Friday, November 28, 2014

That Wapiti Just Got A Lot More Elusive

I just noticed one of my "must read" bloggers on my blogroll, The Elusive Wapiti, has closed up shop:

Readers, it is time to shutter this blog.  Nothing's going on, merely a decision to re-allocate my finite time more toward that which matters more--my family.

I wish everyone who made a habit of reading my humble articles all the best, and I'll keep the links bar at left up a few weeks so that those who use this site as an aggregator may make alternate arrangements.

May your skies always be blue, your weather fair, and may the Lord our God bless you and yours.


Bummer. I totally get the sentiment, but rather then closing up shop, I just blog intermittently, infrequently and only when I really have nothing better to do. But taking down all your posts? May I offer you the argument to perhaps convince you to at least restore your extensive archives?

Don't Delete Your Blogs
Of course, not all people will want to keep blogging forever. If you no longer feel the motivation, that's fine. It is a thankless job and the pay sucks. But please, oh please, don't delete your blog! Not only does it remove from the internet a significant body of work that others might find and read, whether old or not, but it also removes all of those links in the articles, in the comments, and on the sidebar, which support those of us who still are blogging. Most guys who quit blogging have not lost the faith in the message, they simply are fed-up with blogging. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW) and moving on - in fact, it is one of the natural conclusions of MGTOW. But please, if you've found a path to enlightenment through MGTOW and the manosphere which resulted in you starting up a blog, leave your work up so that others may find it, and so that the links in your blog may direct others towards those who are still actively blogging about it.    

You'll note that Rob Fedders certainly practiced what he preached. Please consider it, Brother! You were definitely one of the better bloggers out here on these fringes of teh Interwebz.

Fare thee well, EW. You will be missed.

A hui hou!


Anonymous said...


Definitely he'll be missed.

Any bets on how soon it will be before Rob resurfaces? LOL

%E~p:kdBWijwchy9 said...

Thus the swamp of dead links grows.

Russell Jones said...

Anyone know what happened to GBFM?

Anonymous said...

Check it out for yourself:

halibetlector said...

No worries, the internet archive knows all.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks HL for the kind words. 7 1/2 years is a long time, so it feels like I'm missing something even if I'm not missing it.

And as for re-hanging out there all those past posts, looks like WebArchive would make that redundant.

Black Poison Soul said...

EW, please put them up once more.

We cannot trust the WebArchive. The originals are always best.

Vick said...

If this is the end for Elusive Wapiti, I want to thank him for playing a not so small part in changing my life. His blog was one of the best in the Sphere and it is a shame he has decided to shut it down. I feel the same sense of loss from this as I did when the Christian Men's Defense Network was closed down two years ago. If you read this Mr. Wapiti, thank you, god bless, and may your future be bright. If you could re-hang your past posts, even until the end of the year, it would mean the world to me. I would like to save them to my PC for future reading as I barely scratched the surface of your wisdom.

Robert What? said...

I will most definitely miss EW. For him to delete his whole blog, I can only surmise that some critical event occurred in his life that made him decide to kick the whole thing to the curb. I hope all is well with him and that he decides to leave his archives available.

Eric said...

WebArchive does not reliably preserve all content.

Will S. said...

Hey Elusive Wapiti,

All the best, eh?

P.S. Please consider restoring your stuff, unless you have identity discovering / doxxing concerns; you can just close comments and even pingbacks, and not need to monitor anything, just walk away as you intend, while leaving your body of work up for others to profit thereby. As has been mentioned, the Internet Archive isn't fully reliable; it misses some pages while saving others.

Will S. said...

BTW, does anyone know what happened to Oz Conservative? It disappeared, I think sometime in October, without warning.

Vick said...

Didn't even notice Oz Conservative was missing. That's a huge shame as well, and his blog isn't even accessible through the web archive. I wonder if anyone archived his work.

ray said...

Great job by EW. I look forward to the fullness of his inheritance.

Cheers. said...

This is so terrible. All these blogs shutting down completely.

There was jay Hammers, there was inmalafide, the antifeminist keeps threatening.

Why can't they just keep it open? I might host them if that is needed.

I sometimes wish I had downloaded these blogs to restore them. But restoring to a different url is not like just taking over or archiving a blog.

It might be that these people encounter persecution by the PC hate law police.

Anyone else wants to do the archiving?

Any replies please post them as replies in

Anonymous said...

Hi HL (and Eric, and Rob and Migu if you're still reading).

I think we stop writing because we stop caring. The future is as elusive as all the other abstract concepts. I know I no longer have any concerns for it.

Good to see you're still in good spirits, and struggling with the big questions. I guess I still am too.

Happy new year!


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