
4) Drive
5) Ever be without a MAN as her Head(ship) [Her Dad transfers this to another MAN upon marriage]
6) Leave a marriage with children .. cash .. or prizes. Those belong to the Dad (i.e. Man)
7) Allowed to lead Men in any capacity.

I know .. I must hate wimminz .. and you'd be wrong .. I love (real) wimminz .. I hate rebellion of GOD!

[And the globalists!]

GiantWaffle said...

Damn, you do a good Libtard!

Anonymous said...

Irony ?