Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Conspiritard Food Magic

Awhile back, I discovered a link back to this blog from TheRedPillWomen Reddit and found this comment from dana:

"just so you know, the guy who wrote that piece invented the red pill terminology in an essay in 2009 and hes great when discussing LTR game (he practically invented discussing it on the net, before athol kay), he just happens to have a lot of conspiritard and food magic beliefs as well."

lozlzolzozlozloozlozlzozlzolozlol! Thanks dana, luv ya too! I guess I'll do my best to put the retard into the conspiracy magic!

When it comes to the corporate fast food culture and it's multitude of restaurants that have blanketed all of the lands in our Brave New World Order, there certainly exists a conspiracy, and magic's got nothing to do with it.

It may seem like magic to those you whose brains have become too addled by ingesting copious amounts of aspartame, monosododium glutamate, phenylalanine and high fructose corn syrup in conjunction with a dire lack of adequate nutrients and saturated fats -- and not to mention a steady mind-diet of regularly scheduled mass media programming --  but I assure you, I'm going to break it down real simple-like, so that you too can see what's behind the magic of this retarded conspiracy:



Let’s put aside the debate about antigenic proteins introduced by transgenes in GMO crops. Transgenes are genes from species that are not naturally present in crops of feed or food importance, e.g. spider genes, bacterial genes, viral genes, etc. These transgenes are capable of producing proteins in the plants that have never been in the human diet over the course of human evolution, stretching back thousands, even millions of years. GM proponents and regulators claim pseudo-scientifically that these novel new GM foods are ‘substantially equivalent‘ to conventional ones, despite a lack of human clinical toxicology studies to prove it; or, they claim that these proteins are inconsequential and do not represent a threat to human health, or the health of the biosphere as whole because they say so – a plea to their own self-appointed, baseless authority.

This debate about whether or not GMO foods contain problematic proteins is meant to confuse and distract from the real issue that if you eat corn, soy, cottonseed or canola containing GMO products – and everyone does since nothing is truthfully labeled – you are ingesting glyphosate (aka Roundup) residues.

This substance has literally changed the face of hunger and malnutrition that has plagued humanity throughout the entire history of our species residing on this planet:

The face of human hunger and malnutrition, before RoundUpReady Feed went global...
The face of human hunger and malnutrition, after RoundUpReady Feed went global.

It may not seem obvious, but the burgeoning monstrosity of accumulated flesh stuffing it's face with RoundUpReady Feed in the latter pic is just as ravenously hungry and critically malnourished as the unfortunate denizen of a famine ravaged country in Africa shown in the preceding pic.

Many arguments on teh Interwebz have been spawned over the idea that one single substance can serve as the vector for the epidemic of obesity that has afflicted every corner of the globe.  

"It's the high fructose corn syrup!"
"No, it's the refined carbs!" 
"Wrong, it's move more, eat less!
"Calories in, calories out!" 

Any metropolis, 'burb, village, city, truckstop or town in our Brave New World Order that has more Fast Feed joints and drive-thrus, EBT-approved C-stores, and SNAP-eligible snack shops than farmer's markets, grocery stores and family farms; will have a statistically significant portion of the populace waddling and shambling about in GMO-RoundUpReady fueled-morbid obesity.

"Round Up the Sheeple...it's feedin' time!"

Roundup and all the industrially farmed,  genetically modified organisms engineered to withstand it's life destroying properties, is far and away the primary cash cow of one of the most satanic and demonic corporations of our Brave New World Order's corporate cartel-controlled marketplace

GMO-RoundUpReady-based Fast Feed is the primary vector for the plague that has ravaged our nation, engorged our waistlines, clogged our hardened arteries and overloaded our enviro-friendly-reduced-flush toilet bowls.

It doesn't get any simpler than this, retards.

Take your typical "VALUE MEAL" offering at any RoundUpReady Feed distributor found in malls and Shopping Centers all across the blighted plains, the good ole Hamburger, fries and cola combo:

Aren't You Hungry?

* The Hamburger meat comes from feedlot cattle, fattened to slaughter weight with RoundUpReady corn and soy feed, genetically modified and laced with a generous dose of antibiotics to keep the cows alive long enough to reach it's date at maximum weight with a bolt gun lobotomy at the hands of an illegal immigrant in the assembly line at your local USDA-inspected, factory farm slaughter facility.

* The bun is made with bleached white and enriched RoundUpReady wheat flour, RoundUpReady high fructose corn syrup, and partially-hydrogenated RoundUpReady Soybean margarine.

* The fries are manufactured from genetically modified potatoes, then deep fried in rancid, oxidized and overheated RoundUpReady Soybean or RoundUpReady Rapeseed oil (aka "Canola"), and finally salted with processed, iodized table salt adulterated with anti-caking silicate.

* The cheese is made from milk by RoundUpReady grain-fed dairy cattle.

* The cola is essentially carbonated water, flavored with RoundUpReady high fructose corn syrup and colored by caramel manufactured with sugar derived from RoundUpReady sugar beets. Oh, and don't forget to throw in some genetically modified yeast by-product (aka "citric acid") and phosphoric acid to boot.

Every aspect of this ubiquitous, popular sheeple feed combo-value meal is derived from bio-engineered crops genetically modified to be RoundUpReady so that the crops can be planted, grown and harvested on a mass industrial scale, with copious amounts of glyphosate sprayed on the crops repeatedly throughout the plants entire life cycle.

As more and more humans subsist predominantly on Big Ag processed fare composed of RoundUpReady plants and animals fattened up on RoundUpReady feed, mankind will continue to evolve...morphing in size and shape quicker than Darwin could've ever imagined.

The Origins of Genetically Modified Species

If you want to cut to the chase, you can always go straight to the source.

Now that we discussed the food magic part, it's time to get to the conspiritard part.

It's not conspiracy, it's a revolving door:

The FDA's pro-rBGH activities make more sense in light of conflicts of interest between the FDA and the Monsanto corporation. Michael R. Taylor, the FDA's deputy commissioner for policy, wrote the FDA's rBGH labelling guidelines. The guidelines, announced in February 1994, virtually prohibited dairy corporations from making any real distinction between products produced with and without rBGH. To keep rBGH-milk from being "stigmatized" in the marketplace, the FDA announced that labels on non-rBGH products must state that there is no difference between rBGH and the naturally occurring hormone.

In March 1994, Taylor was publicly exposed as a former lawyer for the Monsanto corporation for seven years. While working for Monsanto, Taylor had prepared a memo for the company as to whether or not it would be constitutional for states to erect labelling laws concerning rBGH dairy products. In other words. Taylor helped Monsanto figure out whether or not the corporation could sue states or companies that wanted to tell the public that their products were free of Monsanto's drug.

Taylor wasn't the only FDA official involved in rBGI-1 policy who had worked for Monsanto. Margaret Miller, deputy director of the FDA's Office of New Animal Drugs was a former Monsanto research scientist who had worked on Monsanto's rBGH safety studies up until 1989. Suzanne Sechen was a primary reviewer for rBGH in the Office of New Animal Drugs between 1988 and 1990. Before coming to the FDA. she had done research for several Monsanto-funded rBGH studies as a graduate student at Cornell University. Her professor was one of Monsanto's university consultants and a known rBGH promoter.

Remarkably. the GAO determined in a 1994 investigation that these officials' former association with the Monsanto corporation did not pose a conflict of interest.


It couldn't be a conspiracy...



AnonGuy said...

Here's an interesting and perhaps telling distinction concerning GMO's & wheat.

Wheat is not a GMO and it is not Round-Up ready.

And why is it not GMO? And why is it a big deal when Round-Up ready wheat is accidentally discovered in a farmer's field in Oregon? Monsanto doesn't even sell it. From the link: "Monsanto’s process for closing out the Roundup Ready wheat program was rigorous, well-documented and audited… no evidence that the original Roundup Ready wheat trait has entered commerce."

It's a big deal because farmers use Round-Up to kill the wheat prior to harvesting. There's a scientist suggesting it's the Round-Up that is causing all the wheat allergies, not the gluten in wheat itself.

Finally, there was a small study done comparing some celiacs' reactions to modern hybrid dwarf-wheat against an "ancient" wheat. A majority of the celiacs did tolerate the ancient wheat better, but they were also comparing an organic (ie. no Round-Up) against commercial off the shelf (ie. likely Round-Up).

So, lots to think about and IMO needing more investigation: compare modern hybrid-dwarf raised organically against an "ancient" sprayed with Round-Up.

AnonGuy said...

BTW, congrats on the magic food conspiritard moniker! I for one am jealous.

Though I'm astounded how compartmentalized people can be… understand and agree with some guy that sees right through the Blue Pill wrt personal relationships, but part company on everything else as "conspiritard" non-sense. Wow. Just Wow.

Lead a horse to water…

Alte said...


I've been taking your dietary advice for years, including about how to feed young children. I'm much less rigorous than you are, but we've greatly profited anyway. You're ideas as so novel that it makes you sound like a fruitcake, but that is not actually an argument against your ideas. If it makes you feel better, I'm in the same boat. People think what I say is crazy -- until it becomes painfully obvious that I'm right -- and then they immediately switch to nobodysawitcoming. Everyone hates prophets in their own time. LOL

Most people can digest one novel idea, or maybe even two, but anything more than that and they suffer a mental meltdown.

BTW, I have no trouble digesting German grains, but America is trying to break into the European grain market, so we're all doomed eventually.

'Reality' Doug said...

Just lost my appetite. There is so much out there on diet: Paleo, ketogenic, all red meat or all animal protein, no animal protein, complex carbs only,...

I don't know the exact reasons, but I don't need exact reasons. Could be RoundUp and creepy genes. Fructose. &tc. Industrially prepared food is bad for you, period. That satisfying feeling from food is the addictive pleasure of processed food. Good food does not feel so good in the stomach but feels better overall. I'm still working on making the transition into a feasible habit. The pounds go on way faster than they come off.

Fructose kills your liver. I can't prove this with scientific argument exactly, but I presume it is addictive. Love that tariff on real Brazillian sugar. I am sure the Coke folks were 'forced' into changing the formula. lmfao

'Nearly 30 years ago, Coca-Cola switched over from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten America's beloved carbonated soft drink. With corn subsidized by the government, its sugary syrup became a more affordable option for the beverage company.'

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/07/coca-cola-taste-test_n_1324282.html

So the real reason for all that subsidized corn farming is what?, if you had to guess. Mexico Coke is following suit.

Moving on...

'The process is not so simple with fructose, he noted. "In order for fructose to be metabolized, the body has to create both fasted and fed conditions. The liver is really busy when you eat a lot of fructose."'

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081209221742.htm

Now compare and contrast, kids:

'New research shows big differences in how the sugars fructose and glucose are metabolized by the body. But the findings have little relevance to the current debate about whether high-fructose corn syrup is a bigger dietary villain than other sugars added to processed foods, experts say.'

Source: http://www.webmd.com/heart/metabolic-syndrome/news/20090421/fresh-take-on-fructose-vs-glucose

Nothing to see here. No conspiracy. This guy is a quack.

Also, So HL is the guy who came up with the red pill terminology? Love it! Vocabulary is so important to conceptualization and communication, and most people gloss over vocabulary as a given. Eyyyhh, most people are sheeeeeeple too.

black said...

Thanks, Keoni. Glad you made it out of the iBubble.

I ate a Wendy's burger combo the other day and it jacked up my system. I don't normally eat fast food, but needed a quick bite, it was convenient, and sounded really good.

I've also noticed quite a bit recently that when I drink soda at a restaurant, I end up feeling jittery. It can't be the caffeine as I consume coffee all day throughout the week... with heavy whipping cream FTW! I've concluded it must be the HFCS.

Anonymous said...

Keoni --
For years I thought it was small 'c' conspiracy. Lately though there have been attempts to also shut down small farming and gardening. In the upper midwest state governments have been considering shutting down small hog farmers by calling them feral. Michigan was first writing legislation that the DNR can show up at any time and remove feral hogs from any farm at any time. The definition they use of a feral hog is the same as a regular hog, (curly tail, floppy ears, etc) but with a larger size pen than what a feedlot has.
The federal government is considering proposals to limit "home built fertilizers". This would include compost and animal manure. The reason given of course is disease prevention, but that "home built" phrase is a dead giveaway that someone was trolling for scare language.

Conan the Cimmerian said...

Good work! Magic food conspiretard.

Keoni Galt said...

@ AnonGuy - "BTW, congrats on the magic food conspiritard moniker!"

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

@ Alte - "BTW, I have no trouble digesting German grains, but America is trying to break into the European grain market, so we're all doomed eventually."

@ RealityDoug - "Fructose kills your liver."

Let's get specific here...I don't think fructose in it's natural state, as in that ingested by eating real fruit, is bad for your liver at all. It's the refined and concentrated high fructose syrup that destroys livers!

The more I think on these topics, the more I'm convinced...while some grains are somewhat problematic for human health, I think the GMO treatment and RoundUpReady spraying protocols have turned grains that may be somewhat irritable or uncomfortable to human health and turned it into malevolent, activated poison.

@ KJ - Big C or small c, eventually more and more people will begin to see, it is ALL a conspiracy!

Keoni Galt said...

Oops, scrambled my replies...this was meant for Alte:

"BTW, I have no trouble digesting German grains, but America is trying to break into the European grain market, so we're all doomed eventually."

The more I think on these topics, the more I'm convinced...while some grains are somewhat problematic for human health, I think the GMO treatment and RoundUpReady spraying protocols have turned grains that may be somewhat irritable or uncomfortable to human health and turned it into malevolent, activated poison.

Keoni Galt said...

"So HL is the guy who came up with the red pill terminology?"

Nah, that was the writer of the movie script for The Matrix.

But I was the first blogger to take the allegory and run with it as an overall theme in terms of what we now call "the manosphere."

Some commentors had begun to use the term loosely in the comment sections of Roissy in D.C., The Spearhead and In Mala Fide, and other now defunct blogs like Seasons of Tumult and Discord.

Seeing such comments got me interested the concept, but it really was another article I came across, written by a lady blogger unconnected to the MAndrosphere that inspired me to run with the theme - The Seekstress had a blog post entitled "The Media IS the Matrix."

I started my "red pill reality dispelling blue pill delusions" series of blog posts (all linked to on my "red pill | blue pill" page at the top of the blog) back in 2009 after my initial post on the topic, "Game is the Red Pill" went somewhat viral in our corner of teh Interwebz. It is still the most read post in the history of this blog.

Keoni Galt said...

Aha, here it is:

The Media is the Matrix


That was the post that inspired my "Game is the Red Pill" post.


'Reality' Doug said...

@Keoni Galt, very interesting to get the Manosphere history, your thoughts on frustose, etc. I think I read that #1 post of yours on the first day or two that I discovered the Manosphere. I think it was you that used the They Live glasses metaphor, Roddy Rod Piper and all. I have a hard time taking humans in real life seriously. Glad to know there are a handful of mental sovereigns out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back again!

On the subject of foods and behavior modification, I'd like to get your opinion on the comment I left here:


I'm beginning to formulate an idea that there's a causal connection between ingesting chemicals on a large scale (in this case psychoactive drugs) and the recent outbreaks of mass insanity across the country.

Your article above made me think too that some of the chemical food additives may have an effect as well, especially aspartame which has known psychological effects.

Anyway, I don't have a background in chemistry or medicine, but I'd like to get your feedback on this.

Alte said...

"I think the GMO treatment and RoundUpReady spraying protocols have turned grains that may be somewhat irritable or uncomfortable to human health and turned into malevolent, activated poison."

This. Also, the processing and all the junk they add to it during preparation. And just the sheer amount eaten. I didn't realize that a single slice of bread or a half-cup of oatmeal is enough.

I also consume more of my carbs in the form of hops.

Anonymous said...

KG, in searching for a good vegan gluten-free sandwich bread recipe I found this blog: http://www.nourishingmeals.com/ and started reading about the nutrition world well beyond Paleo.

The authors have five children and live strictly gluten free, but otherwise don't advocate one particular diet except that it be organic, whole foods, and free of GMOs and pesticides. They say, find what's right for you. I recently purchased their new book and it is chock full of info on various diets from vegan to WAP to Paleo, lists benefits and potential drawbacks, and how to manage chronic disease with diet.

After years of being in wheat denial, I finally had enough heartburn, aches, pains, and other digestive issues that I decided to give up wheat. I ate some wheat cereal one day for breakfast: heartburn. Next day some sprouted wheat bread for my sandwich: heartburn and a bout of bloating and cramping so bad I was on the couch doubled over for the next 24 hours. My food and symptom log showed I'd get these symptoms every time I ate wheat. So I cut it out, been only 6 days but guess what? New Woman right here, no pain, flat tummy, normal digestion.

We're all different, and unique in our genetic make up and digestion. I think this wheat thing is a biggie for me and I suspect my son, who also cannot eat eggs or any dairy at all lest I want to be cleaning spit-up for the day and rubbing cream on his hives. Very serious allergies, epi pens and all that.

Doctors don't know what causes food allergies, or why they suddenly pop up or go away, but my money is on PESTICIDES and GMO. I'm so glad summer is here so I can gather fresh veg from my garden or farmer's markets.

Toxicity builds up in our bodies after a while. I suspect that this may be worse than the mere passage of time on our cells and systems.

Food should be one of those things shielded from the profit making aspects of business. I know how socialist that sounds, but considering how profiteering from food growth and value-added processing in factories has harmed us, it might not be the worst thing to put Big Ag out of business. It would even be Biblically sound, you know, leaving grains in the field for the poor and only taking what you need to survive. Yes, Vespa, you CAN live without your industrial strength hair dryer.

adamalan said...

Neither the wheat nor potato varieties in commercial production are GMO so you can't call them RoundupReady. However roundup is used broadly still in wheat production and many other harmfull chemicals are for sure with potatoes and maybe roundup too for all I know.

Anonymous said...


As one of your loyal tinfoil hatted readers, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy all of your "conspiracy theory" posts so please don't let the haters discourage you …

The truth is out there, lozlzolzozl!

Anonymous said...

No, adamalan, wheat and potatoes are not GMO (yet, they're working on it) so they are not RoundUp Ready.

However, glyphosate (RoundUp) is routinely sprayed on ALL grain crops towards harvest time to speed up drying and improve threshing yields. This does not apply to organically grown wheat or other grains, of course, but it's frightening to think that every seemingly innocent bite of bread, or a cookie, or piece of pasta served by well-meaning people everywhere in America is just drenched with this stuff.

Frightening...a better word is depressing.

Back when I was in wheat denial I thought if I switched to organic whole wheat and spelt I'd have an easier time of it. I found Great River Organic Milling, a co-op of farms that grows organic heirloom (and modern non-GMO) grains. I bought whole red winter wheat and whole spelt to mill into flour for sourdough bread. No pesticides, no glyphosate, good tilth practices, etc. Same results: puffy, poor digestion, etc. Spelt treated me far, far better than the red wheat, though. Generally I just find it easier to avoid it altogether, though if I trial gluten grains again I'll start with spelt and einkorn and see how they do.

Anyone interested in going 100% organic with their grain, check out Great River Organics. I bought mine in bulk on Amazon, free shipping w/ Prime. Best deal around, but you can buy direct from the company.

Oh, and potatoes? Arsenic is routinely sprayed on old vines to kill them off after harvest. New potatoes are planted in the same fields the following years. So, potatoes might be mostly immune to pesticide residues, but the thought of arsenic in them is *eek* inducing. Arsenic is also in a lot of rice that comes from the south. The best source of arsenic-free rice is the Lundberg brand from California.

AnonGuy said...

Cranberry, latest indications are that food allergies result from an under-devloped gut biome. Check out this self-report from a person that couldn't shake a salmonella infection, but after healing her gut not only got rid of the salmonella, but also could tolerate gluten just fine.

Eggs and dairy have been a core of human diets for millennia. An allergy to them is an air raid siren that something is not right with your son's health. I seriously suggest starting with this video and blog post from Mr. Heisenbug.


Anonymous said...

Working on it, AnonGuy. I've seen the video. I'm determined to cure him of his allergies. Luckily he has a good appetite and will eat anything I feed him, so he gets lots of bone broth and soft cooked wild meats (we do a lot of hunting here), probiotics in homemade sauerkraut and other fermented veggies, and coconut milk yogurt.

He seems to tolerate wheat just fine, as in he doesn't show immediate reactions to it the way he does dairy or eggs, but after he eats bread or pasta I can always tell something is up. He'll develop very mushy poop and sometimes it's outright liquid, and he'll get a blistery rash all around his mouth, and I'll find bits of undigested bread or other food in his diaper. It's unsettling. He's in the 1st percentile for weight despite being born a nice 8.5 pounds. Doc says it's not celiac and won't test though, my son is not exhibiting classic symptoms, and going to a doc out of network or paying a naturopath is something I'll have to save for, for a long time, if I want a dx on that.

When he first had his allergy symptoms, I was still nursing him and had a very clean diet, but had to eliminate eggs and nuts, all dairy, and nightshades. Turns out, I'm more than a bit dairy sensitive myself, when I gave that up a lot of my congestion and stomach issues lessened but didn't completely go away.

I know the gut biome is key to so much more than just digestion. Dr. Art Ayers blog is helpful in hacking it, but I've found it takes some time to see results, especially since I'm not willing to subject my kid to a food challenge absent medical supervision. The last time he got egg by accident, from a kind woman at a birthday who gave him a cupcake, he vomited so hard I had to administer epi before he choked to death. Fun night in the ER after that one.

I can't tell you how much I want this to go away, because it is a terrifying situation, and he is too young to understand it and know what he can't eat yet, so it's constant vigilance, and explanation to other people. I hate talking about it anymore, it's exhausting to explain that yes, a little bit can hurt him, please don't challenge me on this...

Sorry, I always end up doing this, rambling on. It's a frustrating and serious thing and the worst part is, is YOU'RE RIGHT, these foods should not be a problem but they are, our natural defense or neutralization mechanisms are f*cked up and no one can give any answers, or the "gov't" disingenuously looks in all the wrong places to keep funneling money and power to their cronies, and all the while we're told we're just ignorant, paranoid idiots who probably shouldn't really be allowed to think for ourselves.

Samuel E. Hancock said...

Welcome back sir. I have sincerely missed your thoroughly researched (with a touch of humanity thrown in for good measure) posts. The ones pertaining to food are a special favorite. My wife and I have been attempting to eat an all natural diet with absolutely o soft drinks or HFCS in anything for several years now. We do not eat processed food at all. All meat / chicken has to be organic w/ no hormones. Everything is purchased fresh and cooked at home or grilled. I am convinced it has made an amazing difference, not only in our lifestyles but also on our immune systems. Neither of us has had so much as a common cold for the last 3 years at least. Additionally we supplement with a daily multivitamin, the highest rated super B complex available, fish oil and vitamin D. We really appreciate the fact that in the beginning the Good Lord created plants and animals for our nourishment. He did not create Round Up.

Permakulturnik said...

GLYPHOSATE is known to bind molybdenum, zinc, and few other trace elements in the soil. When it does that, less is available for the plants, so they mineral content is lover (on top of toxic effect).

As I am writing a book about nitrogen fixation I found out about it. This is especial noticeable on sandy soils as amount of molybdenum in sand soils is usually lover. Molybdenum availability is important for biological nitrogen fixation. So because of that GMO soybean needs more nitrogen fertilizer than "normal" soy...

dana said...

youre still awesome though

Pilgrim of the East said...

"GMO-RoundUpReady-based Fast Feed is the primary vector for the plague that has ravaged our nation, engorged our waistlines, clogged our hardened arteries and overloaded our enviro-friendly-reduced-flush toilet bowls.

It doesn't get any simpler than this, retards*."
Oh really? Then why don't have Amishs the same problem, even though they eat GMO foods too? Hm... Maybe it's really that "move more, eat less"...

Respectfully yours,

Keoni Galt said...

Luv ya too, dana!

Pilgrim of the East -

Are the Amish using glyphosate on their crops like Big Ag uses?

As I said, the problem here, per say, is not GMO unto itself - GMO saved Hawaii's Papaya crops because they were able to GMO it to resist a diesease...which is a far cry from GM crops to withstand constant glyphosate spraying.

Mindstorm said...

Glutamate and phenylalanine are necessary components of proteins, regardless of the source. IOW nothing to worry about.

Liver enzymes have limited capacity to process fructose. Foods that contain more slowly absorbed fructose (solid fruits, for example) are obviously tolerated better than just fructose dissolved in water (like in large part are "fruit juices" reconstituted from syrup and their derivatives).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Oh God, you fucking sub-human retard. I can't wait for the day pieces of shit like you are rounded up and shot for spreading anti-scientific bullshit.

Die in a fire, you cocksucking hippie.

Anonymous said...

Peter Attia is a good resource: