Sunday, July 5, 2015

Project Indigo Skyfold

Do some independent research on the topic of chemtrails, and sort through all the misformed disinformation designed to distract, deride, and delude the masses, and you come across some very interesting information and testimonials from credible witnesses regarding what is widely considered conspiracy theory or tinfoil hat territory.

Yet any citizen of our Brave New World Order who manages to look up from their handheld soma devices long enough to behold the grid lines of nano particles being laid across the skies of our world by unmarked planes flying at high altitudes, can plainly see what's going on...if only they can believe what their eyes are beholding. But most I'm sure simply default to the mainstream mass media programming.

Pay no mind, Sheeple! Nothing to see here, those are just naturally occurring contrails from normal air traffic operations! 

Every time I have traveled to the mainland of USA Inc. in the past five years, I've seen them.

I've also lived for the past two decades with an elevated view from the mountains surrounding Pearl Harbor, Hickam Air Force Base, and the Honolulu International Airport on O'ahu, and I have seen more than my share of contrails from military jets streaking across the Hawaiian skies. I've never seen contrails from commercial jets, but plenty from fighter jets. I also see these contrails dissipate within minutes, and I've never seen them fly for extended durations at higher altitudes, laying down a grid pattern over my island home.

Perhaps THEY don't want to spray their most important military installations in the Pacific...or maybe they've figured out that Hawaiian trade winds dissipate chemtrails too quickly so they don't bother wasting their efforts here...but I've seen plenty of contrails in my time, and on various trips around the USA Inc., I've seen the much different looking chemtrail gridlines painting the sky and take many hours to dissipate into a gray, hazy fog. I've seen the slowly dissipating chemtrail grids in California, in Nevada, in Utah, in Arizona.

Go surf teh Interwebz, and consult with Googliath and you'll find folks from New Zealand to France to Australia, people from all over the world have noticed the global spraying operations being carried out in their local skies. As one expert witness testified amongst a wide ranging line up of credible speakers giving testimonials on the topic of chemtrails found in this compelling video:

"These tests are international...we're seeing this all over the world."

Since I have the temerity to believe my own lying eyes, and since I don't care if people consider my writing to be the ravings of a "conspiracy theorist" (get it straight, I'm a conspiritard!), I'm just going to say it - I think it's indisputable fact that THEY are spraying something all over the world, and we are only just beginning to see the consequences of this black-ops chemical-testing on we the sheeple. Note the testimonial of the man who noted that aluminum in underarm deodorant was linked to alzheimers...and that we are now seeing a quadrupling of the cases of alzheimers amongst the populace.

You can go to websites like this, and find copious links to official documents exposed that tie in this global spraying to the Global Climate Change Cabal of Enviro-commies. "Project Indigo Skyfold" is purportedly the world's governments signing on to combat global warming by spraying nano-particle metals like aluminum, barium and manganese into the atmosphere to supposedly mitigate the effects of man-made climate change. They call it "Geo-engineering" and "Solar Radiation Management."  I think the truth of the matter is that they are invoking climate change to justify spraying the the world's populace like bugs.


Remember, THEY already told us. It's already been set in stone.


I also believe that in the present, there exists no other "controversial" topic of psy-op wars and disinfo propagation that is currently being waged in cyberspace than on the topic of chemtrails. The paid shills and cognitive infiltrators infest every nook and cranny of teh Interwebz, ready to compose mini-novellas employing all of the logical fallacies used in dishonest and deceptive rhetorical propaganda to keep the average sheeple asleep. I hope these shills are enjoying their thirty pieces of silver, because in the end, they are playing their own part in what is quite obviously a secret, nefarious agenda that affects every living thing on this planet.

Note the wildlife expert discussing the dramatic rise in metals found in the soils and surface water in the YouTube vid posted above. Note the concern of mass die offs of insects, and plummeting fish populations. I don't see a single raving lunatic in the throes of madness, spewing insanity in these testimonials. But to read the ad hominems, the appeals to authority and the invocation of our holy secular religion of infallible SCIENCE, by the shills infesting the comment boxes of any blog or publication discussing chemtrails, is to believe that anyone who would dare approach a podium and give the sorts of testimonies given in this video, are nothing more than chicken littles panicking that the sky is falling.

The one tell that gives away these obvious shills is that they are far to emphatic and care way too much about the topic. Who's got the time to spend hours on end writing multi-paragraph responses as a tireless rebutter that never lets anyone get the last word in, in an attempt to discredit discussions on this particular topic? Someone who's getting a paycheck for their efforts, that's who. In the end, these shills are just as guilty as the pilots and the officers and the agents and the officials and the maintenance men and anyone else associated with this "Project Indigo Skyfold."

THEY are spraying us all, and you only need look up into your skies to see it. LOOK!


Jace said...
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Jace said...

Ive never seen them here (Australia). Not sure what they could be spraying exactly. But, theories on weather control are interesting. Like cloud seeding and shit. Who knows... fuckem.

little dynamo said...

I've spent much time outdoors including rural and mountainous areas, and in such environments one pays attention to the sky, weather, etc.

Countless times I've seen crystalline blue morning skies literally clouded over by some sort of pseudo-covert spraying. I was in the AF and I know what a condensation trail is, and how long they last. Not long. But in these cases, one jet will pass over, and leave a 'con' trail that does not disappear, but instead gradually spreads out, into a murky low-atmosphere 'cloud' cover. Sometimes another jet, or jets, will leave a nearby trail, and within an hour the beautiful, uplifting blue sky is marred. Obviously, by intention. I've observed this in most Western states, although not always in conjunction with the 'classic' weave pattern you have described. Usually it only takes a few 'random' jets to foul a sky for many miles in every direction.

It's a tactic to spread psychological distress . . . depression, fear, helplessness -- but probably also overt chemical poisoning. I agree that the cover is some aspect of the Holy Science-Church of Progressiveness cabal, do-gooding to combat the scam of Global Warming, Climate Change Modification, and other prog holy-writ. Such broad 'problems' allow for almost any sub-agenda to be justified. And funded.

Grody said...

Its bad here in Montana. Seems like its going on every damn day. Theory holds they are diverting the worlds moisture to the north to create an artificial drought in commiefornia so that they can install "smart meters" that monitor all the appliances in your home. Sounds far fetched until you think about how many reservoirs THEY've built in commiefornia in the last 30 years. Remember that one in southern Oregon? Ya, well it was in the way of a catfish that wasn't indigenous anyways sooo we blew it up.

Anonymous said...

Ive never seen them here (Australia).

Google "Chemtrails Australia"

Here's one of the top results:

Mindstorm said...

And how would you spot the difference from condensing water vapor?

Mindstorm said...

Come on, here in Europe commercial high attitude flights leave long lasting trails, if there is high pressure weather with stable winds. Some of them don't dissolve neatly but give birth to 'ribbed'or 'feathery' appearance high altitude clouds. And military flights are a very rare sight where I am living (they also are more noisy, as they fly much lower).

little dynamo said...

I've been watching airplanes since a boy and when a jet passes over a clear blue sky, unlimited visibility, and its trail gradually exapands into a haze covering many square miles, I think that's more than a regular con trail that doesn't dissipate quickly. Most con trails on upper altitude aircraft are invisible to the eye at ground-level within fifteen seconds.

Leahn Novash said...

Not seeing those in Brazil. Actually, a jet passing by is such an uncommon sight that it is still an event that people stop to see here.

kfg said...

I have seen contrails from fighter aircraft, commercial aircraft and private aircraft, both prop and jet. I have even seen them from automobiles (equipped with wings).

I clicked on the the link and one of the first things that crossed my mind was "people who talk about contrails have got to stop talking about engines, it only makes them look like ignorant fools."

Contrails don't have anything to do with engines. They are not exhaust. That's why we call them "contrails" and not "exhaust" or "smoke." A glider under the right circumstances makes contrails. You have likely seen one do so on television. The space shuttle lands dead stick. It makes contrails.

The photo on that page shows a plane and asks you count the trails and to count the engines. The two extra trails that aren't associated with the engines? Those are the contrails. Look more carefully and you will see that the trails that appear to be coming from the engines are not. They are coming from the trailing edge of the wing and don't even line up with the engines.

Googlize the jet fighter of your choice. Look at the pretty pictures of them in flight. What do you see? Nothing. No visible exhaust.

Here's a video of an F-16 taking off on full afterburner:

There's a whiff of visible exhaust as it accelerates, for a second or two (the rest is just heat shimmer, a purely optical effect of the turbulent, heated air), some contrailing as it lifts off and then turns vertical, then . . . nothing. As to be expected.

The picture on this page, with the great, billowing clouds coming off the back of the plane? That shit ain't normal.

Anonymous said...

I once worked in a commercial metallurgical laboratory in a specific campaign using hydrogen sulphide to collect nickel as the sulphide from solution. One day whilst changing the gas bottles I noticed that they were marked USAF. I wondered what the USAF was doing with hydrogen sulphide until now.

CarpeOro said...

Many people deride all conspiracy theories because most people are idiots. The word exists because not only does the concept exist, history is replete with them. Caesar wasn't killed on a whim at the last minute.

djc said...

One argument against this is...wouldn't the elitists be poisoning themselves, and their families also? Doesn't make sense to me.

JRL said...

I'm skeptical. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we've always had persistent contrails. It's not a new thing.

Anonymous said...

You're doing libertarianism wrong. Unless "Hawaiian-Libertarian" is a completely different thing...

gallier2 said...

Just google "B17 condensation trail" and click on pictures.

Unknown said...

B17 4 engines...not jets. Retired in 1968...the above statement will show cgi b17 images. Simply find WW2 video there's no trails.

Limitedblogger said...

One way to recognise a vapour trail is by its slow dissipation behind the craft. It does not leave ( miles long trails that linger, thin out and spread like a silk blanket across the sky). It will not cause iridescence in the trail as the heat from the engine which has caused the condensation is soon taken over by the atmospheric cold leaving no lingering prism in which to bend the light and cause such rainbows. The trail also begins a good plane length behind the engines with the heat source moving away from the static cold you see a clear spot between the craft and the trail.
The chemtrails starts right at the plane with no space between visible from the ground, it lingers as above and does not dissappear like breath in a foggy street (as it should IF it was vapour). it makes strange rainbow flares wherever the sun hits it clearly because it is a reflective particulate in trillions of pieces reflecting light in all directions and not making a uniform prism to make a uniform rainbow but a smudge. And the we breath. and go back to our phones to hear about how the Muslims are coming, The Jews are victims and the White Man is the Beast of revelation.

Anonymous said...

Well... To be fair it is obvious the white man concocted and are executing this scheme... Pretty devilish.

Anonymous said...

Is big pharma behind this chem spraying and using the USAF to do it ? Any idea what airports they use as filling stations?