Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fake News Fever Dreams

Serious comedy...or comedically serious? We report, you deride.

The consensus has been manufactured and the narrative has been coordinated worldwide. The talking heads on the tell-a-vision and the commissars that produce our digital print media have told us what to think about Pizzagate, and to even consider thinking otherwise or looking any further into the topic means we are raving whackaloon conspiritards suffering from alt-right fever dreams about fake news.

The fifth column in the fourth estate has spoken.






Real Fake Weapons of Mass Distraction

Besides real fake newsmen on real fake news Infotainment comedy shows telling us what to think, former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and twice-failed Presidential candidate (isn't that the perfect capstone to her credentials!) also served we the sheeple fair warning:

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,”

While we may find Infotainment comedian RealNewsTM anchors on cable tell-a-vision networks, having an apoplectic fit about the fake news problem rather humorous and entertaining, Hillary's warning should be taken far more seriously. After all, she has quite the track record of former associates who experienced the type of real-world consequences she threatens warns us about.

"After all, in places like Haiti, she’s taken a number of them!"

I really wish this was all nothing but a bad Alt-Right fever dream. But once one is WOKE to the world as it is, there really is no going back.

So we trust what we see and go with our gut instincts when assessing the overwhelming circumstantial evidence in not just this case, but in the many other cases in the past that have similarities to the current scandal. Check out this bit of Fake News reported by former Head of the FBI in Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson:

So pay attention folks, when you find the time to take a break from your daily dose of 21st Century panem et circenses, only trust the RealNewsTM to give you the straight dope on the current events of the day.

Afterall, as Agnostic over at Face to Face points out, you can only trust those reputable sources like the NewYorkTimes, WashingtonPost and ABC, they'll give you the RealNewsTM and protect you from the increasingly dangerous fake news!

First, in late November the AP reported on a major pedophile ring in Norway being busted, leading to dozens of arrests, including two politicians. This report was picked up by the NYT, WaPo, and ABC, among others. All three major media groups have removed the story from their sites and archives, while it is still up on the AP's own site. See here and in the comments.

A more thorough report from The Independent, UK, mentions that it was a tip by the FBI that led Norwegian authorities to launch their attack. Again we see that the FBI, at least the rank and file, are the good guys among the feds. The CIA are globalist traitors.

The major media have suddenly decided to censor this story because they don't want Americans to have a broader pattern already in their minds, which the PizzaGate revelations could fit neatly into. You aren't supposed to have in the back of your mind a news item about a pedo ring being busted that involved several politicians. Otherwise you might be more accepting of the inevitable reports that John and Tony Podesta from Clinton world are involved in some kind of pedo ring.

Desperately trying to erase this story two weeks after the fact, and on a weekend when hopefully nobody would notice, just shows that there is some seriously damning stuff going on here.

Of course, we've been living in a fever dream of fake news in a fake world for our entire lives, and for the first time, we are possibly seeing the one glitch in the matrix that has the possibility of blowing the entire mass deception wide open.

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The Night Wind said...

What do you think of the possibility that the Clinton Machine planted the Pizzagate story intentionally to discredit pre-emptively real stories that could implicate them in real crimes? I've become suspicious that this might be the case---especially upon learning that James Alefantis (owner of Comet Pizza) is the homosexual lover of Clinton black-operative, David Brock. Brock has a LONG history as a disinformation agent and as a troll of Conservative and even Far-Right Media. If the Clintons wanted to orchestrate a fake scandal, Brock would exactly the man they'd choose for the job.

Man of the Atom said...

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Man of the Atom said...
We need you on GAB, Keoni!

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Keoni Galt said...

Thanks guys, but I barely have the free time to read and blog here once a week or so...I think signing up for Gab would be very counterproductive for my use of time in the real life.

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