Monday, December 8, 2014

Goading the Sheeple Stampede

When I got together with my extended family to give Thanks on the one day a year we are allowed to, by indulging in primal gluttony and partially-hydrogenated cheats (I eat stuffing and gravy with my turkey, despite the near certainty that the ingredients include GMO wheat flour and soybean oil margarine croutons,) the usual debates regarding religion and politics arose, and I left everyone at the table for conversation flummoxed with my contribution to the conversational bonding occasion.

The red kool aid drinkers and the blue kool aid drinkers of my family argued vociferously on the topic of race, riots and police actions in Ferguson, Missouri. Quality family time, I tell you!

Neither drunkards of the two-party kool aid charade could argue with my observation that when one watched the national news media's coverage of the event, it was readily observable that the tell-a-vision press was deliberately attempting to instigate our Brave New World Order's Post-Racial Amerikkkan Society's horizon event.

Those bastards crafting their deceptive narratives full of implied race-mongering, lies of omission and overt pandering to the emotions of the viewers are deliberately and purposely pushing for a nation-wide race war in the West.

THEY  want another episode of the Watts riots in the 60's and the L.A. riots over the King verdict in the 90's.

THEY want the underclasses to take their bait and engage in civil chaos and looting, provoking an armed response.

Nothing would please them more than to broadcast live images of crowd dispersion with tear gas and pepper spray, followed by a hail of rubber bullets and truncheon beat downs of bystanders caught up in the moment by riot-gear armored agents of the State. The more these events of unrest and violence occur, the more the elites in charge of this country have excuse to implement their agenda for creating a dystopian police state.

By expressing these ideas, I was told that I am "too conspiratorial" and "everything is not a conspiracy!"

What else can you call it, when you watch any of the national news broadcasts on the topic forearmed with the knowledge of the events that transpired thanks to the alternative media found on teh Interwebz?

I pointed out that the reporting from SeeBS national news broadcast, interviewing Michael Brown's parents emoting their sorrows at the loss of their son, while the tell-a-vision screen broadcast a peaceful photo of Brown looking happy, relaxed and completely non-threatening.

Why did such a nice looking young boy get himself shot by the police?

The implications of the news reporting on the SeeBS national broadcast was plainly obvious:

The officer was white, and we all know there is only one reason why white cops shoot black citizens...

There was absolutely zero reporting on the context of the incident itself or the events that lead up to the shooting. The only report was the teleprompter reading talking head stating something to the effect of "...witnesses stated that Micheal Brown had his hands raised when he was shot."
Michael Brown Remembered As A 'Gentle Giant'

No mention of the YouTube video viewed by millions of Brown throwing his considerable weight around with the convenience store clerk to rob the premises of some  tobacco products. Even the most liberal progressive blue kool aid drinker at my family's Thanksgiving meal couldn't deny they themselves were at least aware of the existence of that video.

I noted how the SeeBS news segment I had watched, closed with a statement by Brown's Father responding to the SeeBS tell-a-vision talking head's leading interview query: (I paraphrase from memory here:)

SeeBS Journalist: "He said he wouldn't do anything differently if he had do it all over again. What do you have to say to him?"

Father:  "Only you know why you woke up that day and decided to do what you were going to do!" 

It was an accusation of deliberate, premeditated murder with racism implied as the sole motive, in response to a quote taken out of context to make it appear like the white officer was an unapologetic murderer who gleefully shot an innocent black boy just for the fun of it.

Whatever happened that fateful day in Ferguson, one thing is for certain. The "News" was not intent on reporting the truth. They were engaged in forging a narrative and manufacturing consensus to promote a violent reaction amongst the citizenry.

THEY were doing everything within their power to utilize every conceivable propaganda trick to manufacture mass media consensus to goad and provoke all African-descended denizens of this nation into violent mobs of anarchy and eventual conflict with their communities' militarized police forces.

But my relatives who acknowledged my point about the deceptive and inflammatory reporting of SeeBS had a different explanation for what was going on...I forgot something important here: it just can't be a conspiracy...

No, they're pushing civil unrest and racial tension for ratings.

Even if that were the sole motivation for the mass media pushing a seemingly uniform narrative across all channels, the explanation proffered by the Conspiracy-deniers is that the media only engages in dishonest reporting simply to drive up advertising revenues.

Whether they are promoting racial unrest and a breakdown of civilized norms to keep us all divided, conquered and ultimately distracted so they can continue to implement their Brave New World Order police State, or if they simply doing it to get more ratings to get more profit, THEY are deliberately conspiring to promote lies, half-truths and propaganda to effect civil violence, unrest, rioting and looting.

We may disagree on the motives of the conspirators behind the creation of this "info-tainment" news reporting, but why does the idea that a CONSPIRACY automatically means one is mentally unbalanced and obsessed with UFO's, Reptile Aliens, Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and Chupacabra?

The brainwashing of the American masses via the "news" broadcasting is a refined and perfected feat of technocratic engineering. Their vision for us has been told and sold, and we are now ready for the next stage of our global evolution as a species.

The mental short circuiting of the average INCorporated-media-shaped-mind when it comes to the very concept of CONSPIRACY, is one of the most impressive feats of brainwashing ever accomplished by our regularly scheduled programming creators.


Jace said...

Its a bit sad that people cant see that this kid did the wrong thing. He didn't deserve to get shot, but if it didn't happen day, it would've been another.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking recently about the standoff earlier this year at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada. The MSM certainly wasn't portraying the protestors there in any kind of sympathetic light! They couldn't stop demanding that the military send in the tanks and commit a massacre. Even though there was no violence or looting.

But---Bundy and his followers weren't minorities, and they were fighting for property rights instead of property destruction and looting.

To me that's proof positive that the Uber-Left Libtards are encouraging deliberately these race riots.

Mindstorm said...

One can learn to live without the 'tell-a vision'. The Internet is largely uncontrolled... yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me get a full 360 look at this story.

Just Saying said...

I am "too conspiratorial" and "everything is not a conspiracy!"

Of course not, but everyone will do what is best for themselves in any given circumstance. So if the deck is stacked against anyone taking an alternative view - they will be ridiculed and attacked. So while there is no "conspiracy" there are a large group of brain-washed people who are too dumb to know any better. When one wakes up, they are attacked by the others. The net result is the same as a "conspiracy" without any of the necessary infrastructure. That is what is going on at present - with the Liberals doing the attacking and destroying Freedom of Speech.

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