Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Are We There Yet?

America....FUCK YEAH!

It's now undeniable. America has jumped the shark.

Let us review:

Officially recognized TRANSformation
of the world's greatest military into an LGBT freakshow?

Supreme Court usurping the legislative branch to impose the normalization of homogamy?

Oregon Bakery fined $135,000
for citing their Christian faith as their reason for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay nuptial ceremony?

Over 55 million abortions since the Supreme Court usurped the legislative branch to impose legalized infanticide? And the foremost provider of abortions was caught on video selling fetus body parts?

The Boy Scouts of America no longer focus on training future generations of homophobic arsonists and gun nuts, but instead are now reversing course and officially sanctioning homosexual scoutmasters to facilitate alone-time with pubescent boys in secluded locales?

One of America's greatest Gold Medal winning Olympians is celebrated for TRANSformational deviancy?

President of the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People was a white woman pretending to be black?

The number one tell-a-vision series in the country features graphic depictions of incest, rape, murder, rape, debauchery, rape, torture, homo deviant trysts, prostitution and more rape? 

Millions of women inundate teh Interwebz with selfies taken with their handheld mobile affirmation devices in provocative poses to receive their daily narcissism fix?

Beautiful women of fertile age who are physically ready to bear and raise the next generation of our country's children...are instead trading their dignity and chastity to Dubai's decadent jet set who consider it entertaining to gang bang them, defecate on their faces and get them to engage in beastiality, in exchange for five star resort vacation experiences and shopping sprees at luxury brand retail outlets?

Over 45 million citizens, or about 14% of the overall population are now on food stamps? And rather than suffering from hunger, most recipients are more likely to be obese?

Presided for nearly a decade by a President who has a forged birth certificate and a faked background?

Deliberately spraying the skies
above population centers with chemicals on a near daily basis, in the name of "engineering the weather" and "solar radiation management?"

Flying drones in the hinterlands of third world countries to blow up goat herders and poppy farmers?

Endlessly promoting racial violence and riots in the mass media?

Constantly hyping horrific events in which lunatics on psyche meds who go on shooting sprees, with the specific goal to eventually overturn the Second Amendment?

Case after case after case, year after year, all across the blighted plains, of public school indoctrinators having sexual relations with their students?

US Military practicing the implementation of martial law in States all across the country this summer? What do you think THEY are really getting ready for?

Citizens and patriots from sea to shining sea, do we not have so much to be thankful for? We are a part of the greatest country on the face of the earth! Aren't you proud of the direction we are moving in as a nation?

It seems as if the whole world is progressively progressing faster and faster towards our engineered Brave New World Order ...and America Inc. is leading the way! Join me in showing our patriotism and pride and hoist the flag way up high as we lead the march ever onwards towards progressive social justice and equality for all!


Anonymous said...

Repent for the end is near.

JRL said...

Keoni - good post. I doubt I will ever again fly that flag in "patriotism and pride", as I have done in the past. Looking at it these days just makes me sorta melancholy... Feel like I have lost something I guess.

Alte said...

Am I allowed to yawn at the GoT rape outrage party? My generation (the Millenials) were raised on the Clintons, the popularization of buttsex, and gangbang porn.

I have only read the books (which grow increasingly tedious), but found the physical violence so much worse than the "surprise sex" scenes. Besides, every woman who claims to be relieved that the Hound let off from Sansa is a lying liar who should be punished with a Fifty Shades audiobook. LOL

Black Poison Soul said...

You forgot that gays can now legally marry, and the first claim for spousal support in a gay (lesbian) divorce is about to be tested. It didn't take long: about 1 week after gay marriage became legal, one of a pair of recently-divorced lesbians filed for spousal support.

Yeah I think America is about there now. Which is kinda sad. You guys are so fucked...

Jace said...

Its all pretty funny really.

Robert What? said...

The big question is how long can it go on without collapsing in a heap? Apparently longer than many people have guessed It is a testament to the productivity of previous generations that we are still chugging along on their fumes.

Anonymous said...

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine Caitlyn Jenner's stiletto heel stamping on a human face - forever." -- George Orwell

Keoni Galt said...

@ Anon - Repent for the end is near.

So I guess the answer to my question in the title of the post is "almost."

@ JRL - Yes. As a former boy scout who used to take a turn with the color guard and folded the flag pretty frequently, I do feel sad at how all this red pill research has destroyed my patriotism. The "shining beacon on the hill" was all just a dream.

@ @ Alte - LOL I can always count on you for a good laugh when you drop by.

@ BPS - No worries mate, it's all coming to a society near you...this shit is going global.

@ Jace - Yeah, if I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying.

@ Robert - It's a multi-generational slippery slope. The further along we slide, the faster we go. Not much longer to go...

@ Anon - Don't hate Cait becase it's beautiful!

Dirtnapninja said...

We cannot be conservatives anymore..there is nothing left to conserve. The west is dead. It died in the twentieth century. What we have now is a parasite that grew in the flesh of the old west and wears its skin. Its not the old west..its a kind of anti-west. Its not our civilisation. Its our enemy. It hates us and seeks to devour us.

We must now become radicals and revolutionaries. We must seek the utter destruction of the anti-west. Only once the parasite is dead can we begin to build the new west with the best bits of the old west.

Anonymous said...

When SCOTUS illegally imposed fag marriage on the country, to me was the day the United States officially died. 7/4/1776-6/26/2015. Obama lighting up the White House in Rainbow Flag colors and celebrating fag weddings there on July 4th was just symbolic that the end has finally come.

The Court has essentially declared that anti-discrimination laws can apply to a lifestyle choice: politically correct choices only. Using fag-acceptance as a yardstick, they can purge society of traditionalists by declaring them a hate group.

weka said...


Time to move to Samoa, mate.
Western Samoa.

For this modern Carthage is becoming irrelevant: the superpower in the Pacific Islands is now China (when it used to be an ANZAC pond).

I need mindbleach. Now. Besides, The Game of Thrones books are appalling written.