Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting My Fill of Sy-Fy, Science, & Mockery

"Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid people!"

Apparently my last piece got linked to by a bulletin board of Science and Sci-Fi fans who apparently spend a fair amount of time mocking those they consider stupid. I would like to respond to this guy specifically, but I don't want to register for their board and subject myself to their moderation policies just to try and comment there, so I'll do it here and let the chips fall where they may. The OP that linked to my The End Game of Immmigration post titled his thread: "Evil non-white hawaiian Christian fundie slams science."

Funny, I don't recall mentioning "science" or even mentioning the word at all in that post. So right off the bat, my would be Sy-Fy mocker already clues us in that we may be experiencing problems with reading comprehension. At least one guy pointed that out to the OP:
"Not seeing a mention of science in there, but it's a mmarvellous piece of satire. I'd quote from it but on phone."
Sarcasm and satire permeate my writing. I can't help it, there is much to be mocked of in our modern world. If the average reader doesn't get what I'm trying to say when I write a post like the one I made previously, then perhaps I need to dumb it down a bit so that I can no longer open myself up to the mockery of the likes that are offering such brilliant critiques like the following:  

He seems to believe that because he is (nominally at least) non-white, that entitles him to think that he can't BE racist and thus his call for a Hawaiian only "homeland" is perfectly acceptable. If I'm not reading the situation correctly, then fine. I thought non-whiteness didn't make you immune from mockery for using religiousness to justify your medieval political beliefs. 

You got me so wrong. It's not that I feel entitled to think I'm not racist because I'm (nominally at least)'s that I'm racist as hell. I'm also a misogynist, misandrist, xenophobe and overall curmudgeonly misanthrope to boot. These are my failings of character, but I am trying to work on it...I promise! Until I fix those personal failings, I will never achieve the true status of evil Christian fundie!

As for the "using religiousness to justify" my "medieval political beliefs..." The "political beliefs" against usury that I was espousing, pre-date the medieval period. It was precisely during the Medieval period that the Christian prohibition of usury was eliminated. It's been all downhill ever since.

Another scientific mockery maker weighs in with his own assessment:

"He goes on and on about usury, the antiquated religious term for interest with regard to loans..."

Usury is an antiquated term? Only to those who fail to consider the bigger picture of the role usury has played in corrupting humanity in all of recorded history.

...and has a "libertarian" in his name so this guy is either bonkers or is writing satire."

Close. I would say it's a little bit of both. Anyhow, after a little debate, the OP reconsiders his initial criticism:

"Perhaps I jumped the gun with the title. Usually these types of articles ARE written by the proverbial "cracker" this one is, in that respect, unusual."

He came so close to getting it....

"AS for the Usury argument, I agree with him (at first blush anyway) that fractional reserve banking is probably NOT the best thing to use as the centerpiece of your economy, it has its uses as a tool in the toolbox, but it shouldn't be the organizing prinicple of your society. (i.e. TBTF banks)"

Oh it's a tool alright. The question that went over you and your fellow scientific mockery squad's head is this: in whose toolbox is it, and just what are they using it for?

"OTOH, I do recognize that without interest, money i.e the fungible proxy for ones ability to think, work, create etc loses pretty much all meaning. For example, if I steal your life savings, keep it for 40 years then return it to you to the penny, have I commited a crime or not? Of course, i stole from you the opportunity to use that money for 40 years, plus the inflationary cost. hence, If I am going to give you something that represents a huge chunk of my life, I'd best get some value out of it!"

The minor mind of this evil blogger trembles in the face of such irrepressible logic. He forgot however his original denouncement of yours truly...I'm an evil Christian fundie! Stealing is a crime because stealing, like Usury, were both called sins by that Jesus guy back in the bad old days of evil fundie-ness.

Thank goodness your fellow compatriot with an avatar showing two men kissing (not that there's anything wrong with that...) has already figured me out:

"Really, I think it's absurd to have such a minor mind as this random blogger put in a place like SLAM." 

Clearly I'm over-matched and out-gunned in intellectual capacity to match wits with these geniuses of scientific mockery. Look at how I'm easily debunked here:

"AS for his arguments about an ethnic homeland for Hawaiians.... it seems to me that ethnic minorities of course have rights, to a point, otherwise we'd be arguing that hat Zimbabwe should still be called Rhodesia."

What argument did I make about an ethnic homeland for Hawaiians? Was it this part?

"Almost no modern Hawaiian today could ever seriously advocate the expulsion of the various races that have taken up permanent residence here. No present day Hawaiian is going to support kicking out their Japanese grandmother or Chinese uncle or Filipino cousin or their Caucasian spouse's family to reclaim Kingdom of Hawaii for the Hawaiians."

Or was it this part?

"It is my own view after considerable study and reflection, that resistance to the coming tyranny of the global elite will be lost if the resistance is based on any group of people trying to recapture the ideal of a heterogeneous, race-based culture that has already been miscegenated out of existence generations ago."

If these brilliant scientific minds intend to continue this devastating mockery, seems to me they need to work on understanding the actual writing of the minor minds they deign to belittle.

"He also sees the mixing of various peoples as "miscegenation" so we can be pretty sure he's against any kind of mixing whatsoever anyway."

What was that old saying about making an ASS out of U and ME? I guess the mere use of the word "miscegenation" is proof positive that I'm against any kind of mixing whatsoever.

 T H O U G H T C R I M E !!

Considering I can count 16 different ethnicities (10 of which are Anglo-Euro) in my own heritage, I must add self-loathing and constant suicidal ideation to my current list of character faults I need to work on, to better reach my goal of evil Christian fundie purity.

This genius then deigns to offer his own view of the evils of miscegenation and any ethnic group daring to even consider the idea of maintaining an ethnic homeland:

"Put in another way, if the Hawaiian people want to make sure Hawaii keeps the traditions alive, I think the solution is to have Hawaii use the state and local protections already in place to make that happen. Have festivals, teach kids, etc. Most democratic countries (by nature of democratic systems) already have such protections and have seen them used, at times, to keep local traditions alive. Though not an "ethnic homeland" it certainly does the same kind of job without all the repugnant baggage that comes with the concept."

Ah, so to believe that Germany should be the homeland of the Germans, that Italy should be the homeland of the Italians, that Japan should be the homeland of the Japanese, or Hawaii the homeland of the Hawaiians carries "repugnant baggage" and it would all better if we all just accepted our assimilation into the global borg of consumerist serfdom and be content to "carry on our traditions" by selling our cultural practices and artifacts at corporate sponsored festivals and educational initiatives for the kids?! Got it.

Praise Science for showing us the answers to cultural perpetuation are protected by Democratic Systems! Why didn't I think of that before? I stand corrected. Ah well. It's all much ado about nothing. The concept of an "ethnic homeland" is well on it's way to extinction....except for one little country in the Middle East with all the Nukes and enough political influence to send American military forces off to war anywhere they see fit....oh darn, I went and did it again. Now you can add "anti-semite" to the list of character failings I need to work on. I'll get to my character improvement efforts soon, I promise!

'I find it hilarious that he can rant at length about non-Hawaiians coming in and muddying up the Hawaiian race and culture, and then in the same breath argue that 'usury' and globalization are bad because they're un-Christian.'

I find it hilarious that these scientific-minded geniuses all interpreted my previous post as a rant. I do the rant thing pretty frequently here, but I wouldn't count that last post as one of 'em. I guess I failed to get to the point across with any semblance of clarity, causing a lot of misinterpretation and confusion amongst the Scientific mockery squad. Let me try to make it easy here. Yes guys, I am certainly bonkers, for you see, I am a Truth Seeker, seeking truth in a world gone mad. I call it as I see it, after much reading, reflection and contemplation. I read all sorts of things to add to the big picture I've constructed in my mind to make sense of this world I was born into.

To the average citizen who has been inured with our mass media's regularly scheduled programming and educational system's indoctrination and behavioral conditioning, the things I write about here certainly appear to be the ravings of a lunatic who needs to be fitted with a straight jacket and left to rot in a padded room somewhere. Indeed, as one of these sciency mockers stated:

"That said, looking at this blog is probably the deepest I've delved down the loony rabbit hole in a while."

Finally! Someone gets it!

For the rest struggling to keep up with the writings of a minor mind such as mine, let me take this opportunity to simplify the point I was trying to get at in that last post: in every corner of the so-called "First world" nations of what was once considered Western Civilization, every single government is actively engaged in the importing of millions of foreigners from completely different cultures and religious backgrounds to inter-mingle with the present populations, which in turn effects miscegenation by enforced proximity of ethnic diversity over the course of generations.

Whenever any of the original residents of any particular race, culture and heritage dare object, they are immediately denounced as racists, ostracized and reviled by the mass media outlets that are following the orders of those who are behind this enforced mass miscegenation program. And the deluge of foreigners continues unabated and unopposed. The goal is to establish a One World government, with the subjects of this global order loyal to no country, nation-state nor ethnic identity nor shared cultural heritage.

The only approved religion will be Orthodox Scientific Consensus-Approved Atheism, observed with strict adherence by the masses of miscegenated serfs, obedient and incapable of forming groups of resistance along no commonly shared bonds or cultural heritage. The only common bond will be to the newly emerging, globalized and homogenized culture of corporate consumerism, dependent on Wal Marts and McDonalds outlets in every corner of the globe for their daily needs, with CocaCola and handheld iSurveillance technology for all.

My observations of mass miscegenation of the multitudes of immigrants to Hawaii already bear out the perfect example of the desired results of the coming Brave New World Order. Hawaii is forever lost to the Hawaiians as an ethnic homeland. The rest of the world is following suit. Hawaii was the proving ground for a program that has now gone global, to do away with Nation States, Cultural pride, and distinctly unique and different societies of humankind. After all, if everyone were a melange of mixed race mutts, then the chimera of EQUALITY will finally have been achieved.

PS - The most ironic thing of this whole debacle? Check out the "quote of the week" that appeared on the top page of the OP mocking me: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant, American historian (1885-1981)



Anonymous said...


Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Saying anything other than the PC-approved Groupthink around a Libtard is waving a red flag in front of a bull. They simply charge on reflex whenever they hear terms they don't like.

'Reality' Doug said...

If you want to be logical for us, that's one thing. Arguing against the almighty cohesive narrative of an inferior humanoid known as sheeple, that requires intellectually dishonest rhetoric. I notice I foolishly treat women and men that are sheeple like rational agents of the reality principle, and lose. Maybe you could infer that he is the bad kind of gay. Psychologically shiv them where they can feel it I say.

Deansdale said...

The most ignorant people are those who not only project their own shortcomings onto others, but also base their psychological self-worth on this. The sceptic/scientific community is full of closed-minded fools who despise others for their supposed sheepishness... lolz. SJWs also project their own hatred onto others. It's a kind of self-justification for them, if they believe you're a worse offender than them, then it is perfectly okay for them to wallow in their own character faults.

Keep up the good work, Keoni :)

bob k. mando said...

i'm beginning to think that you aren't really anybody on the alt-right UNTIL somebody calls you a 'shitlord'.

also, it would appear that the 'Galt' reference went right over their pointy little heads.

i mean, criminee, how can i take someone seriously when they read Rand? only socialists are permitted to critique Marxist ideology!

ryan said...

Wow, while reading your post I felt like I was struggling through knee deep mud alongside you.

You have a great blog. I've really enjoyed your ideas over the last few years.

Great thoughts about diet, how we think, what is happening around us, and how to make the best of our lives.

Carry on - I'll continue reading.

Anonymous said...

If world racial mixing is really happening, it's happening at such a slow pace, it would be at least a hundred years before it becomes noticeable on a world scale. It might be noticeable in Hawaii, but I doubt most Hawaiian's cared about keeping to only other Hawaiin's in the first place.

It's not like in Jewish culture, where it is really important to marry another Jew. Or Italians who also care more about that. I'm Jatt-Indian, and since I was a kid they've been trying to feed it into my head to marry only an Indian girl, preferably also a Jatt.

So destroying racial identity just seems like something I don't see the global elite trying to specifically do. I think they expect an invasion of third world foreigners to automatically destroy the country's sovereignty for their purposes. Racial mixing is just not necessary for that.

Eric said...

Anti posts like that are useful because they give you the opportunity to flesh out your ideas by working against a counter-point.

CaseyD said...

"seeking truth in a world gone mad." Good luck reasoning with a person who doesn't believe this has happened.

CaseyD said...

"So destroying racial identity just seems like something I don't see the global elite trying to specifically do"
If you're looking for a motive, it would serve them to weaken any national, tribal, or individual resistance.